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Partaaaay With The Forgery Club!

9 Dec

© The Forgery Club/Michael Debono

If your idea of the perfect Christmas party involves a combination of boogying, bevvying and brilliant comedy, then look no further!

The Forgery Club‘s Christmas Party will be taking place on 21st December at Lowdown at The Albany, Great Portland Street in London (their original home).

Hosted by the legendary Pros From Dover (Phil Whelans and Richard Glover), the line-up also includes The Grandees, Anna Morris, Spencer Jones, Rachel Parris, Nathaniel Tapley and Joseph Morpurgo. Plus, the extremely fabulous Oram & Meeten will be headlining the party!

As well as the  characters, sketches, interactive audience fun, games and treats one expects from The Forgery Club, the night will be completed by the Club’s Xmas Disco, with tunes spun by DJ Bastard Ben.

Organised by friend of TVO, the always-awesome Bob Pipe, The Forgery Club Christmas Party starts at 7pm and runs through to 2am on Sunday 22nd December. Tickets are just £10 and are available on the door.

For more information visit the event facebook page.

The Trap Almost Set

24 Jul

Forthcoming independent comedy horror film The Trap is nearing the end of Post Production, and as such, we thought it was high time we introduced you to it.

© FMW Films

The movie is made by FMW Films – a company set up by Alan Freestone, Fergus March & our very own James Wren.  Their first feature film, Peacock Season, was filmed in 2009, and released two years later via GoFasterStripe.

With a top notch cast of friends and comic genius, the lo-fi release of Peacock Season sneaked under our radar, and that of many others too, which is all the more shocking when you see that cast list, which includes the likes of Justin EdwardsPaul Foot and Richard Glover as well as the likes of Nina Conti, Rhys Darby, Richard Herring, Reece Shearsmith and Isy Suttie to name but a few.  If you’re curious, you can pick it up here!

© FMW Films

Second film The Trap was filmed in late 2010 and early 2011, and is pitched as “The Goonies meets Saw”!  It concerns two groups of people searching for ancient treasure buried deep within a massive, abandoned Victorian Bath House.

One group is made up of professional cat burglars on their last mission… the other are misfit unemployed youngsters on a team building exercise.  Yet neither group is ready for the horrors they encounter…

In amongst the cast are James Wren, Richard Glover, Alex Kirk and Bob Pipe, as well as Pros From Dover star Sean Garratt. We can’t wait to see the results, but in the meantime, there’s a teaser trailer below, and we’ll be bringing you more news on the film’s release as soon as we can… so stay peeled!  Until then, pop by the FMW website and the film’s official Facebook page.

Brains Redux

1 Jul

Just as we had started to miss The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains – there’s a brand new version of it to savour!

The sitcom-sketch-hybrid from the minds of Bob PipeJames Wren and Phil Whelans arrived on YouTube channel The Multiverse earlier this year, and featured a whole bevvy of TVO regulars in the cast.

Now some of the best bits from the short episodes have been put together into a 30-minute version, which demonstrates how wonderfully the concept would work on television.  Revisit the magic below…

If you missed it earlier this year, you can read our interview with Bob, James & Phil about all things Brains right here

Onion Talking: The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains!

5 Jun
© Bob Pipe / Channel Flip

© Bob Pipe / Channel Flip

You’d have to have been living under a rock these last few months not to notice us banging on about a brilliant new web series called The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains.

Jam-packed with TVO regulars, the show is the brainchild of Bob Pipe, and as the show comes to the end of its first run, TVO spoke to Bob and co-writers James Wren and Phil Whelans for the scoop on …Brains.

They came from outer space. Ok, not really. They live in London, but outer space sounds more exciting. Their mission: to suck out our brains. Again, this may be a lie. They’re more interested in stimulating our limbic systems within said organs to make us laugh.

When Forgery Club head honcho Bob Pipe got the call to create his own web-series, he turned to two regular collaborators – Hen & Chickens guru James Wren and improv legend Phil Whelans – to help develop it. The trio are jacks of all comedic trades and masters of several, and the resulting series became The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains, which premiered exclusively on YouTube earlier this year.

The cast list for …Brains reads like a who’s who of alternative comedy, with Richard Glover, Colin Hoult, Waen Shepherd, Alex Kirk, Stephen Evans, Gareth Tunley, Richard Sandling, Neil ColeAntony Elvin and Will Summers all furthering the TVO connections. Phil Whelans is also on hand as recurring scientist Professor Langhorne, who pops up to offer invaluable advice on avoiding brain sucking with his esteemed colleague Dr Von Busey (Glover). Alex Kirk plays the hapless Prime Minister with no clue how to handle the crisis, which sees everyone from Army heroes to spaced out teenagers to simple Northern Folk facing the wrath of the alien invaders. It’s all gloriously silly, and insanely addictive.

“To be fair,” Phil Whelans explains, when asked where it all began, “it was all Bob Pipe’s idea. But if it’s successful, then I’ve always wanted to do it. If not, then I thought it was a terrible idea. This concept is called ‘Schrodinger’s Answer’ – the theoretical concept that, in a lead-lined box with a decaying radioactive particle, my answer to this question exists in two distinct states at the same time.”

Bob Pipe directs Will Summers & Antony Elvin [© Bob Pipe]

“Bob is a go-to guy for filmed comedy,” he adds on a more serious note. “For people who are used to turning up at a venue with a bag of props and just walking on stage, filming stuff can be a bit daunting, but Bob knows how to make it happen.”

…Brains has been gestating in Bob Pipe’s mind for many years, with an early version of it forming Bob’s end of year project in his Media Studies HND back in 1999. “We only had a shitty S-Video camera, video deck editing and no proper actors at our disposal,” Bob remembers. “I knew I was limited at what I could make, so I decided to make a B-Movie! I tried to remake it when I was the In-House Director for [now defunct website] ComedyBox, but I never got round to it. Me and a friend tried to pitch it to Channel 4’s Comedy Blap initiative a few years ago but it never got picked up.  But I’ve never given up on the idea, so I pitched it again to Channel Flip when I heard about The Multiverse, who loved it. The rest is history. Or perhaps, the future?” Continue reading

Forged Hope

10 May

The latest installment in the gloriously silly web series The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains has emerged online.

This week’s episode from the minds of Bob PipeJames Wren and Phil Whelans features the return of the latter and Richard Glover, with more brain sucking victims including a Blackpool cabaret singer, played by Waen Shepherd and Wren’s chain smoking live wire surgeon.  Meanwhile, Mason Philips minister is not so lucky…

If you’re enjoying …Brains, don’t forget that the team behind it are staging two cult comedy nights in the coming weeks.

Bob Pipe is bringing back his wonderful on-off club night The Forgery Club on Friday, May 17th at The Udderbelly, Southbank.  The 80s special will see the return of swash-buckling time travelers Umbrage Swain & Burton Latimer (played by Wren & Glover), on a mission to solve the Mystery of the Missing Giant Purple Upside Down Cow.

They’ll be accompanied by the mighty Gary Le Strange, along with Dave McNeill, Modern Dreams, Terry Alderton and some surprises, so grab your tickets whilst you can over yonder!

James Wren is also reviving his own popular club-night, Spank in June and July at the same venue, with the show on June 7th featuring Isy Suttie, Vicki Stone, David Armand, Rhys Mathewson and No Son Of Mine – aka Rufus Jones and Alex Kirk.  The following show on July 5th features Tony LawHot Brew, Phil Nichol and Anil Desai, and more info and ticket links can be found over there.

The Multiverse Keeps Going

11 Apr

The Multiverse – that glorious new online portal for sci-fi related silliness from Warwick Davies – has unleashed two new TVO flavoured slices of nonsense to savour.

The latest edition of The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains was released today, and features Alex Kirk as the Prime Minister, with Stephen Evans as his advisor Brain Brian.  You can see the results below.

The ten part web-show is from the genius minds of Bob PipeJames Wren and Phil Whelans, and features music from Waen Shepherd and a large ensemble cast including Colin Hoult, Richard Glover, Gareth Tunley Pros From Dover star Sean Garratt, Chris Kendall, Lizzie Roper, Kerry Gilbert and Multiverse mastermind Warwick Davies.  TVO can also exclusively reveal that two more TVO regulars will be making an appearance in the coming weeks: none other than Antony Elvin and Will Summers, so stay tuned for that!

Gareth Tunley has also uploaded a fun Multiverse sketch of his own: The Day The Earth Kept Going.  It stars Mike Wozniak as a blathering UFO spotter with a dislike of YouTube commentators, and can be seen below.

For more fun, subscribe to The Multiverse right here.

From Dover To Brighton

11 Mar

That magnificent sketch trio Pros From Dover can be seen live in Brighton this weekend.

© Pros From Dover

The whimsical troop featuring Richard Glover, Phil Whelans and Sean Garratt will be appearing Upstairs at the Three and Ten on Steine Street this Friday and Saturday for just £8.50.

You can buy tickets for Friday by clicking on the word Glover and for Saturday by clicking on the word Whelans… So get on down there and savour some of TVO’s finest!

Apocalypse Now (Well, December 8th)

24 Nov

© The Forgery Club

We’ve previously mentioned that there’s a unique and exciting comedy event taking place in December, which is being organised by the very marvellous Forgery Club. Well now we have some more information to share with you…

The Forgery Club End-Of-The-World Extravaganza, ‘Club Apocalypse’, will be held on Saturday 8th December in a secret location in St. Paul’s (Central London). Its purpose is to celebrate the end of the world in style, with the party to end all parties! The location will be announced 48 hours before event and you’ll be directed to the venue by the board of Forgery Club characters. So far so awesome-sounding, huh?

The evening will be hosted by legendary cult sketch group The Pros From Dover (Phil Whelans, Richard Glover & Sean Garrett) and will include comedy, music, party games, general barminess and DJs until 2am. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are only £10 (over 18s only). You can buy your tickets here. Get in!

For more information about the acts – which includes our very own Colin Hoult – performing on the night visit the event’s facebook page.  More artists are still being announced, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on it.

And while you’re at it, look out for the Club Apocalypse competition coming to TVO soon!

Soho Pros

13 Jul

© Pros From Dover / Phil Whelans

Pros From Dover are appearing at the Soho Theatre this evening.

The sketch trio, featuring Richard GloverPhil Whelans and Sean Garratt will be appearing in the recently opened Soho Downstairs cabaret bar and theatre, appropriately enough, downstairs at the Soho Theatre.

Tickets are available now from the venue’s website for just £12.50, or can be picked up on the door – so if you’re in the area this evening with naught to do, you’d be mad not to seek out the professionals for your comedic amusements.

To whet your appetites, here’s a sneaky glimpse at the Pros in action – featuring founding member Neil Cole and directed by Forgery Club head honcho Bob Pipe no less.  Enjoy…

Meet Neil Cole

9 May

© Neil Cole / Dave Brown

The beauty of Booshdom is that it reaches far and wide, though sometimes that reach is so wide that its easy to miss names staring you in the face.

Neil Cole is a new name to The Velvet Onion, but his name has been circling around Booshdom for many years and we thought it was about time you met him, ahead of his latest collaboration.

Neil will be appearing with Rich Fulcher in Rich Fulcher and His Fucked Up Friends, at The Vandella on Thursday 10th May, but this is not his first time on stage with members of The Mighty Boosh.  They worked together in 1998 in Edinburgh when Noel, Julian and Rich were guests on Psycho Vertigo Disco.

Remaining a close friend of the Boosh boys, all these years later, his 2011 Edinburgh show Neil By Mouth was co-directed by none other than Dave Brown, who shot the promotional images for the tour like the one seen here.

Other comedy work includes being a founder member of The Pros From Dover, who he still occasionally performs with.  As well as Richard Glover, he has previously collaborated with the likes of Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, James Bachman, Barunka O’Shaughnessy, Waen Shepherd and The Actor Kevin Eldon, has opened for Russell Brand on tour, and his former comedy partner Tom Hillenbrand appeared in AD/BC.  Truly, a layer of onion worth peeling!

As well as stand up, Neil has wide experience of radio and tv work and has presented many extreme sports programmes, he has even met The Hairy Bikers! In 2009 he interviewed Noel, Dave and Mike at the NME Awards for NME Radio.

There is an interview with Neil at where you can find out more about him and his work, and you can also catch up with him on  FacebookTwitter and on his YouTube channel.  We’ll be speaking to Neil ourselves as soon as we can, so stay peeled – and if you’re off to see him perform with Fulcher this Thursday, tell him t’Onion sent you…

Pros At The Vandella

22 Apr

© Pros From Dover / Phil Whelans

Pros From Dover – the cult sketch trio featuring Richard Glover – take over at The Vandella tomorrow evening, with some very special guests.

Joining Glover, Phil Whelans & Sean Garratt is TVO’s very own Tom Meeten, plus Thomas Nelstrop, Brigitte Aphrodite and comic legend The Actor, Kevin Eldon.

Tickets are still available for the show, which starts at 8pm (6pm doors) over at Ticketweb now – priced just £7.  Get on down to Shepherd’s Bush and have some comedy in your face!

Fright Night Tonight!

13 Apr

© The Forgery Club

There’s still time to grab tickets for tonight’s mega-packed Forgery Club bill at The Udderbelly on London’s Southbank.

This one off event away from the Forgery Club’s new home at The Vandalla is hosted by Pros From Dover – the cult sketch trio featuring TVO regular Richard Glover.   They will be joined by Hot BrewSteve Oram and Rachel Stubbings, alongside Luke McQueen, Jamie Glassman, Spencer Jones, Moonfish Rhumba, The Real MacGuffins, McNeil & Pamphilon and Nathaniel Tapley.

The Fright Night starts at 10:45pm and tickets, which usually start at £15 can be bought on the cheap for just £10 by calling: 0844 545 8252 and give the code word ‘Bobpipe’.

Get on down there if you can!

Fright Night With The Forgery Club!

23 Feb

© The Forgery Club

A sprinkling of TVO favourites are set to take over the Udderbelly on London’s Southbank as part of a special Forgery Club event.

Hosted by Pros From Dover, who of course feature TVO regular Richard Glover, the event on Friday 13th April will see the likes of Hot BrewSteve Oram and Rachel Stubbings on the bill alongside Luke McQueen, Jamie Glassman, Spencer Jones, Moonfish Rhumba, The Real MacGuffins, McNeil & Pamphilon and Nathaniel Tapley.

This bumper Forgery Club begins at 10:45pm, and tickets start at £15 (£14 cons).  They can be bought via the Southbank Centre website – and more details on all forthcoming Forgery Club events can be found on their swanky new website!

December in the Booshniverse

30 Nov
December is looking good for everyone in need of some entertainment in these dark winter times. Scratch your comedy itch, see a feature film or download some music – there’s something for everyone.
The various Booshniverse acts will be keeping themselves busy over the coming month so let us remind you of what December holds in store!

Out now

Rich FulcherStuart Lee,  Kevin Eldon and  Julia Davis are all involved in the family feature film Arthur Christmas. This flurry of Booshniverse artists voice some of the characters in the film. You can read more about this 3D animated film and see the trailer here.

Mongrels actress Lucy Montgomery is a part of the musical Company which is showing at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Company runs from November 30th to January 7th 2012 and tells the story about a single man facing his 35th birthday and who seemingly has it all… but the question is – is he really happy? Click here if you want to know more about this musical.

December 1st

The first of December fittingly brings us Joey Page‘s first solo theatre show at the Etcetera Theatre in London! After a successful appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, the young comedian will take the stage together with his comedic partner Sam Ashurst. Page will dazzle the audience with his show titled Sparklehorse Superbrain. This is one show you simply cannot miss so grab your tickets now!

December 3rd

Colin Hoult will be hosting an evening of comedy at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston. On stage, you will find superb comedians such as Adam Riches, Henning Wehn, Miles Jupp, Pat Cagull and Cariad Lloyd. More information about this show and ticket links can be found at our earlier post.

Continue reading

Soho Later This Weekend!

16 Nov

© Soho Theatre

There will be two (not one but two!) Booshniverse artists performing at the Soho Theatre on Saturday night.  Soho Later is hosted by comic Sarah Kendall (JackalFilms) and features comedy, cabaret acts and special guest stars.

This week’s show includes Pros from Dover featuring Richard Glover. In fact both Glover and Kendall have a JackalFilms connection as they’ve both appeared one of the 2010 films by Jacqueline Wright and Alice Lowe.  Glover was in Pebbles and Kendall appeared in My Old Baby.

The show starts at 11.30pm and takes place in the theatre’s downstair’s venue, described as “20s Berlin meets 50s New York meets 21st Century Soho.” Ooh! For more information and to book tickets click here.

The Forgery Club Christmas Get Together

7 Nov

© The Forgery Club

Last month saw the demise of The Forgery Club at the Albany: the immensely popular, regular club night which often played host to TVO friends and favourites.

But, like James Bond, The Forgery Club was always going to return – and whilst a new permanent home is sourced, it is set to takeover another favourite home for TVO funny-people,  The Leicester Square Theatre, on December 3rd.

The Forgery Club Christmas Get Together will be hosted by sketch-trio Pros From Dover – featuring Sean Garratt, Phil Whelans and our very own Richard Glover.

Other acts confirmed so far are Louie Bayliss, Thom Nelstop, Tom Webb, Spencer Jones, Jamie Glassman, Flange Krammer: Alpine Skiing Sensation and, performing a special Christmas song, Mae Martin & Horse.

With more acts set to be announced very soon, we recommend keeping your eye on the event’s Facebook page to find out the latest news first.  Tickets, priced £8 (£6 con.) are available now from The Leicester Square Theatre website.

Forgery Club @ The Movies

5 Sep

© The Forgery Club

A bevvy of TVO faces are to appear at a very special Forgery Club event in London later this month.

Entitled Forgery Club @The Movies, the latest concoction from the mighty Bob Pipe and the team promises  jam-packed night of movie related sketches, characters and fun, featuring some of the finest performers in the business.

These include The Real MacGuffins, Nathan Dean Williams, Spencer Jones, Nathaniel Tapley, Jamie Glassman and Steve Pretty, plus a number of our own favourites.

Gareth Tunley will be teaming up with Alex Kirk to appear as The Scott Brothers, whilst Richard Sandling (who you may recognise from The Forgotten Picture Show, Burge & Way and Perfect Movie) will also be on the bill.

And that’s not all – with the ever enjoyable Colin Hoult and sketch-trio Pros From Dover (featuring the wonderful Richard Glover alongside former Brasseye guest-star Phil Whelans and Sean Garrett) set to make appearances too, making this a real night to remember.

As per usual, The Forgery Club will take place at The Albany on Portland Street – this time on Friday 16th September from 7:30pm till late.  Tickets are available at the venue for just £6 (£5 cons.) – for more details, visit the event’s Facebook Page – and you can check out our review of the Hot Brew takeover of The Forgery Club earlier this year right here.

Pros From Dover: Their Finest Hour

26 May

The Velvet Onion has learned of an intriguing showcase featuring the familiar faces that make up sketch troupe Pros From Dover next month at the Leicester Square Theatre.

© Pros From Dover / Phil Whelans

The comedic trio features TVO’s very own Richard Glover (The Mighty Boosh, Lifespam, Wunderland etc) alongside a man with a ridiculously impressive cv – Phil Whelans.  Phil’s credits include appearances in Brasseye, and writing for shows as varied as Armstrong & Miller, The 11 O’Clock Show and The Basil Brush Show!  He’s also the bassist in Bill Bailey’s Beergut 100 band alongside Kevin Eldon & former Boosh guest-star Martin Treneman.  He’s also written for award winning radio shows, and has just been given his own Radio 4 series – and that’s just the start of his talents!

Rounding off the trio with relative newcomer Sean Garrett, Pros From Dover have hosted a regular club night at The Albany on Great Portland Street, which has featured a whole bevy of our favourite names, including Rich Fulcher, Steve Oram, Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, James Bachman, Colin Hoult, Stephen Evans, Waen Shepherd, Adam Buxton and Katy Brand!  Quite simply – it’s a surprise we haven’t noticed them sooner!

Now they are to appear at the Leicester Square Theatre showcasing some of their finest material from their 2008 & 2010 Edinburgh shows on June 16th & 17th.  Critically acclaimed and a smash hit with audiences, these shows are guaranteed to be worth catching whilst you can.  Tickets are available now, priced just £8 (£6 concessions), via the Leicester Square box office.


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