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A Quiet Word

31 Oct

Julian Barratt was interviewed in today’s Times – about his forthcoming acting role, the Boosh and his home life with Julia Davis.

© The Times

The article itself can be found here; however, the Times only permits the reading of articles in full to subscribers (boo hiss!). However, the internet makes it relatively easy to find out what’s behind the payment wall, so we can share a few snippets with you.

The interviewer reveals of Julian: “He answers questions fluidly, precisely, generously, without a pause. And if this handsomely bearded Yorkshireman doesn’t look exactly psyched about being here, well, that’s OK, that’s his way. Whether in the fantasy world of the Mighty Boosh or the fantasy world of plugging product, he’s nicely at an angle to what’s going on around him.”

Of his approach to performing straight roles on stage, Julian says, “The whole point is not to act, I think, which is what I am getting from most of this. Never be caught acting. Know it enough so that you are thinking about things other than the text.” And of the dynamic between him and Noel Fielding he says, “He’s extremely dogged. He may look flamboyant and weak but he’s a bruiser, you know, he’s a South London bruiser. I wouldn’t mess with him. I’m much more back-foot with things.”

Julian also goes on to talk about their creative partnership, explaining that, “We will do it when we feel like we want to, I think. It has to have that creative spark and joy. Because, you know, we’re like brothers. We were on the road a long time and so we needed to find time to do some … theatre! And he needed to do his stuff.” Of “his stuff” Julian mentions that he and his kids are fans of Luxury Comedy.

After his appearance in NSFW at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre next month Julian is planning to concentrate on making music and writing a comedy detective film which he’s been working on with another TVO favourite, Simon Farnaby.

So while further Boosh doesn’t appear to be in the immediate pipeline, it sounds like there’s plenty to keep Barratt fans busy and entertained for some time yet.

Ayoade Goes For The Full English

30 Oct

© Ch4

TVO-land gets the animation treatment in a new Channel 4 adult cartoon featuring the voice of Richard Ayoade.

Full English is described as an unashamedly rude and silly animated sitcom about the quintessentially English Johnson family. Ayoade plays the part of the dad, Edgar, while another TVO-connected actor, Kayvan Novak (Four Lions, Bad Sugar), also features as the voices of Dusty and Jason.

To find out more about the new series (except, it would seem when it actually airs) and to play the Full English game visit Channel 4’s website. The game itself has received a fair amount of marketing-based media coverage, although personally I was left a tad nonplussed. However, if the game doesn’t do it for you why not enter this competition to win a framed signed artwork from the show instead?


Don’t forget that Mr Ayoade will be appearing as the host in next week’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks (a fact that’s so exciting it quite possibly counts as ‘beyond news’ in our world).

Also on next week’s show are Ed Sheeran, Caroline Flack, Shingai Shoniwa and Matthew Crosby – along with team captains Noel and Phill.

Bring it on!

Hunted House

30 Oct

BBC Comedy have uploaded a scary Halloween treat in the form of comedy short Hunted House.

In reality, this clip was one of a number of sketches recorded by John Willie Hopkins for inclusion in an aborted Charlie Baker led comedy show, Funny Plus One, which taped a non-broadcast pilot at MediaCityUK last Autumn – which TVO were coincidentally present at!

Amongst its ensemble cast was none other than Colin Hoult – who you can see in the clip above sporting one heck of a bald cap.  He was joined by Will Andrews, Izzy Suttie, Mona Yousefi, Kerry Howard, Jason Lewis and Hannah Job.

One other sketch from the night – a brilliant parody of N-Dubz – was uploaded to the BBC Comedy YouTube page last December, but you can see the rest over at production company BigFaceTV’s website now, and we’ve included the other Colin featured clip below.

COMPETITION: Corner Some Sightseers Tickets At Cornerhouse

30 Oct

© Ben Page

This Wednesday sees one of the first screenings of The Sightseers outside of film festivals, as the movie appears at Cornerhouse in Manchester.

No stranger to TVO related Q&A sessions, after similar events for Submarine and Four Lions, the Cornerhouse is one of the go-to places for art, cinema and good food in the heart of the North West and a firm favourite of The Velvet Onion.

Their preview of the film will be introduced by director Ben Wheatley and star/writer Steve Oram, and thanks to the good people at Cornerhouse and Em Foundation, you could be there for free.

All you have to do is email us via and tell us the name of Steve’s regular collaborator and double act partner who cameos in the film.

If you need another clue, he’s the Porto to Oram’s Roy, and has recently been spotted in Doug The Bounty Hunter alongside another Sightseers cameo star, Tony Way.

We will pick one winner at random who will receive a pair of tickets for the screening. The competition is open from now until 11pm tonight – Tuesday 30th October and the winner will be contacted a few minutes after it closes. Our usual t&c apply, which you can get bored reading below.

© Big Talk Pictures

There’s still a handful of tickets available for tomorrow’s screening, so if you’re not lucky enough to win these tickets, or don’t want to risk disappointment, pop on over to Cornerhouse’s website and bag a couple yourselves now!

The Sightseers reaches theatres everywhere on November 30th.

Terms & Conditions
This competition offers 1 pair of tickets to the Cornerhouse preview screening of The Sightseers on October 31st 2012.  The winner will be picked randomly from emails containing the correct answer to the question above, and will be contacted via the email address they use to enter.  Contact details will not be shared with any additional third parties beyond Cornerhouse and Em Foundation. Only entries made to the correct email address will be accepted. The Velvet Onion will not accept entries as replies to our Facebook/Twitter pages, comments to this or any other posts in error or emails to any email address in our domain except the one stated above, nor any entries received after this time-frame. This competition is being run entirely by The Velvet Onion, with prizes organised by Cornerhouse and Em Foundation. One entry per person. Any entrants found making multiple entries from the same IP address will be disqualified, and banned from entering further competitions run by The Velvet Onion. All entries must be received via email by 11.00pm GMT on 30th October 2012. The judge’s decision is final. There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered. The Velvet Onion, ornerhouse and Em Foundation  reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

Fielding, Fulcher & The Madcap Fans

28 Oct

© Prudence Upton

It’s been an epic week for the good folk of Sydney and Melbourne (and all those who descended upon them). It marked a welcome return to Australia for Noel Fielding and Rich Fulcher, with a run of phenomenally successful live shows, a signing and lots of interviews.

© Rachel/Georgia

However, what really stood out about Noel and Rich’s trip to the southern hemisphere was the fans. We’ve witnessed levels of dedication and hysteria not seen since the peak of Booshmania. You crazy lot have flown across continents to see them, queued for hours for a signature, chased cars, bought tickets to every show, created amazing paintings and costumes, and occasionally screamed and sobbed your way through the past week.

So it’s only right and proper that you should tell the story of their Australian trip:

Noel and Rich in Oz, by the fans:

© Rachel Maloney

“As Noel cascaded down the stairs, his silver boots click-clacking their way down, the crowd responded with an almighty cheer. He looked like a total rock star… Mick Jagger would be proud. One of the fans, Rachel, began to cry in front of him and he says ‘You can’t cry… what are you doing? Ha ha ha” and she responds (while still weeping) ‘Sorry!’ As he leans in for a hug he comforts her saying, ‘It’ll be alright’. After giving her a very cute hug, he yells out to the crowd ‘WE’VE GOT A WEEPER EVERYONE! Security! Security!’
Fan after fan approached his table, laughing and crying, handing over copious amounts of presents. The generosity that was shown by him gave everyone the impression that he was just as nice as they had originally thought.”
Rachel, DVD signing in Sydney

“The security guard wouldn’t let us sit down so we had to stand for 6 HOURS !!! our feet were sore , I couldnt feel mine anymore , we talked about Noel, and talking about what we were going to say to him when we met him , then finally we get told Noel is in the building, we all screamed so loud.”
Rachel Maloney, DVD signing in Sydney

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Freshly Dug Bounty

28 Oct

A few weeks ago, we told you about the exploits of Doug The Bounty Hunter – a UK based spin-off of the US smash hit, directed by our very own Gareth Tunley.

© Finite Funnies

At the time, we were impressed how much its star looked like Tony Way, his wife Nancy looks like Lucy Montgomery, and how much their first target looked like Tom Meeten.

Three more episodes are now up to view on YouTube, which see Doug and Nancy test a new home-made taser and pepper spray, engage in a lengthy stakeout and a debate about acting brothers, then share a takeaway with a rather strange traffic warden.

You can see all four below.

Star Turn

27 Oct

© Rachel Stubbings

Alex Kirk has written four new editions of Living With Mother to air from next week on Radio 4.

The series of one-off plays about sons who have never flown the nest first aired last year, and bagged a top-notch cast including Timothy Spall, Alison Steadman, Anne Reid, Penelope Keith, Stephanie Cole, David Ryall and The Actor, Kevin Eldon.

That gold standard looks set to continue, as the first edition, which airs on Wednesday 31st October at 23:15pm features League Of Gentlemen and Sherlock star Mark Gatiss alongside Coronation Street and Doctor Who actress Susan Jameson.

In Star Turn, Gatiss stars as talentless talent-show wannabe Marlon, whilst Jameson portrays his Bontempist mother Helen, who fears the humilation her son will bring.

A bittersweet comedy series, which comes hotly recommended by the likes of Radio Times and The Guardian, we’ll have more news on remaining episodes each week, so stay peeled.  If you can’t catch the broadcast, you will be able to listen to the show for 7 days shortly afterwards, over yonder.

Down Terrace On Telly!

27 Oct

© Metrodome

Before he wowed film critics and audiences alike with Kill List and set about bringing The Sightseers and forthcoming period piece A Field In England  to the big screen, Ben Wheatley made his feature debut with stonking great movie, Down Terrace.

Starring Robert Hill & Robin Hill, the comedy drama sees father and son criminals try to find out who the traitor in their midsts really is.  Dubbed “The Royale Family meets The Sopranos” by Radio Times, the film also features Spaced veterans Julia Deakin and Michael Smiley, alongside TVO’s very own Tony Way and Gareth Tunley.

This weekend sees Down Terrace receive it’s terrestrial première – airing Sunday 28th October on BBC2 at 11:30pm.  You can view the official trailer for the film below.

Whilst we can’t be certain at the time of ‘going to press’, the film may also be available on iPlayer for 7 days after transmission, but if you can’t see it either way, it’s also available on R2 dvd in The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store, R1 dvd in our US Store, and a North American blu-ray in both.

Standard Nerds

27 Oct

© Qwertee

It’s that time again… Qwertee have launched their latest IT Crowd inspired tee… and this one is the best yet!

Paying homage to the video-game influenced title sequences, this Nintendo-styled tee features the polygonal likenesses of Chris O’DowdRichard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson, and can be bought for the next 48 hours over at Qwertee, before being retired indefinitely… so get in there whilst you can!

Pop on over to their website over yonder to buy the shirt for just £8, €10 or $12 plus postage and packaging in the next 24 hours, with the price popping upwards a little after that.

In other related news, the long awaited grand finale of The IT Crowd saga looks likely to film next Spring, according to creator Graham Linehan – who has mooted a filming date of May 2013.  We’ll keep you peeled on any further developments, and in the meantime, spread your love for the show by buying this epic tee!

Wednesday Night Was Barratt Night!

25 Oct

Yesterday evening we witnessed not one, but two unexpected appearances from everyone’s favourite tiny-eyed Yorkshireman.

© Unknown

Julian Barratt‘s silky voice popped up without warning as the narrator on the Channel 4 programme My Tattoo Addiction. This documentary explores the world of tattoos; the artists, the reasons why people have them and what happens when they regret them.

What’s more, one of the tattooed characters in the film (inked with multiple images of Miley Cyrus) has previously been in the line-up round on the current series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Small world, eh?

The programme is available to view on 4oD for a further 23 days by clicking here. Unfortunately this content may not be available in all countries.

The second surprise appearance from Mr Barratt took the form of a guest performance at the Tenacious D gig at the Hammersmith Appollo in London. Julian popped up on stage during a sequence in which the band claimed to have shifted their musical style to jazz. There followed a freeform ‘jazz off’ between Julian and the band. You can check out some rather wobbly footage of the event by taking a look here. Howard Moon lives on!

Oly Ralfe – Music Making In New York

24 Oct

A while back we mentioned that Oly Ralfe would be performing at the CMJ Music Festival in New York on Saturday October 20th. NY correspondent, Gina R Snape, met up with him while he was there to ask him a few questions. Here’s what went on:

© Gina R Snape

Oly Ralfe could be described as “a true Renaissance man”. Not only did he showcase his own talent at the CMJ Music Festival, he also recorded the other bands. A modest, sweet and softly-spoken guy, he took a few minutes out of his busy day to talk with The Velvet Onion:

What are you doing over here for CMJ?
I just finished a new album, and the label is called Highline Records; it’s run by a girl from NY, so she’s doing a showcase. CMJ is a festival in NY. So I’ve used it as an excuse to come to NY for a gig! The album will come out next year.

What’s the album called and can you tell us a bit about it?
I’m still contemplating names, actually. So, any suggestions are welcome! It’s a sort of a comic tragedy. I think it’s still recognisably Ralfe Band, but I think I produced it in a slightly different way. It’s a bit more crafted and there’s some different musicians playing on it. So it’s, yeah, it might be a slightly richer sound. It’s very much about songwriting, the new album. Some of the songs are quite personal, maybe less of the Gypsy-ish European stuff. But there’s still a bit of that there in the melodies. That’s just how I write, I think.

Do you like being in NY?
Oh, I love NY. I’ve been here quite a few times in fact, with the Mighty Boosh documentary. In fact I made another documentary here about a Bob Dylan stalker called The Ballad of AJ Weberman, so I came here three times for that. So I love NY.

Are most of the people who know you here Boosh fans?
Maybe, yeah. Maybe it’s mutated into other listeners as well.

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Daves Tough Crowd

24 Oct

© Dave Brown

All our regular readers know that Dave Brown is a professional photographer (among his many talents), and his new exhibition Tough Crowd blends his photography and comedy connections.

He will be showing his portraits of fellow comedians including Noel Fielding, Lee Mack and Jimmy Carr, to illustrate how tough life on the road is for comedians, especially when they are first starting out.

The exhibition at London’s Strand Gallery will run from December 4th to 16th. Admission is free, and signed limited edition prints will be sold in aid of  AfriKids, a charity that Dave supports enthusiastically.

You can read more about the exhibition at, and we are hoping to find out more about the exhibition from Dave, before the opening in December.

Ritzy Rich

24 Oct

© Dave Brown

The incredibly hard-working Rich Fulcher will be at Ritzy Crackers on Thursday 15th November at the Ritzy Bar (above Ritzy Cinema) in Brixton.

Rich will be joined by 2 Episodes of Mash (from BBC3’s Live at the Electric and their own new series on Radio 4) and Marcel Lu Cont (we love to hate him, and he just plain hates the English).

Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are £8, £7 (concessions) £6 (members). The venue is only 4 minutes walk from Brixton tube station.

For more information and to book tickets click on this link.

What Noel Did Next

23 Oct

The excitement generated by Noel Fielding and Rich Fulcher‘s visit to Australia has got fans in the US asking when they can have a turn. Indeed, an online campaign has kicked off with the aim of letting Noel’s management know that it’s time he headed Stateside.

© Prudence Upton

We contacted his management to find out if a trip to the US is on the cards in the near future and, sadly, it looks like we may have to wait a while. Here’s what they told us: “There are no plans for an American tour at the moment – he’s right back into work on the second series of Luxury Comedy when he’s back from Australia.” They reckon it’s probably going to keep him busy until Autumn 2013.

While that means lots of new Luxury Comedy goodies for everyone, unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for overseas tours between now and then. But while there might be a long wait ahead, the campaign that fans are organising can’t do any harm in making sure the US is top of mind as a destination if and when the much-talked-about Luxury Comedy live shows are being planned. Here’s hoping!

In other Noel live news, some of you may be aware that he was forced to cancel his first (Tuesday) Melbourne show at the last-minute due to illness. Ticket holders weren’t informed until after the scheduled start of the show which, understandably, has caused some consternation amongst fans. All Tuesday tickets will be valid for the rescheduled show on Thursday evening (or given full refunds if preferred). We hope everyone who has been affected by the cancellation has been able to re-organise themselves around the date change; we know how long you guys have been waiting for this!

Finally, please don’t forget to send us your pictures, reviews and comments from Noel and Rich’s trip to Australia. We’ll be compiling a review article over the weekend, and it’d be great to have as many of you included. For more information click here. Thanks!

Cornerhouse Rules

21 Oct

© Warp Films

Cornerhouse in Manchester, the international centre for contemporary visual arts and independent film, is fast becoming the place to go in the North West for your TVO fix!

The next Cornerhouse-based happening to schedule in your diary  is The Joy of Six, a programme of six British short films. Included on the bill is A Gun For George, written and directed by Matthew Holness on Warp Films. The darkly comic tale revolves around the forgotten author of The Reprisalizer, Britain’s toughest pulp paperback vigilante. He treads a thin line between reality and fantasy as he attempts to exorcise painful memories of his brother’s death.

The special screening take splace at 18:20 on 20th November and will be followed by Q&A with one of the filmmakers (details tbc). Tickets cost from £4.50-£7.50. For more information about the screening and to buy tickets click here.

Feeling The Love For Sightseers

21 Oct

© Tom Meeten

Yesterday evening saw the UK Premier of Sightseers, the movie by director Ben Wheatley, featuring Alice Lowe and Steve OramWe’ve been getting excited about it for a while now, and it appears that we’re not alone!

Following yesterday’s screening at the BFI London Film Festival, anyone and everyone who was there has been tweeting excitedly about the film – and that includes many TVO favourites. Here’s a selection of some of them:

“Sightseers is killer!
Magic weavers @mr_wheatley, @alicelowe, @steve_oram are utterly brilliant.” Tom Meeten
“Just seen sightseers movie. Utterly brilliant, astonishing. Very very happy for @alicelowe and @steve_oram” Waen Shepherd
“Holy shit. Brilliant. #Sightseers” Rachel Stubbings
“SIGHTSEERS is brilliant! Huge congratulations to Alice Lowe and Steve Oram!” James Wren, Hen & Chickens
“Sightseers is bloody brilliant. Horrible and touching.” Reece Shearsmith
“Just saw Sightseers from the brill @alicelowe and Steve Oram. Tis great!” Robert Popper

Other choice comments imcluded “Crazy caravan dreams courtesy of @bigtalk’s excellent Sightseers last night, & bravo @alicelowe for rocking split crotch knitted underwear,” and, “stand out film I’ve seen at #LFF. Hilarious, gruesome + beautiful scenery. Alice Lowe – deadpan masterclass!”.

Cine Vue have also reviewed the film very positively, saying of it: “In a year sorely lacking in intelligent laughs, Sightseers hits just the right chords nearly every step of the way. A heady blend of murders, melancholy, pagan rituals (once again) and giant pencils, this may well be the blackest – and best – British comedy since Chris Morris’ Four Lions.

Hopefully that little lot has whetted your appetite to see the film… and it all ties in perfectly with what we’ve been saying since we saw it back in August! It hits UK cinemas for its general release from 30th November, and there’s a string of preview events still to come before then – for more info, see this earlier peeling.

COMPETITION: Hate Mail With Mr Bingo!

20 Oct

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Mr Bingo‘s new book Hate Mail, a book based on postcards he sent to folk who wanted an original Mr Bingo insult!

Now five lucky Peelers can win their very own copy of the book, thanks to the kind people at Penguin UK, by entering our new competition.

 All you have to do to win one of 5 copies of Hate Mail by Mr Bingo (published by Michael Joseph), is to go to  Mr Bingo’s website and find the page where he is described in three sentences.  Then simply complete this sentence which starts:

“Some say he’s the ………………………..”

(Hint: Try the ‘info’ section)

Due to the large number of correct entries we’ve already received the Competition is now closed. Winners have been notified by email. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

We are looking for the words as written on Mr Bingo’s website so get reading, post your answers in the comments box below and the first 5 correct answers will be notified shortly after the closing date on Friday 26th October at 11pm!  Remember to have a read of our terms and conditions below to avoid any funny business and good luck!

If you don’t win the competition you can still pick up a copy of Hate Mail for the very reasonable price of £6.99 from The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store!

Don’t forget Mr Bingo has organised Mr Bingo’s Piss Up In A Brewery on October 25th at Camden Town Brewery, where you can drink his very own limited edition ‘Hate Ale’ and get your book signed.

To see what you might win check out the YouTube video below.

Terms and Conditions
This competition offers 1 copy each of Hate Mail by Mr Bingo to 5 winners. Winning entries will be the first 5 entries complete the sentence “Some say he’s the …………………”
Winners will be contacted via the email address they use to enter – your details will not be shared with any additional third parties beyond Penguin Books and The Velvet Onion. Only entries made in the comments section of this post will be accepted. The Velvet Onion will not accept entries as replies to our Facebook/Twitter pages, comments to any other posts in error or emails to any email address in our domain, nor any entries received after this time-frame. This competition is being run entirely by The Velvet Onion, with prizes organised by Penguin Books. One entry per person. Any entrants found making multiple entries from the same IP address will be disqualified, and banned from entering further competitions run by The Velvet Onion. All entries must be received via comments on this post by 11.00pm GMT on 26th October 2012. The judge’s decision is final. There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered. The Velvet Onion and Penguin UK  reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

Strictly Come Branding

20 Oct

© Ian Gavan / Getty Images Europe

Tonight’s red button extra instalment of immensely popular hit Strictly Come Dancing will feature a familiar face from Onion land in the form of Katy Brand.

The comic actress and author will join former Strictly champion and professional dancer Karen Hardy to commentate live on the couples’ performances via the red button.

You can expect a mixture of insight and irreverence as they give you the heads up on who’s hot and who’s not on the dancefloor before the judges have their say, between 6:30pm and 8:25pm tonight on BBC1.

Katy is no stranger to dance competitions, preceding Noel Fielding in Let’s Dance For Comic Relief a few years ago, which you can see again below.

A Werewolf, A Vampire, A Ghost… And Colin Hoult!

19 Oct

© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

Colin Hoult is to appear in the fifth series of sci-fi smash Being Human next year.

The comic actor has been branching out a lot throughout 2012 – with an appearance in Red Dwarf X still to air in the next few weeks – and he wrapped his final day filming on Being Human today.

For the uninitiated, Being Human tells the story of a house-share between a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.  It’s original stars, Aiden Turner and Sinead Keenan departed at the end of its third series, whilst Lenora Crichlow and Mongrels guest star Russell Tovey left during series four earlier this year – with an explosive finale featuring the likes of Mark Gatiss, no less.

The show is surrounded in secrecy, so it’s far too early to discover who or what Colin’s character is, but he’ll be joining stars Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken as werewolf Tom, vampire Hal and ghost Alex for at least one episode, directed by Philip John, seen here with the ‘gang’.

© Philip John

John’s website indicates his return for a third Being Human run sees him directing episodes one, two and three, and Colin’s name is currently attached to all three of them – but as soon as we hear more details, we’ll be sure to keep you peeled.  In the meantime, stick to the Being Human blog over at its official BBC page for the latest updates.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that, alongside Richard SandlingFergus CraigRich FulcherJames Bachman and Gareth Tunley, Colin is one of the numerous talents lined up to take part in The 13th Hour Horror Festival at The Leicester Square Theatre later this month, with his own spooky goings on taking over the main house for new Real Horror Show delights.  For more info, check out this earlier peeling.

Update From Down Under

18 Oct

© tripleJ

We suspected that Noel Fielding and Rich Fulcher were going to receive a warm welcome from the Aussie fans, but the scale of the reaction we’ve seen today on the discussion boards has been something else! For those of you who have missed it, and for those of you who were there but whose brains are too scrambled to remember much, here’s a quick round-up of what’s what:

First up, Rich has appeared on the Doctor’s radio show on tripleJ. If you click on this here linky you can hear a podcast of the show; Rich’s interview starts at 6:50. Don’t forget that Noel will be on the same show on Friday (that’s today, for you folk in Australia…weird!). The Doctor’s show airs 15:00-15:30 local time, which is equivalent to 05:00-07:30 in the UK…ouch!  You can listen live via this link here, and we’ll add a link to the podcast of the show afterwards for those of us who can’t quite make it out of bed in time to listen live.

Noel was also on Thursday’s edition of The Project on Channel Ten. If you live in Australia you can view the episode on the show’s website (although at the time of writing it’s not yet been added); unfortunately this content is not available to view from the UK, but bear in mind the regulations may differ by country.

© Prudence Upton

And let’s not forget that Noel was part of yesterday’s photo call alongside his fellow comedians as part of the Just For Laughs Festival Launch at the Sydney Opera House.

© Rachel via tumblr

However, the story that has generated the highest volume of web-based mayhem during the past 24 hours has to be the DVD signing that took place at the ABC shop in Sydney. Gazillions of you swarmed down there to meet Noel, and if the glowing reports and jolly-faced photos are to be believed, an utterly brilliant time was had by all.

Here’s to the live shows which are coming up next!..

Please don’t forget to send us your pictures and reviews of Noel and Rich in Australia and we’ll include the best of them in our news round up at the end of their trip down under. Please send them to

Thanks to Rach and Georgia for helping to keep us in the loop, and thanks also if we’ve used your photo in this review. 


EDIT: The full podcast of Noel’s interview on tripleJ is now available here. What’s more you can check out his appearance on The Project down here (big thanks to tea for the link):


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