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One Night For White & Demetriou

28 Nov

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, but it’s The Invisible Dot on 17th December you’ll want to be at.



For one night only, Natasia Demetriou (The Midnight Beast) and Ellie White (House of Fools) will be reviving their 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White and Mother and Baby.

The show features characters who appeared in the BBC Comedy Feed pilot People Time which can be viewed on iPlayer now.

The duo promise ‘nu bits’, with a lose, great ‘vigh’, and as a way to round off the year in style, we can’t think of anything finer. Tickets are not available just yet, but if you’re interested, keep an eye on the Facebook event page and The Invisible Dot’s website.

Bea on TV

21 Nov
© Dave

© Dave

Aisling Bea made an appearance on series 3 of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled this week and the episode is now available to watch on Dave UKTV Play. Alan Davies was also joined by Vic Reeves, Justin Moorhouse and Aisling’s fellow Trollied star Jo Enright.

The group had an informal chat, sharing many strange anecdotes about their lives, which obviously resulted in many laughs where the guests had just as much fun as the audience. Aisling in particular has many peculiar stories to share, involving allowing a drunk elderly man to sleep on her sofa. You can catch up with all previous episodes of the latest series of As Yet Untitled here.

This week also saw the release of Aisling’s interview episode of the Comedian’s Comedian Podcast, recorded live at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Speaking to stand up and esteemed interviewer Stu Goldsmith, Aisling explained the details of many aspects of her career, including the pressure she feels to be a decent role model for her largely young, female audience. This hugely interesting episode of the podcast is also filled to the brim with hilarious insights into her time spent at drama school and her love of hard work. You can listen to the episode here.

Finally, Aisling was one of the panelists on BBC2’s QI yesterday evening, which is now available to watch on iPlayer.

If you prefer your comedy to be live rather than on the tellybox, don’t forget that you can also still buy tickets for Bea’s interview on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, which will is to be recorded alongside the Ray Peacock episode at the Leicester Square Theatre this Sunday (22 November). Head over here to buy tickets.

Sandling The Data Eating Monster

18 Nov

Richard Sandling has appeared in a new TV advert for BT, alongside Hollywood actor, Willem Dafoe.

The ad is the latest in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ films from BT, which have previously featured Rebel Wilson, Ewan McGregor, Gareth Bale and Rio Ferdinand, amongst others. In this new execution, Sandling plays the part of Gary the data eating monster, a role requiring him to don a very fetching motion capture suit. Sadly we never get to see him CGI’d into the final creature:

Sandling’s hilarious performance as Gary is one of the highlights in the next instalment of this painfully self-conscious campaign from the telecoms brand. In addition to the main 40 second commercial, he also appears in the not-entirely-real ‘making of’ footage of the ad, which you can see below. We’re not sure whether the world is ready for a fake behind the scenes film of a fake behind-the-scenes advert, but here you go…

Onion on Site: Toast Q&A

17 Nov
© Channel 4

© Channel 4

The long awaited third series of Toast of London airs this week (Wednesday, 10:30pm, Channel Four), and you’re in for a real treat.

TVO’s newest recruit, Jess Gerber, recently attended the series launch, which featured a Q&A from the show’s writers Matt Berry and Arthur Matthews.

Her thoughts are below…

The epic Toast of London is returning to its home on Channel 4, and is bringing all the bells and whistles with it! The general plot of the series has not changed, but feels enhanced by wittier writing than ever, as Steven Toast gets himself into all kinds of unthinkable situations.  All the quirky regular characters, such as Toast’s hilarious house mate Ed Howzer-Black (Robert Bathhurst), his colourful agent Jane Ploug (Doon Mackichan) and the unforgettable Ray “Bloody” Purchase (TVO’s Harry Peacock), are back and up to their usual, entertaining mischief. And there are also some exciting and surprising guest appearances from the likes of Paul Whitehouse and Jon Hamm to savour too!

As well as the fantastic new episodes, the highlight of the evening was a Q&A session at the end with Matt and Arthur Matthews, hosted by Adam Buxton. Of course, the first thing everyone wanted to know was what Jon Hamm was like, and how did he come about being in Toast?

Matt and Arthur were both very chuffed to have Jon guest star, which came about due to Matt’s work over the pond, and the wonderful connections he’s made along the way. Many people he met there know about Toast of London and they love it. When Jon was approached to be a guest star in Toast, he was delighted to do it as as a fan of the show… and they also added that he smelled fantastic!

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

Berry and Matthews also spoke about how they make their long distance writing partnership work. With Matt living in London and Arthur living in Ireland, they utilise the wonders of modern technology to send each other ideas and bits and bobs as they come to mind, and slowly piece it all together.

They also explained that even though they have brought in some pretty big guest stars and come up with some explosive new plot twists, they have not made very many changes to the skeleton formula of the show, as it works – and they like it – just how it is. As Matt explained: It makes Arthur and I laugh, and it seems to make others laugh, so we are happy with it. And we agree: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Finally, Adam asked Matt if he enjoys playing the character of Steven Toast, and of course asked him to do some Toast’s voices. Matt exclaimed that Toast is great fun to play as he is such a fool, and it is fun to be so socially awkward and get away with it. He told us that most of the voice work he does he just comes up with on the spot and is influenced by the fact that when he was younger his mother used to take him to the theatre a lot. He was fascinated by how loudly the actors spoke even when they were not acting, and the amusing way they would over pronounce some of their words.

Very few TV shows can tell the tale of a theatre actor and still manage to have that theatre magic and feel to it. Toast of London has done this brilliantly, and it’s a joy to have it back on our screens. Series Three does not disappoint.

Toast of London returns Wednesday 18th November at 10:30pm on Channel 4. The book, Toast on Toast – a fictional autobiography of the character – is out now.

The Peterford Golf Club

15 Nov


Early last month we told you about the revival of Peterford Golf Club, this time as part of Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase.

The show, now called The Peterford Golf Club) written by and starring Simon Farnaby, was broadcast at 10pm on Tuesday evening, with a repeat tomorrow at 10pm. It also starred Barunka O’Shaughnessy, Lucy Montgomery and Tom Meeten.

It is of course also available on BBC iPlayer.

Next weeks Comedy Showcase also has a few TVO connections. The King’s Men is written by Arthur Matthews alongside  Terry Mynott (Toast of London), who also stars in the show with Robert Webb.

The two main characters are policemen Ernest Ridley and Arthur Smyth. The lifelong friends are asked to join the new Secret Service in London, after discovering what they believed to be a German plot to invade The Isle of Sheppey.

Also in the cast are Katy Wix, Ellie White and Alex McQueen.

The show will be broadcast on Tuesday at 10pm on Radio 2  and is available now on BBC iPlayer.

There is another TVO connected Showcase available now and due to be broadcast on Wednesday. Ankle Tag stars Katy Wix and Ellis James as new parents whose lives are interrupted when his Dad appears unexpectedly, wanting to stay.

The episode also features Alice Lowe and is available now, again on BBC iPlayer.

Katy Wix Writes Second Book Of Comic Monologues

14 Nov

51vw0L591SL._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_Katy Wix released her first book of comic monologues for women in 2014. Since then, she has been working on a second volume, which is now available to buy from book stores.

Wix has been busy writing audition speeches for drama school students at institutions such as RADA, LAMDA, Drama Centre and The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The aim is to fill a gap in the market that’s calling for attention; and there doesn’t seem to be any resource like this, which provides such original, and of course funny, material to be used by students.

Speaking to The Guardian about her decision to embark on this creative challenge, Wix stated that she, “Found that a lot of performers couldn’t find the material they wanted for auditions… The more I did it, the more I realised that this sort of material doesn’t really exist.”

If you’re an acting type yourself, order yourself a copy of Katy’s handy book from here.

Push Me Pull Me

9 Nov

© Colin Hoult

Colin Hoult has unleashed the latest exploits of his long-running creation, Andy Parker.

Long term readers of TVO will be familiar with the film nut and occasional Ninja Turtler doodler, who has done everything there is to do round Nottingham, and is now moving out into the world of making movies.

First seen in Colin’s 2010 Edinburgh show The Enemy of the World (still one of the finest live hours of our generation), Parker has been a favourite on the live circuit for some time, and was last seen in Colin’s Comedy Collab video series across last Winter, where he came up with another of his epic script ideas, Push Me Pull Me.

Now he’s trying to make that script into a reality, though his potential collaborators don’t quite have the same vision…

Crackanory Returns

5 Nov

The long awaited third series of Crackanory is just over a month away, and the full list of this year’s readers have been revealed.

Crackanory - Series 3 - Picture Shows: Richard Ayoade, Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Catherine Tate, Simon Bird, Carrie Fisher, Greg Davies, Christopher Lloyd, Tamsin Greig, Paul Whitehouse, Moragana Robinson and Robbie Coltrane

© Tiger Aspect / UK TV

For the uninitiated, the show features big name guests reading twisted tales – intercut with live action and animated segments which quite often star a bevy of TVO regulars, many of whom are also on the writing staff!

As we revealed back in July, new stories have been written by the likes of Kevin EldonNico Tatarowicz, Holly Walsh and Toby Davies, whilst guest readers announced at the time were Back to the Future legend Christopher Lloyd, The Inbetweeners Simon Bird, plus comedy legends Sarah Millican, Greg Davies and Tamsin Grieg.

Now we can confirm that they will be joined by Richard AyoadeMorgana Robinson, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican, Paul Whitehouse, Catherine Tate, Robbie Coltrane and Carrie Fisher (currently appearing in Catastrophe, and a little thing called Star Wars).

There’s currently no word of who will be appearing in the story segments, but across the first two series we saw the likes of James Bachman, John Willie Hopkins, Alex Kirk, Alice Lowe, Cariad Lloyd, Tom Meeten, Lucy Montgomery, Steve Oram, Tony Way and Katy Wix, whilst past episodes have been directed by Gareth Tunley and scored by Waen Shepherd, so we’re expecting to see some familiar faces once more.

Series three begins Monday 7th December at 10pm on Dave and in an unusual move, will air across that week at the same time until Saturday.

As ever, the yearning for a home media release of the whole series continues, but you can see a selection of promo images from the new series below.

The Cloud cleared for a series comission

4 Nov


Graham Linehan‘s pilot project with Adam Buxton is to become a full series.

The Cloud, which we first told you about earlier this year, is a space set comedy which, in its pilot form at least, starred Aisling Bea and SunTrap‘s Jamie Demetriou.

At the time it was revealed that the show follows the fairly hapless crew of Cloud Station 13: a data hub floating in space, set up to protect the vast amounts of information humanity now hoards on its devices.

Of course that information largely comprises selfies, copious pictures of kittens and, we are afraid to say, rather a lot of porn.

Now a full series has been commissioned by Channel 4, though it remains unconfirmed if Bea and Demetriou are still signed up. Whatever happens, we’re looking forward to it airing next year. Stay peeled for more updates as we get them.

Cast Of Aaaaaaaah! Ape About In New Video

31 Oct

A new promo film for Aaaaaaaah! has been released, which features members of the cast talking about their the film. As you might expect from Steve Oram, it’s not your run-of-the-mill ‘speaking heads’ promo.

Featuring Julian Barratt (with post-Mindhorn barnet), Sean Reynard, Julian Rind-Tutt, Holli Dempsey and Lucy Honigman, the promo includes short clips of the chicken sequence the Battenburg scene – two of our favourites moments in the film!

You can see it here:

Don’t forget you can watch Aaaaaaaah! in full on VOD via Frightfest here.


23 Oct

A brand new sketch from Cardinal Burns has been released online this week.

Entitled INZANE, it features the duo – Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns – as filmmakers Matt and Don Gibson, who have spent 12 years making their film that they described as “Taken meets The Departed on cocaine”. Now the money is running dry, and they need some of yours.

Also along for the deliberately cheesy ride is House of Fools and Glitchy star Ellie White as Zane’s loving girlfriend and Cardinal Burns semi-regular Chris Hayward as a dodgy criminal.

With more installments of INZANE along the way, the best way to keep up to speed with this true epic is to subscribe to the mr box YouTube channel.

Out On Mondaaaaaaaah!

17 Oct

If you’re a regular reader of The Velvet Onion, you’ll know that we’ve been getting more than a bit excited about Aaaaaaaah!, the comedy horror from Steve Oram, which stars a bevy of TVO faces. And now we can get excited again – because from Monday everyone will get the chance to see what all the fuss is about.

The film is available to pre-order from iTunes here for £9.99, and from Monday 19th you’ll be able to find it on a variety of other VOD platforms from FrightFest Presents, including Virgin Movies, Blinkbox, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Video, Wuaki, Talk Talk and Volta. Thoroughly recommended!

In the meantime, why not occupy yourself with this podcast interview with Steve about the film:

If you’re a fan of Aaaaaaaah! and you haven’t wandered down these parts for a while, why not read our interview with Steve himself and our review of the film. And keep an eye out for our profile about one of the film’s stars too, which will be coming your way very soon…!

See Gemma Whelan Live In Soho

16 Oct

Gemma Whelan will be bringing her upper class character Chastity Butterworth (“named after the belt”) to Soho Theatre in the guise of a chat show host.

The show is a trial run through, with refreshments provided (sounds intriguing!). Two shows were sheduled but one is already sold out – so hurry if you want to bag a ticket for the remaining one. It takes place at 1.30pm on 27th October.

Posh toff Chastity will be joined by by Mike Wozniak and a celebrity guest for an afternoon of chat and entertainment, as she invites members of the public to have a good old chin wag.

If you haven’t come across Chastity before, you can see her in action below:

You can apply for tickets here (not via Soho Theatre’s website; the show isn’t listed there). Use the promo code CBSPROMO for priority tickets.

Return to Successville

14 Oct

BBC Three’s smash hit comedy series Murder in Successville is to return for a second series.

© BBC / Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

© BBC / Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

The show, which first aired earlier this year, features Tom Davis as rough, gruff, intellectual doorknob DI Sleet, presiding over a town filled with potentially murderous celebrities – all played by comedy talents.

The first series featured Cariad Lloyd as Darcey Bussell, Justin Beiber, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Miley Cyrus;  Colin Hoult as Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow; Tom Meeten as Richard Hammond; Dan Skinner as Bob Geldof; Tony Way as Harry Styles and Harry Peacock as Niall Horan.

Also along for the ride were series co-writer Nico Tartarowicz as put upon fellow officer Sid, and a whole host of familiar faces – including Frances Barber, Ricky Grover, Jenny Bede, Luke Kempner, Chris Martin Hill, Nick Mohammed, Jason Lewis and a scene stealing Liam Hourican.

With music by Waen Shepherd, no less, acting as the cherry on top, it’s easy to see how we’ve got this far down the article without explaining the show’s ‘set-up’: each week a real celebrity plays rookie partner to DI Sleet, as they investigate a murder that one of three suspects is responsible for. It’s up to the guest to decide who to take down.

Rookies in series one included Dermot O’Leary, Louis Smith and Greg James – the latter of whom ended up making his own sitcom pilot, Dead Air, off the back of the fun he had on the show. And the fun, it seems, has been shared by viewers – with the show proving a hit on original transmission and a recent repeat run.

© BBC / Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

© BBC / Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

Now TVO can confirm that a second series – once again featuring Tom Davis, Tom Stourton, Colin Hoult and Cariad Lloyd (with more names to be confirmed) – will shoot in January. James De Frond (The Morgana Show) returns to the director’s chair, and we’ll bring you more news on Murder in Successville‘s return in the new year. Let’s go solve a crime!


8 Oct

This week saw the launch of new BBC Three sitcom Together – with a smattering of TVO faces tucked in there for good measure.

© Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

© Tiger Aspect / Ollie Upton

The show is written by and stars Johnny Sweet (Babylon), and follows two young people in the early, fragile stages of a new relationship, played by Sweet and Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey).

Along for the ride are Alex MacQueen and Katy Wix as Tom’s father Ashley and friend Maeve respectively. Episode One, which is available on iPlayer now, also featured brief appearances by Tom Davis and comedy legend Geoffrey McGivern.

Further episodes will be shown every Tuesday evening at 10:30pm on BBC Three, and available via iPlayer. We’ll bring you more on Together soon, so stay peeled. You can see clips from the first two episodes, and the series trailer, below.

Sanders & The Sisterhood

7 Oct

Lou Sanders is part of the line-up for a very special evening of entertainment for a very noble cause later this month.

© Lou Sanders

© Lou Sanders

The Sisterhood Charity Concert fuses together an impressive line-up of female musicians, dancers, comedians, poets and inspiring speakers in a celebration of all things female.

This includes cult comedy legend Lou Sanders, and fellow comic Grainne Maquire, as well as RnB songstresses Weyinmi & Skyy Stone, super talented Dance acts April Milliner & Co and Sky 1’s Got To Dance finalists Boadicea Bsqud. Also on board are inspirational speakers Harriet Whaley- Cohen and Joy Mbakwe and soul stirring wordsmith Remi-Lynn Brown.

Hosted by Psychologist, PhD Researcher and Speaker, Illy Seba, the event raises money for The Bromley Women’s Aid Charity, which works to end domestic violence: a cause I’m sure we can all get behind, particularly in light of recent figures from the Office of National Statistics that 4.6 million women in England and Wales have experienced domestic abuse, and one in seven young children under the age of 18 will have experienced living with domestic violence.

Tickets for the event on Friday 30th October are available now, priced £15 for adults and £5 for children under 12. There are also duo and family tickets available, so visit the Sisterhood UK website now for more info.


7 Oct

This week saw the sneaky launch of a new comedy show featuring a couple of familiar faces from Onion Land.

Every now and then, a show slips by us. We are but a tiny handful of comedy lovers, and we can’t possibly keep up with everything. Apologies, but every once in a while, our news gathering goes a little… glitchy.

© Talkback

© Talkback

Which brings us to Glitchy – which started on Tuesday evening over on ITV2. A hybrid between reality tv pranking and a full blown sketch show, the show features real members of the public who believe they’re filming appearances on real television shows – except the increasingly mad hosts are all played by top notch comedy talent.

Led by Ryan Sampson (Undercover, Up the Women, Doctor Who), the show also includes TVO favourites Colin Hoult and Ellie White, as well as fellow comics Jason Attar (The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains), Gabby Best (Top Coppers), Liam Hourican (Murder in Successville) and Mona Yousefi (The Revolution Will Be Televised).

Pranks include Hoult and Sampson as a camp pair of day-time TV home-buying presenters with relationship issues, and White as a ballsy Australian shopping channel host. It’s all very silly, and gives these gifted improvisers a chance to spar off unsuspecting members of the public. And the spoof adverts in-between the pranks are fantastic.

Episode One is available on ITV Player now, and is also repeated on Thursday evening at 10:50pm. Episode Two will air on Tuesday at 10pm, with a Thursday repeat at 10:50pm once more. You can see a selection of promo images below.


29 Sep

© Rook Films

The good folk at Rook Films have released a limited screen print run of the Aaaaaaaah! movie poster.

There are only 100 copies of the five-layer print made to celebrate Steve Oram‘s directorial debut. In case you’ve missed it, the film stars Oram alongside a cavalcade of TVO regulars: Noel FieldingJulian BarrattTom MeetenWaen ShepherdTony WayAlice LoweShelley LongworthWaen ShepherdSean Reynard and John Hopkins.

Also along for the ride are the brilliant Julian Rhind-Tutt, Holli Dempsey and the legendary Toyah Willcox.

We’ve sung the film’s praises, and a lot of you have fallen in love with it already. Now thwack a bit of it on your wall for good measure, while you still can!

Ellie in Newsjack

24 Sep

Ellie White appeared on this week’s edition of Newsjack on Radio 4.

© BBC / Matt Stronge

© BBC / Matt Stronge

The former House of Fools star, fresh from her critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe, joined Nish Kumar, Keiran Hodgson and Emma Sidi on the topical comedy show on Thursday 24th September.

Produced by Matt Stronge (The IT Crowd, For the Win) and Suzy Grant (Comic Relief, Citizen Khan), the episode can be caught up on via iPlayer for the next 28 days. Get in while you can.

Hear the Herring with Aisling Bea

22 Sep
© Aisling Bea / Kernan Andrews

© Aisling Bea / Kernan Andrews

Aisling Bea is one of the confirmed guests on the next run of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast.

The long running series is now legendary in the annals of internet comedy, and features the delightful Mr Herring chatting with some of the biggest names in comedy.

Each edition is released on iTunes and via our friends at British Comedy Guide, as well as later on YouTube.

This season, Richard is joined by two guests appear on each recording, which is captured live in front of a real audience at the titular theatre.

Currently confirmed guests for the next run, which starts on 27th September, include Diane Morgan (aka Philomena Cunk), Stuart Goldsmith, Lee Mack, John Robins, Robert Popper, John Finnemore, Grayson Perry, Jack Whitehall, David Mitchell and on 22nd November, Aisling Bea.

Tickets are available now, right up until recordings in November 2016, and these sell pretty quickly once guests have been announced, so get in now while you can.

You can see recordings of previous podcasts featuring TVO regulars Steve CooganRebecca FrontLou SandersSharon Horgan and Jessica Hynes below.


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