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Hate Mail & The Art of Perfect Fundraising

13 Jul

44dfcd736fe44aedb130fe55ea223ff4_originalWe’ve been writing in superlatives about Mr Bingo‘s inspired Hate Mail art project since its inception. Heck, one of us is lucky enough to own one of his abusive illustrated postcards. But he has just surpassed himself with his new Kickstarter project.

My Bingo is funding the publication of his forthcoming Hate Mail book, The Definitive Collection, via the crowd funding site. And because he’s taken the trouble of making his Kickstarter campaign absolutely blooming brilliant – from the perfectly awesome promotional video to the rewards he’s offering to supporters, he reached his target amount in just a few hours.

With 19 days to go, he’s more than doubled his original £35K target, and many of the rewards available have been snapped up. However, you can still pay for a Wetherspoons date with him (a snip at £150), meet him for a pint in 5 years’ time (only one out of four left at £200) or for £5,000, you can even be his friend.

If you haven’t read his Kickstarter page in full, we urge you to take a look. It’s brilliantly funny! And then back the book.

Bingo Goes West

18 Jun

© Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo continues with his takeover of the illustrated world with another public talk – this time in Bristol.

You can catch him at the Arnolfini on 16th July. The talk takes place 7-9pm, tickets cost £12 (£10 conc) and can be procured here.

The event is being organised by the West of England Design Forum, a group made up of designers and people working in the creative industry who have created a place for designers and those interested in design to come together, be inspired and promote design.

To find out more about the things they get up to visit their website.

Ask Bingo Anything

11 Jun

© Mr Bingo

Abusive illustrator and drawer of celebrity barnets, Mr Bingo, will be giving at talk for D&AD.

The organisation which honours creativity will be honouring Mr Bingo with an event at the New Blood Festival, a programme that introduces recent graduates and current students to the creative industry.

If you fit the bill, you’re invited to grab a beer and ask him whatever you like: from how he makes his money to where he hides it. Confirming a place at the event costs £10, but this will be returned to your account after the Festival as long as you attend.

The meeting point for the talk is at the New Blood Festival Point in Spitalfields Market; it takes place on Wednesday 2nd July at 19:30pm. For more information and to book a place click here.

Dave Brown & The Porcelain Panther

14 Mar

© Newten’s Porcelain Panther

Dave Brown has appeared on Episode 9 of Newten’s Porcelain Panther podcast.

Newten’s Porcelain Panther is a series of podcasts Hosted by Jim Stoten and Ben Newman, in conversation with a bevy of creative people.

Eagle-eyed trivia fans may have spotted that Jim Stoten is the illustrator who created the colourful background of bonkers on Noel Fielding’s 2014 tour poster.

They talk about what they do and their passion for music, with each guest selecting three of their favourite songs. A “relaxed, alcohol induced environment”(according to the presenters)  is created to facilitate the flow of interesting conversation.

Dave’s podcast was recorded back in January and you can hear all 48 minutes of it by clicking here.

If you scroll down the page a wee bit you can also here the TVO-connected illustrator, all round good chap (and mate of Dave), Mr Bingo on podcast 6 from 2013.

Ape-ril Tee For The Boys

10 Mar


Dave Brown and Mr Bingo have designed this limited edition t-shirt for the Sumatran Orangutan Society to publicise their  Ape-ril campaign.

The campaign is to sponsor men to grow beards and ‘release your inner ape’  during April in solidarity with our red-haired cousins, to raise money for the work – helping to protect critically endangered Sumatran Orangutans and their rainforest homes.

The fundraising pack can be found here – featuring Bill Bailey, who is a patron of the charity.

Get your Ape-ril T-shirt now for the special price of £24 from their online shop, where you can find other t-shirts, books, cute toy Orangutans and DVD’s, or if you raise over £150, they will send you one free as a thank you, so why not ditch the razor in April and make a difference to our orange friends?

And who knows… maybe TVO will go a little bit Ape to celebrate the campaign next month. Stay peeled for more info.

Double Bingo

27 Jan

Our favourite abusive illustrator, Mr Bingo, continues in his bid for world domination of the conference circuit, with the announcement of two talks.

© D&AD

He’ll be appearing as one of the speakers at Reasons: London on 28th February. Aimed at designers, developers, coders, managers, game developers, artists and animators etc the event kicks off at lunchtime and runs into the evening. It promises attendees a chance to be inspired, educated and get some networking in with like-minded peers.

Tickets are £99 and can be purchased here. Last year’s event sold out, so bag yours quick if you’re interested.  Mr Bingo will be on at 6pm; to find out who else is speaking visit Reasons: London’s website.

Mr Bingo will also be talking at The Big Rethink 2014, hosted by The Economist, on 18th March.

This event is aimed at a broader marketing audience, and will cover a range of topics about how to make marketing feel more personal. Today’s consumers are empowered by digital technology and therefore expect marketing to provide value that’s tailored to their interests and delivered in a way that fits in seamlessly with their life.

Tickets for The Big Rethink 2014 are a whopping £995, so this one’s for keenos only. For more information about the event and to see who else features on the panel of distinguished speakers visit the event website.

Mr Bingo In Print

7 Jan

© Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo is giving one of the Leeds Print Festival Print Talks, as part of the week-long Leeds Print Festival which runs from Friday 24th to Friday 31st January.

The Print Talks take place on Sunday 26th from 11am to 5pm – doors at 10am. Mr Bingo will be joined by Patrick Burgoyne, the editor of Creative Review and more speakers who are to be announced.

You even get a souvenir of the event, as on the day your paper ticket will be exchanged for a beautifully letterpress printed ticket.

For further information about the event and tickets click here.

If you want to know more about Mr Bingo himself, his work and how he met the Boosh boys, take a look at this interview from late last year.

Don’t forget you can get a copy of his most famous book Hate Mail, if you don’t own one already, from TVO Store.

Bingo & The Beehive

31 Oct

© Jennifer Balcombe

Mr Bingo is one of the behind the scenes artists that we write about at The Velvet Onion. He’s one of those craftsmen who quietly help to make the world which inhabits these pages more visually distinctive. His uniquely comical illustrations have graced Mighty Boosh books and Rich Fulcher live shows, although the scope of what he does goes way beyond TVO’s remit.

This week limited edition prints of Mr Bingo’s iconic illustration of Amy Winehouse’s hair go on sale to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Mr Bingo very kindly agreed to talk to us about this, his infamous and hugely popular art project Hate Mail, and how he got to know the Boosh boys.

© Mr Bingo

Hello Mr Bingo, and welcome to TVO. Can you tell us how you got involved in the Amy Winehouse Foundation project? 

A design agency called THEM are in charge of branding The Amy Winehouse Foundation. They know my work and approached me about doing a Hair Portrait of her. Hair portraits only work with certain people and Amy’s look lends itself perfectly to it.

I’m really pleased to be involved; I thought Amy was great and I’m a fan of her music, so when they approached me I was really keen to get on board.

What has the response been like from Amy’s fans? 

From what I’ve seen, they’re really into it, which is great! You always get the odd “where’s the rest of the face?” comment, but that’s the internet for you.

She’s got a huge global fan base so hopefully the print will fly out to lots of different places.

Your Hair Portraits are incredibly well-liked (to the extent that people nick the designs and turn them into t-shirts – the bastards!). What inspired you to do the first one? 

© Mr Bingo

I was asked to contribute some work to a group show in 2007, so I just decided to try drawing people’s hair with nothing else and I made some prints (Star Wars being the first one). The way I always approach doing new prints is to create something that I’d like on my own wall and then hope that other people will want the same thing on theirs.

The curly ones take the longest, especially Slash from Guns N Roses. Actually the longest one I ever did was the Skatebeard which took a whole week, and I was still finishing it on the train on the way to the exhibition!

For the Boosh hair portrait Bollo was the most difficult because it was really hard to work out where the hair on the face kind of started. He’s an animal so he’s extra complicated!

Talking of The Mighty Boosh, how did you end up working with them?

I met Dave Brown in 2006. He was running a competition at the V&A village fete where people were challenged to draw Queen Victoria in one minute without taking your pen off the paper. I was awarded first prize!

Then Dave bought a set of Hair portrait prints off me, we had a beer and became friends. Weirdly, I hadn’t really seen The Mighty Boosh before I met him, so I checked it out and of course totally loved it.

© Fibredesign

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A Glimpse Behind The Boosh

26 Oct

© Proud Camden

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, most of you will by now be aware that Dave Brown’s behind-the-scenes photos of The Mighty Boosh have become an exhibition, Behind the Boosh, which is currently showing at Proud Camden.  A few of our gang were lucky enough to be at the opening night; here’s a summary of what it’s all about from Velveteer Mog:

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

The opening night of Behind the Boosh was buzzing. The gallery was full of friends and fans, including the Mayor of Camden (!), and a bevy of TVO-connected folk such as Noel Fielding, Julia Davis, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, Arnab Chanda, Nigel Coan, Barunka O’Shaughnessy and Mr Bingo – plus Dave Brown of course.

You may feel like you’ve seen a significant chunk of Behind the Boosh reproduced in the various newspapers and websites that have been writing about the show. Trust me, it’s worth seeing the pictures in the flesh if you can.

The images themselves are undeniably aesthetically pleasing, and all the more so in larger dimensions than the recent online coverage has provided. But more than that, the photographs really come to life when viewed in the physical form: from the gentle undulations of the photographic paper beneath the glass of the frames to the signature delicately scratched onto the bottom right hand corner of every shot, it lends the images a warmth and authenticity that feels just right for the Boosh. It’s something you simply don’t get from a computer screen. The real life photographs present personal glimpses into their world as opposed to being just a visual report of something that happened.

© Dave Brown

Some of the photographs are so familiar they’ve become synonymous with the Boosh ‘brand’; it’s odd to think that someone actually took them. Others have never been seen before, and for those of us who are familiar with the TV show’s visual history, it’s these which have the greatest initial impact. An ambiguously moody shot of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt in Buxton, which draws you in and holds you there, being a case in point.

Some of the photos depict the Boosh as a modern day rock band on tour: skinny jeans, tousled hair, stages, tour buses. By contrast, the black and white images from behind the scenes of the TV show have a timeless quality about them – the costumes, the intense conversations and the camera and lighting equipment that frames the shots makes them feel like they could have been taken in the early days of television.

© Dave Brown

Across the exhibition we get to see The Mighty Boosh in all its colours and shapes: the daftness and the the seriousness, the joy and the boredom, the camaraderie and the loneliness.

Throughout, their personalities come across as human, likeable and open for scrutiny. The result of the photographer being a trusted part of the story, one suspects. Dave’s absence from the images is the obvious downside of this arrangement, however.

The only complaint one could make about the exhibition is that it ends too soon. When we came to the final picture we were left wanting more; as if we’d been offered a window into the fascinating world of the Boosh rather than being told the full story.  We live in hope for a part 2!

For more photos from the opening night visit Proud’s Facebook page. Behind the Boosh is running at Camden Proud until 1st December, so there’s still time to get yourself down there.

See Bingo Geek Out

22 Oct

© D&AD

Mr Bingo will be making an appearance at GeekyConf on 21st November.

GeekyConf is a day celebrating geekiness in all its forms, packed with talks aimed to inspire and entertain. Over 20 speakers from all walks of geeky life will be sharing their passions and interests and talking about different areas of geeky science, art and culture.

Mr Bingo will be sharing his pearls of wisdom on how to turn drunk ideas into books. We’re anticipating some fascinating insights into his infamous abusive postcard project, Hate Mail. In addition to the scheduled speakers, throughout the day you can engage in activities such as circuit bending classes and story readings.

After all the talks have finished the events will wend its way to London Fields Brewery for an after party (An after party? Geeks have certainly changed since my day!).

GeekyConf takes place 9.30am – 6pm at Oval Space (29-32 The Oval, London, E2 9DT). All early bird tickets have no sold out but there are still standard tickets remaining for the event at £70 each. For more information, including the full list of confirmed speakers, and to buy tickets visit GeekyConf here.

Bingo News Bonanza

3 Sep

© Mr Bingo

TVO’s favourite abusive cartoonist Mr Bingo is a busy chap at the moment, with public appearances and interviews aplenty!

Sadly all the tickets for Bingo’s afternoon talk at tomorrow’s Reasons To Be Creative festival in Brighton have now sold out, but you can still follow the event via twitter and facebook. Take a look here for more information about the festival and to see who else is speaking.

Don’t despair about missing out, however, because there’s still time to catch him on Sunday evening at Dalston Roof Park in East London (time unspecified, but it’s open 3-10pm on Sunday). To find out more about the venue visit their facebook page. Although nothing is mentioned on facebook about Mr Bingo, according to his twitter, he’ll be there. As he says: “If you’re in London on sunday, I’m doing a talk about Hate Mail at @DalstonRoofPark in the evening! Free to members. £3 to join!”

Finally, why not have a read of a recent interview he did with arty/lifestyle/travel  website, Voyages D’Etudes? In the interview he talks about his love of strange postcards and how they became the medium for his most famous art project, Hate Mail. Click here to read the interview (you can then click through 13 pages in total, which isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds – many of the pages are postcards). Bon voyages!

BookSlam Bingo

23 Jun

© D&AD

Snarky illustrator Mr Bingo continues his summertime busy-ness, with a talk at the “London’ best literary club night” in July.

He’s one of the guests at BookSlam, which takes place at Bedroom Bar (Rivington Street, East London) on 11th July. He’ll be joining fellow guests Simon Rich (Saturday Night Live writer) and Viv Groskop (author & critic) and music is provided by Fred Page.

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start and tickets cost £6 in advance (£8 on the door). For more information about the evening and those appearing, and to purchase tickets click here.

Campaign Bingo

14 Jun

An interview with illustrator Mr Bingo featured in the latest issue of Campaign magazine, the advertising industry’s weekly bible.

© Mr Bingo

In the interview he discusses a campaign that he’s worked on for the creative agency AnalogFolk, which depicts beardy men being manly.

Of the illustrative approach he says: “I’m not at all manly. I’m 34 years old but my upper body is similar to a 13-year-old boy and I can’t grow stubble evenly. When I was 17, I got beaten by a girl in an arm wrestle. It’s a f*cking miracle I’ve got a girlfriend, to be honest.” Luckily Mr Bingo knows enough manly men who could pose for reference shots.

He also talks about his phenomenally successful Hate Mail project, noting, ” If you Google “hate mail”, I think I now rank number one for the phrase. It’s a nice position to be in.” Don’t forget you can currently see his Hate Mail exhibition at KKOutlet in London.

To read the Campaign interview in full click here.

Network & Learn With Mr Bingo

22 May

© D&AD

Abusive illustrator Mr Bingo will be talking at an event next Thursday 30th May – and you can be there too!

He’s be one of two guest speakers at Dev.Ocean (which claims to be a “Berkshire and Surrey Digital Event”). The other guest speaker is Ben Everard, a freelance web developer.

Rawnet are hosting the event at their digital studio in Ascot. What’s more, they’ll be providing pizza and beer for the evening. Hurrah! It starts at 7pm, with the first half an hour allocated to networking, followed by the two guest speakers and a Q&A afterwards. The evening should end at around 10pm.

The event is free; for more information and to register click here.

Be Abused By Bingo

3 May

Illustratrator Mr Bingo will be bringing his unique form of visual abuse to a London gallery.

© Mr Bingo

Previously available in book form, Hate Mail is a collection of hilariously abusive postcards penned by Mr Bingo; and it’s now going to be an exhibition at KK Outlet. The gallery will showcase 250 postcards from Mr Bingo’s now extensive archive. What’s more, the first 60 people through the door of the private view on 6th June will have the opportunity to own a personalized piece of Hate Mail.

The Private View takes place on Thursday 6 June, 7 – 9pm, and the exhibition runs 7th – 29th June.

KK Outlet can be found at 42 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB.

More Hate Mail will also be released during the run of the exhibition, and the sale time will be announced on twitter via @kkoutlet and @mr-bingo. It’s worth keeping a close eye on these because previous Hate Mail sales have sold out in minutes.

You can also go and hurl abuse at Mr Bingo in person should you wish to, as he’ll be setting up his studio in the KK Outlet gallery throughout the duration of the show. If further reason to visit were needed, signed copies of the Hate Mail book will also be able to purchase from the gallery (with Mr Bingo available to scribble a personal insult in your book too.  Again, follow @kkoutlet and @mr-bingo on twitter to find out when he’s in the gallery).

So come June time, get ready to hurl those expletives and head over to Hoxton.

Learn With Bingo

19 Apr

TVO’s favourite illustrator of hate, Mr Bingo, will be one of the tutors at the forthcoming Guardian Masterclass on illustration.

© Mr Bingo

Titled ‘What every illustrator should know’, the day-long seminar gathers six stars of the field, including Anthony Burrill, Mr Bingo and Malika Favre, who have collectively worked for fashion houses, publishers, club promoters and ad agencies to produce book covers, TV animation, posters, flyers and clothing.

Led by graphic artist and creative director Paul Willoughby, the course will draw on the tutors’ experience in their field.

The events takes place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on Sunday 9th June from 9.30am to 5pm. Tickets cost £99 (including lunch and refreshments!). For more information about the content of the course and the tutors – and to book tickets – click here.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to £99, why not pick up a copy of Mr Bingo’s spectacularly hilarious/offensive Hate Mail book for only £6.89 from our Amazon store instead?

Bingo Talks Hate Mail

13 Jan

Regular Peelers and fans of the visually funny will be aware of the illustrator/artist Mr Bingo and his Hate Mail project. This week, he’s been interviewed by The Huffington Post, the illustrious arts and culture website.

© Mr Bingo

In the interview Mr Bingo chats about Hate Mail, and how the idea came about. As the articles explains: “I will send an offensive postcard to the first person to reply to this message,” Mr. Bingo tweeted one fine, drunken night. After numerous Twitter replies and an insult-laced postcard, the popular Internet art project, “Hate Mail,” was born. Conceived by the London-based artist in 2011, the project offers wonderfully offensive and expertly drawn postcards that can be sent to solicitors or solicitor’s worst enemies friends for a small fee.”

The response to the project has been rather too successful for Mr Bingo to keep up with, with requests for abusive postcards coming through thick and fast. Bingo proffers an explanation for its appeal: “A lot of people assume that most humans are quite serious, but this project proves that grown up people actually really like to be silly…They are funny (hopefully) so if you’re thick skinned enough not to be offended by the postcard, then what you’re buying is a funny one off signed piece of art.”

To read the interview in full click here. And to buy a copy of Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail for only £6.89 why not visit the TVO Amazon store?

COMPETITION: Hate Mail With Mr Bingo!

20 Oct

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Mr Bingo‘s new book Hate Mail, a book based on postcards he sent to folk who wanted an original Mr Bingo insult!

Now five lucky Peelers can win their very own copy of the book, thanks to the kind people at Penguin UK, by entering our new competition.

 All you have to do to win one of 5 copies of Hate Mail by Mr Bingo (published by Michael Joseph), is to go to  Mr Bingo’s website and find the page where he is described in three sentences.  Then simply complete this sentence which starts:

“Some say he’s the ………………………..”

(Hint: Try the ‘info’ section)

Due to the large number of correct entries we’ve already received the Competition is now closed. Winners have been notified by email. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

We are looking for the words as written on Mr Bingo’s website so get reading, post your answers in the comments box below and the first 5 correct answers will be notified shortly after the closing date on Friday 26th October at 11pm!  Remember to have a read of our terms and conditions below to avoid any funny business and good luck!

If you don’t win the competition you can still pick up a copy of Hate Mail for the very reasonable price of £6.99 from The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store!

Don’t forget Mr Bingo has organised Mr Bingo’s Piss Up In A Brewery on October 25th at Camden Town Brewery, where you can drink his very own limited edition ‘Hate Ale’ and get your book signed.

To see what you might win check out the YouTube video below.

Terms and Conditions
This competition offers 1 copy each of Hate Mail by Mr Bingo to 5 winners. Winning entries will be the first 5 entries complete the sentence “Some say he’s the …………………”
Winners will be contacted via the email address they use to enter – your details will not be shared with any additional third parties beyond Penguin Books and The Velvet Onion. Only entries made in the comments section of this post will be accepted. The Velvet Onion will not accept entries as replies to our Facebook/Twitter pages, comments to any other posts in error or emails to any email address in our domain, nor any entries received after this time-frame. This competition is being run entirely by The Velvet Onion, with prizes organised by Penguin Books. One entry per person. Any entrants found making multiple entries from the same IP address will be disqualified, and banned from entering further competitions run by The Velvet Onion. All entries must be received via comments on this post by 11.00pm GMT on 26th October 2012. The judge’s decision is final. There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered. The Velvet Onion and Penguin UK  reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

Hate Mail

11 Oct

© Mr Bingo / Michael Joseph

Boosh collaborator Mr Bingo has been a busy bee of late… sending over 400 ‘Hate Mail’ postcards to fans desperate for an insult from the artist.

The idea was simple – pay him £20 and he’ll design a piece of exclusive, insulting artwork, and send it to a UK address of your choice.

Now, the results have been collated in an easy to carry book in time for the Chrimbo novelty publications market, and you can pick a copy up now from The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store!

If you’re really not quite sure what to expect, check out the preview gallery courtesy of Mr Bingo himself, below.

If you’d rather let Mr Bingo doodle all over your copy, and drink his very own limited edition ‘Hate Ale’ at the same time, you’ll be pleased to know he’s organised Mr Bingo’s Piss Up In A Brewery on October 25th at Camden Town Brewery.  As he explains on his website: “it’s an open event so you can roll deep with your crew to this one!”

Bingo Booze-Up & Book

29 Sep

© Mr Bingo

Illustrator and animator, Mr Bingo, will be launching his new book at a “piss up in a brewery” in October – and you’re invited.

You’ll probably be familiar with Mr Bingo’s work through the illustrations he’s done for The Mighty Boosh (see right) and Rich Fulcher’s Tiny Acts of Rebellion book. But he’s done loads of other brilliant stuff too.

His new book launch will be taking place from 6pm on 25th October, at Camden Town Brewery, 55-59 Wilkin Street Mews NW5.  You’ll be able to buy a signed copy of the book and drink Mr Bingo’s limited edition beer. Sounds like our kind of shindig!

For more information check out the event’s facebook page. And for more Mr Bingo updates, why not follow the fella on twitter?


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