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The Velvet Onion Calendar 2013

31 Dec

The Velvet Onion is pleased to continue its tradition of a yearly Calendar, available for free download!


Once again we’ve been working with a number of our friends both in front of the camera and behind it, to bring you twelve great months to print out and stick up on your wall between January 1st and December 31st.

With yet another new design from Velveteer Lauren “Lozzy” Taylor, based on our fresh looking website layout, we really hope you like the results – which are available for a free download now.


Thank you to everyone involved, and to all of you – our dearest Peelers – for a truly fantastic 2012… Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to a glorious 2013 for all!

Steve’s Heading Out

31 Dec

Steve Oram is set to star in Heading Out, written by and starring Sue Perkins. The new sitcom also stars a multitude of comedy names including Dawn French, Jo Scanlan, Mark Heap, Steve Pemberton, Jeff Rawle, Mel Giedroyc, Dominic Coleman, Nicola Walker, Anna Skellern and June Brown!

Sue Perkins herself describes the show as a mid-life crisis story about a group of people around 40 who still have a student-like relationship with each other. The central character is a successful vet – Sara (Perkins) – but has yet to get round to telling her parents she is gay.

The first episode happens on Sara’s 40th birthday and the friends club together to pay for her to have therapy with an eccentric therapist (Scanlan) and the episodes carry on from there. Steve Oram plays Sara’s co-vet.

The show due to be aired on BBC 2 in the New Year, and as soon as we hear more you will be the first to know!

Matt On The Moon

30 Dec

© Ben Meadows

Matt Berry will be on your TV screens tonight in Moon on BBC 2 at 10pm.

The film, written and directed by BAFTA winner Duncan Jones, is about a man (Sam Rockwell) an employee of Lunar Industries, in the final weeks of a three-year solo mission to mine Helium-3 from the dark side of the moon. He gets occasional messages from Earth but his only interaction is with the computer – GERTY 3000.

As a special treat Jones will be live tweeting during the broadcast, to join in use this hashtag #MoonBBC2. After the live tweet there will be a free ‘making of’ featurette available on itunes.

If you would like your own copy of Moon to keep then you can get the DVD or Blu-ray from  TVO UK store, or Blu-ray from  TVO American Store.

Up The Creek Tonight With Joey Page!

29 Dec

© Mog

If you’re looking for a way of brightening up the fallow period between Christmas and new year look no further – for Joey Page is gigging tonight!

If you’re anywhere near the South East get yourself down to Greenwich where you can catch Joey MC-ing at Up The Creek, 302 Creek Road, London SE10 9SW. Also on tonight’s bill are Imran Yusuf, Inel Tomlinson and Ben Norris.

Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts 8:45pm. Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door. What’s more, the ticket price includes the after party until 2am.

So put on your glad rags and your giggle boots, and head on down there tonight to get your mind tickled by Joey’s wonderfully upside-down comedy.

The FT Crowd

29 Dec

© Teebusters / Douglas Fir

Fans of Graham Linehan‘s seminal sitcoms need to rush on over to Teebusters to grab the latest limited edition shirt inspired by his work.

Mashing together Father Ted characters with The IT Crowd design, this delightful tee can be yours for just € 8.99, or if you’d prefer it on a hoodie, just € 28.49.  

What’s more, if you use the voucher code F7THERT3D you’ll get another Euro off the price – which has to be an absolute bargain in anyone’s books.

But you’ll have to be quick – as the design is only on sale until noon on Monday 31st December.  Pick yours up here!  Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…

We’d like to thank @PaulDawson76 for sending us this news, but that would be an ecumenical matter…

Onion Talking: Laurie Rose

29 Dec

© Rook Films / Big Talk / Studio Canal / Film 4

With Sightseers having well and truly made an impact in cinemas across the UK, it now moves across to international waters – opening in Australia and New Zealand this week. 

TVO were lucky enough to talk to a number of the cast and crew last month, and we’ve also found the time to talk to one of the unsung heroes of the film too.  

We threw cinematographer, Laurie Rose, some questions about working on the film, his history with Ben Wheatley plus what is to come of the man that gave us the most from the stunning locations that Tina & Chris visit in the film.  Here are the results…

Hi, Laurie – welcome to TVO. Firstly, could we get a small insight into how you got into the film/tv industry?

I went to Art School doing sculpture and installation, with some multimedia in there too. This is where I first encountered tape to tape editing. I’d always been into photography and films but had never considered it as a career. I left university not entirely enamoured with the art world or the desire continuing to be part of it, perhaps I wasn’t that good anyway. I ended up moving to Brighton with friends, not doing very much, amateur DJing and cooking breakfasts in a cafe until I got a job as a runner at a TV production company. Being of a technical disposition (nerd) I didn’t much like making tea or answering the phone so I retitled my own job as ‘Technical Runner’ – I got a mobile phone and got to drive a lease car and maintain bits of kit belonging to the company. That’s where it all began really.

Who spurred your enthusiasm for cinematography? Who is your idol in the industry?

I’ve always had a fascination with images of all kinds. As with art I like pictures to do the talking rather than lengthy exposition so I suppose that’s where the desire for story-telling comes in. I’m from a bit of an obsessive technical background perhaps more so than the art. I’m still developing the best language to use and a lot of that has come out of experience and my relationship with Ben Wheatley. We’re trying lots of different ways and that language is forming almost unconsciously.

Ben is a huge inspiration, his determination and drive, his ideas. There are many people I admire but for all sorts of reasons to do with film not just cinematography perhaps their career paths, what they’ve done and how they got there – Roger Deakins, Robbie Müller, Barry Ayckroyd.

© Nick Gillespie

You are now a strong part of any Wheatley project – when did this start? How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend, another cameraman in fact. There was something he couldn’t do for Ben so he put us in touch. We both live in Brighton so it was very convenient. We shot a few comedy virals for BBC Online Comedy (Amazing Wizards ‘Axe Trick’ and ‘Cock Rocket‘) and hooked up on Facebook.

I’d been doing mainly TV up until that point and threatening for a long time to DP some drama. I’d reached a point where I could get hold of the kit and knew enough like-minded crew to get involved that I posted on FB asking if any of my friends/work-types had a script they wanted to shoot. I reckon pretty much everyone in TV secretly wants to do something fictional or dramatic but the first reply was from Ben. He had a script, but he explained it was feature-length and he wanted to shoot it in a week! I thought that was slightly mental and not a little terrifying, I had been hoping for maybe a nice short. But he and Robin Hill had written it entirely specifically for the location and the cast they had in mind. We talked about it for a few weeks and then we just did it. But in 8 days not 7 – that was Down Terrace. Continue reading

Wipe Away 2012 With Some Friends of TVO

28 Dec

© The Quietus

Charlie Brooker will be bringing his gloriously acerbic perspective on life to our TV sets on 1st January with Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe.

His satirical look back at the events of the past 12 months includes the Olympic Games, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the jailing of members of Pussy Riot and the US presidential election.

As you know, Brooker himself has a TVO connection thanks to his role as co-creator of Nathan Barley.  Tomorrow’s show deserves a special mention, however, because it includes contributions from Sharon Horgan (and Peter Serafinowicz who, while not a regularly-featured TVO artist, has appeared in a whole host of related shows including IT Crowd, This is Jinsy and Bad Sugar amongst others).

The show airs at 10-11pm on BBC2 on Tuesday 1st January (2nd January for Northern Ireland), and will be on iPlayer for seven days afterwards.

Get Mashed Tonight!

28 Dec

Rich Fulcher presents 2012: Mashed on Channel 4 this evening.

© The Connected Set

We first told you about the show earlier this month, which features brand new material from internet legends like Dan Bull, Rob Manuel, Cassetteboy, and David Schneider.   Since then, a number of preview clips have been made available, and Rich has kindly sent us these exclusive behind the scenes stills for good measure!

Rich’s oddball presenting style is all over the show, as he features in a fast-paced urban environment, on electronic billboards, and in a variety of silly costumes.  The results are typically Fulcher, and make what could be a dull links job all the more worthwhile, simply by being gloriously him.

The show airs at 11:40pm on Channel 4 tonight, and will be available via 4oD shortly afterwards.  You can see a selection of preview clips below.

For more…  Continue reading

Berry’s Secret Sounds

27 Dec

Matt Berry and Steve Agee uncover the Secrets of the Sound of The Queens Of The Stone Age.

The pair are given access to the recording studio, and chat to band members, as they prepare to record their first studio album in 5 years, . There’s also a dog. And an ear.

Catch up with the action below!

Ayoade Returns To Big Fat Quiz 2012

26 Dec

© Channel 4

If you’re reading this, chances are that your favourite team on Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of The Year consists of Messrs Fielding and Aoyade. Well thank your lucky stars that the end of year episode will be featuring one of them!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012 will feature Richard Ayoade as one of the team members, but sadly he won’t be partnering Noel :-(; instead, he’ll be teaming up with Gaby Logan.

Fellow team members on the show are Jonathan Ross, Russell Howard, Jack Whitehall and James Corden, and there are some properly A-list question setters in the form of Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Ricky Gervais, Will Ferrell, Quentin Tarantino and Sacha Baron Cohen, so it sounds like it’s going to be an interesting show nevertheless.

The show will first broadcast at 9pm on 30th December on Channel 4, and will be available on 4oD afterwards.

Caravanning in Oz

26 Dec

Sightseers, the darkly comic paean to caravanning, written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, is released today in Australia and New Zealand!

If you live in the Southern hemisphere and you’re still not sure that a murderous caravan movie is your cup of tea, take a look at our bursting-at-the-seams-with-good-stuff Sightseers tab to see what it’s all about.

Don’t just take our work for it either; the film has been busy featuring in UK critics’ Top Movies in 2012 Lists, including Time Out, Andrew Collins‘ blog and Shortlist. And, as you can see, the positive reviews are already coming through in the local antipodean press too! And while you’re at it, there’s also part 1 of a 2-part interview with director Ben Wheatley in the New Zealand Herald.

We managed to grab a few minutes on the red carpet at the recent UK premier with Ben Wheatley, producer Claire Jones and the brilliantly-bearded Steve Oram. See what they had to say when we asked them who they would like to go caravanning with:

Check out your local listings mags and websites for Sightseers screening details at a cinema near you.

EXCLUSIVE: In Holoserica Cepa – A Gift From The Velvet Onion

25 Dec

© The Velvet Onion

Yes, it’s Christmas time, and as another year draws to a close, The Velvet Onion has not one, but two presents for you.

Our annual TVO Calendar has sadly been delayed a little, but will be here for your perusal before 2012 runs out of gas.  We’ve been working round the clock the last few days to ensure it’s up to scratch, and reaches you before the end of the month, and we think you’ll love what we’ve come up with, so stay peeled over the festive season for that!

The other present… well that’s arguably more special.  We’ve called upon some of our more musical friends in the realm of the Onion, to provide a very special eight-track EP you can download completely free!

Just visit our Soundcloud page to get all eight tracks, featuring the likes of James Cook, Sue Denim, Antony Elvin, Stephen Evans, Suzy Evelyn-Hall, Rich Fulcher, Richard Glover, Shelley Longworth, Alice Lowe, Holly Jane Shears, Waen Shepherd, William Summers, Gareth Tunley, Michael Tyack and Tony Way.

But hurry, because the files will only be available until SUNDAY JANUARY 6th, before being taken down forever.  For a full tracklisting, and a flashy swanky player loaded with all eight songs, see below.

TVO would like to thank everyone involved with the making of these tracks, and the compiling of this collection.  You all know who you are, and to you, and everyone out there reading this – a most merry of holiday seasons to you all. We love ya.


01. Secret Wolf – GARY LE STRANGE

Taken from the long deleted third Gary Le Strange album, Beef Scarecrow, this song has only previously been made available at Waen Shepherd’s live shows many moons ago.  Stay tuned for the full reissue of his GLS albums over the next twelve months, with the first, Polaroid Suitcase available now.


Originally a spin-off from folk legends Circulus, the magnificent Princes In The Tower have become an almighty Tudor force in their own right.  This track is taken from the forthcoming debut album, A Golden Hour With Princes In The Tower, which will be available soon…

03. Midnight, The Stars And You – RICHARD GLOVER & STEPHEN EVANS

Described by Evans as a ‘short and daft’ version of the 1930s classic (forever immortalised in The Shining), this is a previously unreleased recording from the Splendid duo…

04. The Self Machine – JAMES COOK

Taken from James’ wonderful debut solo album, Arts And Sciences, this track sees the former Nemo frontman on typically fine form.  The album is available now.


05.  Song Of A Wayfarer – WILLIAM SUMMERS

Recorded live at St John the Divine Church in Richmond upon Thames back in July, this is an exclusive, haunting live recording from the multi-instrumentalist.


The first new DeadDogInBlackBag song for a long, long time, this is a complete and utter exclusive from the electropop duo.

07. Another Rainy Day – SUE DENIM

A 60s influenced b-side from Sue’s recent Bicycle single, this track acts a taster for her delightfully summery debut solo album, Sue And The Unicorn, which is available now.

08. This Christmastime [2012 Mix] – ANTONY ELVIN, ALICE LOWE & FRIENDS

Originally recorded for Alice LoweJacqueline Wright‘s Jackal Film of the same name back in 2010, this fresh mix from its producer and co-writer Antony Elvin features a host of TVO stars – Gareth Tunley, Shelley Longworth, Waen Shepherd, Tony Way and Rich Fulcher – spreading an important message for the festive season.

Quiet Your Mind At Christmas

24 Dec

As a special treat at Christmas Eve, IAMX has released a video for Quiet The Mind!

The song is a part of the single The Unified Field, which was released earlier this month. So go forth and frolic in the musical treat IAMX has made for you. All directed, shot and edited by Chris Corner and Danny Drysdale in the lovely city of Berlin, and you can enjoy the video below or over at IAMX’s Youtube channel.

You can also watch the video for The Unified Field here, and to make it a true IAMX Christmas – head over to PledgeMusic to listen to and download the free version of Douce Nuit (Silent Night) as performed by Chris Corner himself.

Don’t forget that IAMX will be heading out on tour soon, take a look at the tour dates here to find your nearest one. Merry Christmas!

Count Yourself In The Audience Of Linehan’s New Show

23 Dec

© Tristram Kenton

If you’re a regular TVO reader you’ll probably already be aware that Graham Lineham‘s new project Count Arthur Strong,  will be hitting the TV airwaves soon. Well now you can be in with a chance to watching it being filmed!

The six-part BBC2 series will be directed by Linehan and produced by Richard Boden, repeating their partnership from The IT CrowdIt stars Steve Delaney as his Sony Award-winning Radio 4 character, Count Arthur Strong, the show-business “legend”.

Linehan says of the character, “He’s Sgt Bilko, the classic wheeler-dealer of US sitcom, played by Phil Silvers, except instead of trying to make $1,000 in Las Vegas he’s trying to make £50 collecting bottle tops. The only aspect of the show that’s familiar is that sense of dealing with out-of-control older people. Arthur is a great way of spending time with them without actually spending time with them. I have a feeling that when people get to know him, they’ll be seeing Arthurs everywhere.”

If you’d like to watch the show being filmed audience tickets are now available at SRO Audiences. It will be shot on Friday evenings during January & February 2013 at Pinewood Studios. Booking is now open so if you fancy being there apply now via SRO’s website at Please note that the minimum age for attendance at the show is 16.


Joey Page’s Two Boobs

22 Dec

If you’re feeling the love for Joey Page following his appearance on tonight’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks Christmas Special, please allow us to direct you to more Page-flavoured shenanigans.

Joey has released two online videos titled Boob Tube, in which he brings us the least-watched videos on the web. Similarities to the Channel 4 show of a similar name and/or the inanities that its host is forced to utter are purely coincidental…

Take a look at the two episodes below. “I cooked it then I froze it, then I cooked it then I froze it, then I cooked it then I froze it, then I cooked it then I froze it, then I ate it” may very well be a classic in the making; why not see what you think?

Christmas Buzzcocks Tonight!

22 Dec

Christmas festivities proper start at 9.30pm tonight with the Never Mind the Buzzcocks Christmas Special!

Tonight’s show is hosted by the god-like Bob Mortimer, and based on the preview clip below it’s going to be a cracker! What’s more, it features not one, but two TVO folk – Joey Page is one of Noel Fielding’s team members! If  you recall Joey’s appearance on the last series, you’ll know that this is another reason to tune in tonight. Plus there’s the fact that Noel’s wearing a silver dress. Of course.

Also guesting are Melanie C, Russell Tovey and DJ Fresh. The show is on BBC2 at 9.30pm tonight and should be available on BBC iPLayer for 7 days afterwards.

Bleak Interviews

22 Dec

Mark Evans

You may remember our  previous post about the fifth series of Bleak Expectations currently airing on BBC Radio 4, and the book of the series.

To complement this we’re pleased to find a lovely in-depth interview with the series writer and creator Mark Evans over on The British Comedy Guide. Here you can find out how Mark writes Bleak Expectations, how he got into comedy and what the deal is with swans.

If you want to know even more about Mark and his career, there is also an interview on Wales online, where he shares his ambitions of being an astronaut.

The book and CD’s of series 1 to 4 are available from The Velvet Onion Store.

EXCLUSIVE: Mayan Kalendar Download

21 Dec

© Antony Elvin

The Velvet Onion is pleased to bring you this exclusive teaser from Antony Elvin’s forthcoming radio pilot.

Recorded earlier this year, the pilot is written by Elvin and Ben Moody, and co-stars Alice LoweTom MeetenStephen EvansWaen Shepherd and Spencer Jones.  Antony will be posting the full piece for your audio-based delight very soon, but as today is meant to mark the end of the world, it felt only appropriate that we share a nugget with you now, in case we’ve all turned into lizards by next week, and therefore are unable to enjoy it in quite the same way.

You can hear the exclusive track, sung by the character Julian Tyzer below, and stay peeled for more info on the pilot soon.


The song now has a video! Straight from Tyzer himself!

Oram & Meeten Are A Shambles

18 Dec

© Mog

Two TVO favourites will be performing live at this Thursday’s Shambles Christmas Special!

Steve Oram and Tom Meeten will be appearing as part of the line up at the comedy night in NW5. Also on the bill are Bob And Jim, Tom Allen, Tom Ward, Ross Lee, Aisling Bea and John Kearns. Your MC for the evening will be the complete shambles, Harry Deansway.

Tickets are only £5.95 and can be purchased here. Doors open at 8pm, and the gig takes place at Aces & Eights 156-158 Fortess Road London  NW5 2HP.

Based on our personal experiences of Oram & Meeten live, we say GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE!

The Critics Circle Sights Sightseers

18 Dec

© Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe

Sightseers is up for several gongs at the 33rd London Critics Circle Film Awards.

Ben Wheatley‘s film, starring Alice LoweSteve Oram and Richard Glover, has been nominated for four awards – with only AmourThe Master and Skyfall receiving more nods.  Impressive company to be in, we’re sure you’ll agree!

It gets all the more impressive when you look at the films and stars they’re rubbing shoulders with in their respective categories.  The film is up for British Film Of The Year, where it faces stiff competition from SkyfallLes MiserablesThe Imposter and Berberian Sound Studio.

Meanwhile, Alice is up for British Actress Of The Year and must battle it out against Emily Blunt, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Andrea Riseborough – whilst Steve is up for British Actor Of The Year against the likes of Toby Jones, Daniel Day-Lewis, Charlie Creed-Miles and Daniel Craig!

Lowe and Oram are also nominated collectively as Breakthrough British Film-Maker.  Their competition comes from Ill Manors director Ben Drew, My Brother The Devil director Sally El Hosaini, Wild Bill director Dexter Fletcher and The Imposter director Bart Layton.

And to think the pair were worried the film wouldn’t be a hit.  Congrats to all on the Sightseers team for the nominations, and we really hope the gongs come home with you when the awards take place on Sunday 20th January.  For a full list of nominations, click here.

The film may have vanished from multiplexes, but most independent cinemas and smaller chains are still showing it, so if you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out. Go and Sightsee now!


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