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Edinburgh 2012: The Onion Round-Up

30 Jul

It’s almost time for The Edinburgh Fringe once more, and as ever, there’s a liberal sprinkling of TVO favourites heading up to Scotland throughout August.

The wonderful Rachel Stubbings makes her Edinburgh debut with Stubbing Out Problems, whilst David McNeill returns to the Fringe in spectacular form with his first solo show, Canoe Ride 3000 .  They are joined by the mighty Sarah Kendall, whose show Get Up, Stand Up has been getting rave reviews – and the inimitable Paul Foot with his latest show, Kenny Larch Is Dead.

And that’s not all – with Pros From Dover genius Phil Whelans part of the line up for improvised celebrity chat show Monkey Toast and our beloved Waen Shepherd as part of an all star ensemble cast for tragi-comic play The Interventionthis looks set to be one hell of a Fringe for TVO.

The Festival also gives us a rare opportunity to break out of our remit a little, and highlight a number of shows from other comics we don’t often get to mention on our pages, if at all, with our own set of top picks for Edinburgh 2012, which we’ll be sharing with you later this week.

For now, though, stop staring at that bulky catalogue, wondering if you’re ever going to find the time to look through it, and let us summarise the great Oniony shows you can see if you like the type of comedy which brought you here in the first place.  Enjoy – and if you do go along, why not tell us what you think of the shows by dropping us a line at

Edinburgh 2012: The Onion Round Up


DATES: Aug 1st-13th, 15th-27th

TIME: 15:00

WHERE: Underbelly, Bristo Square, Bristo Square, EH8 9AL

PRICE: Mon-Thur: £8.00 (£7.00 cons) Fri-Sun: £9.00 (£8.00 cons)


Bad breath? Scared of clowns? Worried your ex is over you? I’m an online agony aunt phenomenon – I can help! I’ll probably help you with issues you didn’t even know you had…

Stubbing Out Problems marks Rachel Stubbing’s first full length foray into the Edinburgh Fringe, and as such, we at TVO are behind her all the way.  Based upon the cult YouTube sensation which has featured all many of TVO faces, Stubbings debut is an assured slice of technologically enhanced guru mockery that’s more than worthy of your attention.  After a storming set at The Velvet Onion Live back in May, Rachel has been finely tuning and honing her debut with a string of preview gigs, and now the star of Alice’s Wunderland and Jackal Films is ready and raring to go.  You can see a sneak preview, featuring a cameo by Stephen Evans, right here…

We spoke to Stubbings to see if she had a message for the good people of the Onion, and she kindly provided us with a short but sweet response to you all…

“Oi, come check out my live healing skillz of which there are many, please?”



DATES: Aug 1st-13th, 15th-26th

TIME: 15:30

WHERE: Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

PRICE: Mon-Thur: £8.00 (£7.00 cons) Fri-Sun: £10.00 (£9.00 cons)


Come jeer at this feckless fool in his homemade canoe striving to answer questions he’s as yet unsure of … and to find the Chinese man who urinated through his letterbox at 1am two weeks ago.

Canoe Ride 3000 marks Dave McNeill’s first solo fringe show, having last appeared at the festival with Colin Hoult in madcap spy caper Zimbani – which later became a tv pilot featuring Julian Barratt, no less.  His recent appearance at The Velvet Onion Live is just one brilliant moment in amongst his regular appearances on the London live circuit, and this magical flight of fancy is going to be an absolute corker.

We spoke to McNeill to see if he had a message for our readers, and he was keen to share his thoughts with you all…

“Dear peelers of The Velvet Onion! On the coming of August I shall be taking my Canoe 3000 to Edinburgh for a journey of discovery, of danger and to find possible answers relating to the man from China and why he urinated through my letter box a few weeks ago. Join me! A man can become fairly lonely all by himself in a canoe with nothing but the open sea and his thoughts.”



DATES: Aug 1st-12th, 14th-27th

TIME: 20:30

WHERE: Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

PRICE: Mon-Thur: £10.00 (£9.00 cons) Fri-Sun: £11.00 (£10.00 cons)


Perrier and Time Out London Comedy Award nominee Sarah Kendall returns with a blistering new hour of stand-up. The Sunday Times called it ‘Brilliant observational comedy’, and Chortle say it’s ‘A truly brilliant show. Got to be seen.’

She’s back!  The powerhouse stand-up first came to TVO’s attention via her starring role in Beehive, but she’s been wowing crowds in the UK and her native Australia for many, many years.  Kendall is a comic in her element – her confidence on stage allowing her to care not a jot about looking ridiculous, yet never descending into arrogance like so many observational comics tend to.  She is crude but surrealistic, blunt but whimsical – and never gives less than her all.  Not only firing on all cylinders as a comic, but nowadays as a mother too, Sarah’s latest show should appeal to anyone slightly naffed off at the world, but who is still in love with it all the same.



DATES: Aug 2nd-14th, 16th-26th

TIME: 19:30

WHERE: Underbelly, Cowgate, 56 Cowgate, EH1 1EG

PRICE: Mon-Thur: £10.50 (£9.50 cons) Fri-Sun: £12.00 (£11.00 cons)


Deep within the sinking sands of the Perspex jungle of youth, in the forgotten nebula of nothingness, comes an objet du desir – a trombone fruit. Needless to say, it’s another warm year.

What can be said about Paul Foot’s unique brand of comedy that we haven’t already tried to articulate with our rave reviews over the past few years?  Suffice to say, Noel Fielding was so taken by Foot’s charms, he directed his previous Edinburgh show Ash In The Attic, and propelled Paul into stardom with his guest slots on …Buzzcocks and Luxury Comedy.  Paul Foot occupies a moment in the space time continuum so unlike any other comic before or since, and comedy fans tend to fall into two groups: those who have seen him work his magic on a room and have fallen in love with Foot’s ways, and those who haven’t.



DATES: Aug 1st-12th, 14th-26th

TIME: 19:05

WHERE: The Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, EH2 2LR

PRICE: £15.00 (£12.00 cons)


Chicago, 2012. Zac is confronted by friends and family, trying to redeem him before it’s too late. As we delve deeper into his alcoholism, the more skeletons appear from the family cupboard’s dusty depths. A series of explosive revelations unravel the brutal truth behind the cycle of abuse. A father and son tale for the 21st century.

A fascinating looking show indeed, The Intervention is the brand new play from Fringe First Award 2011 winner Dave Florez, and features an all-star cast of top-notch comic talent, including the truly wonderful Waen ShepherdHoly Flying Circus star Phil Nichol and Dead Boss regular Aisling Bea.  For those wanting something a little different to the wall-to-wall standup and character comedy of our usual Fringe recommendations, this black comic drama has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making.  Get in before anyone else does… this is one show that deserves a life beyond Edinburgh.



DATES: Aug 1st-13th, 15th-26th [Phil Whelans present Aug 11th-17th]

TIME: 23:05

WHERE: Pleasance Dome, Potterow, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL

PRICE: Mon-Thur: £10.00 (£8.00 cons) Fri-Sun: £11.00 (£9.00 cons)


Six-time Canadian Comedy Award-winning shot hits Edinburgh! An all-star UK cast including Phil Whelans, Humphrey Ker, Sara Pascoe, Cariad Lloyd and Rob Broderick will create hilarious improvised scenes from onstage interviews with real celebrity guests.

One epic cast list of big names and up and coming stars join forces for this improvised chat show, featuring celebrity guests and such stuff of spontaneous chaos.  Co-created by occasional Rich Fulcher collaborator and improv legend David Shore, this promises to be a late night treat whoever features.  Pros From Dover’s Phil Whelans [who also appeared in Brass Eye and Katemodern] will be part of the madness between August 11th & 17th.


If you’re attending the Festival and manage to see any of these shows, why not send us a short review?  Email us via to share your thoughts on the wonders of Edinburgh!  Keep peeling to find out our top picks from beyond the Onion, later this week!

Red Hot And Funny-Looking

29 Jul

Yesterday’s Guardian magazine celebrated “the unlikely sex symbols” in an article which included an interview with Chris O’ Dowd and several mentions of Noel Fielding.

© The Guardian

Chris featured alongside fellow so-called odd lookers: Matt Smith, Andrew Garfield, Stephen Mangan and Benedict Cumberbatch. Chris says in his interview, “I was 6ft when I was 11 and my features hadn’t grown around that yet. So I had this big nose, big lips and a giant big rubbery head. I was a foot taller than everyone else, so there was certainly a Quasimodo situation going on.”  See, there’s hope for us all!

To read the interviews visit The Guardian website.

The print version of the article by Zoe Smith also includes a introductory few paragraphs in which the writer considers the biological, social and historical trends of male attractiveness. In the piece she describes Noel Fielding as, “Probably the most feminised of the new quirky stars (with Stephen Mangan), but acres away from classic femininity.”  To read this part of the article, which includes extra quotes from Chris O’Dowd click here.

Clark Treads On The Pier

27 Jul

© Mog

Dan Clark will be making some appearances in Bath and Brighton near the end of this year!

The comedy club Komedia will be welcoming Clark to both of their venues in November as he brings These Songs May Contain Jokes – his song-based show that recently premiered in London earlier this year.

You can find him in Brighton on November 1st  and in Bath on November 16th!  You’ll be able to find more information and ticket links at their official website.

This announced whilst Dan and musical partner Ben Parker have been recording an album of songs from his past live shows and How Not To Live Your Life; so we do suspect more gigs to come in parallel with the release of said album!

Stay peeled for more information as we find it and you can buy your tickets to Dan Clark’s Brighton show here and the Bath show right here!

The Nerdiest Nerdist

26 Jul


The lovely Richard Ayoade guested on the popular Nerdist Podcast yesterday.

While he was in America to attend the premiere of The Watch, he spent some time with the Nerdist team (who you can see on the left), before he flew back to London.

During the podcast they discuss everything from The Olympics to Darkplace, ADBC, The Mighty Boosh, Submarine, Nathan Barley and The IT Crowd, and many other topics besides. Given how rare Richard’s public appearances are, it’s quite a treat to get the opportunity to listen to what he has to say for nearly  whole hour!

Listen to the podcast here.

You can see Richard in The Watch starting tomorrow (Friday 27th) in the USA or August 24th in UK. Read our review of the preview here.

Berry Live!

26 Jul

© Paul Tipping Photography

Matt Berry‘s music gigs are rare, precious things. So it’s especially exciting to hear that he’ll be performing live in November!

Matt will be part of the Acid Jazz Silver Jubilee show at 229 The Venue in London on 9th November. Also appearing on the bill are The Maypoles, Janice Graham Band, Andy Lewis, The Red Inspectors, Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland. The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £15; to bag one go here.

We were lucky enough to catch Matt on his Witchhazel tour in Manchester a while back; why not check out our review to get yourself in the mood for the forthcoming gig?

“Watch” Ayoade

25 Jul

© Teresa Whelan

This week saw the US première of action comedy blockbuster The Watch, which features our very own Richard Ayoade in a lead role.

TVO’s US correspondent Teresa ‘Trixie’ Whelan – was on hand to attend the screening and get a sneaky peak of life on the red carpet…

Tinseltown has rolled out the red carpet for Richard Ayoade, who stars in the new comedy The Watch. Also starring are Hollywood high rollers Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughan, and Jonah Hill.

I was lucky enough to attend the US screening of the film, which was held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  Ayoade and company spoke to press out in front of the historic theatre, and then joined the audience for the screening.

In the movie, Ben Stiller plays an average American, who manages a Costco store. After an employee is murdered, he recruits misfits Ayoade, Hill and Vaughn and forms a neighborhood watch to catch the killer.

From the first moment he appears on the screen, it’s apparent that Richard Ayoade is someone special, someone unique. He manages to steal every scene he’s in, yet blends easily with the other actors.  His soft-spoken delivery and British accent is very appealing, and he maintains a sort of innocent naiveté, even when he’s cursing.

Fans of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill will also be fans of Richard Ayoade by the time they leave the theatre.  This movie is a perfect showcase for Ayoade’s talents, and judging by audience reaction, will do quite well at the box office. I imagine that someone is already writing the sequel.

The Watch opens July 27, 2012, in the United States, and August 24 in the UK.

Wunderland To Keep

24 Jul

© Lewes Herriot

Alice’s Wunderland, the new comedy written by and starring Alice Lowe, is this week’s Comedy of the Week on BBC Radio 4! That means it’s available as a free podcast for you to download and keep forever.

If you haven’t listened before, the show is narrated by the lovely Marcia Warren who takes you  down a ‘rather manky-looking rabbit hole to Wunderland, the Poundland of magical realms’, to meet strange characters in bizarre situations.  This half-hour of sketches and songs  also stars Simon Greenall, Richard Glover, Clare Thomson, Rachel Stubbings and Waen Shepherd.

So pop over to the BBC Website, and grab a slice of Wunderland. If you love it, and we’re sure you will, the next episode is on Thursday at 11pm on BBC Radio 4 and will be available on iPlayer shortly after this.

Onion Talking: Behind The Unicorn, Sue Denim

24 Jul

© Owen Richards

Earlier this year we spoke to comic Joey Page, about his years of trying to break the comedy circuit and bring the audiences to him, rather than waiting for the head-honchos to give him the nod. This time we  turn to the world of the music industry, and find out from Sue Denim what it’s been like for her to release her album off her own back.

The musical stars of the Booshdom have been known for producing their own projects, even from right at the beginning with Sneaker Pimps. Yet, the struggle continues and many of these talents are still yet to break into the mainstream. But is that really a bad thing?

Today is the official release of Bicycle – the first single to come from Sue Denim.  Sue  has been spreading her musical wings and is now releasing her debut solo album, And the Unicorn, to be released on 13th August.  The album comes to us off the back of Denim’s fully independent label, Superhealthy, and we for one are fully supportive of anyone out there who believes in making a living in any medium independently. Velveteer Paulyne asks her the questions that can put any aspiring musicians out there at ease.

Sue & The Unicorn was originally in the public eye in 2009. Since then Sue has used the power of the internet (myspace, twitter and even The Velvet Onion) to promote and release her experimental, unplugged songs.  Her raw, to- the-bone tunes and homemade videos have made each project feel like a personal gift; like a secret just between Sue, you and the Unicorn.

How have  you found developing such a different musical style with people that know and support you through Robots In Disguise?

The connections I’ve made during over 10 years working in the musicbBiz have definitely helped, but ultimately whoever I’m dealing with has had to love my new music too. Happily for me it’s been an amazing and very encouraging response!

Continue reading

The Perfect Movie

22 Jul

© Leicester Square Theatre

Richard Sandling will be hosting a Booshdom-packed evening at Leicester Square Theatre in August!

Perfect Movie will be bringing a unique comedy spin to film reviews, interviews, trailers and much more.

With Sandling having extensive experience with film reviews and writing, combined with his stellar comedy performances, this is bound to be an evening that shant disappoint.

If that wasn’t enough, he’ll be joined by Steve Oram, James Bachman, Colin Hoult, Gareth Tunley! Plus Nathaniel Metcalfe, Jamie Glassman and Paul Gannon.

Whether you’re film aficionado, a comedy fan or just up for a night out, then this could be right up your street.

Head to Leicester Square Theatre on August 1st, tickets can be bought right here and we shall see you there!

Boosh History To Buy

21 Jul

© Dave Brown/Flint

Go on admit it: you’ve been lusting after the posters designed by Dave Brown for his photography exhibition currently running at Flint in Norwich. Well now you can get your mitts on one!

The exhibition, titled Behind the Boosh, charts the history of the comedy act from its conception in the 1990s. The posters for the show are based on a screenprint of a photograph that Dave took of Noel and Julian backstage at a Boosh gig.

To commemorate the exhibition, a limited print run of 50x A3 posters have been produced. Each one is signed by Dave and embossed. They are printed on Snowdon Cartridge 300gsm, Woodfree, acid free, White shade, matt surface paper. For anyone who isn’t a paper aficionado, that means they’re things of great beauty.

Each one costs £60 (£6.60 postage in the UK; international postge available upon request). For more information and to spend your pennies click here.

Go on, you know you want to…

Luxury Comedy Revealed

20 Jul

© Secret Peter/E4

Earlier this week Noel Fielding was interviewed by Canberra’s BMA Magazine, as part of his current Australian press junket. What makes this interview worth a mention is that the interviewer managed to get some fascinating new insights about Luxury Comedy.

For a start we get to find out exactly how Daddy Push’s shell head was created; we hear about Noel’s thoughts on recording series 2 in front of a live studio audience; and we discover which characters he thought were more and less successful in series 1.

It’s a real pleasure to read an article by someone who clearly knows their stuff, and interviewer Allan Sko has also taken the trouble to include the full transcript of his 25 minute chat with Noel, so we also get to find out about tons of extra stuff – like Noel’s hatred of reality TV and snuff comedy gigs.

To read the main interview take a peek here, and to check out the full transcript have a wander over there.


Matrimonial Mirth

20 Jul

© Rufus Hound/Twitter

August 17th sees the release of The Wedding Video, starring Robert Webb and Lucy Punch as an engaged couple who ask his brother to be their best man (Rufus Hound). He decides the best present he can give them is to video the whole wedding experience. As this is a comedy, as you’d expect it doesn’t go quite to plan!

The TVO connection comes in the shape of Matt Berry and Kevin Eldon (as a wine merchant), both of whom can be seen in the trailer for the film.

Watch here to see them – and also a unicorn, a Titanic disaster and an unusual take on a tiger hunt!

The film is made by Timeless Films and directed by Nigel Cole who directed Calendar Girls.

Funny Fortnight Forthcoming!

20 Jul

© Channel 4

Channel 4 have released more details of their Funny Fortnight next month, which features more than a smattering of TVO regulars and influences.

Over 30 hours of programming across two weeks of television, the season promises brand new shows, excellent stand up and familiar faces staging their returns to the channel.

A new video preview over on the Channel 4 press website showcases highlights from some of the channel’s flagship shows, and offers an exclusive look at a number of exciting specials.

© Tiger Aspect Productions

Amongst these new shows is Bad Sugar – written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong of Peep Show and Four Lions fame.  It combines three of comedy’s biggest names of the moment – Julia DavisSharon Horgan and Olivia Colman, and centres on a dysfunctional, wealthy mining dynasty, with an ailing patriarch and some greedy siblings.

The show also stars David Bradley, Peter Serafinowicz, Kayvan Novak and Reece Shearsmith, and it’s producer is Derren Schlesinger – who was previously responsible for both Four Lions and Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.  Undoubtedly one of the most exciting shows on telly in some time, this Tiger Aspect Productions show has real potential to be a smash hit.

© Objective Productions

Also set to première is Toast Of London, the new sitcom pilot by Matt Berry and Father Ted/Big Train creator Arthur Matthews.  Matt stars as successful actor Steven Toast, who has recently made a career faux pass by electing to star in a controversial west end stage play.

Recently divorced, and attacked in the street by members of appalled public, the previously much loved actor auditions for a role in the long running television series, Inspector Somerset.  However, it’s producer has been imprisoned for racial chanting on set, so Toast auditions for the part of a gay corrupt detective during prisoner’s visiting time.  Made by Objective Productions, we’re keen to see if this show lives up to its potential.

Other new shows include: Them From That Thing  – a two part sketch show featuring Kayvan Novak, Sally Phillips and many more, co-written by one Charlie BrookerThe Function Room – a traditional looking sitcom featuring the likes of Reece Shearsmith, Kevin Eldon, Simon Day and James Fleet; Lucky Sexy Winners – a new panel show from Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer; Very Terry – a Phonejacker spin off from Kayvan Novak focusing on car salesman Terry Tibbs; Harry Hill: The Reunion – in which the madcap comic seeks out the cast of his old Channel 4 show to find out “where are they now?”; The Boyle Variety Performance  – a spoof of the annual royal-attended show from Frankie Boyle; Just Around The Corner  – from the creators of Drop The Dead Donkey; and I’m Spazticus  – a prank show featuring disabled performers which has been seven years in development since its pilot aired in 2005.

© Avalon Productions

And that’s not all!  As we previously reported, Channel 4 are counting down their 30 Greatest Comedy Shows, which will feature the Onion flavoured vehicles Garth Marenghi’s DarkplaceThe IT CrowdBrass EyeFather TedStar StoriesSpacedBlack Books, and Friday Night Dinner. 

These classics will be up against the likes of The Comic Strip Presents, Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out, The Adam & Joe Show,  Da Ali G Show, Trigger Happy TV, Pheonix Nights, Bo’ Selecta!, Peep Show, Green Wing and The Inbetweeners and more.

© Talkback Thames

The channel have also turned to the writers of classic shows to name their favourite episodes, which will air across the fortnight.  These include Graham Linehan‘s favourite ever The IT Crowd  and Father TedChris Morris‘s legendary Brass Eye; mockumentary series Star Stories which featured Fergus CraigAlice Lowe, Tom MeetenLaura PatchRhys Thomas and Dolly Wells in it’s expansive cast; plus episodes of Spaced, The Inbetweeners, Peep Show and Vic Reeves Big Night Out.

There’s also a chance to catch tv premieres of live shows from Alan Carr, Peter Kay, Lee Evans and Micky Flanagan, plus the early and rare Vic & Bob special The Weekenders, Harry Endfield one-off Norbert Smith: A Life and Peter Cook’s interview with Clive Andersonplus editions of Comedy Labs featuring Dynamo, Peter Kay, Karl Pilkington and TVO’s very own Anna And Katy!  Plus we’ll still have The Midnight Beast featuring Simon Farnaby every Thursday too!

Phew – we think we’ll need a lie-down after all that!  Exciting times indeed.  We’ll aim to bring you a complete run-down of exactly when each show will air as soon as possible, so stay peeled.  In the mean time, check out the video preview over on the Channel 4 press website – and you can pick up a string of Channel 4 classics in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Roar With Laughter

19 Jul


The HMV Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, London will be the venue for a very special event on October 6th.

Roar with Laughter is a comedy night hosted by London Zoo to raise money for their tiger conservation work in Sumatra as well as to develop a new flagship Sumatran tiger exhibit at ZSL London Zoo – Tiger Territory.

Acts already on board for the one-off show include Phill Jupitus, Andy Parsons, Jon Richardson, Sarah Kendall, Richard Herring, Ed Byrne, Lucy Porter and Greg Burns.

All profits from the night go to fund the work with tigers. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm and tickets are on sale now from £25. To get tickets and find out more about the event click here.

Dead Dog In Queer Bag

19 Jul

Image © The Velvet Onion

Electro-pop mirthsters DeadDogInBlackBag are on the bill for tomorrow evening’s Traumfrau event in Brighton.

The newest “queer night for girls and their friends” launched recently, promising “a much needed girls – but not only girls – club night”.

This Friday night brings a headline set from New York based DJ JD Samson, and the mighty DeadDog will be on hand with their quirky wonderments.

Tickets are just £7 from – and will be available on the door at The Blind Tiger.

Kaye Joins The Game Of Thrones

18 Jul

© Nickie Divine

New cast members for the third season of Game Of Thrones were announced at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend – and these included none other than Paul Kaye!

The comic legend, already boasting an impressive dramatic acting cv, has recently been wowing the crowds in Tim Minchin’s musical adaptation of Matilda, but his latest challenge will be to portray red priest turned fire wielding warrior Thoros Of Myr in the next run of the fantasy epic.

He will join fellow Mongrels cast member Tony Way who portrays shamed drunken knight Dontos Hollard in the series, as well as a string of big name new stars as the series progresses through it’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s seven book saga.

Also joining the cast is fellow British comic Mackenzie Crook – best known for his work in The Office and Pirates Of The Caribbean, but who also appeared in several shorts by Ben Gregor alongside many TVO regulars available collectively as Blake’s Junction 7 – and Kaye’s young co-star in Matilda, Kerry Ingham.   Their casting is accompanied by that of Dame Diana Rigg,  Clive Russell and Thomas Sangster.

Series Three of Game Of Thrones starts filming shortly, for transmission next Spring.  We’ll be bringing you more news as we find it, peelers…

Fab Fielding

17 Jul

© Noel Fielding

Fans of Noel Fielding who frequent the online discussion boards will have seen a stunning new painting by Noel titled ‘The Fab Five’. Well, we thought it was about time we filled in any remaining knowledge gaps about it:

Noel has created the painting in acrylics for Liverpool Love, a unique charity art exhibition which celebrates the city of Liverpool through the artistic contribtuions of some of the world’s leading artists. The exhibition itself runs from 28th September to 25th November at the Museum of Liverpool. The exhibition culminates in an auction at which the artworks will be sold off, from which 45% of the proceeds will go to Claire House Children’s Hospice.

Noel’s painting offers his unique take on the Beatles story, drawing attention to the band’s golden retriever. The caption at the bottom reads: ‘The Fab Four sitting on a hand shaped rock in the desert with Golden Duncan, the fifth member of The Beatles. A retriever who was trained to fetch Ringo’s drumsticks, when he threw them into the crowds at gigs. Golden Duncan who could walk on his hind legs, wore Paul’s old suits, chain smoked and even drove the van in the early days.A Liverpool Legend’. Time to get saving up for that auction..

There are likely to be further Fielding art-related projects happening later in the year, so keep peeling to stay posted. You can also stay in the loop by following his art dealer, Tania Wade at Hooligant Art Dealer on Twitter.

See Sue’s Show!

16 Jul

© Angel Ceballos

Sue Denim is hoping to undertake her first full blown solo tour in September, with dates across the UK, which currently face the threat of cancellation unless sadly flagging ticket sales improve.

The Robots In Disguise singer songwriter has been steadily working on her acoustic tinged debut album, Sue And The Unicorn, which will be sweetening the sound of our summers from August 13th.  It’s available for pre-order for just £8.99 for The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now!

The album will be proceeded by single Bicycle on July 23rd, and we’ll be bringing you an exclusive chat with Denim that day to celebrate.  In the meantime, you can see it’s video below.

Lovely stuff, we’re sure you will agree – not just for fans of Robots In Disguise, but a well honed, happy go lucky vibe which should no doubt appeal to fans of great female songsmiths from Siouxie Sioux to Paloma Faith.

The album and single are also being released entirely independently, and as such, the accompanying tour is getting little fanfare or attention – threatening some shows with cancellation.  Something this good deserves to be heard, especially live, so we hope all of our UK peelers who can find the time to pop over to a show near them pre-order tickets now!

The tour kicks off in Newcastle, and travels to York, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol (sadly no Manchester date this time around, so the hardcore RiD fans will have to traverse elsewhere), before rounding off in London a week later.  For the full list of dates, and ticket links, see below.

Sat 8th Sept – O2 Academy, Newcastle – BUY TICKETS
Sun 9th Sept – Fibbers, York – BUY TICKETS
Mon 10th Sept – O2 Academy, Birmingham – BUY TICKETS
Tue 11th Sept – O2 Academy, Liverpool – BUY TICKETS
Wed 12th Sept – 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff – BUY TICKETS
Thur 13th Sept – O2 Academy, Bristol – BUY TICKETS
Fri 14th Sept – O2 Academy, Islington – BUY TICKETS

If you’re still not convinced, here are two exclusive tracks which Sue shared with TVO in the Winter.  Enjoy.

Colin Hoult: Summer On Stage

16 Jul

© Colin Hoult

Fans of Colin Hoult will be rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation as we head into a string of summer live dates from the unique character comedian:

First up, Hoult will be performing two works in progress at the Leicester Square Theatre in London on 19th July. Audiences are promised a new play and “a new show of brand new characters”. Tickets cost £7 (£5 conc.) and the show starts at 8.30pm; for more information and to purchase tickets contact the venue direct.

Next he will be  performing at the Sir Richard Steele pub in NW3 on Saturday 4th August. Tickets for this one are £12.50 (£10 conc.), and also on the bill will be Rainer Herch, Joanne Lau, and MC Martin Besserman. For tickets and information click here.

Finally, Colin is one of the confirmed comedy acts at the Green Man Festival which takes place in Wales’ Black Mountains August 16th-19th. For information about the other comedians who will be performing at the event take a look at this. And tickets are available here.

With so many opportunities to see him over the summer now is the time to catch one of his shows. But for those of you who can’t make it, you could always seek solace in the latest release from one of his (many) alter-egos, Anna Mann:


Editors Note: We have just leant from Colin that the Leicester Square show will no longer be happening, and he has pulled out of the show at Sir Richard Steele. These cancellations are due to an exciting project we will be able to reveal shortly.

Learn Comedy From The Best

16 Jul

© Gareth Tunley

Teen-led sketch show School of Comedy is set to return via a series of online shorts, and with some hidden comedy talent behind the scenes!

The sketch show which is made-up of just teenagers has grown a large fanbase since it’s pilot in 2008, courting controversy for having youngsters acting very much like adults – and it’s gotten huge laughs!

The team of writers behind the show makes it noteworthy for us, as Gareth Tunley joined them in 2010 for the second series and Barunka O’Shaughnessy has been amongst the talented writers from the beginning; back in 2008 when the pilot aired as part of the Comedy Lab series on E4.

With this being the talent behind what we see in School Of Comedy, including Tunley now firmly in the director’s chair, we can’t wait to see what comes out of these shorts later this year.  Keep on peeling to find out more soon…


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