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Waen Shepherd in Soho

30 Jun

© Claes Gellerbrink

If you’re into leftfield comedy you’ll love Waen Shepherd; and if you like Waen Shepherd you’ll dig the Alternative Comedy memorial Society.

And what could be better than all these things combining into one marvellous evening of inventive entrainment in Soho? ACMS takes place at 8pm at the Soho Thetare on 2nd July (in the cabaret-style Soho Downstairs venue). Tickets are £10.

Waen will be appearing as sixties surf rock legend Colin Watson, and will be joined on stage by John-Luke Roberts, Thom Tuck, Bridget Christie, Alexis Dubis, Tom Bell, Josie Long, Will Andrews, Nadia Kamil, Isy Suttie, Sara Pascoe, Steve Pretty and Ben Target.

ACMS has been described as, “Genuinely alternative and properly comedic” by The Guardian, and more pointedly as “life risking comedy” and “over ambitious” on the Soho Theatre’s website. How good does that sound?

If you fancy seeing Waen et al on Monday night check out the theatre’s website for more information and to bag your tickets.

Fulcher On Three

29 Jun


On Monday BBC Three is to launch seven new comedies on its website, including one featuring Rich Fulcher.

For the Win is described as a surreal sketch show which features a human python, the resurgence of bum bags and a talking third nipple called Reg. If you’re reading TVO we’re guessing that this sounds right up your street!

Rich’s new show is part of the Feed My Funny series, which features web-exclusive comedy shorts. It’s sometimes seen as a stepping-stone to a possible TV series.

To check out the innovative Feed My Funny series visit BBC Three’s website.

Pigs In Blankets

29 Jun

The second Anna Mann video diary has emerged online.

The long serving acting stalwart, who previously appeared in Colin Hoult‘s seminal Enemy Of The World live show, has recently been wowing crowds at The Leicester Square Theatre with her one-woman show, and has taken to YouTube in an attempt to move with the times.

This week, Anna discusses her classic play, Pigs In Blankets, once more.  You can catch the results below.

Club Fantastico Rides Again

29 Jun

Steve Oram and Tom Meeten return to The Vandella on July 12th for another round of Club Fantastico, with some very special guest stars.

© Dave Brown / Oram & Meeten

We told you back in May that Oram & Meeten’s revived club night would be returning this summer, and we hope that a lot of you took that, and their appearance at TVO Live [the same day the shot above was taken by Dave Brown] as a good excuse to buy tickets anyway.

However, if you were still unswayed, the duo announced the line-up for the new show today – and it’s a corker – with Waen Shepherd returning as Gary Le Strange, alongside Alice LoweAlex Kirk and Sean The Prawn!

Tickets for the show on July 12th are just £10 on the door, or £7.50 in advance via We Got Tickets over yonder.  You’d be mad to miss it!

The EP’s Of The Beast

29 Jun

© The Midnight Beast

The forthcoming debut series of The Midnight Beast will be accompanied by a series of digital EP releases of songs from the show.

The comedy rap trio’s sketch packed six-part run begins on Thursday, July 5th, and features TVO’s very own Simon Farnaby in a supporting role.

It’s also directed by Ben Gregor [Wingnut Tapes, Ant Muzak etc etc] and produced by Mary Burke [Submarine, Bunny And The Bull] – but it’s real stars are The Midnight Beast themselves – Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne.

Every Thursday night, an EP of songs from that week’s episode will appear on iTunes for download – with links available directly from the band’s website homepage.

With a UK tour set for October [tickets on sale now], it might be worth getting to know the songs backwards so you’re well prepared for their live show – if it’s half as entertaining as this live performance on E4 last night, you won’t want to miss it!

The Midnight Beast airs July 5th at 10pm.  For the show trailer, see this earlier peeling.

The Velvet Onion: The Extreme Racists…

29 Jun

Today marks the one month anniversary of our evening of music, comedy and downright madness at TVO Live! So what better way to celebrate the night than to give all of you a taste of what went down in our first trailer!

Take a look below at the first snippets of footage from our film of the whole shebang, and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that made it to the event; the superb comics and musicians that took to the Vandella’s stage, of course to James Wren and Bob Pipe for being amazing support, to Michael Henry Bull, Michael Glynn and Jon Burgess our fantastic camera team, and also extra thanks to Waen Shepherd for letting us use his brilliant track for our trailer.

To read more about TVO Live you can take a look at our previous recap of the evening complete with photos from the night!

Teensy Tweets Are Here!

28 Jun

Hayden Black has unleashed his tweets as teensy animations! Each tweet is spoken by one of the new bird characters Percy, Shaggy, Ray Ray and Owlscar Wilde, who have been created especially for the series.

Each episode is one minute long and has 3 or 4 Teensy Tweets, voiced by Hayden and illustrated by Natalie Sharp, with animation by Nathan Babian.

You can watch the pilot episode below and new ones will be released every Wednesday. So why not take a look? It’s only a minute of your time, and it might make you smile!

The Second Second Coming

28 Jun

A new spoof of The Stone Roses comeback emerged today.

The short from the mind of Nico Tatarowicz focuses on the return of the Manchester indie band of the early 90s, and sees the likes of Dan Renton Skinner, Will Andrews and Adeel Ahktar transform into the cheeky Northern chappies, whilst Peter Serafinowicz crops up as Morrisey and TVO’s very own Tony Way and Lucy Montgomery appear as Shaun Ryder and Bez respectively.

If it all sounds too good to be true… You can view the results below.

Get Some Culture With Matilda

27 Jun

© Manuel Harlan

This evenings installment of the Culture Show will be talking about the West End’s Matilda!

The lovable Pennis and Mongrel Paul Kaye, has been appearing in the London show as Matilda’s heartless father, since it’s first run back in November 2010 at the Royal Shakespeare Company and then again from it’s rebirth at the Cambridge Theater in October 2011 .

With the show’s music and lyrics composed by Aussie comic Tim Minchin, he discusses his experience with the show and it’s journey to the West End.

Along with this the Culture show meets with anarchic funnyman Alexei Sayle (who has worked with a young Noel Fielding, Peter Serafinowicz and co-writer Edgar Wright on Alexei Sayle’s Merry-Go-Round) to talk art at the Tate in Liverpool.

This episode will be airing tonight at 10pm on BBC Two. If you can’t make it to a telly this evening then it will be repeated on BBC HD at 11pm on Thursday then at 12.10am Friday on BBC Two, plus it will also be on iPlayer for 7 days from tomorrow!

Aha! A Movie Picture!

27 Jun


Alan Partridge yet again brings some more news regarding his ever expanding career.

After letting you know about the plethora of projects that Steve Coogan’s alter ego has yet to bring us, thanks to the new saviors of comedy Sky Atlantic; Partridge astounds us again by heading to the big screen!

The film will be directed by Declan Lowney who is also bringing us Chris O’Dowd’s latest project Moone Boy and with Coogan teaming up with original Partridge co-writer Peter Baynham, the full length feature is bound to bring us the same style, humour, and cringe-worthy moments we’ve grown to love with Partridge.

According to IMDB the film is due to start filming by the start of 2013 and be in cinemas by August, so we aim to bring to you all the latest updates as we find them!

Chat Show Roulette

25 Jun

© Belfast Telegraph

Some familiar names have crept past our peepers in a new show to come from the Soho Theatre!

Chat Show Roulette is a new take on the traditional chat show format, there will be a host and three guests, but the guests are all comedy performers and they won’t know who their characters are until their names, occupations and key character traits are chosen randomly from glass bowls filled with suggestions from the audience.

Justin Edwards will be the host over three evenings (26th to 28th June), at the Soho Upstairs, starting at 9.15pm.

The guests for each day are:

Tue 26 – Matt Lucas, Humphrey Ker, Simon Day, Phil Whelans and Katherine Jakeways

Wed 27 – Matt Lucas, Marc Wootton and Julia Davis

Thu 28 – Matt Lucas, Katy Brand, Adam Riches and Dave Schneider

Tickets (£12.50) and more information can be found at the Soho Theatre website.

Dan’s Time Travels

25 Jun

© BBC Comedy

The pilot of Dan Tetsell‘s new radio show, The 21st Century for Time Travellers, airs this Thursday (28 June) at 11pm, on BBC Radio 4.

Set in a future where there are personal time machines, Dan also stars as the host,  crotchety Wilson Thomas, forced to guide us on behalf of the 21st Century Tourist Board. Also appearing are Fergus Craig, Bridget Christie, Rufus Jones and Katy Brand.

To read a bit more about the show, have a look at our previous post.

Meanwhile Dan has been busy with a very different type of writing, a Dad’s Army fanfic! It’s a fantastic piece of writing, but be warned, you will never be able to watch Dad’s Army in the same way again.

Edit  The 21st Century for Time Travellers is now available on BBC iPlayer until Thursday 5th July.

COMPETITION: Win Prints From Behind The Boosh!

25 Jun

© Dave Brown

This competition is now closed; many thanks to everyone who took part. As soon as Dave Brown has picked the three winners we’ll publish the results. Until then, keep those fingers crossed!

The Velvet Onion has teamed up with the ever wonderful Dave Brown once again ahead of his first ever Boosh themed exhibition – Behind The Boosh – in Norfolk next month.

The exhibition at salon Flint features behind the scenes photographs from more than ten years of Boosh activity, and runs from July 8th until August 20th.

As Dave explained to us recently: “This is a little show in Norwich at a mates hair salon, thought it was apt place as they cut and style Mighty Booshes! Its a small place but I’m showing around 50 prints, some of my favourites from over the years, some you’ll have seen, others you haven’t, shots as far back as the early live shows, the Pilot, all 3 series and both live shows. Only had around 10,000 shots to chose from!”

To celebrate, Dave has offered TVO readers a chance to win a selection of ultra-rare prints which will be divided between three lucky winners.

All you have to do is provide a witty caption to the photograph below, post it in the comments to this article and Brown himself will pick the winning entries.

© Dave Brown

To enter – post a caption to this image as a Comment on this article.

Our first place winner will receive a personally signed print from Dave’s archive, along with a screen-print of the exhibition poster above.  Second place will receive a signed screen-print of the poster, and third place will receive an unsigned print of the poster.

This competition will close at 11:59pm on Saturday 30th June.  For all the legal gubbins, see below.

This competition offers three distinct prizes to three winners only – 1x Personally signed print & unsigned poster [First Place], 1x Signed poster [Second Place], 1x Unsigned poster [Third Place].  Winning entries will be chosen by Dave Brown based entirely on their creativity and his personal enjoyment of the responses, and winners will be asked to submit their address details, which may be shared with Mr Brown only in the event of delivery issues .  Your details will not be shared with any additional third parties.   This competition is being run entirely by The Velvet Onion, with prizes organised by Dave Brown.  One entry per person.  Any entrants found making multiple entries from the same IP address will be disqualified, and banned from entering further competitions run by The Velvet Onion.  All entries must be received via comments on this post by 11:59pm GMT on 30th June 2012.  The Velvet Onion will not accept entries as replies to our Facebook/Twitter pages, comments to any other posts in error or emails to any email address in our domain, nor any entries received after this time-frame.  The judge’s decision is final.  There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered. The Velvet Onion and Dave Brown reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

Morris Directs!

24 Jun

© Baltimore Brew

You may yet to be acquainted with it, but Veep is a new HBO-produced TV comedy that launches in the UK on Sky Atlantic tomorrow.

The fact that it’s created by Armando Iannucci means that it’s going to be worth watching, but what makes is particularly exciting to us is that Chris Morris directs one of the Season 1 episodes.

Veep is set in the office of a fictional U.S. vice president. The show uses the same cinéma-vérité production style as Iannucci’s satire The Thick of It. It premiered in the US in April and a second season has already been confirmed.

According to internet rumour, Morris will be directing episode 7 of the series, so keep your eyes peeled for that one! For more information about the show check out Sky Atlantic’s website. Episode 1 airs at 10pm tomorrow.

Berry’s Bulge

24 Jun

Half-way through 2011 we heard on the grapevine that Matt Berry would be appearing in the feature film Snow White and the Huntsman. Thus began our own hunt – for photos or footage of Matt’s appearance in the film. But sadly, there was nothing.

© Wasted Youth

By December we felt that we’d gleaned enough information about the movie to tell you all about it.  But visual references to Matt’s involvement in the project still evaded us.  Frustrating, yes – but we refused to admit defeat.

Fast-forward to Summer 2012, and the film is released with a PR fanfare! But strangely, there’s still no Mr Berry. Now Matt has finally revealed why he’s conspicuously absent in the Hollywood blockbuster. He explained on twitter this morning: “I am not in it as the scene was cut due to an off putting bulge”, although his name remains in the film’s credits.

Fans of Matt may challenge the bulge’s description as “off putting”, but it seems that it was enough for Matt’s scene to be cut  from the film.

It goes without saying that in our tireless drive to bring you the news that matters, we’ll be investigating the deletes scenes in the DVD extras when it’s out.

Katy Does The Right Thing

24 Jun

© Katy Brand

Katy Brand is a guest on Do The Right Thing on Tuesday 26th June. This is a live audience comedy panel show podcast where the teams must work out the right thing to do in any given situation.

Hosted by Danielle Ward with team captains Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, the shows are recorded live at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London at 7:30pm.

The other guests on Tuesday are Angelos Epithemiou, John-Luke Roberts and Dan Schreiber. The expert guests will be Emmy The Great (singer songwriter) and Alice Arnold (Radio 4 newsreader).

So for a night out with a difference get your tickets (£6/£4 NUS) here, and if you’d like to read more about the show or download previous podcasts then click on this link.

Top 40 Countdown

24 Jun

© Sky Atlantic

Comedy site Such Small Portions have published the final list in their Top 100 Most Influental People in Comedy countdown, and there are, of course, TVO related people in the upper half of the table.

At number 58 is Kevin Eldon, who has just been given his own show on BBC 2.

Julia Davis makes an appearance at 31 and Chris Morris at 16.

In the top 10 are Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan, who have a new Alan Partridge series starting tomorrow on Sky 1.

Pop over to the site to read the full countdown of 100 people and see if your favourite is there.

The Real Horror Of Anna: Colin Hoult Review

24 Jun

Never have two shows been so different as last night’s two warm ups from Colin Hoult at Leicester Square Theater. Velveteer Paulyne jots down her thoughts on the two shows.

The intimate Lounge venue was filled with no more than 30 of us and as the lights dimmed we began with the Real Horror Show.
Colin Hoult began by lying on a table in front of us. He then lifted himself as if waking from the dead and Hoult’s elderly gent character started the evening which turned into a look through his family tree.

© Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

It’s a great concept and a perfect way to thread the whole show together, rather than the usual string of sketches. Each segment went from ingenious laugh-out-loud one-liners, to utterly shocking and distasteful – in the best sense of the word!

Hoult is one of few comics on the circuit who takes you through so many genres in such a short space of time. It was – in essence – a one-man play; full of monologues that will keep you at the edge of your seat in your most vulnerable state – which is how I assume Hoult likes his audience and he takes full advantage of you!
Colin Hoult brings back the original Brothers Grimm genre in its most grotesque form and just with the power of his performance.

Go and see the Real Horror Show when you can – the next being at Latitude festival this year, the full line-up and other details can be found right here.

Once we recuperated from the intensity of the previous hour, we then sat back and enjoyed the glamorous presence of Anna Man.

© leicester square theatre

As lady of the stage, screen, small screen and smaller screen, Anna tells her story starting in her childhood and through her five marriages (including her current spouse, Tim Smiles, who accompanies her on piano) and beyond.

The essence of the show was that of cabaret, and we heard Man’s stream of consciousness as if at a low-key Jazz club. Her fabulous wit and bluntness about previous jobs and ex-husbands was hilarious. With such a powerful, confident presence, it’s difficult not to instantly adore her. I found myself absorbing every inch of her train of thought, even when she completely digresses.

Audience interaction at this show was taken to a new level– where the entire audience found themselves huddled in Anna’s dressing room!

This show is raw, messy and utterly realistic, and early on you forget who you are actually watching. That is clearly Colin’s power.

Whether she may consider you a fish, a pig, a bull or a snake – I highly recommend you pay her a visit at her next intimate evening and be utterly bowled over.

The Beast Awakens

23 Jun

A new trailer for The Midnight Beast has been unleashed online.

The musical sitcom from E4 stars the cult internet sensations alongside our very own Simon Farnaby, and with it’s director [Ben Gregor – Blake’s Junction 7 + Other Shorts, The Wingnut Tapes] and producer [Mary Burke – Submarine, Bunny And The Bull] also flexing their Onion credentials, we’ve naturally marked this out as one to watch.

The Midnight Beast  premières July 5th.

Qwerty Flips A Moss

23 Jun

© Qwertee

Limited edition t-shirt site Qwertee have launched a new IT Crowd design.

The site’s ethos is to make great quality tees at low prices, available for a strictly limited period. For one day only, shirts are priced at just £8, then buyers get one more day to pick them up for a tenner before they are seemingly gone forever.

Their latest effort – and their second IT Crowd shirt this year -features our favourite nerd, Maurice Moss, and we are sure a lot of you will want to snatch this one up!

Grab this glorious nod to the inimitable Richard Ayoade whilst you can right over yonder…


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