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Ooo, Eee, It’s A New Song From Dee!

15 Dec

Dee Plume has unleashed the third single from her solo project Psycho Delia.

Formerly one half of Robots In Disguise and a regular guest star in The Mighty Boosh, Dee has been working on Psycho Delia for some time now, and this track: The Ooo & The Eee, comes complete with a charming music video you can see below.

The song will be available to buy shortly, but links are still being confirmed. We’ll try to update you when we can, but in the meantime, keep your eyes on Dee’s Twitter page for more info.

Help Sue Denim Get RiD

1 Jun

© Sue Denim

Sue Denim is having a tidy up, and that means that Robots In Disguise fans can get their mitts on exclusive memorabilia!

If you get yourself over to Sue’s eBay, you can bid for the following unique RiD items: 2002 French Press Book + First Album Release (inc CD) and We’re In The Music Biz Japanese Promo Posterboard +CD. She’ll shortly be added handwritten RiD song lyrics, so check out Sue’s eBay to stay in the loop and bag yourself a part of music history!

IAMX fans might like to know that Sue’s also offering a cotton IAMX shopping bag, which comes with a signed CD of And The Unicorn.

As the lady herself says, “Happy Bidding!”

Dead Dog Unbagged

10 Feb

The archives of Dead Dog In Black Bag are open, and are now available to hear via Soundcloud.

© Angel Ceballos

© Angel Ceballos

The band began life around 2006, as Holly Jane Shears joined forces with Amy Richardson to form a dynamic duo responsible for pure electropop filth. Together, they both appeared in the third series of The Mighty Boosh the following year, most notably as party-goers invited by Vince to what was meant to be Howard’s party – both suitably unimpressed by the corset clad corduroy catastrophe trying to chat them up!

After releasing their debut EP, featuring a collaboration with Rich Fulcher, Richardson departed the band, to be replaced by the delightful Suzy Evelyn-Hall.  Their single Calimari Queen was an underground favourite, and the band continued to appear live sporadically around the duo’s other commitments, including Holly’s time with folk-rockers Circulus.

In recent years, Dead Dog have been somewhat quiet – appearing only on special occasions, such as The Velvet Onion Live in May 2012, which you can see footage of below.

Now in a moment of retrospection, they’ve gone and released a selection of their previous work on Soundcloud.

This includes the aforementioned Fulcher duet, Uncle Kevin; the ode to internet dating, Digital Princess; and the smutty fun of Love Meat.  Also uploaded are collaborations with Frisky And Mannish and a remix made for Robots In Disguise. You can hear them all over at the DDIBB Soundcloud account now, or below via our handy playlist. Enjoy…

Wake Up (And Bid)!

22 Jul

© Dee Plume

Robots In Disguise fans may be pleased to know they stand a chance of owning a really special slice of memorabilia… in the form of a Robot Lipstick costume!

The quirky outfit in Tatty Devine blue was designed to promote the band’s Wake Up! single back in 2010, and was also used on stage during live performances.  It is now the latest bit of RiD costumery and the like to be auctioned off by Dee Plume via e-bay, so if you fancy getting something a little different in your living room, this could be it!

You can bid over yonder, and revisit the brilliant Wake Up via it’s music video below.

Delia Gets Psycho Social

20 Apr

© Dee Plume

Earlier this month a Facebook profile was created for Psycho Delia. So if you haven’t got enough Riot Gurrrl Pop Art action in your life, head on over and “like” the Psych0delia Facebook page.

There you’ll find announcements for upcoming gigs, loads of pictures of Dee and her alter egos, and links to posts by other fans. So head on over and get Psyched.

A Psycho Trailer

11 Apr

Not too long ago we gave you an exclusive insight into the mini-documentary based on Dee Plume and her solo project, Psycho Delia as Joseph Lynn followed her throughout gigs and mini-tours.

We’re now very excited to reveal a trailer of the doc, so take a look a teaser that is as high-energy and colourful as it’s subject matter.

Joe has revealed to us at TVO that a final cut is nearly ready to reveal to our peelers, so watch this space for more to come and the best of luck to Dee, Joe and all involved in the project. Get ready for more exclusive news and material on the horizon and show your support by clicking on the video below!

Drum For Dee!

3 Apr
© Dee Plume

© Dee Plume

Are you a drummer? Do you have a bit of spare time on your hands? How do you fancy working for a TVO Legend?

Dee Plume is looking for a stickman – or a stickwoman – to become her touring percussionist with her solo project Psycho Delia.

The Robots In Disguise star is looking to play some shows in the spring and summer, and needs a drummer to accompany herself on vocals and electric guitar.  Dee is keen to hear from any potential candidates, and is, for the time being, getting people to tweet her if they’re interested.

So if you fancy kickstarting your career touring with one of TVO’s finest, get in touch with Dee now via @dee__plume on Twitter!

Hollow Released!

11 Mar

© Emil Bendixen

The new single by Sue Denim is out to buy now!

Hollow is the second single from her charming solo debut Sue And The Unicorn.  Paired with an exclusive b-side, After The Rain, the single is available digitally now, exclusively via Sue’s Bandcamp page for just £1.50. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! 

You can see the video for the single below, and there’s a couple of rare chances to see Sue live this month, with a one-off gig at Camden Barfly on March 23rd followed by a gig at Maesgeirchen Social Club in Bangor on March 29th.

You can also pick up the full length album from a number of sources – including The Velvet Onion Amazon UK and Amazon US Stores.  

However, we have to admit, we’d probably prefer it if you bought it directly from Sue, as she’ll get more cash for it that way!

A digital version of the album is available for £7 via Bandcamp, and as a physical cd (optionally signed) at her official site for just a tenner!

Hollow Denim

25 Feb

The wonderful Sue Denim has unleashed her new music video, Hollow, which you can see below.

The second single from her charming solo debut Sue And The Unicorn – it will be released as a single with an exclusive b-side, After The Rain, on March 11th, ahead of Denim’s one-off gig at Camden Barfly on March 23rd.

We’ll be bringing you download links for the single as soon as possible, but in the meantime you can pick up the full length album from a number of sources – including The Velvet Onion Amazon UK and Amazon US Stores.  However, we have to admit, we’d probably prefer it if you bought it directly from Sue, as she’ll get more cash for it that way!

A digital version of the album is available for £7 via Bandcamp, and as a physical cd (optionally signed) at her official site for just a tenner!  If you’re still unsure, you can hear two preview tracks, courtesy of Sue, via our very own Soundcloud page below.

Documenting A Psycho

16 Feb

© Dee Plume

An exciting announcement has come our way regarding the colourful Robot, Dee Plume and her solo-project Psycho Delia!

Dedicated film maker Joseph Lynn is in talks with Dee Plume about documenting her life and career on camera for a short film.

Not only has Lynn worked the festivals, winning Best Student Film last year alongside his team at Darklake Studios, he is also an avid new-wave fan, weaving any surreal inspiration into his films; so what better pairing than this.

The film will centre around Dee as a solo artist so it will also include rare gig footage of Dee’s high-energy tunes such as ‘Short Arms, Short Legs‘ and ‘Now I’m a Square’ (If you haven’t heard, they’re very much worth looking up on YouTube!)

After a long chat with Dee recently, she and Lynn already have clear thoughts on the outcome and what they plan for the upcoming journey; Lynn tells us:

“We both decided it cannot be a typical fly-on-the-wall or talking head documentary. Dee’s music doesn’t follow conventional patterns, it is sporadic and impulsive and so I want the film to have a similar feeling. We don’t want people to know where they are with it; it will be half scripted like sketches and half live footage of her performing and talking about her passion. It is going to capture Dee’s personality perfectly”

Filming is due to start by next week and we can expect a release later this year! It will be taken around film festivals and we are very much looking forward to hearing from Joseph regularly, bringing you all the exclusives and many other goodies galore!

A huge good luck to Joseph Lynn and Dee Plume on their project!

Camden Denim

6 Feb

© Emil Bendixen

Sue Denim will be performing at Camden Barfly next month.

The singer songwriter will be bringing her summer vibes to London audiences for the first time this year on Saturday March 23rd.  Tickets are available now via ents24 for just £6, so there’s never been a better excuse for capital-dwellers to check out Sue’s solo show.  For tickets, click on the word bicycle.

Don’t forget Sue’s debut solo album, as well as much of the Robots In Disguise back catalogue, is available in The Velvet Onion Amazon UK and Amazon US stores, and Sue’s own website has all the merchandise you could possibly need, so check ‘em out now!

The F Word

7 Jan

© Robots in Disguise

Robots In Disguise must feel right at home with their classic hyper tune Girl, selected as Guest Song of the Day on feminist blog The F Word.

The blog entry includes a great description and analysis of the song; an ideal dance-tune for any proud feminists out there! Read up about what the F-Word had to say about the single, then even take a step into the past and have a watch of the video included in the article right here.

After all these years it’s great to see even one of their debut singles shown some commendation so after you’ve read up on the back story behind Girl, then it should give you the inspiration to head over to our TVO store to order RiD’s back catalogue if you don’t already have it in your mitts!

Wake Up To Your Very Own RiD Artwork

2 Jan

© Dee Plume

Dee Plume is once again setting eBay alight with the sale of original Robots in Disguise artworks.

Dee is selling a series of original kisses from RiD’s ‘Wake Up‘ artwork (created by the band’s very own mouths!), which she has personally transformed into two limited edition pictures. What’s more they can be signed upon request if you’re the winning bidder.

Check out the two lots on eBay: here and here. At the time of writing there’ a bid of £10 on each one and six and a bit days left to bid. Go on Robots fans, get in there!

The Velvet Onion Calendar 2013

31 Dec

The Velvet Onion is pleased to continue its tradition of a yearly Calendar, available for free download!


Once again we’ve been working with a number of our friends both in front of the camera and behind it, to bring you twelve great months to print out and stick up on your wall between January 1st and December 31st.

With yet another new design from Velveteer Lauren “Lozzy” Taylor, based on our fresh looking website layout, we really hope you like the results – which are available for a free download now.


Thank you to everyone involved, and to all of you – our dearest Peelers – for a truly fantastic 2012… Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to a glorious 2013 for all!

EXCLUSIVE: In Holoserica Cepa – A Gift From The Velvet Onion

25 Dec

© The Velvet Onion

Yes, it’s Christmas time, and as another year draws to a close, The Velvet Onion has not one, but two presents for you.

Our annual TVO Calendar has sadly been delayed a little, but will be here for your perusal before 2012 runs out of gas.  We’ve been working round the clock the last few days to ensure it’s up to scratch, and reaches you before the end of the month, and we think you’ll love what we’ve come up with, so stay peeled over the festive season for that!

The other present… well that’s arguably more special.  We’ve called upon some of our more musical friends in the realm of the Onion, to provide a very special eight-track EP you can download completely free!

Just visit our Soundcloud page to get all eight tracks, featuring the likes of James Cook, Sue Denim, Antony Elvin, Stephen Evans, Suzy Evelyn-Hall, Rich Fulcher, Richard Glover, Shelley Longworth, Alice Lowe, Holly Jane Shears, Waen Shepherd, William Summers, Gareth Tunley, Michael Tyack and Tony Way.

But hurry, because the files will only be available until SUNDAY JANUARY 6th, before being taken down forever.  For a full tracklisting, and a flashy swanky player loaded with all eight songs, see below.

TVO would like to thank everyone involved with the making of these tracks, and the compiling of this collection.  You all know who you are, and to you, and everyone out there reading this – a most merry of holiday seasons to you all. We love ya.


01. Secret Wolf – GARY LE STRANGE

Taken from the long deleted third Gary Le Strange album, Beef Scarecrow, this song has only previously been made available at Waen Shepherd’s live shows many moons ago.  Stay tuned for the full reissue of his GLS albums over the next twelve months, with the first, Polaroid Suitcase available now.


Originally a spin-off from folk legends Circulus, the magnificent Princes In The Tower have become an almighty Tudor force in their own right.  This track is taken from the forthcoming debut album, A Golden Hour With Princes In The Tower, which will be available soon…

03. Midnight, The Stars And You – RICHARD GLOVER & STEPHEN EVANS

Described by Evans as a ‘short and daft’ version of the 1930s classic (forever immortalised in The Shining), this is a previously unreleased recording from the Splendid duo…

04. The Self Machine – JAMES COOK

Taken from James’ wonderful debut solo album, Arts And Sciences, this track sees the former Nemo frontman on typically fine form.  The album is available now.


05.  Song Of A Wayfarer – WILLIAM SUMMERS

Recorded live at St John the Divine Church in Richmond upon Thames back in July, this is an exclusive, haunting live recording from the multi-instrumentalist.


The first new DeadDogInBlackBag song for a long, long time, this is a complete and utter exclusive from the electropop duo.

07. Another Rainy Day – SUE DENIM

A 60s influenced b-side from Sue’s recent Bicycle single, this track acts a taster for her delightfully summery debut solo album, Sue And The Unicorn, which is available now.

08. This Christmastime [2012 Mix] – ANTONY ELVIN, ALICE LOWE & FRIENDS

Originally recorded for Alice LoweJacqueline Wright‘s Jackal Film of the same name back in 2010, this fresh mix from its producer and co-writer Antony Elvin features a host of TVO stars – Gareth Tunley, Shelley Longworth, Waen Shepherd, Tony Way and Rich Fulcher – spreading an important message for the festive season.

DJ Dee In The Tunnels

20 Sep

© Time Out

Dee Plume will be one of the DJs at a forthcoming Halloween-themed event at the spooky Old Vic Tunnels in London.

Zombie Horror Camp promises three nights of subterranean Halloween fun, including voodoo doll making, a grotesque strip club and the most horrifying of all, the zombie run!

The full DJ line includes: Dee (of course!),  The Horrors (DJ set), Izzy Lawrence (Apocalipstick, MTV), Gary Powell (The Libertines), Adam Ficek (Babyshambles), Nick Hollywood (White Mink, Freshly Squeezed), Sean Rowley & Anna Greenwood (Guilty Pleasures) and the Time Out Allstars.

The event takes place on Thursday 25th October (7pm-2am), Friday 26th October (8pm-2am) and Saturday 27th October (8pm-2am). Tickets are £25 per night (ouch!..) and can be purchased here.



More Sue For You

14 Sep

© Amelia’s Magazine

The warm afterglow of Sue Denim‘s awesome (we have it on good authority!) London show provides us with the perfect opportunity to tell you about a new interview with the songstress.

This week Sue chatted to Amelia’s Magazine, about her new album And The Unicorn, moving to Wales and falling in love. Of her new record’s departure from the familiar electronica Robots in Disguise sound, Sue says, “I wanted it to sound very different from RiD, wanted it to be simple and warm in terms of sound. Then I found producer David Wrench, warm simplicity in recording being one of his trademarks!”

Sue also talks about how solo writing differs from working with Dee Plume saying, “Biggest difference – I was able to express myself fully without any compromise and get songs finished quickly! Less arguments! But also, less laughing. Good and bad points to working alone.”

To read more about Sue’s new album (and to find out why she’s no longer bored in Wales!) click here to read the interview in full.

The Review And The Unicorn

14 Sep

This evening (Friday 14th September) Sue Denim will be performing in London; the last date on her UK tour off the back of her debut album And The Unicorn.
If you didn’t get the chance to see her perform her tunes in your town, then you still have the chance tonight to get lost in Sue’s world.

To remind you of why you shouldn’t miss this great chance this evening, Aggie & Paulyne have taken it upon themselves to jot down every thought that comes to mind when playing And The Unicorn. So why not have a read with the album playing in the background, or order yours now to see what you’ve been missing!

© Emli Bendixen / Sue Denim

1. Bicycle
The first song (and first single) of the album is as the title suggests a song about bicycles. One might even call it a love song! Evokes vivid imagery as you imagine Sue riding her bike through the woods, up the mountains, at the beach and all the way back again. Whether you’re an avid biker or stuck on a bus, you will feel the wind in your hair. Also beware, Bicycle will make you hum “nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah something something something dreaming…” all day long as you start making up your own “nah nah nah nah something something’s”. Believe us, we’re currently something something something writing.

One word to describe the song: Uplifting
If this song would be an animal, it would be a: Stork

2. Brewster McCloud
If you shut your eyes, you may see a campfire, people swaying, some relaxing under a starry sky. Brewster McCloud is the ultimate chill-out song. A true festival number when the sun’s about to set. The first half making you feel lighter than air then the crescendo propelling you through to the light at the end of a tunnel. The song may reference the 1970’s feature film but I relate it to the timeless classic Peter Pan.

One word: Dreamy
Animal: Half dove half half Highland Terrier puppy Continue reading

Art, Science, Cook…

13 Sep

There is excitement in the air for James Cook fans after the official video for his album-titled single, Arts & Sciences goes live!

Keeping his loved 80’s nostalgia style in this video and collaborating with Chris Corner in the edit-suit to knock the eccentric-levels up to 11, you can still see something great in what some of our favourite, understated musicians can create.

Also directed by Graham McGuire, a director who knows the Musical Booshdom well after working with Robots In Disguise in the past plus Sue Denim on her debut solo single.

Take a look at the video below and head over here to order your very own James Cook back-catalogue!

Delia & The Wolf

12 Sep

© Beatwolf / Dee Plume

Dee Plume talks to Beat Wolf around the growth of her solo project, Psycho Delia.

The musician and DJ is hoping to further her solo work whilst RiD partner Sue Denim tours the UK with her unicorn.
In this interview you can find out the little niggling goings-on in Plumes mind-tank – her views on life, her idols, her life soundtrack and much more.

“Dee sometimes known as Gold Boots, has started a new musical venture PSYCHO DELIA … Oh the crazy fox!”

BeatWolf explains. Yet many of you long-loving Dee fans will have heard a ditty or two from the hyper-electric lady over the years! Yet we’re still excited to hear that many more will be able to have the experience!

Have a read of the interview right here and keep peeling for Dee’s next performances near you!


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