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Julia Davis Joins Edinburgh TV Festival

27 Jun
© The Gentlewoman

© The Gentlewoman

Julia Davis has been confirmed as one of the speakers at this year’s Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival.

The Festival takes place 26th- 28th August and offers a range of keynote talks, lectures, Q&As, meetings and networking opportunities for people in TV.

Julia will be there to present the first episode of the two-part special of Hunderby, the latest chapter in the dark world of the award-winning comedy, which returns to Sky Atlantic later this year. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Julia and other cast members, although we don’t have any information as to whether this will include Rufus Jones.

Access to the festival doesn’t come cheap, unfortunately – in fact, even the Early Bird pass (which available until 20th June) costs a whopping £580+VAT and booking fees. Ouch!

Ticket information and prices can be found here, and for more information about the festival in general take a look at the event website.

Wow! Alice Lowe Joins Clark’s Comedy Night

27 Jun
© Amy Wilson

© Amy Wilson

It’s Saturday – and that means one thing at TVO Towers: our thoughts turn to what we’re doing next Saturday, and this week we’re pretty darned excited. Because in exactly 1 week’s time Alice Lowe will be on the bill at Dan Clark‘s Wow Wow Show at Soho Theatre. That’s two of TVO faces in one go!

The Saturday 4th July show will be the last Wow Wow Show according to Dan (sniff), so for those of you who haven’t encountered it yet, it’s best described as a British take on the American late night talk show, with Dan playing host to a night of stand up and sketches, set pieces, a house band and special guests.

With Alice spending more of her time on her film work, this provides a rare opportunity to see her live – so grab yourself a ticket while you can. Also on the bill are Anna Morris and Oliver Maltman.

The show starts at 9.30pm and tickets are £15 (£12.50 conc.); they can be procured here.

Barratt & Farnaby Team Up For New Film

24 Jun
© Holy Moly

© Holy Moly

Rumours have been circulating for a while about this one, but the details of Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby‘s feature film, Mindhorn, have now been made public.

Written by Julian and Simon, and directed by award-winning theatre director Sean Foley (who will be making his feature debut), Mindhorn is produced in association with production company Baby Cow – who are responsible for many of the shows we write about at TVO. Filming starts on July 27th on the Isle of Man.

The narrative for the film sounds brilliantly bizarre: the story revolves around Bruce Mindhorn, a MI5 Special Operative who was captured in the late 1980s. For reasons not yet entirely clear, at the time of his incarceration Mindhorn’s eye was replaced by a super-advanced optical lie detector, which means he can literally “see the truth.” He subsequently escaped from his captors and fled to the Isle of Man to recuperate in the island’s temperate microclimate, and is now serving as the top performing plain-clothes detective on the island. Oh yes.

There’s still no word yet on casting – although, like you, we’re very much hoping that the two co-writers take a role in front of the camera as well. As soon as we hear any more – including the planned release date, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Edit: We’ve managed to find out a bit more information about the movie: It seems that Mindhorn is actually a fictional detective, who will be played in the film by Julian. His acting career is on the rocks until a real killer killer tells the police that he’ll only speak to the Mindhorn.

We’re not entirely sure how this new narrative ties into the version that’s described in our main article (which is being reported in the wider press)…but at least we now know that Julian will be appearing in the film as well as co-wtiting it.

A Field In England Prints For Sale

18 Jun
© Richard Wells

© Richard Wells

Graphic designer Richard Wells has created a set of lino prints of the key characters from Ben Wheatley‘s psychedelic civil war film A Field In England.

The beautifully-crafted ‘A Merry Band’ series consists of five images plus a ballad sheet on white parchment paper. The five main images are printed with black oil based ink on A5 handmade 150gsm paper.

The pack can be ordered for £65 from here. Individual prints from the series are available here for £13.

Ben himself was seriously impressed with the lino prints when he saw them, tweeting: “Wow this just dropped through my letter box. Thanks @Slippery_Jack ! Amazing #afieldinengland”.

We say get your mitts on them before they sell out!


Horgan & Delaney Q&A At Leicester Square

16 Jun
© Marie Claire

© Marie Claire

Catastrophe couple, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, will be appearing as the guests at Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast on 6th July.

Herring returns to the stage with a new run of five shows of the award winning Podcast, in which he chats with a bevy of well-known names in comedy. Each episode appears on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide, but if you go along to watch the show in person you get the chance to interact with the featured comedians, and maybe even ask your own questions.

The 90-minute show starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £15.50. To find out who else is appearing at each show, and to procure tickets for Sharon and Rob’s show click here.

Please note that there’s a further guest appearing with the pair on 6th July, as yet unconfirmed. For updates on guests, follow Leicester Square Theatre on twitter.

An Early Catastrophe for Comedy On 4

14 Jun
© Newstalk

© Newstalk

Channel 4 has announced its top comedy shows for their all-important Autumn schedule, and it involves accelerating the production of series 2 of Catastrophe.

The second series of the critically-aclaimed show, co-written by and co-starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney as a couple on a transatlantic fling who find themselves pregnant, was originally scheduled for early 2016. But the popularity of Catastrophe has been such Channel 4 are bringing it forwards to October 2015. A source from the channel has said, “Viewers have told us they can’t wait a year for the show so they won’t have to.”

US comedian Delaney has now made the move over to the UK, so hopefully writing and producing series 2 will be a a little easier – and quicker.

Catastrophe will be joined on the schedule by a third series of Matt Berry‘s award-winning Toast of London, as well as the final series of both Peep Show and Fresh Meat. Channel 4 is looking to “own” the Autumn season of comedy, according to the channel.

Seek Out The New Series

14 Jun


The second series of Seekers, which was recorded at the end of last year and which features Tony Way and Steve Oram amongst its cast, is now being broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Penned by series 1 writer, Steve Burge, the six part radio series follows the familiar group of characters who frequent an Essex job centre. Seekers also features Matthew Horne, Daniel Mays and Zahra Ahmadi.

Episodes 1 (‘So What did I Miss?’) and 2 (‘The Wedding Crushers’) of the new series are available to listen to on iPlayer, and the next episode (the marvellously-named ‘I kissed a Bear and Liked It’) airs on Radio 4 at 11pm on 18th June.

Don’t forget to tune in on Thursday!


Humans: A Glimpse Behind The Cyborg Adverts

3 Jun

There’s been quite a hoo-ha about Humans, the new Channel 4 sci-fi series which starts in a couple of weeks.

The show is set in an alternate present day world in which owning your own Synth – a highly-developed robotic servant – is the height of fashion. It features an impressive ensemble cast, including Katherine Parkinson, Rebecca Front, Gemma Chan (Submarine, The IT Crowd, Doctor Who), Tom Goodman Hill (Ideal, Dead Boss, Spy), Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall), William Hurt (Damages, The Incredible Hulk) and Will Tudor (Game of Thrones, In The Club). Another TVO face, Dan Tetsell, also features.

The recent promotional campaign for Humans attracted a lot of media attention, masquerading as bona fide advertising for a company called Persona Synthetics, selling realistic cyborgs that could be used to perform household chores:

There were also ebay listings for the robotic home helps, and even a real life shop on London’s Regent Street, which generated a huge amount of debate on social media, with people wondering if it was for real.

We spoke to the Nik Windsor at Channel 4, part of the team behind the advertising, to find out how the show inspired them to create one of the most talked-about campaigns of the year:

Nik, welcome to The Velvet Onion. There’s been a lot of hype around Humans, which is a co-production between Channel 4 and AMC (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead), and UK production company Kudos (Broadchurch, Utopia). What can you tell us about the development process behind the promotional campaign – do you generally get to see shows before creating them?

It really varies on the brief, but with dramas we’re usually briefed just as they’re about to shoot, so we have no footage to work with. We have Q&A sessions with marketing, the commissioning editors and the production company involved to give us an idea on the premise of the show. They’ll also give us confidential copies of the scripts to read. On occasion, during the tail-end of creative development or the shoot, we’ll get a sizzle reel of snippets of stuff that’s been shot. But it’s very rough.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

How do you decide whether to promote a new show by showing clips from it, or whether to develop a creative concept for the campaign (like this one)?

Again, it depends again on the programme. On dramas, if it’s a returning series clips usually do most of the heavy-lifting, as people are more likely to be aware of the programme brand, its spirit and characters. New shows tend to get conceptual promos.

Also, as a creative department we prefer to come up with big ideas; but given we’re a broadcaster and our audience are telly-lovers, we know that TV will be a big part of any campaign.

What gave you the idea for the campaign for Humans?

Humans is set in an alternate reality: a parallel universe that’s much like our own, but where these synthetic humans are a very real part of everyday life. We thought it would be both thought-provoking and visually arresting if we treated synths as a very real possibility in the world that we live in today. How would people react? Would they be excited? Or outraged? Or would they take it for granted that this kind of technology is inevitable someday?

Did you have any concerns about misleading the public via this campaign?

We’re lucky to have a risk-taking marketing department and very brave lawyers. As we were using our own promo air-time for the TV there were less concerns than if we were to run it in commercial air-time. However, the intention was always to create a campaign that would lull people into thinking synths had arrived and were for sale. That said, the public were always just one-step away from finding out it was for a TV show. If you searched ‘Persona Synthetics’ you would be taken to a microsite which gave the game away it was for a new TV show on Channel 4.

Was there anything you wanted to do but weren’t allowed?

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

We always try and push things and our lawyers are brilliant at facilitating what’s possible within the law, but on this campaign we were lucky that we got the majority of work away.

One element we weren’t able to pull-off was a mini-protest outside the Regent Street store. We were looking to employ a group of disgruntled ‘Humans’ who were anti-synths; that people’s jobs would be at stake and that the beginning of the end was here. But, unfortunately the powers that look after Regent Street were against it; but they were great with securing the store.

How do you feel about the media/public reaction to the campaign?

Far better than we could have hoped for. We were sure some people would be fooled into thinking that synths were here, but not to the degree it manifested. Reading daily Twitter comments after the faux-TV spots ran was brilliant. And the fact we had the store, fake-press ads pushing to the store and a listing on ebay really closed the loop. Our social guys were all over it. The public were very complimentary when they realised it was an ad campaign; as were the trade press and the wider media.

Many thanks to Nik for taking the time to answer our questions. 

Humans will premiere in the UK on Sunday the 14th of June, at 9pm, on Channel 4. It will air on AMC in the US on Sunday the 28th of June.

Gadget Man Returns

26 May

As we mourn the sad demise of a much-loved BBC TV series (sob!), the return of  a channel 4 favourite next week is helping to soften the blow.

Gadget Man is back for series 4 on Monday night, with Richard Ayoade reprising his role as host.

The first episode looks at how technology can be used to make the most of a weekend – from helping with chores and assisting with a workout, to a night out and the journey home. TV presenter Steve Jones joins Richard to review the tech, before Al Murray and Sara Pascoe arrive to test out gadgets in the pub.

It all kicks off at 8.30am on Monday 1st June on Ch4. And here’s a trailer to whet your appetite…

Stag: New Dark Comedy for BBC2

20 May
© The Mirror / BBC

© The Mirror / BBC

A new dark comedy thriller commissioned by BBC Two started filming earlier this week on location in Scotland – and the cast features a couple of TVO faces!

Stag is a three-part series about a rather nasty stag weekend. It follows a meek school teacher and his future brother-in-law, plus several obnoxious friends, on a deer-stalking expedition in the Scottish Highlands. As the hunting party realises that they themselves are the prey, sordid secrets begin to emerge and old friendships are tested to the limit in a ruthless battle for survival.

The cast includes Reece Shearsmith and Rufus Jones – plus Tim Key (Inside No 9, Alan Partridge), alongside Jim Howick (Peep Show, Horrible Histories), Stephen Campbell Moore (The Wrong Mans, Our Zoo), JJ Feild (The Musketeers), James Cosmo (Game Of Thrones), Amit Shah (Silent Witness, Jekyll & Hyde) and Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary).

Jim Field Smith, Producer, Director and Co-writer of Stag has said of the mini-series: “I can’t believe this fantastic roster of talent is joining us for seven weeks of hell in the Highlands, and can only assume they haven’t read the scripts properly.”

As soon as we hear any more about the project, including its intended transmission date, (currently planned for later this year) we’ll be sure to let you know.

Discounted Tickets For Kevin Eldon – Next Week!

13 May
© The Sun

© The Sun

Fans of Kevin Eldon will be seriously chuffed to discover that there are two opportunities to see him live during the next 9 days. What’s more, we have special discount codes which you can use to benefit from reduced price tickets – so you can afford to go to both shows.

First up, you can catch Mr Eldon at Fylm School (“where comedy meets maverick cinema”), this Monday, 18th May at Soho Theatre. Hosted by Simon Munnery, this monthly night promises a night of visual, live, film-based comedy; and this month’s guests are Kevin and  Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, Liam Williams.

For more information about Fylm School and to buy tickets click on this. If you use the promo code AND6, you can get tickets for the bargain price of just £10 (a massive 50% discount)!

Next up, is an appearance on Friday 22nd May at Bush Hall. Uncle man, Nick Helm headlines, with Kevin as support. For more information and to book tickets head on over here. And if you use the promo code SHOW6, you can get these tickets for the magical price of £10 too (an even more massive 60% discount on the standard price).

Get in!

New US Series For Horgan

10 May
Source unknown

Source unknown

American comedy Divorce, developed by Sharon Horgan, has been picked up for a full series by HBO.

The show stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a woman who begins to reassess her life and her marriage, but finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.

HBO has commissioned a full series on the back of the pilot, which featured Flight Of The Conchords’ Jemaine Clement in a supporting role. It will be filmed in New York, Sarah Jessica Parker’s home turf.

Sharon will be an executive producer of Divorce through her company Merman.

US fans will be able to watch the critically-acclaimed (and hilarious) Channel 4 series Catastrophe, created by Sharon in partnership with co-star Rob Delaney, via Amazon from June. The second series is currently in development.

Eldon & Law Live

30 Apr

Kevin Eldon and Tony Law will be appearing on the same bill at a forthcoming comedy night at Leicester Square Theatre in London.



After two previous sell-out shows, A Well Known Comedian & Some Colleagues  returns with its annual comedy night for  The Neuro Foundation.

It’s quite a line-up! In addition to Eldon and Law, you can also see: Nick Helm, Adam Buxton, Michael Legge, Pete Johansson, Benny Boot, Adam Hess, Sofie Hagen, Marcel Lucont, Christian Talbot, Darren Walsh, Bec Hill and Mat Ewins.

It all takes place on Sunday 17th May from 7.30pm. Tickets are £25 (£20 conc.); for more information bout the line up and to book tickets, take a wander over here. Go on, it’s for a great cause – and tickets are going fast.

The Neuro Foundation is a charity that aim to improve the lives of those affected by Neurofibromatosis. To find out more about the great work that they do visit their website.

Berry All Above Board

27 Apr
© Acid Jazz

© Acid Jazz

We love listening to vinyl at TVO Towers – which is why we get excited about Record Store Day every year. What we don’t love is mean people taking advantage of real music fans by cynically selling on their Record Store Day booty at massively inflated prices. Boo!

And neither does Acid Jazz, it would appear.

Today the record label that represents Matt Berry put out the following statement: “Please don’t over pay for the Record Store Day single on eBay as we will be shipping them from our webstore from May 4th.” So now the real fans can get their hands on the record for a sensible price. Yay!

The Record Store Day special 7″ features Matt covering the Mark Morriss track ‘This is the Lie’ and Mark covering Matt’s track ‘October Sun’. Originally 500 copies were pressed; it’s not clear whether those which will be available from Acid Jazz next week are extra copies or form part of the original run.

Acid Jazz have also announced that from May 18th people will be able to purchase Matt’s album ‪Opium‬ on CD direct from the label. Previously these were available at Matt’s live shows, but there have also been a number of illegal copies doing the rounds. So if you want a legit CD, now’s your chance!

You can get your mitts on the music by visiting Acid Jazz’s Facebook store after the dates on which the releases have been scheduled.

Have Your Cake (And Don’t Eat It)

24 Apr


We’ve been loving the current series of Inside No. 9 from Reece Sheramsith and Steve Pemberton. So we got a bit over-excited when we spotted a prop from one of the episodes on ebay!

The pink iced cake from this week’s episode ‘Nana’s Party’ is available and open to bids. At the time of writing, the highest bid if £50, but there are 6 more days for you to save up and put your own bid in to own a piece of TV history in the b/making.

The item is described as “1 x hollow dummy 79th birthday cake, in pink. Size: 12” high, 12” across. Fits most head sizes. Slightly stabbed.” Head over here to see the cake on ebay.

You can also watch Nana’s Party on iPlayer here.

What’s more, we’ve just discovered that an Inside No. 9 prop is auctioned off on ebay every week – so there will be another one next week!

New Alan Partridge Book

19 Apr
© Amazon

© Amazon

Following hot on the heels of the news that a new series of Mid Morning Matters is in the pipeline, comes the announcement of a new Alan Partridge book!

A second volume of Alan Partridge’s autobiography is set to be published for release in 2016.  Twin brother comedy writers Neil and Rob Gibbons and Steve Coogan have said that they’ve “helped” Alan write the book, and that it will include “new Monkey Tennis revelations”.

The Gibbons brothers started working with Coogan when he brought back Partridge in Mid Morning Matters in 2011. They also worked on his first autobiography I, Partridge: We Need to talk about Alan, which was published in 2011 to rave reviews.

When the first autobiography (shown left) was published, Coogan admitted that he decided to write the DJ’s life story as a way of getting out of writing his own: “Publishers asked me to do one, but no-one asked me to do the Alan Partridge autobiography – I suggested it as a sort of deflecting device,” He said at the time.

If you fancy reading Alan’s first book, visit our Amazon store, where you’ll find it nestling alongside a stack of other rather marvellous Coogan goodies.


Mighty Laughs In Melbourne – Reviews Round Up

19 Apr

If you follow what we do, you’ll be aware that a few of ‘our lot’ are currently gigging in Australia. So how are they being received by the critics?

To find out, take a look at our round up of reviews for Noel Fielding, Paul Foot, Tony Law and Sarah Kendall below (click on the links to read the full review). We’ve also come across a few new interviews on our travels around the World Wide Web, so we’ve included those too. Don’t say we don’t look after you…

© PaulpanfergramsNoel Fielding

Noel’s show has been getting as much praise from the critics as it has from his super-enthusiastic Antipodean fans. Across the board, reviews of An Evening With Noel Fielding have been superlatively positive:

The Music awarded the show 4 stars saying, “Highly recommended, and a strong contender for comedy gig of the year.” Noel received 4.5 stars from the Herald Sun, who said, “He owns the stage as if it is his loungeroom and we have somehow sneaked in via the kitchen.”

Then another writer at The Music awarded him the top 5 stars score, stating that, “Fielding is one of our improv greats, often just launching off on tangents left and right from the script and making them work.” And finally, The Sydney Morning Herald gave the show 4 stars, noting, “It’s pleasing to report that, over the course of two hours (plus interval) Fielding delivered.”

Go Fielding (x2) + Meeten!

If you haven’t got a ticket yet for one of Noel’s shows, there are a handful left for some of the dates. Take a look here to see what’s left – but be quick! UK folk can still get tickets for his tour later this year too – via the same link.

While you’re at it, why not have a listen to Noel in this new-ish radio interview too:


Paul Foot

Paul Foot has also been wowing the critics, with consistently positive reviews of his show Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon # Major.

The Age gave him 4 stars, describing the show as, “an exquisite symphony of jubilant madness as Foot conducts the crowd, cuing the audience’s laughter and silence to amplify his offbeat delivery and timing.” And Time Out also awarded him 4 stars, noting: “It’s utterly outlandish, but beneath layers of absurdity is Foot’s sharp eye for satire, laser-pointed at British suburbia.”

Paul will be in Melbourne until tonight (Sunday), before moving on to festivals in Sydney and Perth (then returning to Blighty for shows in May). For information about the gigs and to buy tickets, visit his show diary.

Tony Law

© Tony Law

© Tony Law

There haven’t been as many reviews of Tony’s show Enter The Tone Zone available online, but we’ve uncovered a couple of new interviews, by way of compensation:

Review-wise, however, The Herald Sun gave him 3.5 stars, describing the show as, “An antidote to the predictable, the overly slick and the highly polished….Enter the Tonezone is the perfect tonic.” Sounds good to us.

Interview-wise, Liza Dezfoulo from The Beat spoke to Tony about his approach to comedy – which you can read in full here, and he was also interviewed on film by Dan Watt, which you can see there.

His final Melboune show is tonight – at 8.45pm. A few tickets are still available, which can be procured here.

Sarah Kendall

We’ve uncovered a nicely considered and thoughtful review of Sarah’s current show A Day in October.  The reviewer says of her performance: “A story like this one needs to be detailed to be effective, and Kendall has a natural ability to be incredibly descriptive but still maintain a clear and succinct structure. Everything interconnects nicely, and makes for a compelling sixty minutes.” To read the review in full check out Squirrel Comedy.

Sarah’s final Melbourne date is also this evening – at 7.15pm. To nab one click on this.

You can also read a short interview with The Herald Sun, which you can read here.

© Eugene Hyland

© Eugene Hyland

Congratulations to all of the artists for garnering such positive reviews. We hope more than a few of you managed to get to see the shows yourselves (jealous, us?).

Fulcher On Midnight

17 Apr
© Comedy Central

© Comedy Central

As per our retweet from earlier this week. Rich Fulcher appeared on yesterday’s episode of Midnight – along with Tim Minchin and Rhys Darby.

For the uninitiated, Midnight is an American late night internet-based improv panel game show on Comedy Central – which is (apparently) also syndicated in Australia on SBS2 and Canada on MuchMusic. So now you know.

The episode that includes Rich on the panel aired on 16th April and is now available to view – in its uncensored whole – here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available for us Brits to view, however. Boo! Thankfully, we can almost console ourself with a short trailer of the episode.

If you’re able to watch the show in full from your country of residence, we enviously salute you!

W1A Returns

15 Apr


W1A, the fictionalised fly on the wall documentary about life at the BBC returns for a second series later this month. The show features TVO-connected faces, Jessica Hynes (Siobhan Sharpe) and Rufus Jones (David Wilkes) amongst its cast.

The new series kicks off with a one hour special, set one year on from the first series. The team at the beeb have a new set of problems to contend with, including an impending royal visit, giving a makeover to the BBC coverage of Wimbledon, and trying to come up with the next big Factual Entertainment series after ‘Britain’s Tastiest Village’ flopped.

The first episode tackles the still-topical subject of Jeremy Clarkson (read a preview of the episode here).  You can catch it on BBC2 on 23rd April at 9pm. Sounds like a good un!

Noel Fielding’s Down Under Round Up

12 Apr


Anyone with a passing interest in Noel Fielding will probably be aware that he’s currently on the other side of the world in readiness for the start of his Australian and New Zealand tour this coming week. However, only the complete nutjobs amongst us* will be keeping track of all of the interviews he’s been doing while he’s over there – and there have been a fair few of them.

That’s just one of the reasons why we’re here: to save you time by seeking out stuff for you. So, in no particular order, here’s a handy catalogue of the conversations that Noel’s been having over there this past week…

At the beginning of the week, he spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about how conservative young folk are, about how he’s calmed down a lot in recent years, and The Music about how his next project might be set in the real world. Then there’s this here interview with Stuff and another one with Rolling Stone. Still with us? Good.

If moving pictures are more your thing, Noel also appeared on The Project (which you can see below):

…and he was on Sunrise this morning/yesterday morning (the time difference has confused us, so we’re not entirely sure what day it was!). They even included a small clip of one of our old interviews. Nice.

Noel was on Veronica and Lewis on TripleJ. The interview has very kindly been captured for our aural pleasure by yeahwehadatime (Parts 1, 2 and 3). And if that wasn’t enough, Noel gave Veronica a haircut while he was there:

He was also interviewed by Tommy Little on the Meshel & Tommy show on Nova 100 (which you can listen to via Soundcloud below) – and had a short filmed chat while he was there. Well, why not?

…then Noel spent time with Dan & Maz on 2DayFM. He also talked to Double J Radio, which you can listen to here:

If that little lot wasn’t enough, Noel’s instagram activity has also stepped up a notch while he’s been in Australia – so it’s worth keeping an eye on that for regular pictorial updates.

If you’re in the relevant hemisphere, do make sure you have a ticket for one of his live shows. It’s what it’s all about afterall! Many of the gigs have sold out already, but there are a few dates still available. Details and bookings here.

If we’ve missed anything, please let us know – and we’ll add it in if we can. And if you’re going to one of the shows this week – enjoy!

UPDATE: In the past 24 hours we’ve also had…

an interview with the Australian Guardian, in which Noel discusses the likelihood of the long-awaited Boosh film and the dangers of shaving foam, and a short video of him on Today’s Entertainment News.

Then finally, here’s a filmed bit of chat with Dan & Maz:


* that’s pretty much everyone then


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