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Most of you won’t have heard of him – yet, but he has worked with Rich Fulcher and looks set to be a big name very soon.

As part of our occasional glance into the lesser known names of Booshdom, afroharold takes a look at writer, actor and internet star Hayden Black.

I first became aware of Hayden and his work via his web series Goodnight Burbank, a spoof news programme that showed what happens behind the scenes once the cameras have stopped rolling. I had been told Rich Fulcher was in this show, so I had to watch! Goodnight Burbank had proper characters and a plot that made sense and was 100 times better than the few other web shows I had seen, which seemed mainly to involve people doing stupid stunts with supermarket trolleys.

As I was catching up with Burbank, Hayden was also working on his next show: Abigail’s Teen Diary. If I’m honest I didn’t really want to watch it. The original title (Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary) was a bit dodgy, afterall, but on the strength of Goodnight Burbank I plucked up the courage and watched the first episode.

I am really glad I did. Abigail… is a funny, bittersweet comedy, starring Hayden as 13 year old Abigail Hannon, who has a genetic disorder (‘Bloomberger’s Syndrome’) that makes her look like a 30-something man. Through the whole series Abigail’s positive outlook and determination to do her best is joyful. There are some really sad moments, and some really silly ones, and again, there are several episodes starring Rich Fulcher.

Hayden’s latest work is The Cabonauts, a musical sci-fi comedy set in the year 2183. Each episode involves a guest passenger carried through space in the back of Cyril (Black) and Harry’s (Norm Thoeming) space-cab. They are joined by their Boss CJ, (played by Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols), CJ’s deceased Grandma and their computer, Lolita (Monica Young).

The Cabonauts is in pre-production at the moment, and looks like it is going to be a huge hit. The pilot episode guest stars Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse) and James C. Leary (Buffy), and later episodes will feature further stars from vintage and current science fiction. Each episode will feature a singing and dancing routine which will be remixed by – among others – Heaven 17 and Jo Callis.

Last October Hayden also found the time to write and star in The Occulterers, a spoof on those ghost hunting shows, which was shown in the week up to Halloween on babelgum.com, who are also hosting the latest series of Goodnight Burbank – Hollywood Report. This series focuses on Hollywood gossip between the antics of the news crew. Click here to see episodes.

I’ve been following Hayden’s work for a couple of years now, and he always makes funny, well written comedies. His Twitter feed is very funny if a little naughty sometimes. I think you will find something you like if you take a look at his work.

We’ll be posting an exclusive interview with Hayden in the next few days. If you want to find out more about Hayden and his work while you’re waiting, click here.

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