Russians Get Booshed

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The Mighty Boosh is now entertaining audiences in Russia via satellite station 2×2.

The channel, which was founded in 1989 and relaunched in 2007 after a period of closure, focuses on animation imports during the day, and it seems, comedy at night.

As well as the Boosh, Russian viewers can also watch Dan Clark in How Not To Live Your Life and Matt Berry in The Wrong Door, as well as Peep Show, Trigger Happy TV and the magnificent creation that is The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

It’s unclear to us non-Russian speaking peelers how long the channel has been broadcasting these shows, but YouTube user DamnRuTube uploaded this fascinating (and rather well made) trailer this week.

Russian TVO readers were quick to get in touch, and had this to say…
Cheers from Russia!

I can’t say when exactly they put the show on air, but I recall watching it on 2×2 this winter. However I’ve learnt about the show from the internet and I must say the original version is way more interesting. The translation is correct, but the humour fades… Anyway the Mighty Boosh is well known here and it certainly has gained fans in Russia

AFAIR, I started to watch TMB on 2×2 in august, last year. And I’m absolutely agree w/ Larisa – the subtitles/original version ftw! But anyway, I’m grateful to 2×2 for that discovery, ‘cos before the tv broadcasting I just heard about The Mighty Boosh. Now I’m booshed fair and square!


Greetings from Russia. I watched this awesome serial when was searching on some british comedy like IT Crowd or How Not To Live Your Life which are famous here too. So I watched all the episodes and live perfomances and was very pleased with talent of Noel, Barratt and their team. One thing I had to say that I downloaded all the videos from the Internet cause we don`t have any good enough dvd-store here or smth. But I ordered Mighty Book and it`s amazing too! Hope you doing good, bye!
– tigr_sp

I’m from Russia and am a huge fan but i only watched a couple of episodes on 2×2. i agree with the others, the original version is the best. however, if i were to choose between the dubbed version and the subtitles i’d go for the former. there are a few mistakes in the translation but the subs are just horrible… anyway it’s great that the series is broadcasted here at all, the Russian fanbase is growing rapidly. more and more people are starting to take interest in Boosh-related stuff and British comedy and TV in general. but of course for most of us the language barrier is a problem. thankfully, there are those mentalists devoted fans who actually translate nearly every British series or TV film they can find and share with the rest. Nathan Barley remains untranslated but i think i probably am going to do it myself. still, TV projects like NMTB or QI can be appreciated by very few people…

to put a long story short: we love British TV! <3 and awaiting “Journey of the childmen”
– MaryAnjel

3 Responses to “Russians Get Booshed”

  1. Kiira August 11, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    I’m really sorry to say, but the picture at this page isn’t correct. It isn’t Russian national flag. It’s Dutch!
    Russian one have white-blue-red colours.

    The show is good, I watched it with the subtitles.

    • didymusbrush August 12, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

      Hi Kiira – Thanks for letting us know. That’ll teach me to google image search flags!

      We’ll endeavor to get this fixed asap!

  2. Daria April 30, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    kinda late, but anyway… i think it’s not really possible to fully enjoy the show watching it with subtitles or any translation whatsoever. the humour doesn’t just fade – without adequate wordplay translation it sometimes turns into some kind of set of weird phrases. good to think that some of my Russian friends got interested in British English after watching the show.

    by the way, thanks to TVO for the awesome interviews with Noel. and we’re all watching the Luxury Comedy here. cheers!

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