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Hayden’s Seismic Stand-Up

24 Oct
© Seismic

© Seismic

Anyone in the  Los Angeles area on Sunday can be a witness to an historic occasion!

Friend of TVO, the multi-talented Hayden Black, is making his first foray into Stand-up Comedy this Sunday, in Seismic at 7pm alongside a variety of comedians, hosted by Sal Rodriguez.

The free show is at Muse on 8th. For more information see the poster below or the event Facebook page.

If you do go along, please say Hi to Hayden and tell him TVO sent you!

Teensy Tweets Are Back

14 Sep

Teensy Tweets, the animated web series by Hayden Black, is back!

The topical show takes some of Hayden’s tweets about the latest news and gets animated birds to say them.

After the pilot episodes a couple of years ago, they are back weekly to give us an unusual view of the latest happenings.

Catch up with the birds on YouTube and watch the latest episode here.


Festive TV Catch-Up

5 Jan


There were some great TV programmes on over the Festive period, many featuring TVO favourites. We’ve posted about most of them, but there’s still the opportunity to catch up on many of the delights:

Most recently, Kevin Eldon took part in Celebrity Mastermind, if you didn’t see it on Thursday, you can catch up here.

Kevin popped up again during the festivities as Doctor McFee in Death Comes to Pemberley, which is still available on BBC iPlayer.

The Christmas edition of Lee Mack’s Not Going Out featured Katy Wix and can be viewed here.

Charlie Brooker reviewed 2013 in 2013 Wipe, although not featuring any TVO related people, Mr Brooker has written many great shows featuring TVO artists.

There was also a re-run of Ambassadors, starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell, with a scene stealing guest appearance by Mr Michael Smiley. You can catch this episode – and the others – on BBC iPlayer.

Matt Berry fans had plenty of opportunities to see and hear the man himself on New Year’s Eve, first Matt was in the final episode of The IT Crowd – also available on 4OD along with every other episode of The IT Crowd and the special documentary, The IT Crowd Manual, which was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

This was followed by Matt narrating The 50 Funniest Moments of 2013, which is now available on 4OD. Then to round off the New Year celebrations, Channel 4 showed every episode of Toast of London, also available on 4OD.

Rich Fulcher popped up as a commentator on The 50 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians on Channel 5. This featured clips from a wide variety of comedians spanning the years up to the present. You can catch up with this on Demand5.

Rich also presented 2013 Mashed on Channel 4, which also featured a sketch by Hayden Black. Again you can still see this on 4OD.

And of course there was the Big Fat Quiz of The Year featuring Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade – on the same team! If by any chance you missed it, there’s still time to catch up on 4OD

Merry Mashed Christmas From Rich Fulcher & Co!

19 Dec
© The Connected Set / Channel 4

© The Connected Set/Channel 4

That mystical beauty… that ephemeral wonder… that intoxicating titillator Rich Bloody Fulcher has sent us a special message to everyone at TVO and our readers, filled with seasonal greetings and information on his brand new show.

Cast your minds back to December 2012, and you may recall Fulchybaby presented a round-up of the year for Channel 4, entitled 2012:Mashed.  Well, it’s back, with more wacked out sketches and celebrity pastiches from some of the biggest minds on YouTube.

This year, that list of contributors includes another TVO regular, one Hayden Black of Goodnight Burbank fame.

We can’t wait, but sadly we have to – as the show will air on December 29th at 11:05pm exactly, give or take a minute, because we’re not scientists or schedulers.

For more from the Mashed team at The Connected Set, visit their YouTube channel as soon as possible.  But first, check out the video from Rich to us (and you) below…

Hayden Black – Encounters With Doctor Who & Rich Fulcher

10 Dec
© Hayden Black

© Hayden Black

When we found out Hayden Black was involved with 2013 Mashed and Behind The Sofa – Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, we wanted to know more, so Hayden kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Let’s start by talking about Behind the Sofa.. Were you involved in the project from the start?

Steve Berry, the editor, reached out to me via Facebook – a place I do a startling amount of business – and asked me to write a piece back in 2010. I was honoured and flattered and said yes immediately. I sent him the piece then forgot about it. When I saw the book coming out, and its long list of amazing contributors, I assumed in my typical neurotic manner that I’d been pushed aside for some of these much bigger names. My neuroses are my least favorite part of me and yet they make up about 98%.

Did you have a word limit or any restrictions on what you could write about?

I think he told me to keep it to a couple of pages. But the subject area was rather wide – anything to do with Dr. Who and how it had touched me personally. I decided to forgo the story about blu-tac’ing some polystyrene packaging to my bedroom wall and pretending it was a TARDIS console, as there wasn’t much more to it than that. Or racing through the Dr Who Exhibition in Blackpool just so I could get to the shop at the end. I was a sad 11 year-old boy. But some 11 year-olds wind up making comedy when they grow up.

Which is your favourite story from the book?

Oh, easily mine. It was so well-written and I was hanging on every word – that boy has a bright future ahead of him. But to be honest, there’s so many great ones that it seems churlish to pick just one. Go out and buy the book and decide for yourself – it’s for charity after all.

Would you like to write for Doctor Who?

In a heartbeat! Or two heartbeats (see what I did there?). I loves me Who and after years of having to pretend I didn’t, I can now wear my geek on my sleeve. I have a couple of ideas I’d like to explore. The way I look at it is that there’s plenty of life left in the show and there’s plenty of life left in me so at some point, things could converge.

Who is your favourite Doctor?

Tom Baker. Hands down. But I’ve really liked David Tennant and Matt Smith’s interpretations – and for that matter, Chris Eccleston’s. And I’m looking forward to Peter Capaldi coming on board. I didn’t much care for 80’s Who. It was so overlit and when you’re doing a sci-fi series for tuppence ha’penny, the last thing you want to do is highlight how bad your effects/sets are. Oh, don’t get me started on 80’s Who… *shudder*…

Continue reading

Hayden’s Highlights

2 Dec

© Channel 4

Hayden Black has written a sketch for Rich Fulcher‘s 2013: Mashed show, due to be shown on Channel 4 later this month. You can probably remember 2012: Mashed from last year, also hosted by Rich, featuring material from internet legends like Dan Bull, Rob Manuel, Cassetteboy, and David Schneider. Hayden has written an animated sketch about Justin Bieber, inspired by some of the headlines he’s made this year.

Hayden has been busy as he has also contributed to an anthology of stories about Doctor Who: Behind the Sofa – Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, which was first published last year. It was compiled by author Steve Berry in memory of his mother, Janet, and is beautifully illustrated by Ben Morris.

A new extended version of the book has been published to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, and again all profits from the book go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. This version has all the previous stories, including those from Charlie Brooker and Rhys Thomas, plus contributions from Sophia Myles, Ben Aaronovitch, John Leeson and many others.

Behind the Sofa.. is also one of Amazon’s Best Books of 2013 and is, of course, available from The Velvet Onion Store.

Hayden’s Hollywood Hustle

6 Oct
© Hollywood Hustle

© Hollywood Hustle

Writer, actor and producer Hayden Black is taking part in Hollywood Hustle – a documentary about Freelance life in Hollywood.

The film will document the experiences of several freelancers over the course of a year, including Hayden.

In that time, the audience will experience the successes, struggles and excitement of each freelancer by listening to in-depth interviews and seeing candid footage of life on set as well as a lens into the daily rituals of a freelance filmmaker.

There will be interviews from industry veterans, Los Angeles locals and Hollywood icons, to leave the audience with a strong appreciation for the hard work, creativity, sacrifice and dedication demonstrated by the freelance community.

If all that has captured your interest, then you can see the Promo for the film here.

Hollywood Hustle is being produced and directed by Scotty Tipton; a freelance Sound Mixer in Los Angeles.

Voice Over Action

12 Sep

Writer, actor, director and producer, Hayden Black has released a new voice-over reel to showcase his vocal talents. You can hear him in action below, being American, British and even some talking birds!

Hayden first came to our attention a few years ago when he wrote and starred in the first series of Goodnight Burbank, a spoof news bulletin showing what the news anchors get up to when the camera stops pointing at them, and was one of the first series to be made for the internet. The one and only Rich Fulcher also starred in the show.

Since then Goodnight Burbank and Hayden have gone from strength to strength; the latest series was 6 half-hour shows that were shown on a subscription TV channel, and has guest appearances by John Barrowman and Dominic Monaghan.

Own Goodnight Burbank!

5 Jul

© Hayden Black

Spoof news series Goodnight Burbank is now available to view or download from the comfort of wherever you are; and if that’s not exciting enough you could make money from it too!

Writer and star of the show, Hayden Black, has made all six episodes of the first series of Goodnight Burbank available to view or download anywhere in the world through the new GNB player on Facebook. There are different packages to buy, from one episode to the full package including out-takes.

As if this isn’t good news itself, if you post/share the player you get 25% of all sales! There are not many other people doing this so you can be first to experience it; not only do you get to share your favourite show, you get to make money too.

Click this link to see what’s on offer.

Hayden At The Oscars

24 Feb


Hayden Black will be commenting on the Oscars live from Hollywood later today!

The show Oscars Live & Loud will be broadcast live on the front page of Ustream and from 3pm PT to 9pm PT including the red carpet and award show itself.

Hayden will be co-hosting from a special Tweet Suite at the W Hotel, from which he and others will be live Tweeting comments about the proceedings. They will also be shown live during the broadcast. Follow their tweets at #wliveandloud.

Among Hayden’s fellow Tweeters will be comedians Wendy Wason and Tara Flynn who TVO readers may recognise from Moone Boy, Time Trumpet and Pixelface.

If you’re wondering what Hayden and his co-hosts will be wearing, they are being dressed by fashion designer Mila Fargo.

Hayden & The Doctor

14 Dec


TVO regular Hayden Black will appear regularly in Season Two of The Brit List – starting with The Doctor Who Ultimate  List of Lists next Friday (21st) on BBC America, hosted by Asha Leo.

So lucky American Peelers who like Doctor Who (and who doesn’t?) will have a chance to see the ‘Top Five Companions’, ‘Top Five Scariest Moments’ and many other Doctor Who related lists.

Hayden is joined on the panel by John Barrowman, cat-loving comedian Susan Calman and Matt Kirshen.

Everyone can watch the video of John Barrowman describing his  favourite Doctor Who Monsters here, but the show is only available to viewers of BBC America.

For more information about the show and what time it’s on in your area follow this link.

Hayden, writer and star of Goodnight Burbank, recently contributed to the book Behind the Sofa alongside Rhys Thomas, Charlie Brooker, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross, Bill Oddie, Toyah Willcox, Al Murray, Hugh Bonneville and many more celebrities.

You can still order the book from our TVO Amazon Store and all profits go to Alzheimer’s Research UK, it will make a fantastic gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life!

Get Behind The Sofa

4 Nov

© Behind The Sofa

Way back in March we told you about Behind the Sofa – Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who,  a new book  in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, which celebrates Doctor Who.

The book contains over 100 contributions from many writers and celebrities including writer and actor Hayden Black, TVO regular Rhys Thomas and Nathan Barley creator Charlie Brooker, as well as Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross, Bill Oddie, Toyah Willcox, Al Murray, Hugh Bonneville and Roland Rat!

Behind the Sofa has finally been published and it is a treasure trove of stories on the subject of Doctor Who and everything around and about the show. The stories cover many different perspectives from the horror of missing an episode, but being scared to watch, to meeting The Doctor, writing for Doctor Who, and anecdotes from those who actually worked on the show.

It was compiled by author Steve Berry in memory of his mother, Janet, and is beautifully illustrated by Ben Morris.

You can order the book from our TVO Amazon Store and all profits go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Chasing The Hill Returns

5 Sep

Episode Two of Chasing The Hill, starring Hayden Black  is available to buy now from the Chasing the Hill website, at the very reasonable price of $2.17.

This episode titled Send In The Dancing Chihuahuas, also stars Matthew Del Negro, Robin Weigert, Richard Schiff, Sharon Lawrence and Corinne Becker.

To coincide with the debut of the second episode, the Political Style blog has an exclusive interview with Sharon Lawrence about her role as the Mayor of Los Angeles.

For a sneak preview watch the clip below.

Chase The Hill Today!

14 Jul


Tomorrow (15th July) sees the premiere of Chasing The Hill, a new web series starring Hayden Black and, among others, Matthew Del Negro (Sopranos, The West Wing), Robin Weigert  (Deadwood, Sons Of Anarchy), Josua Malina (Scandal, The West Wing) and Melissa Fitzgerald (The West Wing), as well as appearances by real politicians.

The series follows the re-election campaign of a fictional Democratic representative from California (Weigart), struggling to fend off a primary challenger. She hires a veteran political consultant at the  last hour in a desperate effort to hold on to her seat. The show is filmed on location in a documentary style.

The first episode, Awesomeness is a Warm Gun, debuts on the Chasing the Hill website. The show is available worldwide on a ‘pay per view’ system, using Paypal. It costs only $2.49 to download each episode, which will be at least 30 minutes long.

Read more about the show and our interview with Hayden here.

Teensy Tweets Are Here!

28 Jun

Hayden Black has unleashed his tweets as teensy animations! Each tweet is spoken by one of the new bird characters Percy, Shaggy, Ray Ray and Owlscar Wilde, who have been created especially for the series.

Each episode is one minute long and has 3 or 4 Teensy Tweets, voiced by Hayden and illustrated by Natalie Sharp, with animation by Nathan Babian.

You can watch the pilot episode below and new ones will be released every Wednesday. So why not take a look? It’s only a minute of your time, and it might make you smile!

Hayden Celebrates BritWeek

3 May

© Hayden Black

Hayden Black is set to take part in a panel celebrating Digital Innovators during BritWeek at Madam Tussauds Hollywood, today from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Tickets and more information are available from their website.

As we mentioned earlier, Goodnight Burbank was featured in the LA Comedy Shorts festival last week. Hayden didn’t win any awards this time, but GNB got a great review from NBC.

Hayden’s Chasing The Hill

15 Apr

© Hayden Black

Hayden Black is set to appear in a brand new web series starring West Wing star Richard Schiff!

Chasing The Hill is described by The Hollywood Reporter as exploring “the complicated process of running for Congress in a fictional story that plans to take a docu-drama approach.”

Distribution of the series will be via subscribers paying $2.49 for a link that they can use to download episodes from a new advert-free web site, You can read all about it at the Hollywood Reporter.

What’s more, we have an exclusive interview with Hayden about the show and what he has planned for the future!

Hi Hayden, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. When did you first hear about Chasing The Hill, and how did you get involved?

Brent Roske, the amazing writer/producer (if you don’t believe me, google him) contacted me a month or so ago and told me he had a pilot script for a political series. I love politics – it’s like drugs for people who don’t do drugs because 1) it’s about as useless, and 2) f***s your life up anyway. We talked about our favorite political comedies and I told him about The Thick Of It. He hadn’t heard of it but, ironically, was a huge fan of In The Loop, which is the movie spin-off – so we realized we both love the genius, Armando Iannucci. By the way, how great is it that one of comedy’s biggest maestros has such a big, fancy Italian name? It’s like we have our own Galileo.

Continue reading

Shorts On Sale

11 Apr


Calling all L.A. based Peelers! Tickets for the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival are on sale now!

As we mentioned previously, Gareth Tunley and Hayden Black both have short films entered into the festival. Both entries are being shown on Friday 27th April, Gareth’s Special Forces in the 4.30pm block and Hayden’s Goodnight Burbank in the 8pm block.

To see the full festival schedule and to buy tickets click here.

Don’t forget Gareth is one of our amazing line-up of stars you can see at  The Velvet Onion Live on 31st May at The Vandella, tickets are on sale via Ticketweb, priced just £15.

Short But Perfectly Formed

27 Mar

© LA Comedy Shorts

Two TVO related short films are official selections at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2012!

Goodnight Burbank, written by and starring Hayden Black, and Special Forces, directed by Gareth Tunley have been selected for the four-day festival which runs from April 26th to 29th in Los Angeles California.

Goodnight Burbank is a spoof news programme that featured many guest stars including John Barrowman.

Special Forces is an Action Movie short sketch starring David Armand and Will Andrews, featuring Tony Way,with music provided by Waen Shepherd.

To find out more about the festival pop over to the official website.

Behind The Sofa

4 Mar

© Behind The Sofa

Our talented friend Hayden Black is one of over 100 celebrity contributors to a new book celebrating Doctor Who.

Behind the Sofa was compiled by author Steve Berry in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, in memory of his mother, Janet, and is beautifully illustrated by Ben Morris.

There are also contributions from Rhys Thomas and Nathan Barley creator Charlie Brooker.

The book will be published in September, but you can get a limited first edition by pre-ordering one now. The hardback version is £14.99 and the e-book a very reasonable £4.99. There are also special packages available for those with a bit more spare cash.

To find out more about the contributors and to order your copy, head over to the Behind the Sofa website.


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