Bunny & The Bull

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Bunny And The Bull is available now on dvd and blu-ray.

The film, directed by Mighty Boosh director Paul King, stars Edward Hogg & Simon Farnaby as two flatmates, Stephen & Bunny. Stephen (Hogg) is a profoundly neurotic young man suffering from a recent bout of agoraphobia, recalling a disastrous vacation in Europe with his friend Bunny (Farnaby).

Bunny And The Bull also features cameo appearances from Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade, plus a soundtrack from The Ralfe Band.

While none of the online retailers seem to list the extras for the dvd or blu-ray, we can confirm the following additional features.

* Audio commentary by Paul King & members of the cast.

* Paul King’s guide to the film.

* Interviews with the cast & crew.

* Behind the scenes featurette.

* Bloopers reel.

You can buy both from all good retailers now, but if you can’t wait to go to the shops, you can order them via Amazon.co.uk & The Velvet Onion Store below.

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The Velvet Onion contributor BabyOnFire gives her view on the release below.


The day has finally come! Everyone is now ordered to order the smashing Bunny And The Bull as it is now on sale on DVD and Blu-ray!

If anyone was unfortunate enough to have not seen it whilst it was out in a handful of Independent cinemas, Bunny And The Bull takes you on a most spectacular journey, as Stephen (Edward Hogg) thinks back to his adventure across Europe with his best friend Bunny (Simon Farnaby) whilst he slowing but surely attempts to leave the comfort of his own flat, which he has failed to do for the past year.

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When you watch BatB it really is difficult not to be in complete awe of its magnificent plot, or the delicious backdrop that all the characters are taken through. I speak as an aspiring Director when I say that Paul King’s pure imagination goes beyond anything that I could even consider producing from essentially a blank piece of paper.

What stands out from everything else is the sets in the film, with heavy use of back projection. It’s an interesting style, as the characters are constantly enveloped in a look straight out of Paddington Bear or Mr Ben. One of the screenings that I attended, at the Curzon, included a Q&A afterwards with King himself. Obviously I was beaming with excitement, and my laryngitis that day still didn’t stop me from asking just one of the many, many questions that I had for him: Exactly when did he have the imagery for the film planned? Was it thought of because of budget constraints or was it planned in parallel to him writing?

The look of the film is obviously very important to him, as it reflects and reminds you that what you are seeing is simply Stephen’s nostalgia; that everything he is remembering is somewhat emphasised or taken way beyond reality because Stephen is only human. All human beings will say they saw a spider the size of their fist when it was really no bigger than your big toe. So if, for example, they came across a homeless man and his dog on their travels, that will turn into a crazy 7 foot yeti man with 10 dogs, one of which is his wife!

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Paul’s answer to my question (after his sweet and very unnecessary apology for ‘rambling’) was smiple: “Very early. The script.” And that answer was enough to convince me that he truly put his heart and soul into this film.

Bunny And The Bull proves that if you have a gripping script, a Director with a clear vision and the dedication of ten men then you can achieve something beautiful!

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The fact that when the budget had been reached, King was given the choice of raising more but having to wait longer, and he chose to just go for it, instinctively suggests a man at the top of his creative game, creating something that no Spielberg with a multi million dollar budget could achieve. The end result wasn’t only a joy to look at – Paul is now currently in development for the live action Paddington Bear film on the back of his debut!

So if you haven’t ordered Bunny & the Bull yet… go out and get it, and see magic in solid form!

This DVD really does spoil you with Special Features, ‘Behind the Scenes’ is an insightful featurette that delves into the background and context of the characters and the casting choices, includes interviews with all the main cast, the director, producer – and provides snippets of interviews with Noel and Julian about their cameos. We’re shown some of the on-set antics and laughs whilst shooting, and it really does come across in this that it was a family environment.

The bloopers, although short, provide some great moments – including practical jokes from the crew and the classic line botch-ups that everyone loves.

The interviews with Edward Hogg (Stephen) and Simon Farnaby (Bunny) are a fun and casual feature for anyone who’s interested in the background of the film, how/why they were cast and their relationship with King.

There are also some great anecdotes about dogs with halitosis and disappontingly timid Bulls.

Paul King’s interview is more for film aficionados who are interested in the technical aspects of the movie. King goes into his thought process while writing, who he had in mind for certain characters, how Farnaby was a large inspiration for the Bunny character, his background and King’s personal opinion on the final film.

Likewise, King’s ‘Empire featurette’ (available to read in Empire issue 247) is more for the film buffs who would like to better understand the way his mind-cogs work. This is a great, hilarious featurette where Paul King shows the side to him that went into the great comedy writing in Bunny. It ends with a fantastic moment where Paul King reads Empires review himself. This really is a must see! Simply hilarious.

For the mega film nerds, there’s also a feature where Paul King commentates through certain scenes in amazing detail, talking through how the backdrops and sets were achieved, also the after effects and stop-framing. Fascinating stuff.

Watching the deleted scenes is basically 5 minutes of ‘Awwing’ at how much was cut from the film itself. There really are some gems here and it was a shame they didn’t make it to the film. Short and sweet, nothing that would have taken the plot in a completely different direction but some nice one-liners.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this film!

Click here to order Bunny And The Bull on dvd.

Click here to order Bunny And The Bull on blu-ray.

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    […] You can read the interview over at Roll Credits right here, and see it as a timely reminder, if you’ve not already purchased Bunny And The Bull to pick up the film on dvd via The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.  It’s a glorious piece of work – that manages to break your heart and warm your cockles at the same time.  You can read BabyOnFire’s in depth review of the film exclusively here. […]

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