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A new Mighty Boosh fansite has been launched with a very familiar name. is now live, and looking very good indeed.

We wouldn’t usually post stories like this, but the history of the two Onions is somewhat convoluted and unspoken.  To clear the air and sense of confusion, allow me to explain the facts.

Both we at and the two people running had the bright idea of naming our different Boosh-related websites after the ultra-cool club featured in the third series of The Mighty Boosh.  As it happened, our site launched first and has grown rapidly in readership, receiving support from a number of those we’re promoting the work of.  Yesterday we reported our biggest daily readership to date, and with great (and top secret!) plans lined up for the future of The Velvet Onion, we’d like to thank you all for coming back to peel us on a daily basis.

The other Velvet Onion is taking a different slant to us, and does a few things we don’t.  It works as an invaluable guide to The Mighty Boosh’s exploits on television, and offers fans a chance to interact with unique galleries of fan-art, wallpapers, screencaptures – you name it.  The site looks great, and will no doubt grow and grow.

Whilst we here at are not affiliated with the DotNet site, its owners Sarah and Sandra have been in contact with us, and we all share the same desire to give something back the people that have brought us all together.  We wish them the best of success with their endeavors. Go peel them too.

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