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More Cloth

31 Aug


Gareth Tunley has a small but significant role in A Touch of Cloth, Charlie Brooker and Daniel Maier’s new spoof detective series,  shown in two parts on Sky 1 over the recent Bank Holiday weekend.

If you missed it first time round, the whole show is repeated, with an extra bonus scene, at 10pm tonight on Sky 1, and is available on Sky Anytime now.

The series, starring John Hannah as DI Jack Cloth and Suranne Jones as DI Anne Oldman, has familiar scenes from may police dramas with plenty of visual in-jokes and dialogue that sounds convincing until you really listen to what they are saying.

There was a host of familiar faces appearing in the first case, including Geoff McGivern, who was last seen in Toast of London, and also appeared in  Dead Boss and This is Jinsey.


Mr Brooker announced on Twitter that there are two more cases in the series to look forward to. The second one is already finished and the third is shooting now.

If you can’t wait to see more of A Touch of Cloth, the DVD is out on Monday 3rd September. Extras on the DVD include: The making of A Touch of Cloth,  John Hannah interview,  Suranne Jones interview,  Charlie Brooker interview and  The Writer’s Room.

As always the DVD is available to pre-order now from TVO store.

Big, Fat And Noughty

30 Aug

© Channel 4

For the past few years the televised Big Fat Quiz of the Year with Jimmy Carr has been as much a part of the festive season as fairy lights and Auld Lang Syne. Well now we’re getting a mini series of three big fat quizzes!

Channel 4 are currently filming the three episodes, with each one focusing on a different decade: the 80s, 90s and Noughties; so far there’s no information about broadcast dates for the programmes.  However, the big question on everyone’s lips will be whether our favourite panelists will be featuring in the shows…

We can reveal that Noel Fielding will indeed be appearing in the series, reprising his role as the remedial Dali-esque hipster of the team. As yet we don’t have confirmation of who his partner in crime is, but we do know that Russell Brand is in London at the moment, so who knows – perhaps we’re due for a Goth Detectives reunion?

The recording of the show is happening as we write, so watch this space…(and sorry, this photo is no indication of anything whatsoever)!

For The Win Is A Winner!

30 Aug

© Big Face Productions

A wee while ago a very funny and fabulously silly pilot called For The Win graced BBC Three’s website. Now we’re delighted to be able to reveal that it’s going to be on the tellybox!

For The Win features several TVO favourites amongst its cast, including Rich Fulcher, Richard Glover and John Hopkins (who also co-created and directed/wrote the show)

John has said that he wanted to give For The Win the same attention and detail that goes into a live show: “Oddly, TV productions are often so much more rushed, due to money and other stuff, than a show on the live circuit would be. To me this is strange because TV shows are there forever,”  he said.

The pilot will be broadcast during the coveted late prime time slot on a Friday evening. Tune in to BBC Three on Friday 7th September at 22:00 to watch the show (and then, assuming you enjoy it as much as we did, bombard the Beeb with demands for a full series).

Thanks to the very lovely John, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the original sketches which was used to secure the pilot, and it includes some never-seen-before cameos from a whole host of well-knownTVO-related names… let’s just say you might be surprised who you see!

Take a look below, and we promise that you’ll be doing your own tiny smiles before the day is out…

If that tickled your funny bone, don’t forget to tune into For The Win on BBC Three on Friday 7th September.

Look out for more about John’s work on TVO soon; in the meantime, why not check out some of his other stuff here?

Clark In Bush Hall

30 Aug


There have have been further additions to Dan Clark’s latest tour of These Songs May Contain Jokes!

The comic can now be found bringing the show back to his hometown in November. Along with the many other dates that we announced recently, Dan Clark, Ben Parker and the rest of his gifted band will be at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush.

The venue is heavenly for live music so you locals (and travelers!) would be mad to miss this!  Tickets are between £14 – £16 and the show commences on November 10th, grab your tickets right here!

If you missed our last shout out with the rest of Clark’s dates around the UK, then take a peek right here for all the info you need plus tickets links.

Watch The Watch

29 Aug

© Twentieth Century Fox

The Watch, featuring Richard Ayoade, hits the big screen in the UK this week, but you will soon be able to see it on the small screen in the US.

What’s more, you can get your hands on the DVD via our brand spanking new US Amazon store! The standard DVD is available for pre-order here for $26.98, and the Blu-ray edition is available to pre-order here for $35.99.

Ayoade fans who are looking to balance his recent Hollywood outing with something more low-fi can also get their hands on Submarine and The It Crowd from the store by clicking here.

It’s A Smeggin’ Countdown!

29 Aug

© Grant Naylor Productions / Dave

The countdown to the long awaited tenth series of Red Dwarf  has begun, with digital channel Dave confirming it’s air date.

The show reunites original stars Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John Jules and Robert Llewellyn as Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten for the first full length series since 1998, after the ratings success of the Back To Earth mini-series in 2009.

The brand new series, written and directed by it’s co-creator Doug Naylor, begins with the Dwarfer’s mining ship still creaking though the wastelands of unchartered deep space, but the posse soon stumble upon the mysteriously abandoned SS Trojan.  As they inspect the ship Rimmer receives an SOS distress call from an old foe and is suddenly faced with the dilemma of his life.

Throughout the six part series Lister grapples with the problem of being his own father, gets involved in a love triangle with snack dispensers 23 and 34, while Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled forcing them to do everything in unison.  The posse also find themselves marooned in 23 AD where they rescue a famous historical figure with a beard.

The series final episode finds the boys surrounded by a Simulant War Cruiser and its fleet of attack ships. Armed with only two forks and a pencil sharpener, the Dwarfers begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end. Only one man can save them. Unfortunately that man is Arnold J Rimmer.

It all sounds like classic Dwarf, and we here at TVO Towers can’t wait.  Understandably, we’re all huge Red Dwarf fans – so how delighted, we were, to discover that our very own Colin Hoult will be guest starring in at least one episode.

Colin was understandably tight-lipped about the project when we last spoke to him earlier this year, but we’re sure his part will be just one smashing piece in a truly stonking jigsaw of a return.

The first episode of Red Dwarf X airs on Thursday, October 4th, on Dave.  Every Friday, until then, new teasers will be released via the show’s official Facebook page.  You can see the initial trailer below.

The show can also be pre-ordered on dvd and blu-ray via The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store now, for release on November 19th.

Page’s Diary

29 Aug

© Joey Page

Joey Page is heading out on a string of dates across the UK!

The surrealist stand-up, part-time burnt sausage and protege of Noel Fielding, is taking his own brand of madcap comedy out on the road over the next few months.

The first shows for Page take place this weekend at Mr Bens in Leeds.  Joey will be appearing on Friday, August 31st and Saturday, September 1st, alongside Luke McQueen, Sully O’Sullivan and a mystery guest.

The following weekend, Joey will be joining Trevor Lock, Sara Pascoe and Bobby Mair at Hampton Hill Playhouse, on Friday, September 7th.

October brings another tour date, with an appearance at The Lancaster Comedy Club on Sunday, October 21st, alongside Alex Boardman, Adam Staunton and Andrew Ryan, but it’s November when Page’s schedule really steps up a gear.

On Thursday, November 1st, he’ll be at The Bear Hotel in Devizes, alongside Sol Bernstein and Patrick Morris; then he’ll join Tiffany Stevenson, Holly Walsh and Mark Olver at Guildhall Arts Centre in Grantham, on Friday, November 16th.

This will be followed by an appearance at the legendary XS Malarkey Comedy Club in Manchester’s Platt Chapel, alongside Patrick Morris and one of TVO’s Edinburgh nods, Toby Hadoke, on Tuesday, November 20th.

Joey then returns to Mr Bens in Leeds three times in the run-up to Christmas, alongside Luke McQueen and Lewis Charlesworth on Wednesday, December 19th, Thursday, December 20th and Friday, December 21st.

All in all, then, a busy time for Joey Page!  For tickets to all of the above shows, click on the highlighted dates, or see the full list of shows right here.  And if you manage to catch him on tour, tell him TVO sent you…

Submarine Emerges

29 Aug

© Warp Films

Richard Ayoade‘s critically acclaimed feature film directorial debut, Submarine, will get its UK terrestrial television debut this weekend.

The film, which stars Craig Roberts (Being Human) and Yasmin Paige (The Sarah Jane Adventures) as two young teens dealing with adolescent love, karate chopping new age neighbours and terminally ill or deeply depressed parents, was a huge criticial hit when it was released in cinemas last year.

Now, it airs on Channel 4 this Sunday, 2nd September, at 11.15pm.

To find out more about the film you can read our review from last summer, along with our exclusive interview with Ayoade about the film here.

If you enjoy it, of course, you can also own it on DVD and Blu-ray from the UK TVO Store, or the new US TVO Store.

Sightseers Trailer Sighted!

28 Aug

© Big Talk Pictures

The first trailer for The Sightseers has launched exclusively via The Guardian website.

A cheeky snapshot of a soon to be cult classic, the trailer is the first hint of the promotional campaign for the film stepping up a gear – including a nod from executive producer Edgar Wright, over on his official blog.

To see it, click here.  We’ll be bringing you more Sightseers news, and an international link to the trailer, as soon as we get it.

The Sightseers is released in cinemas November 30th.  Before that, it heads to the Toronto Film Festival next month. For more on what we thought of it, check out our exclusive preview.

Edit: We now have a link to the trailer on YouTube – you can see it below!

Party On!

28 Aug

© BBC Radio 4

The hit Radio 4 sitcom Party, featuring Anna Crilly and Katy Wix amongst its cast, has been given a third series.

The show is about a group of students attempting to formulate a new political group from the confines of a garden shed. However, the five protagonists rarely achieve any progress, with their discussions descending into trivial chat or bickering. As the BBC website explains, “(It’s) a satirical comedy about a group of young idealists trying to change the world with a fresh new political party. Unfortunately their naivety, vanity, hypocrisy and ignorance often gets in the way.”

Party began life as an award-winning play at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, before a successful London run. It’s written by and features Tom Basden, who’s also responsible for Fresh Meat (amongst others).

The new series will be recorded on the 5th and 12th September at the BBC Radio Theatre, with two episodes recorded each night. To apply for tickets for the recordings click here.

Cuban Fury

28 Aug

© Big Talk Productions

2013 seems to be donned the year of the dance as another TVO-sprinkled film passes our peepers.

Cuban Fury is the new British comedy to come from Chris O’Dowd.  Also starring Ian McShane, Nick Frost and Olivia Colman, we’re also rather excited about the cameo from Steve Oram to come! Playing ‘Security Guard Kevin’, let’s hope he is also given the chance to shake those cuban heels!

The film is directed by James Griffiths who also directed Free Agents (which contains more TVO-stars then you can shake a stick at) and the new hit show Episodes. The main writers credit also goes to Jon Brown who wrote for Mongrels and No Heroics.

With filming wrapped only last week, Cuban Fury is due for release on 22nd March 2013. Keep up to date on the latest via their IMDB page, plus you can see some regular video-blogs, from the set, on their official Twitter to get you even more excited!

The All Stars Feature

27 Aug

© Zimbio

A new feature film will include some familiar faces in the new year.

The movie from Vertigo Films is called All Stars, and features Got To Dance winner, Akai Osei-Mansfield.

It will be directed by Ben Grogor, who directed Midnight Beast and the sadly-forgotten ITV sitcom No Heroics (which starred a plethora of Booshdom faces). In the upcoming feature All Stars he will be working with Simon Farnaby and Alex Kirk, who will be appearing in cameos.

Currently in filming, All Stars is planned for release in Spring 2013. To keep up to date on the latest news about the movie, keep an eye on their IMDB page, plus we’ll be keeping you peeled on anything new when we find it!

O’Dowd Does Tap

27 Aug

© Hollywood Reporter

Chris O’Dowd is to star in an exciting project from the king of mockumentary, Christopher Guest!

The gent that brought us the ultimate ‘Rock-Mockumentary’ This Is Spinal Tap, and Best In Show, will be bringing his distinct comedy style to the BBC for an 8-part series. It will also be aired on HBO for US Peelers.

The show, entitled Family Tree, follows O’Dowd’s character, Tom Chaswick, as he goes through an identity crisis. We’re sensing a hint of inspiration from the famous show Who Do You Think You Are here!  Yet again Guest demonstrates his skill of tapping into (no pun intended) an area ripe for pastiche that hasn’t yet been spoofed.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of this exciting comedy-pairing, and we’ll be bringing you more info as we find it!

To read more about the series take a look at this from the BBC right here!

Horrible And Full Lenth

27 Aug


Award-winning kids’ TV series Horrible Histories is set to be developed into a feature-length movie.

The popular show, which features Alice Lowe and Simon Farnaby amongst its cast, has encouraged a generation to children to renew their interest in history, thanks to its uniquely comical approach to subject. Producer, Caroline Norris recently said of a full-length film: “We are in negotiations on a movie and we’re are trying to sort out the rights with a US company.” However, she stressed that the project was still in its early stage.

Norris revealed that if given the go-ahead, the movie would utilise the Monty Python’s Flying Circus approach of linking sketches together to form a narrative suitable for the big screen. Apparently scenes from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian were used in the showreel that the production team created when they were initially pitching Horrible Histories show to the BBC.

It hasn’t yet been revealed which period the film will be set in, nor which members of the TV cast will be appearing in the feature. As soon as we have any information as to whether the TVO connection will continue with the production of the film, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, a fifth series of the sketch show is in production with a sixth also commissioned.

Geordie Clobber

27 Aug

During the madness of Funny Fortnight, the truly insane new celebrity game-show from Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer, Lucky Sexy Winners sneaked into the schedules.

A showcase for the madcap talents of the duo and their now regular collaborator, Dan Renton Skinner, the show is available to watch again via 4oD now.

One unused sequence has emerged online, and features our very own Tony Way and Alice Lowe as jealous Geordies, wishing they had Vic & Bob’s clobber. You can see it below.

Funny Fortnight Favourites: Father Ted

27 Aug

© Channel 4

This weekend saw Father Ted come up trumps in Channel 4’s 30 Greatest Comedy Shows countdown.  With an impressive three shows in the top four, it cemented Graham Linehan’s place as a king of comedy.

Helen Cowlyn looks back at a timeless classic, below…

Father Ted was shown from 1995 to 1998, and was written by Graham Lineham and Arthur Matthews, who both have TVO connections. When you read a description of Father Ted – a comedy about three Roman Catholic priests living in a small parochial house on a tiny outcrop of rock somewhere off the west coast of Ireland, with their housekeeper – it does not sound like a comedy at all. Luckily for us, the show was commissioned by Hat Trick Productions and we now have 25 episodes of Father Ted to enjoy. There are 6 in series 1, 10 in series 2, with an hour-long Christmas special, and 8 in the third series. Another TVO connection is that Christine Cant was the make-up designer for all three series.

© Hat Trick

The theme tune was written and performed by The Divine Comedy, who  later reworked it into Songs of Love, which became a track from their album Cassanova. It’s not a typical comedy tune, being quite melancholy and slow. Neil Hannon, (who is mostly The Divine Comedy) wrote most of the original music, including My Lovely Horse, from the episode Song For Europe and My Lovely Mayo Mammy from the episode Night of the Nearly Dead. ‘Father Neil Hannon’ was also one of the names Mrs Doyle guesses in A Christmassy Ted, the 1996 Christmas special.

Each episode involved the trials of Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan) as he tries to get on with life on Craggy Island, hindered by Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O’Hanlon), a young priest who gives the impression that he’s not sure what’s going on most of the time, and Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), a very old priest with some nasty habits. Ted himself is not blameless, there are references to Lourdes money that was ‘just resting’ in his account, and Bishop Brennan inferred in the episode The Passion of St Tibulus, that all three of them were sent to Craggy Island as punishment for earlier misdeeds. The Priests are looked after by Mrs Doyle (Pauline McLynn), a lady of a certain age whose obsession with cups of tea, sandwiches and cakes is an integral part of her character. Continue reading

Wales Gets Behind The Boosh

27 Aug

© Dave Brown

As all good peelers will know, Dave Brown‘s photography exhibition, Behind the Boosh, has just finished its run in Norwich. Now Dave has announced that it will be moving to Wales.

The behind-the-secenes photography of fifteen years-worth The Mighty Booshcan be seen at Oriel Colwyn (the new gallery space situated on the top floor of Theatr Colwyn), from 1st September until 16th October. The gallery is open most weekdays from 10am-5pm; the exhibition will be also be available to view during normal theatre and cinema opening hours, and there’s no charge to view it.

Dave has said of the forthcoming show: “We had some of our best gigs in Wales so it’s great to bring a few memories back to the crazy Welsh Boosh fans.” Aww, bless! For more information check out the gallery space’s website.

Don’t forget that you can still buy signed limited edition prints from Dave’s Norwich exhibition at Flint; click here to find out more.

The Great Pretender

27 Aug

© Eagle Rock

A brand new documentary made by Rhys Thomas, chronicling the life of Freddie Mercury, will be released next month.

The star of BlunderBellamy’s PeopleStar StoriesNathan Barley and, of course, The Fast Show amongst others, is a lifelong Queen fan, even winning Celebrity Mastermind whilst dressed in replica’s of Mercury’s costumes last year!

Thomas has been working with the band for ten years, producing their dvd and blu-ray releases, and last year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Queen, Rhys and his regular collaborator Simon Lupton created the two part documentary Days Of Our Lives to great acclaim.

Now, as their record company Universal prepare a special edition version of Mercury’s solo project, Barcelona, Rhys has produced and directed a companion piece, The Great Pretender, set to air on BBC4 this month alongside a release on dvd and blu-ray – both of which can be pre-ordered in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

We’ll be bringing you a confirmed transmission date as soon as possible, but it is expected to air sometime between the 8th and the 24th of September.

Holy Hi-Def Circus!

27 Aug

© Acorn

Last year’s brilliant BBC4 docudrama Holy Flying Circus – starring Rufus Jones amongst its ensemble cast – is to get a hi-def release in North America.

The tv movie, which aired in the UK last October, follows Monty Python as they deal with the controversy, culminating with the live television debate where Michael Palin and John Cleese defended the film against the Bishop of Southwark and Malcolm Muggeridge.

With pitch perfect recreations of the Pythons by Darren Boyd, Charles Edwards, Steve Punt, Tom Fisher, Phil Nichol and Rufus Jones as Cleese, Palin,Idle, Chapman, Gilliam & Jones respectively, the fantastical re-imagining scored rave reviews and award nominations aplenty.

In the UK, Holy Flying Circus was also aired on BBC HD, yet it’s home media release was surprisingly only in the dvd format, earlier this year.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, given the love for Python remains far stronger in the USA than it does on their home turf, the film is however, being prepped for a two disc blu-ray/dvd combo release on September 4th.

At present, it appears that the disc will be region coded, so only those with multi-region players will be able to import it outside of the US.  If this changes, we’ll be sure to keep you peeled.  In the meantime, you can pre-order the set via our official Amazon USA store now.

Funny Fortnight Favourites: Black Books Remembered

26 Aug

It’s that time again… here’s another look back at a Funny Fortnight Favourite, as Paulyne Antoniou looks back at Black Books

One thing that has stood out with Channel 4 sitcoms is taking the conventional format and turning it on its head. Black Books is the perfect example of this, and a huge love is shared for this show over at TVO.

Earlier this evening you might have caught one of its classic episodes as part of Ch4’s Funny Fortnight, and, to accompany it, we bring you our look back at the history of Black Books.

Starring Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Grieg, the show follows Bernard Black (Moran) who attempts to run his failing book shop with the unwanted help of Manny (Bailey) and what seems to be the only voice of reason in his dim, boozed-up life, Fran (Grieg).

© Channel 4

Black Books first aired in 2000 on Channel 4 with the not-so watershed spot of 11pm. It went on to make 3 series (which has tended to be the standard amount for a British comedy – making it quite the success) and gain a loyal fanbase that still passes their DVDs over to others, and them to others, forever more.

Originally directed and written by Graham Linehan and co-written by Dylan Moran, the former then handed over the full reigns to Dylan after the first series for the remainder of its 2 years. The show was an interesting turn for Graham as this was coming off the back of his success with Father Ted.  No studio audience and a darker, much drier style of humour may not have been what fans would have expected, but the show thankfully won the BAFTA for Best Sitcom after its first series, giving the writers the nod to continue with this darker turn in comedy. After winning the BAFTA Moran commented on his win saying “The trend now is to get away from stage bound sitcoms. Black Books adheres to a more old fashioned, traditional sitcom format, which I think works, because in its own way, it’s quite theatrical.”  This rings true as it gives its own take on shows such as Open All Hours and On The Buses; the premise of funny activities in a usually mundane job.

Continue reading


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