Penelope Party

In July 2010, a free party was held in New York to premier (and celebrate!) Kristen Schaal’s Penelope Princess of Pets, which also stars Julian Barratt.  One of our New York peelers, the very marvellous SashaM, was there to witness proceedings.  Here’s what she had to say:

© SashaM

“You guys are our best friends!” Announces Kristen Schaal to the audience, not long after she and partner Kurt Braunohler take the stage. It’s 9pm and the room is packed. All of the seats are filled and another 20 or so people are sitting on the floor. Kurt and Kristen start the night with a short routine that involves pretending to be lawyers and Kristen miming the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. Then came a special appearance by Ruby, Penelope’s substance-addicted bird. The audience loves it.   New York-based comedian Eugene Mirman was also there and did a short set that consisted of explaining how he was infiltrating the Tea Party and all of the ways he was screwing with them.

The Penelope Princess of Pets pilot utilized a number of instances from the web series. But because the premise of the pilot is a little different from the web series, while these situations are recognizable they don’t feel stale. One example would be when Penelope and Kyle are backed into an alley by an angry mob (or police officers, in the pilot) and Penelope summons the birds in the area to save them. Also, the pilot takes place in England, whereas the web series doesn’t.  As I’m sure all of you Onion readers know, Julian Barratt is in the pilot as evil MP Stone as is Simon Farnaby, who plays a strange man on a bus who tells Kyle a story about wearing a shark and subsequently being eaten by, and living in, a whale (you had to be there).

After the show, I got to talk with Kristen for a few minutes. I asked her if there was any chance of the pilot (which was filmed at least a year ago) being picked up by any TV stations. Apparently, many stations passed on the show because of its (wonderful) quirkiness, but there is still a chance MTV might pick it up. I also asked her how Julian Barratt came to be on the show. Apparently The Boosh TV show and Penelope share a producer which is how it came about, and Kristen and I both agreed how perfect he was for the part.”

Thanks to SashaM for the review – it sounds like a good night!

If you want to see more of SashaM’s photos from the event, or if you fancy reviewing a Booshniverse happening for us yourself,  why not visit our forum?  Just click on this fetching green button here for easy access….

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