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Ooh Arrr! John Hopkins Tells Us About The Muckers

8 Dec

© John Hopkins

Forget comedy TV shows for grown ups – because kids’ TV is where it’s at now. Hot on the heels of the multi-award winning Horrible Histories and the awesome Pythonesque Yonderland, comes CBBC’s The Muckers.

The show, about a family of teenagers who live on a farm in Cornwall, is directed and edited by the highly TVO-connected John ‘Willie’ Hopkins, one of the original Ealing Live gang, and features music by Dave Westlake of Boosh Band fame. John very kindly allowed us to wake him up a bit early one morning, so that we could chat about The Muckers. Mog reports:

Described by John as “The Rural Monkees”, The Muckers features a fresh-faced, likeable cast of 14 and 15-year olds who live on a Cornish Farm. But these are no stage-school luvvies, they’re a bona fide country-dwelling brother, sister, cousin and best friend. They started out creating their own youtube videos under the ‘Purely Cornish’ moniker, filmed by Sam (one of the featured siblings). Then, with the involvement of producer, Kate O’Drsicoll, comedy writer/actor, Ben Moor, and John to oversee the filming, The Muckers was born.

© John Hopkins

John was keen that his approach to filming suited the age and lifestyle of the cast: “I can’t big up those kids enough – they’re really lovely, sweet kids.” he says. “I wanted Sam to feel empowered by it all, rather than some bossy director hanging around and telling them what to do. I went down there for a recce for a few days and ended up spending two weeks with them. I just followed them around with a camera, to see what they did; we’d just talk and stop in places around the farm, and ideas would come out of them being naturally funny.”

The show has a lovely naive charm to it, driven in part by its beautiful rural setting, and also by the natural performances from the kids. The intention was to make it feel “homespun”. John explains: “It should feel like it’s them making it. It’s the alternative to the city urban life that we see so much of. These kids are sitting by a lake, or sitting on a gate and having a chat; it’s their equivalent of sitting at a bus stop eating Quavers and gobbing.”

That’s not to say that The Muckers harks back to those hard-to-relate to idyllic US kids’ TV shows of the 1970s, like Little House on the Prairie. With John as director, it was never going to be like that. The Muckers features large helpings of modern silliness and some impressive farting cows which, as everyone knows, is essential content for a successful kids’ TV show. “Kids’ comedy suits me…I’m quite puerile!” John says.

So what’s next for Mr Hopkins? He’s currently working on what sound like a very exciting project with another TVO artist, Joey Page through Wildseed Studios (an innovative production company that operates via a new funding model, in order to bring fresh creativity to our screens). The pair are creating an online sitcom set some time in the future, which goes under the working title of ‘Intergalactic Sausage’. From what John’s told us, it sounds pretty epic, so we’ll be bringing you updates as/when they’re available.

In the meantime, why not get a load of The Muckers – even if you think you’re a fully-fledged adult? It’s currently part of the CBBC Labs project, but the more people who like it, the more likely it is that the BBC will commission a full series. You can watch the pilot in full here, or take a look at the Pasty Song below. We promise you’ll be singing it tomorrow:

Many thanks to John for allowing us to wake him up to talk to us, and then being so utterly charming with it.

TVOers On Tour

7 Jul

tvoukWith the Edinburgh Festival looming, the time has come for preview season to hit the land, and a number of TVO regulars – some of which are usually confined to the London area – are out and about and possibly in your area!

First up, Dan Clark will be previewing his Edinburgh show Me, My Selfie And I in Darlington (Sunday 13th July) and Leicester (Tuesday 22nd July).  The continually touring Paul Foot will also be visiting Leicester (Wednesday 23rd July) and is at the Larmer Tree Festival next week (Friday 18th July) – as well as taking his Edinburgh show Paul Foot’s Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon Sharp Major on tour in the Autumn.

There’s a rare chance to see Sarah Kendall‘s Edinburgh show Touchdown as part of the Cambridge Comedy Festival on Sunday 20th July, whilst Aisling Bea (without an Edinburgh show this year, sadly) continues her near constant gig schedule with appearances at Latitude Festival the same weekend, and The Pheonix Fringe in London on August 7th.

Festival booking seems to be the in-thing at the moment – as Colin Hoult is rocking Camp Bestival between July 31st and August 1st in East Lulworth, and cheeky chappy Joey Page is at Milton Keynes Fringe on Sunday 20th July.  Meanwhile, King of Krazy Tony Law lets the good people of Tring enter the Tone-Zone on Sunday 13th July, the folks in Leicester on Wednesday 16th July, and lots of places across the land this Autumn.

This week also sees friend of TVO and frequent Rich Fulcher collaborator, Harry Deansway make a rare excursion to the North West – he’s performing at The King’s Arms in Salford on Thursday night, previewing his new show Harry Deansway is a Bit of a Character Android.  Tickets are available right now.

The Edinburgh Fringe Approaches

17 Jun

© The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

For three weeks every year thousands of shows from the worlds of comedy, theatre and anything else you can think of descend on Edinburgh for the largest arts festival in the world. The full programme for the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 has now been launched and of course there are many TVO regulars making an appearance.

The full programme can be viewed and all tickets can bought over at the fringe website. Read on to see our round-up of what’s on offer.

Continue reading

Wee Paper People

1 Jun

Regular readers of TVO might remember Paper People – cut out and keep paper models of your favourite TVO folk. We’ve just revisited the site and there are many, many more characters for you to cut out and keep. How many do you recognise from the pictures below?

If you can’t wait to get your hands on your own Wee Paper People, all you have to do is click on the website, download your favourites then print and assemble. Assembly instructions are on the site.

If you want something more personal, the creator of all these fantastic models, Sally Grosart, can make personalised little people of your friends and family, or personalised cards or banners. To contact Sally and see the rest of her creations click here.

Page-in(g) Soho

9 May


Joey Page is to perform a one-off gig at The Soho Theatre next week.

As we previously mentioned back in March, the surreal stand-up and one-time burnt sausage has been awfully quiet of late, but he’s back with a bang, promising an hour of abstract comedy, where he will, he claims: “spend roughly the first half an hour setting up flights of fancies and tall tales then the second half doing the appropriate punch lines/ payoffs”.  Well, quite.

With the promise of general tomfoolery, plus a quiz, a short play and even one traditional joke, the whimsical fantasy man can be seen for just ten of your English pounds next Thursday (May 15th) at 9pm.

Tickets are available over yonder, and don’t forget his fellow Luxury Comedy alumni Dan Clark will be at the same venue in June.

Joey Page & Dan Clark In Soho (& Beyond)

15 Mar

© Amused Moose/Dan Clark

Soho Theatre has hosted gigs by a bevy of TVO-related artists over recent years and the next few months are no exception, with shows  from Joey Page and Dan Clark in the pipeline.

Joey will be bringing his fantastical bag of comedy goodies to Soho on Thursday 15th May. He’s be performing at Soho Upstairs and tickets for the show cost £10. For more information about Joey’s gig and to book tickets click here.

Dan will be performing upstairs at the theatre for a run of 5 nights from 3rd – 7th June (inc.). He’ll be trying out new material for his upcoming new stand up show, so head on down there to see the magic taking shape. Tickets are £10 for each night and can be purchased here.

The impatient amongst you don’t have to wait that long to see Dan either, because he’s performing at awesome comedy night Shambles this week, on Thursday March 20th. The gig takes place at 7pm at Aces & Eights, 156-158 Fortess Rd, Tufnell Park London and tickets cost a mere £6.95. They’re available to procure in advance here.



Leicester Comedy Festival Countdown!

3 Feb

With just three days to go before the event kicks off, we thought we’d bring you the lowdown on the many TVO names that can be caught at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival this month.

© Dave

Having been oddly quiet of late, Colin Hoult is bringing two shows to the festival. First up is a work in progress show entitled Uninspiring People Inspiring People By Being Uninspiring, which was first seen last autumn at the Invisible Dot. With a more ‘stand-up-y’ approach than Colin’s ace character-filled shows – this one is well worth a watch. And talking of his character-filled shows, he’s taking Characthorse, his show from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, to the festival later in the month. This is a madcap adventure across the mythical town of Snottingham with a host of weird and wonderful characters and, we reckon, it’s a must-see.

Next up is a show from the fab Aisling Bea – presumably this will be her Edinburgh show C’est La Bea, fresh from it’s run at the Soho Theatre, but the website doesn’t specify.

For all you connoisseurs out there, Paul Foot will be performing a show he calls An Hour In February. Shedding no light at all on the matter, the show has this description:

No board games on this lawn, baybayyy! Face the frozen ships and dance while legless bar stools finally take their revenge. Even Auntie Eclair won’t talk and this town will never recover from the naked collage.

Paul will also be taking part in the Laughing Matters Fundraiser, along with Tony Law, and Harry Hill. Tony will also be doing an hour of new shouty bollocks, a Nonsense In Progress, on the same evening.

Another familiar face in Onion-land, Joey Page, will be making a couple of appearances at the festival. Towards the end of the month he’ll be performing his own show Golden Peacock Hour and, much sooner on the horizon, he’ll be making an appearance in Tom Stade And Co.

So, he’s a list of those shows in date order . They’ll all take pace at venues around Leicester and tickets and more information can be found by following the links:

7th Feb – Colin Hoult – Work In Progress
8th Feb – Tom Stade And Co. (with Joey Page)
12th Feb – Aisling Bea
17th-18th Feb – Paul Foot – An Hour In February
19th Feb – Tony Law – Nonsense In Progress
19th Feb – Laughing Matters Fundraiser (with Tony Law and Paul Foot)
21st Feb - Colin Hoult – Characthorse
23rd Feb – Joey Page – Golden Peacock Hour

Thieving With Page

3 Nov

© Joey Page

Joey Page will be appearing at Joke Thieves in North London this Tuesday and other gigs have been announced!

Joke Thieves is a comedy night with a twist: six established comedians each perform a set of their own then steal each other’s acts for a second performance. This unique night happens twice a month in London’s Crouch End and Tuesday’s line-up has Joe Lycett, Danny Ward, Lou Sanders, John Hastings, Milo McCabe and Joey Page to offer.

The show is on this Tuesday 5th November at the King’s Head and tickets can be found here for just £5.

Joey will also be appearing at Mostly Comedy in Hitchin on a bill with WitTank, Luke Benson and Doggett and Ephgrave. That gig is on the 21st November and tickets are £8 from here.

Further ahead, he will be appearing with a solo stand-up show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival next March. For the early birds among you, tickets for that can be found here.

All Aboard The NightBus

3 Oct

© The List

The NightBus is a new comedy evening at The Canal Café Theatre, Paddington, showcasing the best in new alternative comedy.

There’s an amazing line-up for the first night on Tuesday 22nd October at 7pm,

Appearing live are:-

TVO favourite Joey Page, Flange Krammer (Neil Dagley), Holly Burn (recently seen supporting The Boosh at their Soho warm-up gigs), Rich Hardisty and Andy Needle, Stephen Bailey  and The Twins Macabre – Adam Rhys-Davies and Nic Lamont.

Tickets to see all these artists are a very reasonable £6. More information can be found here.

Mighty Fine: Boosh At The Soho Theatre

2 Oct

© Mog/The Velvet Onion

If you’re a regular reader of The Velvet Onion it won’t have passed you by that The Mighty Boosh performed two warm up shows at the Soho Theatre this week. We were lucky enough to be there to witness the epicness. Here’s Velveteer Mog’s non-spoilery report:

A long time ago I came across something wonderful. It was intelligent and warm, charming and whimsical; it took me to fantastical worlds and gifted me laughter and fierce friendships. It was unique, special and precious. Slowly, over time, it was discovered by more and more people, and because they’re only human, they too fell in love with it. Soon there were enough of us to fill the O2 arena several times over for The Mighty Boosh.

Since then we’ve had panel shows and plays, art exhibitions, voice-overs and tabloid tittle-tattle. We’ve grown up and grown older, and so have they. The world has changed, and now there’s a newer version of the latest thing. So the excitement that the promise of two Boosh shows generated came tempered with the fear of being disappointed. How could it possibly live up to expectations?

© Mog/The Velvet Onion

On Sunday and Monday night the downstairs room at the Soho Theatre was buzzing with eager anticipation. The hopeful old guard rubbed shoulders with expectant younger fans, who filled the front row with camera phones, hair colours and chatter.

The lights dimmed, and Julian and Noel’s voices rolled out onto the stage, closely followed by the two of them in person: the familiar pairing of the puppy-like energy of Fielding and the hesitant groundedness of Barratt. The magic was still there; whenever Noel and Julian took to the stage, the room glowed.

Genuine, clever, witty and frequently bonkers, the Boosh’s performance was perfectly pitched. I’ve rarely seen two artists more in tune with each other and their audience. And like all great double acts, the whole is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. It felt like we were all sharing a giant warm bath of joy.

Seeing them live again also served as a sharp reminder as to why they reached such dizzying heights of success: they’re bloody talented – from the brain-fizzing freshness of their ideas and the razor-sharp wordplay, to their amazing musicianship (hands up all those fellas who left the gig with a man crush on Julian?).

Yes, they falter at times, and you’re never far from feeling that they’re making it up as they go along, but that’s part of the Boosh’s charm (and afterall, they were warm-up shows). Besides, the gigs’ occasional ramshackle-ness felt like a nod to the early years, which is no bad thing.

© Mog/The Velvet Onion

Woven around the Boosh’s appearances were three support acts: Joey Page (moments of brilliance), Stuart Silver (fantastic – well worth checking out if you get the chance) and Holly Burns (perhaps not the most obvious choice for the night).

The final 40 minutes of the show consisted of the Boosh Band, playing tight, fresh twists on their musical classics. We’ll never see Electro Boy in the same light again. Funny, inspired and smart – and just a bit wonky. Dave Brown also deserves a special shout out for THAT VOICE. This was most definitely not the “shambola” promised by Noel via twitter.

Marriage proposals were made (Sunday), Baileys was swigged (Monday) and a likely knowing reference made to an infamous fanfic*. Shrieks of astonishment reverberated along the front row.

The Mighty Boosh: charming, folksy, weird and inclusive, this was them at their original best. The stadium rock star comedy machine felt like a distant memory – and long may it remain that way!

In respect of the fans who’ll be seeing the show at Festival Supreme, photos were only allowed during the first half of Sunday night – so this review has been written in the spirit of avoiding spoilers too. Hopefully the essence of the show hasn’t been lost in the non-specificity.

* Alas, apparently mere coincidence.

Tough Crowd On The Move

24 Sep

Dave Brown‘s exhibition of intimate comedy portraits, Tough Crowd, will be leaving its current home in Norwich and heading to North Wales next month.

© Dave Brown

The exhibition will be moving to Oriel Colwyn from 21st October, and it’ll remain there until 4th January 2014. The collection includes stunning images of a number of big name comedians, including a bevvy of TVO regulars: Alice LoweArnab ChandaBarunka O’ShaughnessyDan ClarkDolly WellsJoey PageJulia DavisJulian BarrattKevin EldonKim NobleNeil ColeNoel FieldingRich FulcherRichard AyoadeSarah KendallSteve OramTom Meeten and Tony Law.

There will be limited edition prints on sale in aid of Afrikids, so there’s good reason to get yourself down there and part with your cash. If you can’t make it in person, the prints are also available on the Afrikids website.

Oriel Colwyn can be found upstairs at Theatr Colwyn, and admission to the show is free. For more information about the venue visit its website.

However, if Wales feels a bit too westerly for you and you haven’t yet caught Tough Crowd during its stint in Norwich, there’s still time to experience it at Flint Hair on Benedict Street and Fabulous Frames on Upper St Giles Street before it moves. Its Norwich run finishes on 12th October.

Don’t forget that you can also see Dave’s brilliant photos of The Boosh at Proud Camden, London NW1 from 24th October to 1st December. It’s not yet on the venue’s website, but it’s definitely happening.

Page On Stage

14 Sep

© The List

This November, you can catch Joey Page live on two occasions: once up North and once down South.

First up, Joey will be on the bill at Amused Moose at the Moonlighting Club in Soho on Saturday 2nd November. You can also see Mark Dolan, Joe Bor, Luke Toulson and Andrea Hubert. Doors open at 7.30pm for a 8.20pm show start time and tickets will be circa £10 when they go on sale.

The event isn’t yet listed on Amused Moose’s website so please note that details are subject to change. When it is listed you can book tickets via the website.

You can also see Joey on 16th November as part of the 2013 Hull Comedy Festival.

He’ll be performing his 2013 Edinburgh show Reality is Outside, Paradise is Inside Your Brain at The Other Space in Hull (94 Alfred Gelder Street HU1 2AN), and tickets are just £5 (+ 50p booking fee). Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7.30pm; to buy tickets head on over here. For the full festival line up and to purchase tickets for the other acts click here.

Finally, in a bid to make our TV screens a lot more interesting, Joey has asked fans of his appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks to tweet the TV show to request that he’s featured on the forthcoming series. If that sounds like your thing, head on over to @NMTB to insist that Joey’s on that panel in 2013!

Tough Crowd Returns

12 Sep
© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

Tough Crowd - the exhibition of intimate comedy portraits by Dave Brown – will be given a new lease of life from tomorrow in Norwich.

Split across two venues, the collection includes shots of a number of big name comedians.  TVO regulars Alice LoweArnab ChandaBarunka O’ShaughnessyDan ClarkDolly WellsJoey PageJulia DavisJulian BarrattKevin EldonKim NobleNeil ColeNoel FieldingRich FulcherRichard AyoadeSarah KendallSteve OramTom Meeten and Tony Law are just the tip of the iceberg!

With the likes of Adam Buxton, Bill Bailey, Bob Mortimer, Chris Addison, Harry Hill, Lenny Henry, Phill Jupitus, Ross Noble and Tim Minchin amongst the various other names featured – and there are many more – it’s a fascinating collection to peruse, and the good people of Norwich can do so from tomorrow – Friday 13th September, until Saturday 12th October.

The free to view show is housed by Flint Hair on Benedict Street, and Fabulous Frames on Upper St Giles Street.  As ever, there will be limited edition prints on sale in aid of Afrikids, so get on down there and part with your cash.  If you can’t make it, the prints are also available on the Afrikids website.

If you missed our extensive interview with Dave on all things Tough Crowd late last year, you can swot up on it right now.


It’s The End Of The Road For Colin

29 Aug

© Idil Suki / Draw HQ

End of The Road Festival in North Dorset starts tomorrow, and there are some TVO connections there!

If you’ve got a ticket already you may want to look out for them, or if you are close enough you might be able to get one if you check the festival website.

In the Comedy Tent will be TVO regulars Colin Hoult and Joey Page, as well as Tom Allen, Sara Pascoe and Mark Watson, among a whole host of comedy delights.

In Music, Ralfe Band are among a multitude of bands and singers, over four stages, including David Byrne and St Vincent and Eels.

The talented Ben Wheatley will be curating in the Cinema Tent on Saturday. He has handpicked the films on offer (Who’ll Stop The Rain, Onibaba, Holy Mountain, Brazil), and he will be presenting his latest psychedelic horror, A Field In England followed by a Q and A session.

So if you are lucky enough to have your tickets for this festival you are in for a great weekend.

Free Joey Page Show – Tonight!

19 Aug
© Comic Relief

© Comic Relief

In just over 4 hours, you and up to 9 of your friends can be watching a Joey Page gig, live and free, courtesy of Comic Relief Hangout Comedy Club.

Click on the link for all the info. You have to sign in to google +, and you’ll need the google + hang outs plug-in and a web cam and microphone. Once you have these you can book your seat.

Eight brave viewers can apply to be on the ‘front row’. You’ll be asked a few extra questions when you book and will be able to interact with the comedian live.

In the hang out there will be a laughometer, which will make a suggestion for an amount you can donate to Comic Relief, although you can change this.

It all sounds very intriguing, and an interesting way to watch comedy. So if you couldn’t get to Edinburgh this year or you did go but are missing it, then here’s your chance to see Joey live.

If anyone does take part, let us know how it went.

The Insiders’ Guide To Edinburgh

26 Jul

© Tom Clark & Andrew Mickel

If anyone knows how to get the most out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it would be the comedians who perform there every year. Well now, you can take advantage of their superior knowldge with a new book, ‘Secret Edinburgh’, published by Such Small Portions.

The book contains 256 pages of handy hints and anecdotes from the comedy fraternity (170 of them!) to help you live like a Fringe veteran at the biggest art’s festival on earth. It includes practical tips about where to eat (whether on a budget or not) alongside more outlandish suggestions (such as why the John Lewis towel department offers a great place to de-stress).

The book includes photography, fun illustrations and maps to help you hunt down the best places the city has to offer (and the stories comedians have to tell about them). Contributors include a few TVO faces too, including Joey Page, Tony Law, Colin Hoult and Aisling Bea. Plus the  coffee section of the book is named after Hot Brew, which we love!

Tim Clark, co-editor of Secret Edinburgh, said: “I’ve always felt that comedians are the most obsessive compulsive tourists any city could ever wish to have, and their dedication to spending each August in Scotland’s capital makes an annual caravan holiday in Skegness look like a picnic. Secret Edinburgh is in essence a love letter to Edinburgh itself disguised as travel literature. I hope that readers can enjoy the guide as much as we have.”

If you’re off to this year’s festival, we reckon it’s a must-have purchase. To find out more about the book and to get your copy for only £7.99 visit Such Small Portions here.

Onion Fringes: Part 5 – Joey Page

8 Jul

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us, with a host of TVO favourites set to descend upon the city between 2nd and 26th August.  In the build up, we’re bringing you a great show to go and see every weekday – from our regulars to shows beyond the usual confines of Onion Land.

Our showcase on this fine day is not only a star in the making but a good friend to TVO, Joey Page takes his latest show Reality is outside, paradise is in the brain, to the Edinburgh Fringe.

© Joey Page


Joey Page: Reality is outside, paradise is in your brain


Pleasance Courtyard


31 July – 26th August




Reality is outside, paradise is in your brain!

Known as the Linford Christie of stand-up and described as a ‘Unicorn you want to look after’ by Noel Fielding – Joey Page is often compared to a lot of our favourite and well know abstract comics out there, yet if you have seen him already, you will know well that he has the writing talents that make him stand out as a stellar and very underated comedian. Taking the mundane and turning it on it’s head in a way that sling-shots you off the ground, spiraling you into the air , then bringing you back to reality with such a shock that you start seeing stars and birds. .

Sounds great no!?

Rather than a mish-mash of words, each joke seems like an art form and a well-worked string of concepts and annecdotes that bridge the gap between observational and abstract.

© Joey Page

Page has been a huge supporter of The Velvet Onion and we have been lucky enough to receive a plethora of competitions, interviews and exclusives from him over the years. Last year was a busy year for the gent, with his television debut on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and BBCThree’s Fringe Live, resulting in a change of agents and some interest from the television bods, therefore we took the chance to chat for an insightful, in-depth interview with Joey about the comedy circuit these days. For any aspiring comedians out there, this is one comic that knows the circuit like no one else – well worth a watch and a look into his development.

Having travelled to the Fringe for a number of years, he is now back with a vengeance with his fresh new show Reality is outside, Paradise is in your brain. You’ll find the show running at the Pleasance Courtyard from 20.30, not only are Joey’s shows great for random wit and the odd nonsense, we’re sure you’ll find this one of the funnest shows at the fringe, with a mix of stand-up, sketches & props, and a hint of a children’s birthday party!

Runs from 31st July to 26th August at Pleasance Courtyard. We’ll have another Edinburgh recommendation on Monday, and every weekday throughout July, so stay peeled!

For the write up of the progression of Reality is Outside… clicky  here Continue reading

Festival Funnies

29 Jun

© The End of The Road Festival

If you didn’t make it to this weekend’s Glasto, then why not console yourself with a trip to The End of the Road? TVO favourites, Colin Hoult, Tony Law and Joey Page  (who happens to be at Glastonbury tomorrow, fact fans), are all appearing at the Dorset festival later this summer.

They’re part of the The End of The Road festival’s comedy line-up, which also includes (deep breath…) Storyteller’s Club, Phil Nichol, Michael Legge and Robin Ince, Nick Doody, Tom Allen, Sarah benetto, Stuart Black, Chris Coltrane, John Robins, Robin and Partridge, Felicity Ward, Mark Watson, Sara Pascoe, Gemma Whelan, The Monster Comedy Shed, Pappy’s, Phil Kay and Tiffany Stevenson. Phew!

The festival takes place  30th August – 1st September, and of course there’s all the usual music, theatre and workshop-based activities you’d expect. Except this one comes with the added allure of the promise of decent food and beer. Yay!

Tickets are still available, but only just – with many ticketing options already sold out. Click here to see what’s still available.

To find out more about the festival’s location and what it’s all about  take a look at their website or facebook page.

Noel Fielding Interview Part 5: The Mighty Boosh

25 Jun

Two weeks ago we brought you Part 4 of our exclusive interview with Noel Fielding, in which he answered your questions about Luxury Comedy. This week Noel talks about The Mighty Boosh, a topic very dear to many people’s hearts (if the recent social media furore around the team’s reformation for Festival Supreme is any indication!).

Please accept our apologies that this one has been a wee while coming. We hope that the end result was worth the wait, and that we’ve been able to provide you with an angle on The Boosh story which we don’t ususally get to hear about in interviews; anyway, we’ll let you be the judge of that!

This marks the end of our series of interviews with Noel; we hope you’ve enjoyed watching them (feel free to let us know what you think in the comments box below). Thanks to all of you who sent in questions in the first place, and thanks for subsequently commenting, capping and giffing (is that a word?) the hell out of our little films across tumblr, twitter and the like. Fieldmice, we salute you!

Of course, the biggest thanks goes to Noel for allowing us to badger him with questions, and for his amazing energy, patience and downright loveliness throughout the project.  Thank you, Noel – you’ve been brilliant!

If you’ve missed any of the previous instalments, here are the links in easy-to-click-on format: Teaser; Part 1 (Turning 40); Part 2 (Random questions); Part 3 (Random questions); Part 4 (Luxury Comedy). Enjoy!

Joey Page Live – In & Out

3 Jun

© Joey Page

Joey Page is performing this Wednesday as part of Up The Creek’s series of Edinburgh Preview shows.

This week Joey will be sharing the bill with Eric Lampaert. Doors open at 7.30pm for a 8pm start and tickets are £5. To purchase tickets click here. And in case you’re wondering, Up The Creek Comedy Club can be found at 302 Creek Road, London SE10 9SW.

If you’re a fan of Joey’s stand-up but you can’t make this particular gig, don’t despair – because he could well be doing an Edinburgh Preview in your living room soon (according to his twitter anyway). If you live in or around London please email your availability dates in June and July, your location and rough audience demographic to Then if Joey likes the sound of what you’re able to offer, presumably he’ll get back to you to set up a show. If you happen to qualify for a Joey Page special living room gig, please do come and tell us all about it!



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