New Thomas & Way Podcasts!

22 Apr

© Tony Way & Rhys Thomas

In the past four days two new podcasts from Rhys Thomas and Tony Way have been released. Yes, that’s two. Not one, but two!

Podcast #17 was recorded last week on the day of Thatcher’s funeral, and while they do talk about it for a bit, they soon move on to “other important topics” (as they say). This includes Rhys’ recent trip to Brazil, 90’s TV presenter fashions, their friend’s smelly shirt shoulder, ants, Jesus and more. They also answer twitter and email questions and end up discussing The Fast Show, Fun at the Funeral Parlour and the pitfalls of on location drinking – plus Rhys’ crab induced rash.

Podcast #18 has been released today and follows on directly from podcast #17 where your hosts continue to answer the questions that they didn’t manage to get onto in the previous recording. This leads onto  topics like sit-coms, Only Fools and Horses, documentaries and unseen Bellamy’s People.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask them for future podcasts, tweet @tonypaulway and/or @rhysthomasobe or email them to

You can listen to both podcasts here, or if you prefer your audio experiences via iTunes, then here.


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