Sightseers Goodies

To celebrate the UK cinema release of SIGHTSEERS – we gave away some exclusive printable goodies.

The film is written by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, who also star as nerdy caravanners turned serial killers Chris & Tina.  Directed by probably THE Brit director of the moment, Ben Wheatley, and co-starring Richard Glover, Eileen Davies, Monica Dolan, Jonathan Aris, Richard Lumsden and Rachel Austin, the film also features cameo appearances from Tony WayTom Meeten and Antony Elvin.

Below are your own Sightseers doorknockers as an exclusive from us, and you can also print out your missing dog posters for poor ol’ Banjo.

Download your exclusive door knocker by clicking on this image.

Download your Lost Banjo poster by clicking on this image.

All of this great stuff is being brought to you by us, because we genuinely care about this project deeply.  The team have made an absolute corker of a film, and to us, it summarises everything that’s magnificent about the realm of The Velvet Onion. Please do try and watch it somehow, legally wherever possible, and support the team behind it.

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