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Raising Bees In November

21 Mar

James Cook has released the first song from his upcoming second album.

Bees In November is the first track from Cook’s new solo album which will be titled Adventures in Ausland. The album will be out later in the year but you can already satisfy your musical cravings with this little preview.

You can listen to Bees In November over at SoundCloud or here below.

If you want even more James Cook music, head on over to his Bandcamp page and remember to keep your eyes peeled for further news.


Of Mice And Bro-Men-Ce

19 Mar

As the previews for Of Mice And Men begin tonight, The New York Times has taken the time to interview Chris O’Dowd and James Franco about their bromance and the play.

© Todd Heisler/The New York Times

We’ve told you previously about Chris O’Dowd making his Broadway debut in a stage adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and now the time has come for the first real test. Tonight marks the night of the first preview and it’s sold out. In anticipation of this, The New York Times has published an interview with the two stars where they discuss their budding bromance and how pairing them together can be likened to a blind date. However, they also delve into more serious matters such as their feelings about the Steinbeck novella and how they have made the characters of Lennie (O’Dowd) and George (Franco) more accessible.

It is an interview well worth a read and as a bonus, you get to find out how Chris O’Dowd got James Franco to take off his clothes! You can find the full interview over at the New York Times website.

If you simply cannot get enough of this duo, fret not! There is an 1 hour 45 minute interview with them which you can watch over here, or you could get tickets to see the play in person! Tickets are available from the usual agents.

IAMX Has Come Back Home

25 Oct

© IAMX / Chris Corner

After months of silence, IAMX has released their new video for Come Home.

As many IAMX fans might know, frontman and singer Chris Corner has unfortunately been battling health problems which caused the band to reschedule several tour dates so that he would be able to recover. While get well wishes poured in, Corner flew back to the UK for extensive treatment but has finally broken the silence to give back the love by releasing a new music video.

Last week, Chris posted a blog update to let fans know of the video release and that it is in no way an official single release, but simply a “gift to you”. The video for Come Home, from the album The Unified Field, was directed and edited by Chris Corner himself, with added help from Janine Gezang during the filming process.

Corner writes that the release of the video pushes him “forward with a feeling of wonder and positivity for the future” and we can only agree with the sentiment. It is a clear sign that the IAMX magic is there in full force.

Enjoy this hauntingly beautiful video below or on Youtube.

Psycho Delia Goes East

10 Jul

© Emmett Green / Dee Plume

Psycho Delia will be performing at East End Live on Saturday, July 13th!

East End Live is the perfect event for music fans as it promises 60+ artists on 12 stages with just one ticket. Dee Plume and Paula Fair will take the stage at The Shoreditch just before 8pm so you will have plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere and pump yourself up.

Tickets for East End Live are a mere £16.50 and as aforementioned, this gives you access to 12 stages and over 60 acts. Who doesn’t want to spend a day listening to bands with names such as Wet Nuns, Blurt, Grumbling Fur, Good Throb, Happy Hooves and Weird Menace?

You can get your tickets to this music bonanza over here and start planning your Saturday by visiting the official website to see the full line-up.

Onion Fringes: Part 3 – Paul Foot: Words

4 Jul

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us, with a host of TVO favourites set to descend upon the city between 2nd and 26th August.  In the build up, we’re bringing you a great show to go and see every weekday – from our regulars to shows beyond the usual confines of Onion Land.

Today’s showcase brings alternative comedy madness to the table in the form of Paul Foot, a true Edinburgh Fringe veteran…

© Paul Foot


Paul Foot: Words


Underbelly Cowgate


1-25 August





Paul Foot has been described as a “national comedy treasure” by us in the past and we stick by that statement. He has been a favourite of TVO’s for long but we were far from early in our discovery. Foot has been active on the comedy circuit since 1997, a year during which he won BBC’s New Stand-Up Award, the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award and managed to become a finalist in So You Think You’re Funny.

He is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe, with the introduction of the SYTYF competition in 1997. Paul then returned to the Fringe in 2003 for his first full length show Most Wanted and has since then been at the festival every year apart from 2005 and 2006. In other words, he is well-deserving of the title of a comedy treasure and Fringe veteran with numerous 5 star reviews.


The past years has meant higher visibility for the comedian, with appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Russell Howard’s Good News. And that’s just to name a few of the big profile gigs. Moreover, what makes Foot a continuously strong contender in the world of comedy is his Guild Of Connoisseurs, his loyal fans who get the chance to attend secret gigs and are there for every step of the way.

Paul manages to tread the line between surrealism and realism in all his shows but to understand what a full Foot experience is you need to add a dash of awkwardness, a touch of interesting fashion choices and a whole lot of charm. These qualities and his innovative use of words manage to bring the audience to tears every single time.

© Paul Foot

This time around, his disturbances, stories of moist cakes, and supermarket anagrams have been left behind to make way for his new show Words. Time has shown that descriptions for Paul Foot shows are often just a delightful hint of what’s to come. Therefore, we will simply let you analyse the following statement about the show:

“No board games on this lawn, baybayyy! Face the frozen ships and dance while legless bar stools finally take their revenge. Even Auntie Eclair don’t talk and this town will never recover from the naked collage”.

It is certainly intriguing and promises a night of madness with clever turns of words that make a Paul Foot show unique.

We advise you to get your tickets as soon as possible as Paul’s Edinburgh Fringe shows are bound to sell out quickly. With a growing (and intense!) fanbase and strong material, nothing short of a complete train wreck can stand in the way of Foot’s success. And even then he would probably manage to turn the train wreck into a story that would make you reach for a tissue to dry your tears of laughter.

Words runs from 1st to 25th August at Udderbelly Cowgate. We’ll have another Edinburgh recommendation tomorrow, and every weekday throughout July, so stay peeled!

Was It Something Ayoade Said?

4 Jun

© Victoria Will

Richard Ayoade will be taking on the role of team captain on the brand new panel show from Channel 4 Was It Something I Said?

The initial press releases for Was It Something I Said? promised a “massive new intelligent comedy show” with “two massively known comedian team captains” – and they certainly delivered!

The show will be hosted by David Mitchell (Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look) and will feature Ayoade as one of the team captains with Micky Flanagan on the other team.

Was I Something I Said? is an interactive primetime TV panel show where the teams will be battling it over…words. Literary knowledge, quotes, film dialogue – anything and everything to do with words! Of course, this means it is a perfect fit for Renaissance man, Ayoade.

Furthermore, viewers will have the opportunity to participate themselves. For the very first time in television history, everyone at home will be able to play along through Twitter, and have the opportunity to receive bonus content as they watch.

The show will also include other comedy panelists and each episode will have a guest narrator. Who knows, we might just see some other familiar faces!

You will be able to catch Was It Something I Said? on Channel 4 in July but we have great news for the impatient fans! Tickets are currently available via Applause Store if you want to be there in person (please note that the age limit is 18+).

And don’t forget to keep peeling for updates on the series’ panelists and narrators!

Psycho Video Madness

28 May

Yesterday, we saw the release of Psycho Delia‘s first single 2 Degrees Of Separation and today the official music video is out.

Dee Plume‘s solo project Psycho Delia started out on the live circuit but slowly developed into a fully realised concept. Now fans can finally feast their eyes on the first (of many, we hope!) music video from the forthcoming album release.

The video for 2 Degrees Of Separation is a high-energy visual madness created by Pat Grimm and shows Dee Plume and Emmett Green frolicking in colours with countless accessories, finger puppets and catchy lyrics. Watch the pop art affair below or on Youtube, and don’t forget to download the single.


It’s Your Choice At The TV Awards

27 May

It’s time for you to do the choosing… as the voting for the annual TV Choice Awards is open once again!

© TV Choice Magazine

The TV Choice Magazine’s awards are open for voting for the 17th time and this year’s ceremony will be hosted by Ben Miller. The event will take place on September 9 but fans have the opportunity to vote for their favourite shows and actors until midnight, June 14.

© Baby Cow Productions / Sky Atlantic

As always, we bring you the news because a variety of TVO regulars have made it onto the longlist. In the first category ‘Best New Drama’ we have Utopia which featured Simon Farnaby and Dan Tetsell, and will go up against Mr. Selfridge and The Village.

Unsurprisingly, the category of ‘Best Comedy Series’ proves to be jam-packed with members of our roster. You can vote for Friday Night Dinner (Matthew Holness), Sky sitcom Mount Pleasant (Alex Kirk, James Bachman), Chris O’Dowd‘s award winning sitcom Moone Boy. As if that’s not enough, you can also find Julia Davis‘s amazing (and well-deserving of all the awards) series Hunderby in this category.

‘Best International Series’ includes worldwide smash hit Game Of Thrones which features the talented Tony Way and, as of the current third series, Paul Kaye.

Neil Maskell from Utopia and Kill List can be found in the category ‘Best Actor’ while Hollyoaks with regular cast member Dan Tetsell is up for ‘Best Soap’.

So get those voting fingers ready but note that you can only vote once per person so make it count. You have until midnight on June 14 to cast your vote over at the TV Choice Awards’ website.

2 Degrees Of Released

27 May

© Patrycja Grimm

It’s release day for Psycho Delia!

The new single 2 Degrees Of Separation from Dee Plume as Psycho Delia is now available for download. This of course means you can now bop around to it every day on your way to work, school, the grocery shop or karate practice. So get those downloading goggles on and head on over to iTunes to get your own copy.

If you simply cannot get enough, you can watch a live, acoustic performance of 2 Degrees Of Separation on BalconyTV to further psych yourself up.

Onion Talking: Noblesse Oblige – It’s An Affair Of The Heart

24 May

With a new album out today, The Velvet Onion took the chance to welcome Noblesse Oblige onto the TVO roster. In order to give you, the peelers, a proper introduction we exchanged a few words with the band to discuss the new release and to find out a bit more about who they were.

© Thomas Peter

Valerie Renay and Sebastian Lee Philipp are the duo known as Noblesse Oblige and they came to our attention through their collaborations with familiar TVO names Chris Corner, IAMX and James Cook. Renay and Philipp formed the band after having met at a masked ball in London in 2004 and two years later they released their debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility. The album generated a lot of buzz on the international club scene and cemented the musical success of the band. Noblesse Oblige made the move from London to Berlin in 2007 and began working on their second album In Exile, a move which signalled a change from electro-indie music to chanson pop.

The duo is constantly evolving and their fourth album Affair Of The Heart marks the end of the voodoo inspired area of Malady (2010) and welcomes a Noblesse Oblige that breathes electropop and modern 80s energy. With Affair Of The Heart, the ties between TVO familiars and the band strengthened as the album was recorded at Chris Corner’s Berlin studio Turmwerk and the duo enlisted the IAMX frontman to direct the first single Runaway.

Today the album is officially released and The Velvet Onion had a chitchat with Noblesse Oblige to celebrate the occasion.

Hello and welcome to TVO! For our readers who don’t know much about you, could you describe Noblesse Oblige in one sentence?

Sebastian: We’re a French/German, black/white, hot/cold duo that likes electronic music and red wine.

When you initially met in London in 2004, was it infatuation at first sight or what made you get together and decide to form Noblesse Oblige?

Valerie: I was looking for a musician while Sebastian was already making music with a singer. We instantly ‘clicked’ and started working on songs together. We then had our first gig, went on tour with the Dresden Dolls and got signed by UK label HorseGlue that released our first single the following year. It all happened very fast!

Noblesse Oblige is of course French for “nobility obliges” but how did you decide on that name?

V: I used to do a party called Aristocracy in a London gallery and when the gallery closed Noblesse Oblige was going to be the name of the next soiree… I never found a venue but instead I found Sebastian who instantly liked the name! Continue reading

A Busy Psycho

22 May

© Dee Plume / Mercedes Grower

Dee Plume is a busy lady with a new website, new Psycho Delia gigs and new interviews!

The singer has launched a brand new website to keep fans informed about her upcoming live shows, stills from forthcoming videos as well as other bits and bobs.  If you are curious to see what’s to come for Psycho Delia or just want to revisit some old classics, head on over to check it out.

Impatient fans are in luck, as Plume is set to perform various gigs over the coming weeks. She will take the stage at the Alley Cat bar in London tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May , as part of Tiger Tails. It’s a night that promises “rip-roaring girl fronted action” from Iraq, Jettyson and the one and only Psycho Delia. You can find more information about the night on Psycho Delia’s official Facebook.

Don’t forget that Plume will be performing at Tatty Devine’s Brick Lane store on Sunday 26th May which you can read about in our earlier post and will also be doing an acoustic set at the Camden Rocks festival on 1st June.

Furthermore, you can get another dose of Dee as she spoke to The F-Word about the difference between Robots in Disguise and Psycho Delia, the upcoming collaboration with the Peruvian artist Maricarmen Felices, and her various song writing inspirations.

As if all of this isn’t enough, you can now feast your eyes and ears on a live performance of the new single 2 Degrees of Separation. The performance is featured on BalconyTV and includes a short interview afterwards. Find out what her pimped out guitar is all about over yonder or watch it below, and then give it some love!

2 Degrees Of Psycho Delia

26 Apr

© Emmett Green / Dee Plume

You can now go completely bonkers for Psycho Delia‘s new single 2 Degrees Of Separation.

Psycho Delia’s new single 2 Degrees Of Separation is available to listen to on SoundCloud right now before it’s officially released on May 27th. You are allowed to press repeat how many times you want, and we highly advise you to get up and shake what your mama gave you.

There’s also an incentive for the musically inclined peelers because Dee Plume has announced that the person that does the best cover of the single will win a t-shirt, handmade by the Psycho herself.

You can also delve deeper into the mind of the kooky Robots In Disguise singer by heading over to the Pretty On The Inside Blog to read a recent Q&A that includes answers to questions such as “what is the best advice you have ever received?”.

Don’t forget that you can see Psycho Delia perform live at LottaRox’s London Summer Festival on May 2nd, which you can read about here.

Reality Is Outside For Page

25 Apr

© Dave Brown

Joey Page will be doing a warm-up gig at the Etcetera Theatre in London.

The comedian is returning to Camden’s Etcetera Theatre on Tuesday, April 30, to do a warm-up gig for his upcoming Edinburgh show. True to his general aesthetic, the show is titled Reality Is Outside, Paradise Is In Your Brain and is described as  “surreal and inventive humour featuring offbeat characters and flights of fancy.”

The evening promises magical humour so why not take the change to escape the dull monotony of everyday life?  It’s a right bargain, just £5, and you can book your ticket now over yonder.

Go Wild For Ralfe Art

25 Apr

© Ralfe Band

Ralfe Band fans now have the opportunity to see Oly Ralfe‘s paintings in person!

Oliver Ralfe will have ten of his paintings on show down in Oxford at the restaurant and café Oxfork. The paintings will be on exhibit until the end of April and keen minds can ogle Ralfe’s art while enjoying drool-worthy food such as stuffed organic lamb, garlic frittata and lemon and orange tart.

Furthermore, Ralfe Band’s new album Son Be Wise, featuring artwork by Oly, will be released on June 3rd with their new single Come On Go Wild out now. The band is currently on tour with I Am Kloot with three shows remaining in  Leicester, Holmfirth and Liverpool before they go on tour with Alessi’s Ark.

You can get the full show schedule on Ralfe Band’s facebook events page as well as more information regarding Oly’s art.

Don’t miss out and don’t fork-get to download the new single on iTunes!

Whole Lotta Psycho Delia

23 Apr

© Dee Plume

Come along to Psycho Delia‘s first London show at LottaRox for her 2 Degrees of Separation single release.

Dee Plume as Psycho Delia will play at LottaRox’s London Summer Festival warm-up at Babblejar in Stokey, where she will be turning up the volume whilst sharing the bill with Native Tongue, who will be doing their first show of 2013, as well as V E E N and many many more acts!

If you want to start off your bank holiday weekend with a bang and be there for Plume’s single release – Babblejar is the place to be on Thursday, May 2nd!

Tickets are a mere £4 and can be purchased over here. You can visit the Facebook event page for additional information.

Remember, you can always get more Psycho Delia action on Twitter as well as her brand new Facebook page.

Quiet Your Mind At Christmas

24 Dec

As a special treat at Christmas Eve, IAMX has released a video for Quiet The Mind!

The song is a part of the single The Unified Field, which was released earlier this month. So go forth and frolic in the musical treat IAMX has made for you. All directed, shot and edited by Chris Corner and Danny Drysdale in the lovely city of Berlin, and you can enjoy the video below or over at IAMX’s Youtube channel.

You can also watch the video for The Unified Field here, and to make it a true IAMX Christmas – head over to PledgeMusic to listen to and download the free version of Douce Nuit (Silent Night) as performed by Chris Corner himself.

Don’t forget that IAMX will be heading out on tour soon, take a look at the tour dates here to find your nearest one. Merry Christmas!

The Unified Mind

4 Dec


The new IAMX single is officially available for download!

Eager fans can now find The Unified Field, the new single from the forthcoming fifth IAMX album, on all major online stores worldwide.

As we mentioned earlier, the double A-sided single features more than just this track. You will also get two remixes of the song and an additional track called Quiet the Mind.

Furthermore, if you want some visuals to go along with your music – you are in luck. You can watch the recently released video for The Unified Field and simply revel in its cinematic glory.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon or iTunes to download your copy!

We Are One In The Unified Field

30 Nov
© Chris Corner

© Chris Corner

At last! The official video for IAMX‘s new single The Unified Field is out now for your viewing pleasure!

While IAMX’s fifth album The Unified Field will be released in early 2013, the first single from the album will be hitting the shelves already on December 3rd. Chris Corner, singer and front-man, explains that the single, which has given the album its name, is based on “scientific theory rooted in quantum physics, that intends to bring together all other scientific theories and to bridge the gaps between consciousness, spirituality and science”. While that whole concept might make your head spin, just know that it fits in just as well at a dance club as in a haunted forest.

The video for The Unified Field has been modified from a short film made by a groups of Australian film makers. Chris Corner reportedly approached the film makers after stumbling upon their work online and loved their stuff. After working together to make some tweaks and modifications – a music video had been made. You can watch the brand spanking new video on YouTube or here below.

As mentioned, the official single release is set for December 3rd but you can already listen to snippets of the songs on Amazon. The double A-sided single will include The Unified Field, remixes of the single and a second track, Quiet the Mind. A music video for the latter will be released around Christmas.

Continue reading

Metropolitan Wo(man)

23 Nov

© David Bailey

After a successful appearance on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, Julia Davis goes on to conquer the printed media.

Earlier this week, the actress was interviewed by Metro in connection to the DVD release of Hunderby. This subject also brought forward a discussion regarding the general state of British TV comedy and where Davis’s dark humour came from. You can read the full interview at the Metro website.

Julia Davis is not the only Booshniverse member who has been featured in Metro recently. The monkey master and primate prodigy Peter Elliott, who was Bollo in series one of The Mighty Boosh , gave an interview which might give you a little insight to what it means to be the man in the monkey suit. Curious to find out more about series one Bollo? Head on over here!

The fabulous Hunderby DVD is out now and you can order your copy over at The Velvet Onion Store!

Chatterby Davis

14 Nov

© Channel 4

The lovely Julia Davis is set to appear on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man this Friday.

The comedy actress will be joining Carr to chat about the DVD release of Hunderby but will also talk about Nighty Night and much more. The show was filmed today (November 14th) and you can see two preview photos here and here.

Apart from Davis, viewers will be treated to a jam-packed show featuring comedian John Bishop, the Spice Girls ladies Mel C, Emma Button and Geri Halliwell and also Rita Ora who will perform her latest single.

This episode of Chatty Man will air on Friday, November 16, at 10pm on Channel 4 and later be available on 4oD.

Don’t forget that Hunderby is released on November 19 and you can pre-order your copy of the Hunderby DVD over at The Velvet Onion Store now!


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