People can be curious creatures – they ask a lot of questions (which is generally a good thing). If you’ve got a question about  The Velvet Onion, chances are it may have been asked it before. Take a look at the FAQs below first, and then if your question still remains unanswered, please drop us a line and we’ll do our best to answer it. Our contact details are included in these FAQs as well!  Handy or what?

What is The Velvet Onion?
The Velvet Onion is a website, facebook group, flickr image gallery and a twitter feed that provides news, reviews and opinion about a large, diverse range of artists, all of who are connected in some way, shape or form to The Mighty Boosh. Our name for the pool of incredible talent that we cover is ‘The Booshniverse’. We like making up words.

Who is The Velvet Onion and where are you?
The Velvet Onion is: Paul ‘Didymus’ Holmes (Editor in Chief), Paulyne Antoniou, Rachel ‘Mog’ Emms, Helen ‘Afroharold’ Cowlyn, Agata ‘Aggie’ Nowakowska, Lauren ‘Lozzy’ Taylor and Teresa ‘Trixie’ Whelan.
Thanks to the magic of the internet we’re simultaneously based everywhere and nowhere. What this actually means is that we have people on the ground in London, Manchester, New York, Gateshead, Los Angeles and Stockholm. We get about.
We take our responsibility as the fan portal to The Mighty Boosh and The Wider World Of Booshdom very seriously. We all do this job for free, in our own time around our everyday lives because, like you, we LOVE what these guys do.

What are your contact details?
If you’d like to get in touch with us please use one of the contacts and email addresses below – just pick the one that’s closest to what you need:

Editorial Inquiries

Paul Holmes didymusbrush – didymus@thevelvetonion.com

Media Inquiries

Paulyne Antoniou paulynepantoniou@thevelvetonion.com

London Inquiries

Rachel Emms mog – mog@thevelvetonion.com

UK Inquiries [excluding London]

Helen Cowlyn afroharold – afroharold@thevelvetonion.com

North American Inquiries

Teresa Whelan trixie – trixie@thevelvetonion.com

International Inquiries [excluding UK and North America]

Agata Nowakowska aggie – aggie@thevelvetonion.com

If you would like to submit a review or an article to the site, please email submit@thevelvetonion.com.  Please note that we are unable to arrange any direct access to any event, persons or organisations on your behalf, and we are not currently looking for permanent writers.

If you have photographs of a past event you wish to share with us for our Flickr page, please email pics@thevelvetonion.com.  You will retain the copyright of your images, and will receive a credit alongside your uploaded images.

If you’re still not sure who to contact you can use submit@thevelvetonion.com, but please note that it may take slightly longer for us to reply from this address.

How did The Velvet Onion come about?
TVO started out as a pet project to keep fans who didn’t want to frequent message boards up to date with the latest news in the world of Booshdom. We decided to cover more than The Mighty Boosh as they were not the first introduction to this world for all of us – and the likes of Alice Lowe, Matt Berry, Oram & Meeten and many, many more were all doing fantastic work that deserved as much attention as the Boosh itself.The site has grown since those early days, and we’ve collectively worked like crazies to make it what it is. We’re very chuffed that people seem to like what we do, and we plan to keep doing it!

Is The Velvet Onion the official site for the artists that you cover?
We would like to stress that whilst we have a good working relationship with The Mighty Boosh and many of the other artists that we feature (and their representatives), we remain 100% unofficial and independent of them and their work.

Can I write for The Velvet Onion?
We are not currently looking for permanent writers. If, however, you would like to submit a review or an article to the site, please email it to submit@thevelvetonion.com. You will be credited for the piece. We retain the right to edit your article for inclusion on the site, but will endeavour to check the final version with you before it is published. However, we can’t always guarantee this. If you have photographs of a past event you wish to share with us for our Flickr page, please email pics@thevelvetonion.com. You will retain the copyright of your images, and will receive a credit alongside your uploaded images.

The artist I like isn’t included but should be. Why not?
The list of artists and acts that we cover is constantly shifting and evolving as people work on new projects. If you think we’ve missed someone out, please let us know who it is, why you think they should be included and we’ll happily consider them. Email us at submit@thevelvetonion.com.

What should I do if I spot a news story that I think should be on The Velvet Onion?
Email us at submit@thevelvetonion.com or send us a tweet. If we use the story you’ll be credited for the information you supplied.

How do I sign up for your email updates?
On the right hand side of the website is a section titled ‘Email Subscriptions’. Type your email address into the box and click on the ‘sign me up’ button. Job done.

How do your competitions work?
Each one is different, so there are no hard and fast rules. We guarantee that all competitions are run fairly and no one is given preferential treatment.

Why do overseas entries often get excluded from competitions?
As we run TVO out of our own pocket, unfortunately we can’t always cover the postage costs for sending large/heavy items overseas. Sorry. When one of us wins the lottery we shall review this.

Can I send messages to artists via The Velvet Onion?
Unfortunately we’re not able to act as a conduit between our readers and the artists that we cover. Most of them are active on twitter, so can be contacted this way, or via their management (try google for contact details).

Will there be another Mighty Boosh series/film/etc?
If you’re a Boosh fan you’ll be aware that the status on this constantly changes, but the latest reliable information we have can be found in this interview with Noel Fielding. In summary, Noel and Julian are currently focusing on their own solo projects but have said they’ll work together again when the time feels right. No date has been set for this.

I just want to read about Noel’s hair. Why do you insist on telling me about other people I’m not interested in?
We think Noel’s hair is pretty too, but there’s a whole world of wonderful entertainment beyond his barnet. By introducing you to acts and artists beyond the obvious ones we hope that you’ll find something new you’ll love just as much.


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