Sue And The Unicorn

This evening (Friday 14th September) Sue Denim will be performing in London; the last date on her UK tour off the back of her debut album And The Unicorn.
If you didn’t get the chance to see her perform her tunes in your town, then you still have the chance tonight to get lost in Sue’s world.

To remind you of why you shouldn’t miss this great chance this evening, Aggie & Paulyne have taken it upon themselves to jot down every thought that comes to mind when playing And The Unicorn. So why not have a read with the album playing in the background, or order yours now to see what you’ve been missing!

© Emli Bendixen / Sue Denim

1. Bicycle
The first song (and first single) of the album is as the title suggests a song about bicycles. One might even call it a love song! Evokes vivid imagery as you imagine Sue riding her bike through the woods, up the mountains, at the beach and all the way back again. Whether you’re an avid biker or stuck on a bus, you will feel the wind in your hair. Also beware, Bicycle will make you hum “nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah something something something dreaming…” all day long as you start making up your own “nah nah nah nah something something’s”. Believe us, we’re currently something something something writing.

One word to describe the song: Uplifting
If this song would be an animal, it would be a: Stork

2. Brewster McCloud
If you shut your eyes, you may see a campfire, people swaying, some relaxing under a starry sky. Brewster McCloud is the ultimate chill-out song. A true festival number when the sun’s about to set. The first half making you feel lighter than air then the crescendo propelling you through to the light at the end of a tunnel. The song may reference the 1970’s feature film but I relate it to the timeless classic Peter Pan.

One word: Dreamy
Animal: Half dove half half Highland Terrier puppy

3. I’m Not An Island
Denim brings sense of floating in the air to the table with I’m Not An Island. It instantly makes you breathe easier, deeper and you want to follow the instruction to “let it all wash over me”. Features some gorgeous piano playing in the background, a fact which adds an extra dimension of dreaminess to the track.

One word: Mellow
Animal: Frog

4. Hollow
The echo of this track creates the perfect atmosphere for the song Hollow. A beautiful acoustic song expressing “But I couldn’t love you more” in whatever circumstances and creating the ‘hollow’ feeling of loss. The tone of this song is quite dark but Sue’s voice creates quite an optimistic and uplifting element to what would be deemed a sad song; as if finding hope in a bad situation.

One word: Emotional
Animal: Ginger kitten

5. Superunicorn
Superunicorn is not my favourite track of And The Unicorn because there’s something missing. The structure of the melody gives it a sense of gradual climb up to a climax which sadly doesn’t come. All the drama in the music and vocals has the potential to be more, especially considering that the track is mere 1:41 long. It is by no means a bad song, it just lacks that extra oomph. Nevertheless, the beginning of Superunicorn succeeds in making you want to listen closely to the lyrics.

One word: Stormy
Animal: Shetland pony

© Emli Bendixen

6. Pleasure Garden
A personal favourite of mine on the entire album and slightly different turn for Sue. Hearing inspiration from Kate Bush and going from soft and delicate to a sugar-shelled Sue with added chilli spice. Quite sexy and scary at the same time, intimidating and intriguing. This side to Sue may give you a slap then hug you straight after – and you’ll enjoy it.

One word: An oxymoron!
Animal: Grey squirrel

7. For JT & Carson & Emli
In this ode to books, Denim brilliantly manages to convey the sensation of sitting down in a comfortable chair to read a book and then never once looking away from its pages until you have finished the complete thing. The way you can lose yourself in the created world of a brand new novel or an old classic. Denim matches the melody, lyrics and pace in a way that you feel like you are reading your favourite book while you are listening to this song. For JT & Carson & Emli is one of the strongest tracks of the album and will surely be one of the fan favourites. It is a song for the ages.

One word: Comfy (and fuzzy and warm)
Animal: Butterfly

8. Pick Me Up
So jolly it’ll be impossible for you to not bob about to this track. Weather the clouds are grey or the wind is rough you’ll still be tapping your heels and jumping in the fallen leaves below you.

With an almost immaturity to it yet the lyrics ‘You could be good for me’ are so confident. If any of you have your eye on a new romantic conquest why not try that line out and let us know!

One word: Colourful
Animal: Red squirrel

9. Walking Into Walls
Another one of those songs where you can’t help yourself as you start swaying along to the melody. Listening to Walking Into Walls is like being a piece of straw on field while a gentle breeze is blowing. Sue’s gentle vocals suit the song and give the track a sense of fragility. There are no over-powering instruments in the background, making it seem as if it is a song between just you and Denim. It is also a good (and clever) choice to follow Pick Me Up as it relaxes you and prepares you for the final track The Plan.

One word: Calm
Animal: Bearded dragon

10. The Plan
A lovely conclusion to the album. Simply Sue and her piano. The imagery from this song is a cup of herbal tea, a large sofa and a best friend. Just let the last few ticking moments let you drift and absorb the roller-coaster of the album you’ve just experienced.

One word: Chillout
Animal: Hare

© Emli Bendixen

Sue Denim’s début solo album And The Unicorn will ultimately put a smile on your face with its organic flow. As in most albums there are high and low points but all in all, it is a solid début with a sound which cannot be mistaken for anything else than Sue Denim. Most importantly, it gives you a sense of who Denim is as an artist and pinpoints her brand. With a mix upbeat songs (Bicycle, Pick Me Up) and flowy, natural tracks (Walking Into Walls,  For JT & Carson & Emli) And The Unicorn is simple but makes an impact. We don’t think anyone who picks up this album will be disappointed.

If you want more information about Sue Denim, head on over to her official website where you can purchase her album right now.

You can get tickets to her show (tonight, Friday 14th!) at the O2 Academy in Islington here, and we promise that you won’t regret it. Doors open at 6.30pm.

Tell us what you think!

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