Matt Berry At The Winchester Film Festival

Matt Berry attended a Q&A session at the Winchester Film Festival on April 10th.  As none of the Velvet Onion crew were able to attend this event one of our very own forum members, Lucia, very kindly offered to write us a review.  Read what she has to say and be insanely jealous that you couldn’t be there:

© Gretel Keyte

“After watching episodes from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The IT Crowd, Snuff Box and AC/DC; A Rock Opera, which were all fantastic and engaging episodes, there was a chance for a Q & A session with the man himself – Matt Berry.

Sadly, from a number of topics that came up I can only remember a hand full of them – so apologies in advance.

One of the questions I distinctly remember – for obvious reasons – is that out of coprophilia, necrophilia and bestiality; which one would he do if he had to? I will not leave you in suspense – bestiality.

Thankfully, that did not set the bar for the night’s questions and it soon moved on to a number of interesting questions, those which I remember, I will now list here:

When asked about his favourite project he told us that he particularly enjoyed Snuff Box because if was something he worked on from its conception. He later also suggested, when questioned about working in the television and film industry to go with your gut and not listen to others because when he did the hanging scene in the first episode of Snuff Box, many told him (from his current girlfriend all the way to the BBC) that he shouldn’t start with that because he wouldn’t be asked to work again – as we see him still working today, I would say that is very wise advice.

When questioned in further detail later on about Snuff Box he did confirm that the Snuff Box character Sir Charles Berry was supposed to be Jack the Ripper.

When asked if he had played a prank on anyone he told us of a time when he once put a goldfish in someone’s drink during filming (though sadly refused to tell us who) and as it was supposed to be a serious scene, I imagine it would have been very difficult not to laugh!

He also confirmed a fifth season for the IT crowd, whose fourth season will be airing shortly (Editor’s note: June 25th!).

Finally…To end the night, he also gave out 4 signed DVD’s (though sadly I didn’t get one) and stayed afterwards to sign autographs and take for pictures.

All in all, a fantastic night and a great Thank You! to Matt Berry for taking the time to answer questions (even the odd ones…) and for sharing some of his work.

A big thanks to Lucia for the report and to Gretel for letting us use her photo!

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