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The Pod On The Net… On The Net At Last!

22 May

© The Pod

A rare clip of Julian Barratt and Tim Hope’s experimental comedy act The Pod has emerged online via TVO’s very own Waen Shepherd.

Shepherd cameos in the piece – which aired on BBC2’s The Net back in 1997 – as a Shoreditch tramp, complete with Yorkshire accent and bottle of Olde English cider.  At the time, Shepherd & Hope were developing cult classic animated short The Wolfman from its origins as live performance art for The Node – itself an off-shoot of The Pod.

Having kept a copy of The Net feature all these years, and discovering it wasn’t on the internet (oh, the irony), Waen has uploaded to his own YouTube page for comedy connoisseurs to enjoy once again.

A fascinating glimpse into the past, both in comedic terms and to gawp at all that ‘cutting edge’ technology, this feels like it’s from another world.  Enjoy.

Don’t forget you can catch Waen Shepherd at TVO Live next week! Tickets and more info over yonder.


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