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Page’s Face Etc

30 Nov

© Joey Page

Joey Page is returning to Camden town for a solo warm up show at the Etcetera Theatre!

This is his first show at Etcetera since the summer of Sparklehorse Superbrains, and there is much excitement in the air as it coincides with Page’s second appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks – where he will be appearing alongside Noel Fielding, of course, for the Christmas special.

The show Pageface, will be opening it’s miniature curtains above the Oxford Arms pub on December 11th. You can book tickets right here for just over £7 plus booking fee.

Fulcher Yapps

30 Nov

© Dave Brown

Rich Fulcher will be adding his take on X Factor to Yapp Factor, which describes itself as ‘as a trailblazing companion show for the X Factor’. The show is on zeebox and hosted by Jake Yapp, at the same time as X Factor is on TV, but the sound is only on during the ad breaks so not to spoil your viewing pleasure!

To find out more about it click on the magic link.

For those of you who like a bit of live Fulcher, Thursday 17th January is the date for your diary, when our favourite American is part of the House of Mirth at The Slaughtered Lamb 34 – 35 Great Sutton St. Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 0DX.

He is joined by Baconface, Bridget Christie, Lou Sanders, Jigsaw, Jessica Fostekew and Sara Pascoe.

The show starts at 8.00pm and tickets are a very reasonable £5.00, ideal when you’ve spent all your money on Christmas! Get your tickets and more information here.

We Are One In The Unified Field

30 Nov
© Chris Corner

© Chris Corner

At last! The official video for IAMX‘s new single The Unified Field is out now for your viewing pleasure!

While IAMX’s fifth album The Unified Field will be released in early 2013, the first single from the album will be hitting the shelves already on December 3rd. Chris Corner, singer and front-man, explains that the single, which has given the album its name, is based on “scientific theory rooted in quantum physics, that intends to bring together all other scientific theories and to bridge the gaps between consciousness, spirituality and science”. While that whole concept might make your head spin, just know that it fits in just as well at a dance club as in a haunted forest.

The video for The Unified Field has been modified from a short film made by a groups of Australian film makers. Chris Corner reportedly approached the film makers after stumbling upon their work online and loved their stuff. After working together to make some tweaks and modifications – a music video had been made. You can watch the brand spanking new video on YouTube or here below.

As mentioned, the official single release is set for December 3rd but you can already listen to snippets of the songs on Amazon. The double A-sided single will include The Unified Field, remixes of the single and a second track, Quiet the Mind. A music video for the latter will be released around Christmas.

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Vintage Sights: Top Ten Alice & Steve Moments On YouTube

30 Nov

Today marks the release of Sightseers into UK cinemas.  At long last, this brilliant film starring Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Richard Glover can be shared by you all.  Directed by Ben Wheatley, we’ve gone bananas for it because it truly is brilliant and deserves your attention.  It opens in 92 cinemas nationwide, and it’s success this weekend will decide if it expands to further cinemas next week, so it’s crucial if you have a passing interest in the film, you go and see it now!

Of course, most of you will be more than aware of the work of Alice Lowe and Steve Oram before this film was released, but for those of you who are new to their genius, we thought we’d compile a handy list of easy-to-access clips from the Tube of You.  It’s been tough selecting only five each, but we think we’ve found you some absolute corkers.

© Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe

© Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe

All of these clips are either web-shorts, live clips or tv taster pilots which didn’t go to broadcast, which helped narrow the list down somewhat.  Obviously, they only scratch the surface of the great work the pair have been crafting for the past decade.  To truly experience their mastery, you simply must see them live at the earliest opportunity, and to find out when that next is, you’ll have to keep coming back here!  We’ll be keeping you posted on any appearances they make, so pop back every now and then to find out more.

If that’s too long a wait, you can browse their ‘videographies’, as it were, via our TVO webstores.  Both run by Amazon on our behalf, we have dedicated sections for every artist we feature in a UK and US store – and both will ship internationally too.  For Alice’s stuff, visit here for UK, and here for US – and if Steve’s your bag, visit here for UK, and here for US.

Now to the top ten! Continue reading

Strictly Katy At Crimbo

29 Nov

© Katy Brand

Katy Brand has been confirmed as one of the contestants in the Christmas Day special of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1.

Katy will be joined by five other celebrity newcomers, including actress Sheila Hancock, former footballer Fabrice Muamba, JB from JLS, comic Bobby Ball (“Rock on, Tommy!”) and presenter Helen Skelton.

They will be joined by seven stars with Strictly experience, among them Kelly Brook and Rachel Stevens.

Further Yuletide sparkle will be provided by Rod Stewart singing ‘Let It Snow’ and appearances by Strictly favourites, Ann Widdecombe and Russell Grant. A veritable celeb-fest.

More Expectations

29 Nov

© amazon

Calling all radio fans and anyone who loves comedy! The new (5th) series of Mark Evans’ Dickensian comedy Bleak Expectations is being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 6.30pm on Tuesdays.

Don’t worry if you missed any episodes because they are available on BBC iPlayer.

Starring James Bachman as Harry Biscuit alongside Richard Johnson, Anthony Head, Tom Allen, Geoffrey Whitehead, Sarah Hadland and Susy Kane, this series follows the increasingly strange misadventures of Pip Bin and his nemesis Mr Gently Benevolent, and  promises shipwrecks, time machines, the Wild West, volcanoes, the Underworld and a sinister new kind of cake! Previous series have involved Martians so expect the unexpected!

If you haven’t heard Bleak Expectations before, or there is a gap in your collection, you can get all the previous series’ from the TVO Store.

Little Crackers Returns

29 Nov

The first trailer for Little Crackers 3 has emerged online.

The third run of semi-autobiographical comedy shorts from SkyOne will air over Christmas, and yet again, a couple of TVO faces are involved.  This time around, Katy Brand and Sharon Horgan join the line-up with also includes the likes of Joanna Lumley, Dylan Moran, Rebecca Front and many more.  You can see the trailer below.

For more details on all three series, check out SkyOne’s website over yonder.

COMPETITION: See Sightseers, Win STUFF!

29 Nov

You’d have to be living under a rock, or looking at a different website not to know that Sightseers is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.  Technically, given most cinemas run Thursday to Wednesday, that means it’s out now!

The amazing new black comedy from acclaimed director Ben Wheatley, executive producer Edgar Wright and of course, TVO regulars and legends Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, will wow your socks off, and to reward those who take our advice and go and see it this weekend, we have a special contest for you.

To mark the release, the good folk at StudioCanal have given us THREE special bundles of Sightseers prizes to give away!  Each bundle includes:
* A Sightseers poster signed by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram.
* A selection of Sightseers promo goodies – including your very own gonk!
* DVDs of four of StudioCanal’s best British comedy films: Attack The BlockThe Guard and TVO related hits Submarine and Four Lions.

© Big Talk Pictures

To be in with a chance of winning one of these, we’re going to need you to engage with our social media presences.  We want you to help us help Alice, Steve, Ben and the rest of the team make this film a hit, so we’re encouraging you to let everyone you know realise how bloody brilliant it is too.

If you want to win a bundle, go and see Sightseers this weekend, and take a photo of yourself at your local cinema clutching your ticket!  Then you’ll need to do one of two things!

OPTION ONE: Upload your image to your own Facebook page and include The Velvet Onion in a photo tag or status update!

OPTION TWO: Upload your image to your own Twitter page and include @thevelvetonion or #thevelvetonion in your tweet!

The more inventive you are, the better.  You can include your friends if you want.  You can pose amusingly in front of Sightseers posters or standees if you prefer.  You might even persuade your local cinema staff to get in on the action!  And if you want to get your cagoules on, or make your own ginger faces or wool underwear, we’re not going to stop you!  The only proviso is you must have bought a cinema ticket for the film, which must be on display in the photo, and you have to upload it to Facebook or Twitter and send it our way on there.

We’ll be taking submissions until midnight on Monday evening, and will be posting a selection of your images on site next week.  Our favourite THREE will win a bundle, and the respect of everyone worth anything.  So get on down to your local cinema to be in with a chance of winning!

For a full list of opening weekend cinemas, visit the film’s Facebook page now!

Terms & Conditions
This competition offers 3 bundles of Sightseers prizes including a signed poster, four dvds and other promotional items to be confirmed.  This competition is being run entirely by The Velvet Onion, with prizes organised by Studio Canal.  The winners will be our favourite photographs of readers holding cinema tickets for Sightseers at their local cinema.  Entries must be made via our Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and we will accept more than one entry – but only one prize can be won per person within that photograph.  The Velvet Onion will not accept entries as comments to this or any other posts in error or emails to any email address in our domain, nor any entries received after 11:59pm on Monday December 3rd 2012.  We will request contact details from the winners, and these will not be shared with any additional third parties beyond Studio Canal and their marketing team.  The judge’s decision is final. There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered. The Velvet Onion and Studio Canal reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

Onion Talking: Sightseeing With Rachel Austin

29 Nov

© Rachel Austin

To celebrate the launch of Sightseers into UK cinemas this week, we’ve been talking to members of the cast and crew.

Today, we bring you a chat with one of the film’s supporting stars – the up & coming young actress Rachel Austin.


The majority of column inches for Sightseers have focussed on the obvious. Yes, this is highly acclaimed, mind-blowingly brilliant director Ben Wheatley’s third feature. Yes, it’s the brainchild of the ever wonderful Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. There’s even a smattering of cameo appearances from other comics, and fans of Sherlock will love seeing Jonathan “Anderson” Aris on screen once more.

Tucked away in the facts and figures for the film is an interesting one. Sightseers marks the film debut of a talented young actress who has been making waves on stage, radio and television for quite some time. Salford based Rachel Austin has a small but pivotal role as bride to be Chailey Morris, who she tells TVO whilst in the middle of a train journey to the latest London-based screening of the film, is “just your average girl on her hen do, in a really dodgy looking restaurant with an even dodgier looking stripper!”

It’s only a few weeks since Rachel last attended a screening of the film, at Manchester’s prestigious Cornerhouse venue. When TVO talked to director Ben Wheatley and star Steve Oram that night, they sang her praises as a lovely young woman with a bright future ahead. This sentiment has been echoed by Alice Lowe too, who sends her love when she hears we’re talking to her. Despite only appearing in two scenes, it’s clear she made an impression on the cast and crew. Continue reading

Onion Talking: Sightseeing With Richard Glover

28 Nov

© Rook Films / Big Talk / Studio Canal / Film 4

To celebrate the release of Sightseers into UK cinemas this Friday, November 30th – we’ve been talking to members of the cast and crew.

One particularly notable addition to the cast is TVO regular Richard Glover, and we were delighted to catch up with him earlier this week.

Here are the fruits of our endeavours.

From the very first moments of The Velvet Onion, we have always championed what we dubbed “The Wider World Of Booshdom” – this mish-mash of collaborative creative types who had lit up our world with their unique blend of fun. One such name on our lists is one that Boosh fans will remember from his brief but memorable appearance in their third series, and those who come here for more than checking what Noel’s hair is doing this week will know that over the past decade, Richard Glover has been carving out an impressive body of work. Those lucky enough to have seen it, and particularly those lucky enough to have met him will also know, he’s bloody hilarious.

The man who, for some baffling reason currently has three separate profiles on imdb, is heading home to get ready for yet another screening of Sightseers, when TVO calls him up for a quick catch-up.  Oddly, it’s also our first chance to properly discuss his work despite featuring it on our pages for the last three years, and he answers the phone in the queue at The Co-Op, joyously welcoming us at the top of his voice in a cod American accent, before asking if we to call back in a few minutes. After a bit of a mishap with a bus (funny, considering he’ll be spending the evening at the British Transport Museum surrounded by the blighters for the Sightseers premiere), he’s free to chat, and it soon becomes clear to us that this particular interview is going to be a hoot.

“They keep going on!” he exclaims, when we mention the latest screening. “The London Film Festival was the gala screening, and I went to Cannes for the premiere there, which was very exciting. They had one last Thursday, which I couldn’t go to, and then this one tonight, which is being called the UK Premiere. I’m not sure what the difference is anymore, but it will be fun. I get to wear my suit again.”

TVO suggests the reason for so many screenings is because the film is a big deal. They’ve got a potentially bona-fide hit on their hands, and have even started putting trailers before some screenings of Skyfall. This fact, takes Glover aback. “Bloody hell, that’s a bit flash!” he states, before casually adding the magnificent phrase ‘cool bananas’. “It’s quite an amazing thing that’s happening, isn’t it, with this Sightseers malarky? It’s bloody wonderful.”

Richard is particularly happy that all of his is happening to his long-standing friends and cohorts, Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. “They’re good, old friends of mine, so it’s lovely seeing them doing so well,” he affirms, before adding with typical charm: “Alice is constantly getting her hair done beautifully.” Continue reading

Craft Winners!

28 Nov

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

There were some well-deserved victories for TVO-related TV shows at last night’s Royal Television Society Craft & Design Awards 2011/12.

The awards recognise the achievements of the people who work behind the cameras – the designers, technicians and and visual artists who help to produce the programmes we watch.

We’re delighted to reveal that Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy picked up two awards: Ameena Kara Callender & Noel Fielding won the award for Best Costume Design Entertainment & Non Drama Productions, beating Strictly Come Dancing and another TVO-related show, Horrible Histories. Their win was described by RTS as, “A true collaboration, a seamless piece of highly creative work that is a live cartoon – true visual madness!”

Christine Cant was honoured for her wonderful make-up design on the series scooping up Best Make Up Design Entertainment & Non Drama Productions. Christine’s contribution was described as, Sheer creativity and madness.” RTS then went on to say, “Our winner’s interpretation of Noel’s work was seamlessly integrated with the costume design. Great skill was demonstrated in the various make up techniques employed here, including bold and fantastic colouration.”


Mongrels also picked up an award, well-deserved in our opinion. Andy Heath & Iestyn Evans of Talk to the Hand won ‘Best Special Effects’ for Series 2, beating the much-lauded Downtown Abbey in the process.

RTS said of the win, “It’s not easy to add humour and comedic timing to a puppet show, but our winners succeeded and on a very tight schedule.”

For a full run down of the winners and nominees across all categories click here. Congratulations to everyone who picked up a gong!

Onion Talking: Sightseeing With Alice Lowe

27 Nov

© Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe

To celebrate the release of Sightseers into UK cinemas, TVO has been catching up with the creative forces behind the critical sensation, ahead of its release on November 30th.

Last week, our editor in chief caught up with one of its stars and writers, Alice Lowe.  Already a regular presence on our pages, and a staunch supporter of all things Onion, the results are candid and insightful.

Here then, is the exclusive result of our catch-up…

“It’s just mental.”

That’s how Alice Lowe describes her life right now: a heady concoction of filming multiple projects, attending film screenings, and cramming writing into the gaps in-between. Ever the workaholic, it seems Alice is in more demand than ever before.  TVO has been trying to arrange our latest catch-up with the lady we affectionately dub our ‘Fairy Godmother’ for quite some time, but Ms Lowe is suddenly one of the busiest people in the business.

Currently in the midst of shooting a second series of This Is Jinsy – Sky Atlantic’s crazed sitcom about an island populated by eccentrics – alongside further appearances in CBBC sensation Horrible Histories, and a part in a hugely anticipated film which we dare not reveal to you just yet, Alice is also attempting to write for radio (following her beloved Wunderland series earlier this year), and a motion picture of her own. Around all of this, she’s also making appearances in support of the reason we have arranged our telephonic catch-up today: her first feature film in her own right, Sightseers.

“You do sort of wonder how many more good dresses you can pull out of your wardrobe,” she deadpans, only half joking. “I might just turn up to the next one looking like Tina and go: ‘Hi, everyone. I’m not actually a film star. I don’t have the wardrobe for this.’”

Despite her modesty, which returns on a regular basis throughout our conversation, Alice is now a movie star – and a top billing one at that. Completely unfazed by my claims, she retorts: “Well, yeah, technically. I suppose. But I don’t feel like it.”
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(Not So) Horrible BAFTA!

27 Nov

CBBC smash Horrible Histories triumphed at the Children’s BAFTA Awards this weekend, winning Best Children’s Comedy.


The show which stars Simon Farnaby and occasionally Alice Lowe, was up against some stiff competition, including another TVO related show: Sorry, I’ve Got No Head.  The latter was cancelled to somewhat of an outcry earlier this year, and featured the likes of James BachmanJustin Edwards, Anna Crilly and Fergus Craig in it’s cast, whilst a spin-off show called which featured Gareth Tunley added to its ensemble cast has proved popular in its place.

However, the runaway winner was ratings sensation Horrible Histories, which will return in the new year with a brand new set of delightful episodes to savour.  As you can see from the photo above, Farnaby joined his co-stars to collect the award, and TVO would like to extend our congratulations to the team on yet another well earned trophy for their mantles!

You can see the full list of winners over at the BAFTA website now.

A Cook In Angel & Cardiff

27 Nov

© Eugin Cöre / James Cook

There’s a rare chance to catch the mighty James Cook live in London this week, as he hosts his End Of The Year party on Thursday evening.

The show at Rattlesnake Of Angel (a stones throw from Angel tube station), is in support of James’ new single, Arts And Sciences – the title track to the glorious album of the same name, which you can purchase directly from him over yonder.

With cheap advance tickets available now for just £4, and the news that he’ll be joined by regular collaborators Anne Marie Kirby, Gemma Hill and Terezie Kovalova as well as special guests still to be announced, you’d be mad to miss it.  Tickets can be bought from James’ website here, and you can find out more information on the show’s Facebook event page.

There’s also good news for fans of James based in Wales, as the former Nemo frontman comes to Cardiff on December 3rd, headlining a show at Gwdihŵ Café Bar.  He’ll be joined by Swansea rockers The Adelines, synth pop singer Jemma Roper, noise pop act HEHFU and a dj set from noise manipulator Conformist.

Once again, advance tickets, this time only £3 (!) are available at James’ official website, so if you’re bored of watching the Doctor Who team film on the cold streets of Cardiff seemingly every other night, go and see this incredible musician at the peak of his game.  For more info on the show, visit Facebook.

All that remains for us to do now is remind you the Arts And Sciences single is out now, and you can see the video below.

Branded Monkey Cage

27 Nov


Katy Brand appeared on yesterday’s edition of popular science/comedy show Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC Radio 4.

The comic turned budding author joined hosts Robin Ince and Brian Cox to discuss improbable research and whether some areas of scientific research are just pointless, alongside biologist Matthew Cobb and science editor and ignobel prize giver Marc Abrams.

If you missed it, you can catch the show on iPlayer now, or you can download the episode’s podcast edition over yonder.

Onion Talking: Sightseeing With Steve Oram & Ben Wheatley

26 Nov

© Cornerhouse Manchester / Paul Greenwood

To celebrate the release of Sightseers into UK cinemas, TVO met up with director Ben Wheatley and star/writer Steve Oram at a public screening and Q&A at Cornerhouse in Manchester last month, for an exclusive interview.

Here is the result…

There’s an old adage about Manchester. It’s been passed down the ages, and has often been reiterated by London types – chiefly, that it’s always raining here. Whilst it’s far from true, it does appear that whenever a TVO star or two makes a rare appearance in the city, it’s going to chuck it down.

Such is the case on Halloween, when a wet and windy night puts paid to trick or treaters and makes for a subdued number of fancy dress drinking bingers, already feeling the strain of the date falling on a Wednesday. Not that it matters a jot to the sell out crowd at Cornerhouse – the premiere arts cinema and gallery in town. A packed main house is geared up and ready to see a film that has defied expectations in the middle of a recession-fuelled dry spell for alternative comedy. Not only has Sightseers managed to be funded, filmed and released – but it looks set to be a critical, and hopefully commercial, smash into the bargain.

As the house doors are about to close, a ginger faced man (sans angry woman) arrives alongside a gruff-looking but charming grizzly bear of a gent, to be papped by the BFI photographer. As TVO chats idly with one of the film’s promoters and a Cornerhouse rep, it becomes clear that Sightseers is a big deal: Ben Wheatley is one of Britain’s shining directorial lights, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, Steve Oram is now a movie star.

© Cornerhouse Manchester / Paul Greenwood

A far cry, then, from the days of its lo-fi pilot, directed by Paul King with his typical flair, and fuelled by great performances from Oram and Alice Lowe, the latter of whom is sadly unable to be here tonight due to a heavy workload. Whilst the characters it contained had been honed after several years of stage work, and the pilot itself had a bleak, blackly comic style, it was nevertheless rejected by just about everyone for being a little too dark.

Yet once championed by Edgar Wright, and pushed onto the desk of his regular collaborator Nira Park, the film the pilot inspired is now on the cover of seminal cinema periodical Sight & Sound. As the movie begins, and TVO is shepherded into a side-room with Ben and Steve, we can’t help but remark how gloriously surprising it all is.
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Sightseers Week On The Velvet Onion!

26 Nov

The first thing you’ll be noticing on your (we hope) daily visit to TVO today is our usual scrolling banners featuring the various faces of Booshdom are taking a little holiday.

The reason for this is to celebrate the UK cinema release of SIGHTSEERS – which is unleashed on November 30th!

The film is written by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, who also star as nerdy caravanners turned serial killers Chris & Tina.  Directed by probably THE Brit director of the moment, Ben Wheatley, and co-starring Richard Glover, Eileen Davies, Monica Dolan, Jonathan Aris, Richard Lumsden and Rachel Austin, the film also features cameo appearances from Tony WayTom Meeten and Antony Elvin – so we’ve gone a little Sightseers crazy as we celebrate a critical smash that’s hopefully going to wow the good people of Britain at the box office this weekend.

Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the stars of the film, and it’s director, Ben Wheatley.  We’ll also be profiling the work of Ben, Alice and Steve, bringing you a report from the red carpet of the second première tonight, and we may even be sneaking another competition into the mix, so stay peeled.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can download your own Sightseers doorknockers as an exclusive from us, and print out your missing dog posters for poor ol’ Banjo – both below.

Download your exclusive door knocker by clicking on this image.

Download your Lost Banjo poster by clicking on this image.

All of this great stuff is being brought to you by us, because we genuinely care about this project deeply.  The team have made an absolute corker of a film, and to us, it summarises everything that’s magnificent about the realm of The Velvet Onion.  It’s vital that everyone with a passing interest in the film who can get to a cinema this weekend does so, and buys a ticket to support these phenomenal talents and wonderful people, so please, please, please – if you like what you see here, do join us on November 30th.

On behalf of all the team at TVO, good luck to Alice, Steve, Ben and the rest of the Sightseers team.  You deserve this… go get ’em.

Paul ‘Didymus’ Holmes
– Editor In Chief @ The Velvet Onion

Merrie Hell In Soho

26 Nov

© Soho Theatre

We pride ourselves on being able to draw your attention to some of the more obscure and lateral links to Booshdom – but even by our standards this one’s pretty out there!

Starting this week,  David Hoyle and Richard Thomas will be performing a special kind of cabaret show at the Soho Theatre. It’s been described as, “A trashy, meaty buffet of festive filth and sick songs…stuffed with Crimbo melodies redolent of tangerines, tinsel, telly, tears and terror.”

So if you like your Christmas festivities dark and freaky, this one’s for you!

In case you’re still wondering what the Booshy connection is, David Hoyle played ageing rock star Doug Rocket in Nathan Barley and Richard Thomas (who, incidentally also wrote Jerry Springer the Opera with Stewart Lee) performed at Cluub Zarathustra with Julian Barratt. Tis a spooky small world, isn’t it?

The show runs from 29th November until 5th January 2013 and you can book your tickets here. Prices vary by date so click on your preferred date to check the damage.

Yours To Own: Game Of Thrones

25 Nov

The second series ofGame of Thrones, the medieval fantasy TV show that features Tony Way as Dontos, will be out on DVD and Blu-ray in February (US)/March (UK).


As with the previous disc sets, it will be available for purchase one month before the premiere of the next series; both the Blu-ray and DVD versions will be available to buy next year from February 13th  in the US and March 4th in the UK. They’ll be bursting at the seems with extra features, and the Blu-ray option in particular promises plenty of exclusives to keep fans of the HBO/Sky Atlantic medieval fantasy show entertained.

Here’s what you can expect:

DVD and Blu-Ray Features

  • Creating the Battle of Blackwater Bay: A 30-minute documentary on the trials and tribulations of putting together one of Game of Throne‘s most intense episodes.
  • The Religions of Westeros: George R.R. Martin, author of the novels that inspired Game of Thrones, presides over an explanation of the various faiths that move behind the scenes of the show.
  • Game of Thrones: Inner Circle: Primary Game of Thrones actors participate in a roundtable discussion of what it was like to shoot season 2. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss moderate.
  • Audio Commentaries: All episodes will have an accompanying commentary track by stars such as Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke, producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and George R.R. Martin.

Blu-ray Exclusive Features:

  • War of the Five Kings: An interactive guide to Westeros’s fog of war. Lists the accomplishments, failures, tactics, and key players of the fiver would-be Kings struggling for the soul of the continent.
  • Histories and Lore: A series of animated history lessons that will reveal the great events that have shaped Westeros and the lands beyond the Narrow Sea. Expect detailed explanations of the Nine Free Cities, the Andals and the First Men, and the dragon-riding Freehold of Valyria. Features llustrations from “Game of Thrones” storyboard artist Will Simpson.
  • In-Episode Guide: An option for pop-up information and resources during viewing.
  • Hidden Dragon Eggs: Hidden Easter eggs lead to even more bonus content.

The DVD and Blu-ray discs are available to pre-order now from the Velvet Onion Amazon store, so why head on down there now and make sure you’ve got your copy waiting for you on the release day? To purchase the UK DVD click here; for the UK Blu-ray click here; for the US DVD here, and for the US Blu-ray click on this one. If you’re a real Game of Thrones junkie, then why not treat yourself to this series 1 gift set (UK) (US version here) while you’re at it?

The Prince And The Pauper… And The Elvin!

24 Nov

Antony Elvin is the musical director and composer for a brand new adaptation of The Prince And The Pauper – set to open at the Unicorn Theatre tomorrow.

© 2012 Unicorn Theatre

Adapted by Jemma Kennedy from the classic Mark Twain story, the classic tale of mistaken identities has been enchanting people for more than a century in its many forms.  For those who have been living under a rock, it tells the story of two seemingly identical young boys – one the young heir to the throne, the other a poverty stricken fellow, and when pure coincidence thrusts the pair together, they are accidentally mistaken for one another.

Set in Tudor London, the play is naturally a perfect fit for our favourite minstrel – and Elvin’s music is almost a character in the play itself!  Not only that, but on special events taking place on the 9th and 23rd December, he will be joined by Will Summers and Michael Tyack to enchant theatre goers as they arrive at the venue with a spot of live Tudoring as Princes In The Tower!

You can pick up tickets for the play, which runs matinee performances and some evenings (it is, after all intended for ages 6+), via the Unicorn Theatre website over yonder.  The theatre is a gnats wing away from Tower Bridge, Southwark – on Tooley Street to be exact.  With a number of performances already sold out, you’d best get in there quick to join in the fun!


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