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Ooo, Eee, It’s A New Song From Dee!

15 Dec

Dee Plume has unleashed the third single from her solo project Psycho Delia.

Formerly one half of Robots In Disguise and a regular guest star in The Mighty Boosh, Dee has been working on Psycho Delia for some time now, and this track: The Ooo & The Eee, comes complete with a charming music video you can see below.

The song will be available to buy shortly, but links are still being confirmed. We’ll try to update you when we can, but in the meantime, keep your eyes on Dee’s Twitter page for more info.

What Happens In Vegas…

16 Mar

© Psycho Delia

Psycho Delia continue their kickass musical assault on the US with further gigs confirmed, including one this Tuesday in Las Vegas!

They will be performing a set for friends of the LV Zine Library  on Tuesday night at a special open house (the library’s first ever open house no less!). The venue invites you to: “Come get to know your local underground library, dance and get funky!” We’re guessing Vegas libraries aren’t quite the same as the ones we have over here then. For more information, visit the event Facebook page.

Keep a close eye on Dee’s twitter account for last-minute announcements of other gigs while they’re over there. The duo are currently leaving a stream are happy fans in their wake following a series of ad hoc shows, so don’t miss out.


Go Psycho At Home

9 Mar

© Amanda Guerra

You may have spotted that Dee Plume has been offering fans the opportunity to experience a Psycho Delia gig in the comfort of their own home. Now one kind soul has offered to extend her ‘at home’ invitation to you lot!

The very generous (and possibly slightly mad) Madeleine Mendell will be hosting an intimate Psycho Delia gig, featuring Dee and Paula Faircloth, in her back garden in Los Angeles USA, on Sunday March 30th. The estimated show time is “at around 4pm”.

Unsurprisingly, audience numbers will be limited, but if you fancy being there please message Madeleine via the event facebook page for more information.

And if you fancy hosting your own gig, why not contact Dee via her twitter? Don’t forget to ask nicely though.

Short Arms Short Legs EP

18 Feb
© Easy Action / Psycho Delia

© Easy Action / Psycho Delia

Psycho Delia fans got some exciting news today. The EP for ‘Short Arms, Short Legs’ is available for download on iTunes.

Featuring four different versions (including two dance remixes and one sung in French!) the EP costs just £3.16 in the UK / $3.96 in the U.S. or £0.79/ 99¢ for individual song purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get Psycho!

Woolly Psycho

11 Jan

© Dee Plume

Brrrrrrr! If you’re in the northern hemisphere, winter’s here. And Dee Plume has very kindly catered for the weather with a new line of woolly snoods as part of her Psycho Delia merch range!

The two-tone limited edition woolly neck warmer, modelled beautifully by Dee is this picture, is “knitted by a Psycho” and available for £15 with or without pom poms. To find out more, and to see it modelled on what might possibly be her teddy bear (bless!), click here. Scarves are so last season.

To see the rest of her kicking range of Psycho Delia products have a nosy at this.

TVO’s Review Of The Year 2013: Part Four

4 Jan

Hello and a warm welcome to the final part of our Review of 2013. Although October to December may feel like it only just happened, prepare to be amazed by how much you’ve forgotten. We were, but then we’re getting on a  bit.

So here are the best bits from the fourth quarter of the year – cherry-picked from news stories about both our regulars and a few new faces too. Enjoy.


October was the month that Booshmania returned.  Just as the fantastic Behind the Boosh exhibition started its run at Proud Camden, showcasing the history of that most Mighty of comedic troops via the majesty of Dave Brown‘s photography, the boys were back in town.  Or rather, on the pier, as The Mighty Boosh went from the Soho Theatre to Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme in LA. A final (chaotic) UK warm-up show and a further run through at The Comedy Store, almost halted by a Visa saga, paved the way for a live performance that turned out to be one of the Festival’s highlights. Fan forums and social media platforms were buzzing with photos, footage and reviews of the show.

Another announcement that got us more than a bit over-excited in October was the news that Ben Wheatley is to direct the first 2 episodes of the next series of Doctor Who, starring the new Time Lord, Peter Capaldi. How good is that!?  We’re itching to see what happens when you combine one of the UK’s finest directors with its biggest export, now in the capable hands of an Oscar-winning acting legend to boot.  You can see the moment Capaldi became the Doctor in the 2013 Xmas special below…

More telly stuff, with the launch of Matt Berry’s new series, Toast Of London.  We’d been itching to see it since the pilot back in 2012, and it did not disappoint…

Elsewhere, Richard Ayoade established himself as a permanent fixture on prime time panel shows with a stint as team captain on Was It Something I Said? on Channel 4. Ayoade’s intellectual sparring with host David Mitchell certainly made our Sunday evenings feel a bit more highbrow!

What else?  Well, in movie news, there was an update on the cast for Paul King‘s long-awaited Paddington Bear feature film, which included mention of Rufus Jones and James Bachman. To end the month, TVO artists offered us a veritable smorgasbord of comedy options for Halloween night’s out, with special spooky performances from Colin Hoult and Richard Sandling.  And we were sad to lose the talented comedy actor Felix Dexter, who died at the too-young age of 52. He left behind an incredible legacy of great TV performances on shows like Bellamy’s PeopleAbsolutely Fabulous, The Fast ShowKnowing Me Knowing You… With Alan Partridge, Mongrels and Alexei Sayle’s Merry Go Round to name but a few. He will be much misse, and would typically hate all this fuss about him, so let’s remember him with one of his silliest moments – dancing for Sport Relief alongside Rhys Thomas and Lucy Montgomery.  What a dude.

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Onion Talking: Psycho Delia Unplugged in New York

21 Nov

© Taras Hnatyshyn

Last month Dee Plume made a short visit to NYC, and whilst there performed a few acoustic sets in her own inimitable pop/punk “in your face” style. Our Velvet Onion NYC correspondent, Gina R Snape, met up with her after her open mic performance at Sidewalk Cafe for a one-on-one. Here’s how the conversation went:

You came to New York on holiday?

I’ve been to New York before, so I’m not that bothered to go to the Empire State Building and other touristy stuff again, and I thought I really need to be doing some music! I came here with the intention of finishing some songs off. And when I got here, I just thought – I really need to do some live performing!

How is it playing your solo material in an unfamiliar setting? 

It’s good. It’s really progressing me as a musician and a performer. I’ve been doing a lot of gigs with my drummer. I’ve been playing electric guitar, with loads of effects, so then with drums and two vocals it’s a big sound, loads more sort of rock’n’roll. So to come and play guitar and just sing, it’s hard because it’s all on me! And then I have to be good! There’s no more hiding behind a wall of sound. And what I like about playing open mic is that you’re testing out your songs. So if they don’t work in that context, you have to rewrite them.

It felt like you were doing that, testing things out, seeing how things flow…

Yeah, yeah yeah! And also, it’s really good to do things on your own. When I was with Robots in Disguise, we took turns being the front person, and we had a backing track. I didn’t really have to fully take responsibility. If I didn’t sing a note, Sue would sing the note. So there was always someone to fall back on in a really big way. So now, doing it on my own and only with an acoustic guitar – you’ve really got to be good.

And really good is what Dee was. While in NYC, she performed three acoustic sets of her new material, which included: Now I’m a Square (about giving up drink and smoke), Two Degrees of Separation (“About my ex”), Don’t Fuck Your Producer (“I wish someone had given me that advice when I was starting out!”) a cover of Physical Attraction by Madonna (“I’m a massive Madonna fan”) and Short Arms Short Legs (a comedic song – in English and French!) When played acoustically, her songs have a very personal feel to them, and they illustrate Psycho Delia’s ability to combine catchy hooks with genuine emotion and good fun.
© Taras Hnatyshyn

© Taras Hnatyshyn

It’s hard. Because when you write with someone else, we would write a verse and a chorus each, and then meet up and bash it out. But I’ve been doing bits of writing with my drummer, Paula. And on the recordings I’ve done – Two Degrees of Separation, Short Arms Short Legs and My Own Language – I had Faye from The Savages, she wrote all her own drum parts; we kind of did that together. So I think that really helps me, writing with a drummer. I need to write with someone else. You need to bounce off someone. But then that’s why open mic is good, in terms of feedback, because you can take that back and see if it works.

How does the material that you use for your solo songs differ from the material you used for RiD?

Well they’re not a million miles away, because I was half of that band. Lyrically, they’re all about me now. Whereas with Robots, even if it started on my own, it became quite shared emotionally, because both of us were putting ideas in. So this is completely about me.

A lot of my songs are kind of funny, which is what I’m interested in. I want my songs to be entertaining, and have interesting themes, and make people laugh as well. I suppose they are kind of like Robots songs because they were always really positive on purpose – even if the starting point was negative. It’s like a place to put emotion, but I want it to be entertaining and not negative.

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Rude In Camden With Psycho Delia

19 Nov

Psycho Delia will be performing this Thursday, 21st November, as part of RUDE at Proud in Camden.

© Dee Plume

Every Thursday, the music club RUDE curates a weekly rendezvous with an eclectic variety of next wave bands and DJs. Psycho Delia will form part of the live section of the evening, which will be presented by Cool for Cats.  Also on the bill will be Mooli(a double-act of Ben Copland and Kristina Smith) and Lone Taxidermist (“Skewed glam electro pop with a disconcerting and psychedelic edge” – The Quietus).

The night runs 8pm-1.30am and advanced tickets cost £4 from here. General admission is £7, and the (somewhat confusing) Proud guestlist gets you in for free before 10pm; then in for a fiver after 10pm. For more information visit the event Facebook page.

Fans of Psycho Delia can look forwards to our exclusive interview with Dee Plume from her recent trip to New York, which will coming to these pages very soon!..

Psycho Delia Gets Arty

30 Oct

© Dee Plume

This Friday, Dee Plume as Psycho Delia will get arty with ‘A Dialogue Of Sound And Vision’ at Alleycat in central London.

Dee will be teaming up with artist Maricarmen Felices to combine music and the visual arts in what promises to be a rather surreal evening. Live music will be provided by Psycho Delia and friends Six Years and Sister Mercedes with the arty side provided by ‘live projections in paint on the band and audience.’

If you want to be part of the art, instructions are to dress in white all over (including painting your face and limbs).

The evening is part of the regular ‘New Shoes’ night at Alleycat (near Tottenham Court Road tube) and entry is just £4.84. More details can be found on the night’s Facebook event page.

Psycho Delia in Willyburg!

14 Oct

© Gina R Snape

Calling all Psycho Delia fans! Dee Plume has lined up one more gig before departing NYC!

Billed as an “Acoustic noodlings of the extensive PD songbook” Dee Plume invites all to “Join in on vox and foot-tap” for this tour of Psych Delia oeuvre at Spike Hill Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

So come on down for this free gig, before she flies back to the UK for Oxjam Brixton!

(Stay tuned for more on her adventures in the Big Apple!).

Dee Goes Psycho In Brixton

13 Oct

© Oxjam Brixton Takeover

Dee Plume will be performing as Psycho Delia at next Saturday’s Oxjam Brixton Takeover 2013.

The festival takes place on Saturday 19th October and aims to raise cash for Oxfam. It will feature more than 40 acts in total (including bands, artists and DJs), with 13 hours of live music performed across six venues in Brixton. Psycho Delia will be performing at The Windmill at 10pm. For the full line-up at The Windmill visit the venue’s website.

Advanced tickets are £10, and buying one gives you access to all six of the festival venues. They are available now from WeGotTickets.

For the full event listings take a look at this, and to keep up to date with general Takeover news visit the event’s Facebook page.

If that isn’t enough Dee for you, look out for our exclusive report of her recent trip to New York. Coming soon!



Go Psycho In The Library

30 Jul

© Patrycja Grimm

Psycho Delia will be performing as part of the Mayor of Camden, Jonathan Simpson‘s summer library concerts.

You can see Dee play at Holborn Library on 8th August (the show starts at 6pm), and what’s more it’s completely free! Ankura (a local female-fronted rock/blues four piece) will also be performing on the bill.

You can find Holborn Library at 32-38 Theobald’s Road, WC1X 8PA.

For more information about the gig, check out the event facebook page.

Wake Up (And Bid)!

22 Jul

© Dee Plume

Robots In Disguise fans may be pleased to know they stand a chance of owning a really special slice of memorabilia… in the form of a Robot Lipstick costume!

The quirky outfit in Tatty Devine blue was designed to promote the band’s Wake Up! single back in 2010, and was also used on stage during live performances.  It is now the latest bit of RiD costumery and the like to be auctioned off by Dee Plume via e-bay, so if you fancy getting something a little different in your living room, this could be it!

You can bid over yonder, and revisit the brilliant Wake Up via it’s music video below.

Psycho Delia Goes East

10 Jul

© Emmett Green / Dee Plume

Psycho Delia will be performing at East End Live on Saturday, July 13th!

East End Live is the perfect event for music fans as it promises 60+ artists on 12 stages with just one ticket. Dee Plume and Paula Fair will take the stage at The Shoreditch just before 8pm so you will have plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere and pump yourself up.

Tickets for East End Live are a mere £16.50 and as aforementioned, this gives you access to 12 stages and over 60 acts. Who doesn’t want to spend a day listening to bands with names such as Wet Nuns, Blurt, Grumbling Fur, Good Throb, Happy Hooves and Weird Menace?

You can get your tickets to this music bonanza over here and start planning your Saturday by visiting the official website to see the full line-up.

See & Wear Psycho Delia

13 Jun

© Dee Plume / Mercedes Grower

New opportunities have opened up today for fans to show their support for Psycho Delia.

If you’re up for experiencing the band perform live you can see them on the Women’s Stage at the London’s Pride Festival on Saturday 29th June. All performances will take place between 2 and 8pm, and it happens at Candy Bar Soho, 4 Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BJ. For more information about the full line-up visit the event’s facebook page.

If, however, you prefer to wear your admiration for Dee Plume‘s music on your body, why not check out Psycho Delia’s new merch range? There are some seriously cool printed tees, socks and tights, plus a framed print for just £10. To see the full range and start shopping click here.

Psycho Delia & The Moustache

2 Jun

© Emmett Green / Dee Plume

This week Dee Plume spoke to blogger Chloe Has a Moustache about her partnerships with creative brands such as Tatty Divine and Barry M, and what makes her tick as an artist.

It’s a short wee interview, but it provides us with a few little gems such as what inspires Dee (“Visuals and movement…colours/shapes and energy”) and what lies behind her beauty regime (“Cycling. Black eye liner. Sue Denim’s homemade lip balm.”). To read the interview in full click here.

Don’t forget that Psycho Delia‘s first single 2 Degrees Of Separation is out now – and you can download it from iTunes here.

Psycho Video Madness

28 May

Yesterday, we saw the release of Psycho Delia‘s first single 2 Degrees Of Separation and today the official music video is out.

Dee Plume‘s solo project Psycho Delia started out on the live circuit but slowly developed into a fully realised concept. Now fans can finally feast their eyes on the first (of many, we hope!) music video from the forthcoming album release.

The video for 2 Degrees Of Separation is a high-energy visual madness created by Pat Grimm and shows Dee Plume and Emmett Green frolicking in colours with countless accessories, finger puppets and catchy lyrics. Watch the pop art affair below or on Youtube, and don’t forget to download the single.


2 Degrees Of Released

27 May

© Patrycja Grimm

It’s release day for Psycho Delia!

The new single 2 Degrees Of Separation from Dee Plume as Psycho Delia is now available for download. This of course means you can now bop around to it every day on your way to work, school, the grocery shop or karate practice. So get those downloading goggles on and head on over to iTunes to get your own copy.

If you simply cannot get enough, you can watch a live, acoustic performance of 2 Degrees Of Separation on BalconyTV to further psych yourself up.

A Busy Psycho

22 May

© Dee Plume / Mercedes Grower

Dee Plume is a busy lady with a new website, new Psycho Delia gigs and new interviews!

The singer has launched a brand new website to keep fans informed about her upcoming live shows, stills from forthcoming videos as well as other bits and bobs.  If you are curious to see what’s to come for Psycho Delia or just want to revisit some old classics, head on over to check it out.

Impatient fans are in luck, as Plume is set to perform various gigs over the coming weeks. She will take the stage at the Alley Cat bar in London tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May , as part of Tiger Tails. It’s a night that promises “rip-roaring girl fronted action” from Iraq, Jettyson and the one and only Psycho Delia. You can find more information about the night on Psycho Delia’s official Facebook.

Don’t forget that Plume will be performing at Tatty Devine’s Brick Lane store on Sunday 26th May which you can read about in our earlier post and will also be doing an acoustic set at the Camden Rocks festival on 1st June.

Furthermore, you can get another dose of Dee as she spoke to The F-Word about the difference between Robots in Disguise and Psycho Delia, the upcoming collaboration with the Peruvian artist Maricarmen Felices, and her various song writing inspirations.

As if all of this isn’t enough, you can now feast your eyes and ears on a live performance of the new single 2 Degrees of Separation. The performance is featured on BalconyTV and includes a short interview afterwards. Find out what her pimped out guitar is all about over yonder or watch it below, and then give it some love!

Dee At Tatty D

14 May

© Dee Plume

Dee Plume will be performing an acoustic gig as Psycho Delia at Tatty Devine’s Brick Lane store (236 Brick Lane, London E2 7LH) later this month.

This exclusive preview gig takes place the day before the official release date of her new single 2 Degrees of Separation, so you’ll get to hear her perform the new single before anyone else! Limited edition Tatty Devine for Psycho Delia jewelry will also be available to buy and Dee will be on hand to sign your jewelry boxes.

Psycho Delia will be taking to the floor from 3pm on Sunday 26th May. And what’s more it’s FREE – so get down there and stock up!


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