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Alice Returns To Wunderland

6 Dec

© Lewes Herriot / Alice Lowe

Alice’s Wunderland - the surreal radio sketch show from the mind of Alice Lowe returns next week to Radio 4.

The show is set in the titular Wunderland – the pound shop of magical realms which is home to waifs, stays, ghosts, pensioners and squirrels, all brought to life by Alice and her incredible cast.

That includes TVO regulars Richard GloverRachel Stubbings and Clare Thompson, as well as Alan Partridge star Simon Greenall and acting legend Marcia Warren.

Series One aired back in July and August of last year, and we talked to Alice in depth about the show even earlier than that, when the pilot aired in April 2011.  You can read our interview again here.  This time around, the incredibly in-demand wonder that is Ms Lowe is ridiculously busy, so we’ve not been able to offer you a fresh tease.

However, from what we’ve heard about the new run, and from how much we enjoyed Series One, we’re sure it’s going to be something pretty darn special.

The show airs on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on Thursday 12th December, and continues until January 2nd.  Episodes will be available on iPlayer shortly after transmission, and we’ll provide reminder links when we can.

Though really, nothing will beat wrapping up warm on Thursday night, and taking a trip to a (cheap) magical realm with the rest of us… meet you by the bins at 10:55?

Yonderland Is Here!

7 Nov


We finally have the broadcast date for Yonderland, and it’s Sunday (10th November) at 6.30pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

The first two half-hour episodes are being shown, with the next six episodes shown weekly. It will be repeated on Tuesdays and Fridays and the episodes will be available from Sky On Demand after broadcast.

As regular readers know, Yonderland is written by and stars the main cast of Horrible Histories along with Dan Skinner, and is a comic fantasy about Debbie Maddox, a Mum who drops her twins off at school for their first day, and is confronted by an elf with a magic stick at the back of her food cupboard.

The elf transports her to another world filled with carnivorous plants and strange creatures, where she finds she is the ‘Chosen One’.

Watch a clip from the first episode here and a Q and A with the cast there, where they talk about their influences when writing the show.

Dead Happy Lives Again!

25 Sep

© Film Or Die Productions / Sky Movies Indie

Dead Happy - the magnificent short film by Nicky Lianos – is now available to buy digitally via

The short, written by David Lemon and directed by Lianos, was made in conjunction with SkyMovies back in 2010. It features Alice Lowe as a Grim Reaper, bored of her 9-5 job, and looking for love.

Also featuring were Tom MeetenJustin EdwardsClare Thomson and Missing Scene co-creator turned internet legend David Bussell.

We fell in love with Dead Happy (and Lianos previous short with TVO connections, Monsters And Rabbits) when it was released three years ago, and followed its progress from SkyMovies airings, through to film festivals and eventually iTunes last year.

Now the short gets a US release somewhere that doesn’t fill Apple’s pockets, so those of you who think iPhone, schmiPhone, can download it via for just $1.99 right over yonder.  You can see a preview clip below.

Here in the UK, the film is still available via iTunes for £1.49, and it’s the best quid and almost-a-half you’ll spend today…

Dead Happy For Dead Happy

22 Sep

The short film, Dead Happy starring Alice Lowe (as the Grim Reaper), Tom MeetenClare Thomson and Justin Edwards has just picked up an award!

© Shorts

It has won the ‘Best Horror Short Film’ category at the The Chicon 7 Independent Film Festival. The Festival showcases the best film shorts, features and trailers from around the world, specialising in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comic genres. To see the full list of winners click here.

Dead Happy will be shown as part of the Film Festival showcase; you can see it in the 3-5pm slot on Saturday, September 1st in Grand Suite 5. Please see Page 16 of the Festival schedule for full details.

It’s turned out to be a good month for Dead Happy, with an iTunes release a couple of weeks ago, followed by a Top 10 placing on the iTunes chart.  Let’s hope that this recent flurry of recognition for the 2010-produced film  draws new audiences to its charms.


4 Sep

© Shorts

The short film Dead Happy starring Alice LoweTom Meeten, Clare Thomson and Justin Edwards is now available to buy on iTunes.

Shot back in 2010, the film was written by David Lemon and directed by Nicky Lianos, who also helmed Monsters & Rabbits featuring Lowe & James Bachman the previous year.

It stars Alice as a Grim Reaper, bored of her 9-5 job, and looking for love.  Beautifully shot with drained colours and a delicate flight of fancy powered by a deadpan script and some off-kilter performances, the short is something of a forgotten classic which is more than worth your attention.

After several screenings on Sky Movies HD throughout 2010, the film is now – at long last – available to own for just £1.49 in the UK, and $1.99 in the US.  For more info on the film itself, visit Nicky’s website over yonder.

Funny Fortnight Favourites: Beehive Remembered

19 Aug

© Tiger Aspect Television

During Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight, we thought it’d be a good idea to look back at some of the TVO related shows in their archives.

Here, our editor in chief turns his attention to oft-neglected sketch show Beehive, to see if it’s worthy of a reappraisal.

In December, 2008, a brand new sketch show aired on E4. If you blinked, you’d have missed it – as it’s five episodes were crammed into three nights and promptly forgotten about. Since then, there’s always been a stigma surrounding Beehive - not least amongst its stars. During a recent appearance on Richard Herring’s podcast, Australian stand-up Sarah Kendall was incredibly dismissive about the show, or at the very least, it’s treatment by the channel.  The dvd release of the series was rushed out not long after broadcast, and promptly forgotten about – it’s currently out of print, and is unlikely to get another run anytime soon.

Watching Beehive in retrospect, in some ways it’s difficult to see why it was buried away and forgotten about.  This is, after all, a funny show.  Yet at the same time, the shunting and dismissal is totally understandable given the way programming commissioners have moved towards broader, more mainstream entertainment, particularly at the time the show aired.

© Tiger Aspect Television

It is fair to say that Beehive is far from perfect. Certainly, this is a show that isn’t quite sure what it wants to be. Written mostly by its four stars, Alice Lowe, Barunka O’Shaughnessy, Clare Thomson and Kendall – it was described by Sarah as “shit that makes the four of us laugh”. As such, it’s a fusion of surrealistic moments, such as the alien going to the swimming baths, traditional sketches like the Aztecs taking all day to write a name, and some downright purile knob and fart jokes that prove once and for all women like crude humour just as much as men.

The most successful regular sequences are those set in the Beehive flat. Playing exaggerated versions of themselves, these sequences act like a French & Saunders white room for the 21st century – allowing the girls to be incredibly silly in the strangest possible ways, always grounded by the familiar surroundings. Thus, Sarah can recreate that scene from Aliens or become convinced she is Spiderman, Barunka can pretend to be a Speshul Robot for Claire’s birthday, and they can all get offended by the phrase: “Barunka is a bellend.” Continue reading

Wunderland To Keep

24 Jul

© Lewes Herriot

Alice’s Wunderland, the new comedy written by and starring Alice Lowe, is this week’s Comedy of the Week on BBC Radio 4! That means it’s available as a free podcast for you to download and keep forever.

If you haven’t listened before, the show is narrated by the lovely Marcia Warren who takes you  down a ‘rather manky-looking rabbit hole to Wunderland, the Poundland of magical realms’, to meet strange characters in bizarre situations.  This half-hour of sketches and songs  also stars Simon Greenall, Richard Glover, Clare Thomson, Rachel Stubbings and Waen Shepherd.

So pop over to the BBC Website, and grab a slice of Wunderland. If you love it, and we’re sure you will, the next episode is on Thursday at 11pm on BBC Radio 4 and will be available on iPlayer shortly after this.

TVO Triple!

12 Jul

You wait ages for one comedy show then, like buses, three come along at once! Tonight is one such evening, as Onion layers take over the airwaves!


First up at 10pm on E4 is episode two of The Midnight Beast, directed by Ben Gregor and featuring our favourite funny man called Simon Farnaby in the shape of, er… Simon Farnaby!

In tonights edition The Midnight Beast turn to the murky world of visual artists to craft a new music video, with suitably anarchic results. We are not 100% sure Simon features this week but its worth a watch regardless.


Following this, hop over to BBC Three for the series finale of Dead Boss, featuring its cowriter Sharon Horgan alongside Bunny and the Bull star Edward Hogg, at 10:30pm.

In tonights episode, Helen (Horgan) is being transferred to another wing whilst prison governer Margaret (Jennifer Saunders) faces a transfer to another prison altogether. Meanwhile, lovelorn Henry (Hogg) makes a gruesome discovery…

With a special guest appearance by one Miranda Richardson, no less, alongside impressionist John Sessions, it looks like Dead Boss will be going out with a bang!

After the show, its time to turn off the tv, and maybe the lights too, as you flick your dials to Radio Four (you may wish to do this before turning the lights off) – because at 11:00pm, the first episode of Alice’s Wunderland arrives.


Described by its epicentre Alice Lowe as “the Poundland of magical realms” – Wunderland is a strange and silly place we first visited last year in a one off pilot. Now we can finally return, and alongside Alice are a host of TVO names.

The likes of Richard Glover, Waen Shepherd, Rachel Stubbings and Clare Thomson are part of its ensemble cast, and we can’t wait to hear the results.

This being the 21st century all three shows will be available on catch up not long after broadcast. Pop back here tomorrow for the links, or sit back tonight and embrace the whole bally lot of them…. We will be!

Editor’s Note: The artist behind the Wunderland artwork above – Lewes Herriot – is currently exhibiting at Maison Berteaux, so do check it out if you are nearby!

Take A Trip To Wunderland

4 Jul

© Jimmy Crippen

Back in August 2011 we took great pleasure in announcing that Alice’s Lowe’s radio show, Alice’s Wunderland, had been granted a full series, following the success of the brilliant pilot epiosde.

Alice’s busy schedule has meant its taken some time to reach us, but at last the series is nearing its launch date, 11 months later!  Alice’s Wunderland hits the airwaves next week, on Thursday 12th July at 11pm on BBC Radio 4. Don’t forget that it’ll be available for 7 days after the initial transmission via iPlayer.

The series consists of four half-hour shows, focusing on “the Poundland of magical realms” and also stars Richard Glover, Waen Shepherd Rachel Stubbings, Clare Thompson, Simon Greenall and Marcia Warren.  Plans were afoot to include Hot Brew in the pilot episode – so they may also feature at some point in the run.

While you’re with us, why not check out our interview with Alice from last year when she talked to us about Wunderland, including her vision for the show, the characters that populate it and how it was written. Then there’s still plenty of time to set your alarm for 10:59pm next Thursday!

Return To Wunderland

2 Aug

© Jimmy Crippen

Alice’s Wunderland has been confirmed for a full series.

The fantastical sketch show from the mind of Alice Lowe, aired a pilot episode back in April – featuring the likes of Claire Thomson, Richard Glover and Rachel Stubbings in support roles alongside Simon Greenall and Marcia Warren.  Sketches were also written featuring Antony Elvin but had to be cut for time reasons.

Following a thunderous reception from peelers, desperate to hear more, we at TVO had very high hopes the show would receive a full commission, so naturally, we’re almost as delighted at this news as Alice is!

Talking to us back in April, Alice already had plans for a series commission, telling us she hoped there would be: “lots of memorable characters, and lots of subversive, weird stuff that you might not get to see on television at the moment.  It’s a surreal fantasy that’s a little bit spooky and frightening. Wunderland should be a bit of escapism to spice up your night!”

To revisit our full interview with Alice on all things Wunderland, click here, and you can also see the first part of our video interview with Hot Brew, who may feature in the series, right here too. We’ll be bringing you more news on the show and its expected air-date as soon as we can.

Forgotten Favourites: Hyperdrive

19 Jun


Every once in a while, TVO likes to take the opportunity to look back on some of the lesser known areas of Booshdom.

Take sci-fi sitcom Hyperdrive for example – which ran for two seasons in 2006 and 2007, yet never quite shook off the comparisons to sci-com behemoth Red Dwarf.

With own very own Stephen Evans a series regular, Waen Shepherd making frequent appearances, and guest slots from James Bachman and Clare Thomson, the show is ripe for revisiting – and TVO peeler Adam Cooper has done just that, sending us this passionate plea for a show that arguably deserved more.  Read on…

As a genre, science-fiction is a relatively unexplored territory in the British comedy world – barring of course Red Dwarf and gag-filled episodes of Doctor Who.  Perhaps this is because it is notoriously hard to combine serious science with comedy.  But for me at least, Hyperdrive found a way to do that.   Written by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley – who had previously penned episodes of such classics as Black BooksThe Armstrong & Miller ShowLittle Britain and Spitting Image - it was first broadcast in 2006 and commissioned by the BBC under the working title Full Power.

The show chronicles the adventures of the HMS Camden Lock in the year 2151.  Britain has managed to get itself into space, ladies and gentlemen, and its aim is to bring Blighty to the rest of the Universe.  Part of this plan includes getting intergalactic businesses to relocate to Peterborough, explaining to them how loyalty cards work and building Barrat Homes palaces for alien royalty. Continue reading

Listen To Wunderland!

21 Apr

© Jimmy Crippen

The moment our international peelers have been waiting for is here – you can now listen to Alice’s Wunderland on BBC iPlayer!

The pilot, written by and starring Alice Lowe alongside a host of TVO regulars, aired on Radio 4 on Thursday night at 11pm – and is absolutely hilarious.  We won’t spoiler you much, but in a world where you can buy celebrities, people turn into insects, meter-men meet an untimely end, foxes carry handbags and the insanity of Jason is allowed to roam free, you’re in for a real treat.

The show will now be available on iPlayer for the next seven days and as its radio, it should be available worldwide, so sit back, froth up, and dilate your earlobes with Wunderland right here!

If you missed it, you can catch TVO’s interview with Alice about all things Wunderland right here.

Alice’s Wunderland: Through The Onion Glass

18 Apr

© Jimmy Crippen

This week sees the premiere of the brand new radio pilot from the brain of TVO’s fairy godmother, Alice Lowe.

Bringing together a whole host of familiar names in a late night audio treat, the pilot will be broadcast this Thursday, April 21st on BBC Radio 4.

In the run-up to the show, TVO were lucky enough to talk to Alice about the fantastical adventure she has in store for listeners…

Hi Alice! Welcome back to TVO.  First off then, what can you tell us about Wunderland?

I think it’ll be up your street! It’s quite fantastical, but with a gritty side to it. There’s a magical realism quality to it too. There’s a line in the script that says it’s the Poundland of magical realms. Wunderland is very weird but set in our world, with familiar references – imagining if magic did exist how jaded would it be by now?

It’s a sketch show, and it’s going to be ‘a little bit wacky’, she says in inverted commas! I wanted to do something a bit more imaginative, and go against the stereotype of what people expect from Radio 4. I wanted to do something that was about sound, and be experimental.

Wunderland itself is a place. It’s a fictional town where anything can happen. It’s a very British town… a bit dirty round the gills, with an air of dilapidation and pretension.

I wanted to do something that was quite magical, and transported you somewhere new. I’ve been thinking about hypnotism tapes, and how sound can transport you into a different place if you listen to it in a certain way. I kind of want people to listen to Wunderland in a darkened room! Get some sensory deprivation going…

Are we in for a real audio experience then?

There are a couple of songs in there, and some weird soundscape ideas – which I’d want more of if it went to series… fingers crossed!

I wanted music to be a big part of it, so I got Jane Watkins involved. She’s composed music for a lot of the short films I’ve done, so she came on board as my consultant and composer for this. What’s really strange is that you think being radio that music would be really important, but its quite common not to have the budget for new music.  I think that was one of my more diva-ish demands to Radio 4! Continue reading

The Many Faces Of Wunderland

17 Apr

Alice’s Wunderland is set to air this coming week, and here at TVO we wanted to give you a little teaser about what to expect.

The sketch show pilot is the brainchild of its star Alice Lowe, and there are a number of familiar faces from the wider world of Booshdom involved.

These include the ever reliable Antony Elvin – one half of Hot Brew, former Circulus percussionist, talented singer songwriter in his own right and one time guest star in The Mighty Boosh [“It’s a glowstick, you berk!”]  The folktastic pairing of Hot Brew – set to grace the stage at Popcorn Comedy in Birmingham this week – will be featuring in the show.

Also along for the ride is Clare Thomson, whom you may recognise from Alice’s last major sketch-show project, Beehive, as well as being one of Herman’s 1000 Wives in Lifespam and featuring in last year’s cult comedy short Dead Happy.

© Bruno Vincent

Two Jackal Films stars – Richard Glover [Pebbles] and Rachel Stubbings [Love Song] are also on board.  Glover’s varied cv has also included a guest appearing in The Mighty Boosh [in The Chokes episode] and appearing in Lifespam, whilst stand-up comic and actress Rachel Stubbings presented the Jackal Films night at the FD4W Film Festival last Autumn.

And that’s not all… as there are also performances from Olivier Award winning actress Marcia Warren, who appeared in Jam & Jerusalem with TVO’s very own Simon Farnaby, and the legendary Simon Greenall who has several Booshy links but is perhaps best known as both hapless Geordie Michael in I’m Alan Partridge and as being the voice of Alexander Orlov in the Compare The Meerkat adverts!

It’s safe to say then that this is an extremely talented cast, under the more than capable hands of one of the most gifted comic minds on the planet.  Promising a trip round Wunderland, “the Poundland of magical realms” – the pilot will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on Thursday 21st April.  It will be available on iPlayer for one week afterwards, and TVO hopes you’ll all tune in for what promises to be something pretty damn special indeed.


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