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Foot On The Box This Weekend (& More)

20 Mar

© Mog

Paul Foot will be part of the TV line up this Saturday evening on Comedy Central UK.

Paul will be appearing on ‘Comedy Central At Just for Laughs’, which will be broadcast at 10pm. The brand new show, filmed at the Montreal Comedy Festival and exclusive to Comedy Central, also features Russell Howard, Eddie Izzard, Bo Burnham and Katherine Ryan.

Comedy Central is available on Sky Channel 112 and Virgin Channel 132. For more information check out their website.

Paul has also recently announced that tickets for this year’s Secret Edinburgh Previews are now on sale. They will take place in May in a Secret London location and will be the first chance to see his brand new show. You can purchase tickets in the the Guild Lodge. (Password is “hobbyhorse”).

The new show will be called Paul Foot’s Symphony in Gammon Sharp Major, and Paul will be taking it around the UK and Australia during the next 12 months.

Foot Down Under

15 Mar

© Paul Foot

Paul Foot was recently asked by Daily Review in Australia about the 5 best and 5 worst things about his profession, ahead of his appearance at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

You can read his replies here, but as you can imagine, the answers were not your run-of-the-mill replies that are often trotted out at interviews!

Those of you in Melbourne, or travelling there soon, can see Paul in his show Words at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 27th March to 20th April at The Hi Fi – more details and tickets here.

Leicester Comedy Festival Countdown!

3 Feb

With just three days to go before the event kicks off, we thought we’d bring you the lowdown on the many TVO names that can be caught at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival this month.

© Dave

Having been oddly quiet of late, Colin Hoult is bringing two shows to the festival. First up is a work in progress show entitled Uninspiring People Inspiring People By Being Uninspiring, which was first seen last autumn at the Invisible Dot. With a more ‘stand-up-y’ approach than Colin’s ace character-filled shows – this one is well worth a watch. And talking of his character-filled shows, he’s taking Characthorse, his show from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, to the festival later in the month. This is a madcap adventure across the mythical town of Snottingham with a host of weird and wonderful characters and, we reckon, it’s a must-see.

Next up is a show from the fab Aisling Bea – presumably this will be her Edinburgh show C’est La Bea, fresh from it’s run at the Soho Theatre, but the website doesn’t specify.

For all you connoisseurs out there, Paul Foot will be performing a show he calls An Hour In February. Shedding no light at all on the matter, the show has this description:

No board games on this lawn, baybayyy! Face the frozen ships and dance while legless bar stools finally take their revenge. Even Auntie Eclair won’t talk and this town will never recover from the naked collage.

Paul will also be taking part in the Laughing Matters Fundraiser, along with Tony Law, and Harry Hill. Tony will also be doing an hour of new shouty bollocks, a Nonsense In Progress, on the same evening.

Another familiar face in Onion-land, Joey Page, will be making a couple of appearances at the festival. Towards the end of the month he’ll be performing his own show Golden Peacock Hour and, much sooner on the horizon, he’ll be making an appearance in Tom Stade And Co.

So, he’s a list of those shows in date order . They’ll all take pace at venues around Leicester and tickets and more information can be found by following the links:

7th Feb – Colin Hoult – Work In Progress
8th Feb – Tom Stade And Co. (with Joey Page)
12th Feb – Aisling Bea
17th-18th Feb – Paul Foot – An Hour In February
19th Feb – Tony Law – Nonsense In Progress
19th Feb – Laughing Matters Fundraiser (with Tony Law and Paul Foot)
21st Feb - Colin Hoult – Characthorse
23rd Feb – Joey Page – Golden Peacock Hour

Paul Foot Round-Up

25 Jan
© Paul Foot

© Paul Foot

Having been a bit quiet on the Paul Foot front recently, we now bring you news – and with live shows at home and away on top of TV appearances, there sure is there a lot of it!

Firstly, earlier this month he featured in Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net – a new series based on live events held worldwide, in which comedians must improvise a set based entirely on a never-before-seen set list provided by the audience. Notoriously terrifying for the acts, the performances are often a mixed bag but, sure enough, Paul stormed it. If you have a Sky account, the episode is still available to watch on SkyGo, here.

Next, there’s news of many more outings for his live show, Words, which he has already performed at the Edinburgh fringe and on a national tour. For those of us in London, he has announced more Secret Shows that will be running throughout February at a mystery location. Tickets are available through the Guild Lodge on his website (the password is “hobbyhorse”). And if that’s not enough for the Londoners among you, he’ll also be headlining the Invisible Dot’s Live At The Chapel gig on 1st February where he’ll be joined by Brian Gittins, Liam Williams and Andrew Maxwell. If you fancy heading over to the Union Chapel in Islington to see it, tickets and more information can be yielded here.

© Edinburgh Festival

© Edinburgh Festival

Elsewhere in the UK, he features on the bill for OrangAid – an evening of comedy in aid of the Sumatran Orangutan Society – a charity with Dave Brown and Tony Law among its supporters. The line-up also features Tony Law, Bill Bailey, Bill Oddie, Rob Newman and Sara Pascoe. The show will be held on 3rd February at the New Theatre, Oxford and tickets can be found here. And don’t forget he’ll be taking Words to the Leicester Comedy Festival, as we previously reported.

Last but not least, he has announced major runs of Words in Australia! There will be a run of 8 nights at the Adelaide Fringe follwed by a whopping 22 show run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The shows in Adelaide will be from the 7th to 15th March and tickets are available here and the Melbourne shows run from 27th March to 15th April with tickets over yonder.

Time to get feasting on Foot…

TVO’s Review Of The Year 2013: Part Three

3 Jan

If you’ve previously taken a mosey through Part One and Part Two of our Review of 2013, you’ll already be aware that it’s been a busy old year in Onion Land. July to September was no exception, with news, reviews, new shows and live performances from both our regulars and the new names on our roster.

So here are the best bits from the third quarter of the year – hand-picked from over 700 news stories across 2013, and jam-packed with forgotten treasures and instant classics alike. Enjoy.


The month began with the release of Dan Clark‘s debut album, Dan Clark & The Difficult Three, which had been funded via a successful Pledge Music campaign. Combining genuinely funny lyrics with proper tunes played by a bona fide band, the record offered fans of Clark’s musical comedy an opportunity to re-live some of his live show classics and enjoy some newer compositions. For a wee taster, here below is a live recording of ‘Don’t Kiss Me’ (and if you fancy buying a copy of the album, head on over here):

We also featured a series of introductions to the TVO-recommended artists you could see at 2013’s Edinburgh Fringe. We intentionally mixed up the folk who we already write about with the people who we define as “beyond the Onion”; those featured included Colin Hoult, Tony Law,  Paul FootSpank, Joey PageAisling Bea, Late Night Gimp Fight, Tim Fitzhigham, Jonny & The Baptists (+ Jonny Donahoe), Pete Heat and Glen Wool.

On 19th July the world of comedy sadly lost one of its pioneers, in the shape of Mel Smith. Whilst Smith’s contribution to modern comedy is undeniable, we can also claim a link between him and the TVO family, with Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthew’s first TV sketches being written for Alas, Smith And Jones. You can watch one of them below:

In terms of new TV and film projects, this month saw the release of Ben Wheatley‘s hotly-anticipated follow-up to Sightseers, the psychedelically historical A Field In England, which launched simultaneously in cinemas, on TV and on DVD on 5th July.

Filming also began on the second series of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, and the Marmite-like TV adaptation of Graham Linehan’s Count Arthur Strong also hit our screens. Chris O’Dowd continued with his world domination of the airwaves with a role in the part-improvised US sitcom Family Tree:

Finally, fans of The Mighty Boosh got all hot and bothered over Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt‘s first live performance together since 2010 when the pair performed at The Barbican at a concert to honour the musician, Beck. Expect a bit more of the Boosh boys down below (honestly not as rude as it sounds)…

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TVO’s Review Of The Year 2013: Part One

1 Jan

2013 has been a funny old year in Onion Land. We’ve seen our regulars scoop bucketloads of awards, from Best British Film at the Empire Awards to International Emmy Awards and everything in-between. Some names on our roster have reached new heights of success, becoming household names to people who have no idea of their cult origins. Others have just continued being quietly amazing, but all of them have been worthy of your attention.

As a result, we’ve been ploughing through the 12 months of TVO, to pluck out the best bits from over 700 news stories across 2013. This first instalment of our round-up covers January-March, and is jam packed with forgotten treasures and instant classics alike.  Enjoy.


The year began quietly, with the only key new show on the box being, on the surface, designed for kids. FIT was a sports-based sketch show on CBBC from the team behind Sorry, I’ve Got No Head, and featured TVO regulars Tony WayRufus Jones and Aisling Bea in its ensemble cast. For the most part, however, it was the involvement of Peter Serafinowicz – reprising his beloved cult character Brian Butterfield – which got everyone’s attention…

On the other end of the spectrum, Michael SmileyDan Tetsell and Simon Farnaby turned up in the very-much-for-grown-ups cyber-thiller Utopia on Channel 4. The show concerned itself with attempts to trace the only known copy of a graphic novel which left a trail of bloody carnage in its wake. With Four Lions star Adeel Akhtar part of its ensemble cast, as well as Kill List actor Neil Maskell as a creepy hitman, and The Thick Of It‘s Paul Higgins as a blackmailed civil servant, the show became an instant cult hit, and will be returning for a second series in 2014.

Closer to home, and the good folk of Onion Land seemed keen to dish out advice. Comedic agony aunt Rachel Stubbings was offering specially crafted miniature versions of herself for sale to anyone in need of a friendly ear. Or, to be more exact, a bit of unemotional plastic which happened to look a bit like her, in a variety of costumes. The Stubby Buddy was a quick sell out, though something tells me we won’t be seeing them in the shops next year…

Elsewhere, conceptual artist and Luxury Comedy star Kim Noble was offering handy tips on how to buy an oven

And as Bowie-fever gripped the world, James Cook released his own, haunting interpretation of Mr Jones’ classic track, Ashes To Ashes

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The Onion At The Dot

16 Dec

Earlier today, we announced Anna & Katy’s new show at The Invisible Dot, and now the venue has revealed yet more cracking line-ups for 2014 with many favourites of Onionland involved.

© Invisible Dot

Just announced is the Live at the Chapel season for the new year which presents bills of stand-up legends alongside the next generation of exciting names. The first of the shows is on January 18th with Kevin Eldon heading an ace bill with Cardinal Burns, among others. The next, on 1st February, is just as impressive with Paul Foot headlining and rapidly rising star Liam Williams among the support. The March show so far lacks a TVO name but should still be fab with Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Bridget Christie topping the bill.

© Dave Brown

The shows aren’t yet on sale but they’ll appear on the Invisible Dot website at 2pm tomorrow. The shows take place at Islington’s stunning Union Chapel and will be priced at £18 (£16 concessions).

Can’t afford £18? Well, the Saturday Night Shows at the Invisible Dot’s own venue in Kings Cross may be more your thing at only £10 a ticket. These shows are taking place, you guessed it, every Saturday night – from January 11th to April 12th.  There are far too many great names on the bills to mention but they include Tony Law on February 1st, Aisling Bea on February 8th and Kevin Eldon on March 8th.

Full line-ups and tickets can be found over here.

And as we mentioned earlier today Anna Crilly and Katy Wix will be returning to the live circuit with shows there in March.  Already it seems 2014 will be the year of the Dot, and Invisible or not, you should try to see it!

Paul Foot’s Secret (Santa) Shows

1 Dec

In a message to his Connoisseurs earlier today, Paul Foot had news about forthcoming secret shows to impart!


The four secret shows will take place in London in December and each one seats a maximum of 50 people. At these gigs Paul will perform some old classics, improvise a play or two and he has promised to provide the audience with some  new, off-the-chart humour that will be a one-off to each show. As such, he says that each “evening [will be] absolutely incomparable to anything you’ve ever experienced in your life.”

They’re bound to sell out to his enthusiastically loyal supporters, so to bag a ticket for yourself visit his Guild Lodge now (password is “hobbyhorse”).

Furthermore, to make darned certain that we all participate in some seasonal cheer, Paul will also be releasing a daily advent message of “Ho ho homophobia”. In case you’re one of the people who didn’t receive his email bulletin today and therefore remain confused by this, please allow us to re-present his explanation of what it is (he does it so much more eloquently than we could):

“Many of ye have seen my piece of humour called Levels of Homophobia. A slightly sketchy version even appears on YouTubular right here. Well for Christmas I thought I would take the best bits of advent calendars: illustrations and a countdown, and sack off the boring bits: camels, wise men and the birth of baby friggin’ Jesus, and create my own definitive ho-ho-homophobia advent calendar. For each of the 26 days (my advent calendar has 26 days, get over it) I shall release a Level of Homophobia, starting on 1st December with Level A: ‘Punching somebody just because they’re not homophobic’. Each Level of ho-ho-homophobia will be released on both my Twittarse page and my Facebonk page before being officially installed on my websyte, probably. You can even join in the debate and also find out which level of homophobia ye are.”
Well, it beats finding 24 fake chocolate holly leaves anyway!

The Alternative Comedy Experience On DVD Now!

18 Nov

© Comedy Central

Series One of The Alternative Comedy Experience - featuring a smattering of TVO regulars and wider universe friends – is now available on dvd.

The twelve part series, which aired on Comedy Central earlier this year, was curated by stand-up legend Stewart Lee, who is currently wowing audiences attending his residency at Leicester Square Theatre with his new material try-out show, Much A-Stew About Nothing ahead of the third series of his own Comedy Vehicle series on BBC2.

Filmed at The Stand, Edinburgh, Lee chose some of his favourite stand-ups on the circuit, including our very own Tony Law and Paul Foot, alongside a few names that have occasionally cropped up on our pages before now, such as Isy Suttie, Simon Munnery, David O’Doherty, Phil Nichol, Bridget Christie and Glenn Wool.

These are people whom the ever moral Lee, a cynical genius if ever we came across one, feels represent “the stand-ups other comedians slouch at the back of the room and cry with laughter at”.  He goes on to explain: “These are the kids that got thrown into the urinals at school. They are not fashion victims, presenters, broadsheet buzzwords, or industry players. They are the people who just had to be stand-ups.”

It’s a truly fantastic run of comedians in their prime, and with all twelve episodes spread across two discs, there’s also room for  a couple of uncut, full length performances and bonus interviews.  There’s even a full colour souvenir brochure thrown in for good measure.

You can own a copy for yourselves for just £12.78 now via The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store.  You can see a preview from the dvd featuring Tony Law below.

Series 2 of The Alternative Comedy Experience was filmed this summer, again at The Stand, and will be broadcast in the new year.  Paul Foot and Tony Law returned, alongside Isy Suttie, Susan Calman, Simon Munnery and Henning Wehn, so stay tuned for transmission dates as soon as we have them.

A Smashing Story

9 Nov

As the week that introduced the public to ‘mug-gate’ draws to a close, here’s our round up of what went down and the bizarre commentary that followed:

Unless you’ve been avoiding all forms of media consumption for the past 6 days you can’t fail to have noticed that Huey Morgan from Fun Loving Criminals lost his rag during the final round of Monday’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks and (horror!) smashed a mug, before storming off set. While he lost his cool, Rizzle Kicks (this week’s hosts) retained theirs. Big time. For anyone who missed it, here’s how it all kicked off:

Since then the story has been picked up and raked over by the tabloid press (The Mirror, The Mail, Metro) and online news sites (Huffington Post, Digital Spy), amongst others. Perhaps more surprisingly, the quality press have been getting on on it too, with coverage in The Guardian and The Independent.

The day after the incident, Noel Fielding‘s twitter response to the furore was reproduced as a further news story. It appeared that an insider‘s initial analysis of what happened, suggesting that everyone in the studio was fed up with the duration of the filming and were supportive of Huey, was wrong. Noel asserted that the audience had backed Rizzle Kicks, and quite rightly made light of the whole thing.

However, that was not to be the end of it! Next, headlines were made as the Fun Lovin Criminals star blocked Buzzcocks on twitter. Alarmingly, this made it into the broadsheets too!  Well at least absolutely nothing important has been happening in the wider world this week.

Since then an alternative version of Huey’s Buzzcocks hissy-fit has made it onto youtube…

…and unsurprisingly, the TV show‘s marketing folk have been milking the story; expect to see a significant hike in the series’ viewing figures.

The increased interest in Buzzcocks this week has led to another story about the show spreading via social media. It appears that Jim Bob from Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine has been approached several times to appear in the ID Parade section of the show. His manager’s charmingly polite two fingers to that request can be seen here. Genius.

Don’t forget to tune into the next episode of Buzzcocks on BBC2 at 10pm on Monday to see what the following week’s ‘news’paper headlines might hold…

Foot On Friday Telly

12 Oct

© Channel 4

Paul Foot was one of the panelists on last night’s 8 out of 10 cats on Channel 4.

Paul played on Sean Lock’s team, alongside Richard Hammond; Carol Vorderman and Matt Forde were on Jon Richardson’s team. The programme is now available to watch on 4oD, so if you’re the kind of person who enjoys slices of mullet-haired bizarreness with your topical banter, then check it out. Then try not to be to alarmed by Jimmy Carr’s teeth.

Foot fans can further rejoice, because he’s added a December date at the London Bloomsbury Theatre to his UK tour. The extra date is 14th December, tickets are £15 (plus a rather shocking £2.50 booking fee) and can be purchased here. To find out where else Paul’s performing during October and November, take a look at his website here.

Onion Selling

16 Sep

Whilst TVO appears to be in a ‘proper telly’ lull as we await a few big name shows coming soon, there’s no shortage of Onion faces cropping up on our screens thanks to the world of ad-breaks.



Such is the fickle nature of the acting profession – and stand-up comedy for that matter – every once in a while, TVO regulars crop up in commercials.

Whilst some may baulk at the notion of talented people turning up in adverts, let us remind you that, much like voiceover work, it pays well, doesn’t take long, and adds to the portfolio.  And hey, if it’s good enough for John Cleese, Dawn French, Kylie Minogue and Kevin Bacon, to name but a few big names who succumb to acting in ads, then who are we to complain.   Plus… it gets our good friends on the tellybox when we least expect it!

In the past, we’ve rounded up a number of commercials featuring so many faces of Onion Land, and the last month or so has seen the debut of three more such ads.

First up in this latest collection is the return of Rufus Jones as the face of job website, in an advert which debuted during this weekend’s top-rated edition of X-Factor, no less.  Once again Richard Sandling is one of his potential targets for new work after a rude awakening…

Elsewhere, Channel 5 is keen to push it’s own catch-up service, Demand 5, which is now available on smart televisions, as well as NOWTV boxes, their website and YouTube.  Catching up on Neighbours with a rather heavy hangover in this commercial is none other than Rachel Stubbings

And then there’s Virgin Media, who are using athlete Usain Bolt and company founder Richard Branson in a series of adverts, all of which are voiced by Richard Ayoade

Lastly for now, is the return of Paul Kaye in typically maniacal form as the star of BetVictor’s long running campaign.  Here, Victor Chandler is enjoying a nice, gentle, first-class train ride, but typically, Maurice can’t quite leave him in peace…

As long as there is an Onion Land, it seems, there will be commercials featuring its inhabitants.  There are far too many for us to possibly collate, but we’ve done our best to dig into the archives and find you some of the better moments via the handy playlist below.

Included here are such classic moments as Julian Barratt advertising Metz way back in 1997, and his co-hort Noel Fielding being creative with handcuffs for Carling Live five years later.  There are big name ads you’d never realise had TVO links, from Simon Farnaby voicing a horse with a penchant for NutriGrain through to Ben Wheatley helming recent Go Compare ads.

Of course, there’s a huge chunk of voiceover king Matt Berry, but his IT Crowd co-stars Chris O’Dowd and Katherine Parkinson get a look in too.  Regular collaborators Tom Meeten and Barunka O’Shaughnessy pop up in a few ads, and we’ve got loads more to savour featuring the likes of Richard GloverLaura PatchAlex KirkRhys ThomasJustin EdwardsDan TetsellAnna CrillyKaty Wix and the well trained eye of Paul King.  We’ve also got a ridiculously early tv appearance by Steve Coogan, and a couple of later ads in character as Paul and Pauline Calf. Enjoy…

The Triumph Of The Blobfish

13 Sep

Last week we told you about Paul Foot‘s support of the Blobfish, in its task to become the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Now the results are in and the Blobfish has won the accolade! The plight of the gelatinous fish that inhabits the deep waters off the Australian coast will now be highlighted by the Society.

See below for Paul’s speech when he accepts the award on behalf of the wise-looking sea creature.

Help Paul Foot Save The Blob Fish

5 Sep

Paul Foot has recently appeared in a video for the The Ugly Animal Preservation Society in support of the Blob Fish.

The gelatinous fish that inhabits the deep waters off the Australian coast is under threat of extinction. By voting for the blob fish for the next Society mascot, you can help raise awareness of its plight.  As Paul says, it looks like it has a kind and wise brain., so it’s worth saving.

Take a look at the video below, then ‘like’ it on youtube to cast your vote. Voting closes at 5pm on 11th September.


The campaign is run by the National Science + Engineering Competition and the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. To see more videos about endangered ugly animals have a look at their youtube channel.



Words On Tour

1 Sep

Paul Foot, the man with the best mullet in comedy, will be taking his latest Edinburgh show, Words, on tour around the UK this Autumn.

© Paul Foot

The tour kicks off on 3rd October in Leeds and ends on 30th November in Norwich. In between these two dates, he’ll be playing 38 shows in most towns and cities around Blighty. If you fancy seeing him, chances are he’ll be appearing in a venue near you during October and November.

For the full list of dates and venues, you can visit Paul’s show diary. You can also purchase tickets for the shows here too.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Paul’s show diary and twitter page as he tends to announce extra shows and Secret Shows from time to time.

Words has impressed the critics at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, with the show garnering rave reviews from the likes of Time OutWow24/7 and Edinblogger. That said, it’s tended to leave those who prefer their comedy more mainstream, a little confused. As fans of  Foot, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Paul Joins Richard

17 Aug
© british comedy guide

© british comedy guide

Paul Foot took part in Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast on 15th August and you can download it  here. Richard was also joined by Sean Hughes and Benny Boot.

Paul and Richard discuss Russell Brand, badgers, Disturbances, a special cow and Richard and Judy. They also talk about Paul’s near death experience, when some of his life replayed in a few seconds.

After stand-up by Benny Boot, Sean chats about his nursing career, the Muppets, marriage, wearing a dress, his brushes with death and tsunamis.

You can catch Paul Foot: Words at Underbelly, Cowgate – Belly Dancer at 7.30pm.

Sean Hughes – Penguins can be seen at Gilded Balloon Teviot at 7.30pm.

Richard Herrings Edinburgh Fringe Podcast is on at The Stand Comedy Club at 2.10pm.

Benny Boot – As Seen on TV is on at Underbelly, Bristo Square at 17.30 and 23.30.

Paul Foot: Words

13 Aug

© Paul Foot

One of our contributors, Velveteer Helen, recently spent a few days at the Edinburgh Fringe checking out the comedic talent on offer. So far she’s told us about seeing  Colin Hoult three times in three different shows (yes three!). By way of follow-up, here are a few words from Helen about Paul Foot’s appearance at the festival:  

This was the first time I had seen Paul Foot live and I wasn’t disappointed.

The show started with Paul giving us an itinerary of what was going to happen for the rest of the show. He read out one of his ‘disturbances’, which are small descriptions of something that may have or could happen, then launched into his first rant – about hotel toast!

The rest of the show consisted of more disturbances, more rants and some unusual insults.

It’s difficult to describe the show as it’s not easy to separate all the pieces, the best thing would be to go and see for yourself. If you like seemingly shambolic comedy, which is obviously well thought-out, then it’s for you.

If you don’t want a comedian with a mullet ranting in your face; don’t sit in the front row!

You can catch Paul Foot: Words at Underbelly, Cowgate – Belly Dancer at 7.30pm.

Onion Fringes: Part 3 – Paul Foot: Words

4 Jul

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us, with a host of TVO favourites set to descend upon the city between 2nd and 26th August.  In the build up, we’re bringing you a great show to go and see every weekday – from our regulars to shows beyond the usual confines of Onion Land.

Today’s showcase brings alternative comedy madness to the table in the form of Paul Foot, a true Edinburgh Fringe veteran…

© Paul Foot


Paul Foot: Words


Underbelly Cowgate


1-25 August





Paul Foot has been described as a “national comedy treasure” by us in the past and we stick by that statement. He has been a favourite of TVO’s for long but we were far from early in our discovery. Foot has been active on the comedy circuit since 1997, a year during which he won BBC’s New Stand-Up Award, the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award and managed to become a finalist in So You Think You’re Funny.

He is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe, with the introduction of the SYTYF competition in 1997. Paul then returned to the Fringe in 2003 for his first full length show Most Wanted and has since then been at the festival every year apart from 2005 and 2006. In other words, he is well-deserving of the title of a comedy treasure and Fringe veteran with numerous 5 star reviews.


The past years has meant higher visibility for the comedian, with appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Russell Howard’s Good News. And that’s just to name a few of the big profile gigs. Moreover, what makes Foot a continuously strong contender in the world of comedy is his Guild Of Connoisseurs, his loyal fans who get the chance to attend secret gigs and are there for every step of the way.

Paul manages to tread the line between surrealism and realism in all his shows but to understand what a full Foot experience is you need to add a dash of awkwardness, a touch of interesting fashion choices and a whole lot of charm. These qualities and his innovative use of words manage to bring the audience to tears every single time.

© Paul Foot

This time around, his disturbances, stories of moist cakes, and supermarket anagrams have been left behind to make way for his new show Words. Time has shown that descriptions for Paul Foot shows are often just a delightful hint of what’s to come. Therefore, we will simply let you analyse the following statement about the show:

“No board games on this lawn, baybayyy! Face the frozen ships and dance while legless bar stools finally take their revenge. Even Auntie Eclair don’t talk and this town will never recover from the naked collage”.

It is certainly intriguing and promises a night of madness with clever turns of words that make a Paul Foot show unique.

We advise you to get your tickets as soon as possible as Paul’s Edinburgh Fringe shows are bound to sell out quickly. With a growing (and intense!) fanbase and strong material, nothing short of a complete train wreck can stand in the way of Foot’s success. And even then he would probably manage to turn the train wreck into a story that would make you reach for a tissue to dry your tears of laughter.

Words runs from 1st to 25th August at Udderbelly Cowgate. We’ll have another Edinburgh recommendation tomorrow, and every weekday throughout July, so stay peeled!

See Them At The Stand

28 Jun

© The Stand

If you happen to find yourself in Edinburgh in July you can see Tony Law and Kevin Eldon perform live for the filming of the new series of The Alternative Comedy Experience.

The TV show from Comedy Central is returning to The Stand in Edinburgh for the recording of a second series. As per last year, the shows are curated by Stewart Lee and feature a variety of cult-comedy performers and  award-winning talent. A refreshing change from the TV comedy mainstream!

Kevin Eldon will be performing as part of the line up at the 6.45pm show on Friday 12th July, and Tony Law will be on the 9.45pm bill on the same date. Simply click on your preferred time slot for more information and to book tickets for that performance. Tickets are £8 (£7 conc.) and doors open half an hour before the show start time.

To see the full line up for all shows (including a Paul Foot performance on 11th July, which we’ve mentioned before but is worth a reminder) take a look at this.

Further Foot Live

16 Jun

© Mog

Paul Foot today announced three new live dates – one in London and two in Dublin.

The London show is one of his infamous (not so) Secret shows. This one is a rehearsal gig for his forthcoming DVD and it takes place on 26th June. He’s promised to revise some of his old classics, so this promises to be a good ‘un. To purchase tickets for the gig visit Paul’s Show Diary and click on the line stating “Wrensday 26th Juniper”. Of course!

The Dublin dates take place across two days at the Vodafone Comedy Festival, which takes place in Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July, 2013. Paul is performing on the Saturday at 7.30pm, along with Brian Gittins and MC Barry Murphy (tickets €23) and on the Sunday at 4.30pm with Will Franken and MC Eleanor Tiernan (tickets €20).

To view the full line-up (which is vast), and to find out more about the festival take a look at this. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Monday 17th June at 9am and you can purchase them for individual performances here.

To keep up to date with Paul’s frequent gig announcements it’s worth following the man himself on twitter; he’s a very conscientious tweeter!


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