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Choose Your Winners

30 May

Voting for the 2012 TV Choice Awards is now open, and there are a few Booshinverse-related shows nominated.

© BBC/Hulu

Amongst many others you can vote for:

  • Black Mirror (Written by Charlie Brooker and featuring Julia Davis) and Holy Flying Circus (starring Rufus Jones) in the ‘Best New Drama’ category
  • Facejacker (featuring Kayvan Novak who also starred as Waj in Four Lions) in the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ category
  • Mongrels and This is Jinsey (featuring Alice Lowe and Colin Hoult) in the ‘Best Comedy’ category (given Mongrels’ lack of support from the powers that be, we say let’s unite in support of it!)

You can cast your vote here; voting is open until midnight on Friday 15th June.

Another Movie Jewel From O’Dowd

28 May

TV and movie news about Chris O’Dowd is coming thick and fast at the moment – and his latest acting role to warrant our attention is in the Australian movie, The Sapphires.

We first caught wind about The Sapphires last August, but only last week it premiered in Cannes to positive reviews. The Sapphires is set in the late ‘60s and tells the story of four young, talented singers from a remote Aboriginal mission who are discovered by an unlikely talent scout (O’Dowd), and branded as Australia’s answer to The Supremes. It’s an adaptation of the successful Australian stage musical of the same name, and is inspired by the true story of writer Tony Briggs’ mother and her family.

The Sapphires is released in Australia on 9th August. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer by clicking on the image below:

Digital Dee

28 May

© Dee Plume

Dee Plume launched her new website today.

The site features general information about Dee, her DJing, and her involvement in Robots in Disguise and Psycho Delia. There are also photos and a gallery of her art, which you may not have seen before.

Click here to access Dee’s website.  From the look of it, she’ll be updating the site on a regular basis, so keep your eyes peeled for more Plume-related snippets!

O’Dowd’s Family Tree

27 May

© Empire

Chris O’Dowd is set to star in TV comedy from This Is Spinal Tap‘s writer and star Christopher Guest.

The show is an improvised genealogy comedy called Family Tree, which follows the efforts of one man (O’Dowd) as he attempts to track down his real family.

There is not much information about the show yet, but as soon as we find out more we’ll let you know, in the meantime you can read all about it here.

Farnaby Is The Queen… Cos He’s Quirky!

27 May

© E4

Last week, we pointed you towards up and coming E4 sketch show The Midnight Beast, which is set to feature guest appearances from Simon Farnaby.

Now the musical sketch trio have uploaded a clip from the show to their official YouTube page, featuring Simon as you’ve never quite seen him before.

We’re used to seeing Farnaby in all manner of daft costumes, but in the build up to the Jubilee, he was the last person we were expecting to dress up like Queen Liz 2.0 – and his cameo appearances in this video are the icing on the cake for a rather brilliant rap summary of those poncy fools we’ve all seen in Camden, the Northern Quarter, or any other ‘trendy’ zone.

You can catch the video below…

The Midnight Beast will air on E4 this summer, directed by Ben Gregor, whose links with Booshdom go way back – together with Tim Plester, he created a trio of shorts featuring the likes of Farnaby, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, Kevin Eldon, Waen Shepherd and Stephen Evans featuring famous stars of yesteryear in ordinary present day situations: Ant Muzak saw Adam & The Ants go late night shopping, Blake’s Junction 7 had the crew of the sci-fi classic stop off at a service station, and World Of Wrestling featured 70s Brit grapplers take a drunken night bus home.

Gregor then went on to make The Wingnut Tapes with Oram & Meeten, in which the Mancunian rave band attempted to unleash their concept album upon the world, before Ben headed up series of IdealNo Heroics and The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret.

With The Midnight Beast reuniting him with Farnaby, and the show being produced by Mary Burke (SubmarineBunny And The Bull), we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this one…

Editors note: Thanks to @LaurenW_x for finding this video for us!

Richard & Juneday

27 May

© Rich Fulcher

June is almost upon us, and with it comes a tiny smattering of Rich Fulcher on London stages.

Friday, 1st June, sees Rich return to The Udderbelly, with a special edition of James Wren’s clubnight Spank!  Fulcher joins the bill alongside another TVO face – Rufus Jones, who will be performing with Alex Kirk.  Comedy rap duo Abandoman are also on the bill, as are Jamie Glassman, Jonny & The Baptists and sketch trio The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek.

Tickets for this rather splendid sounding night are available now right over yonder.

A few days later, on 3rd June, Rich will be appearing at Max & Ivan’s Roffle Club at the Leicester Square Theatre, alongside Matt Crosby, Jigsaw and Lady Garden. Tickets are on sale now via Ents24.

That’s not all, with an appearance at Concrete for Time Of The Month on 7th June, and at Steeles on 9th June coming up too!

Before of that, however, we regret to confirm that due to scheduling conflicts, Rich will be unable to make a surprise guest appearance at Thursday’s very first Velvet Onion live night at The Vandella.

We – and Rich – had hoped to sneak in a set from Fulcher, unannounced, but Rich is unavailable that night, as he is working towards a great cause instead.

If you’re unable to make it to TVO Live, you can head to the opposite end of London to see him compere a night in aid of Centrepoint, a charity that supports homeless young people in London.  You can get tickets for the show in Hackney here, and find out about the brilliant work Centrepoint do over yonder too.

Believe us – together with Rich we tried to find ways for him to ‘double-dip’ that night, so he could appear at both events, but alas, it was never meant to be.  Rest assured if we ever make a TVO Live II, Captain Fulchybaby will be top of our agenda.

In the meantime, you can see him in action once again below, with a brilliant new Tiny Act of Rebellion…

A Berry Revolution

27 May

© Team 17

INCOMING! Oi, Nutter. Grab yer pineapples and run! What on earth are you waiting for, the 1940s? A Donkey, a donkey, my kingdom for a donkey!

Such lines have gone down in gaming history as part and parcel of the legendary turn-based Worms series, which has spawned numerous incarantions since its inception in 1995, on just about every platform from PC to Gameboy, from Playstation to smartphones.

Now the legacy of classic quotes will continue with the latest game in the series, Worms Revolution – which will benefit from the fruity, dulcet tones of Matt Berry.

Berry has signed on to narrate the Worm on Worm carnage as the unseen wildlife documentary maker, Don Keystone.

Developed once again by British indie firm Team 17,  the team have released an image of Matt hard at work narrating the action.

© Team 17

We can’t lie… the combination of classic gameplay and the voice of one of our favourite people has got us itching to see this game in action.  Team 17 have assured fans expecting something new that the game has been redeveloped from the ground up with a completely new engine, making this instalment different to previous releases, whilst still unmistakably Worms.

They said: “Exciting new features and challenges have been introduced whilst old favourites such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade remain to thrill fans.”

Worms Revolution is headed to PC and console platforms in the Autumn.  You can see a launch trailer – complete with appropriately named worm teams Rich & Dave – below, and we’ll be bringing you pre-order links as soon as we can. Stay peeled.

The Snipist

26 May

© Sky Arts

As regular readers know, The Snipist, “a bleak dystopian drama’ written and directed by Matthew Holness for the Sky Arts Playhouse season, was shown on Thursday.

The show starring Douglas Henshall and the voice of John Hurt,  was definitely bleak.  The premise of the story is that rabies is rapidly spreading through the country, killing animals and humans in their thousands. Set in bleak countryside with only fields and the occasional building.  We only see The Snipist (Henshall) who has been ordered to ‘watch and protect’, in his bunker, a young woman on a farm and hear the voice of The Ministry (Hurt). There are also some dream/flashback sequences that are equally dark. Sirens go off to warn of ‘an attack’, but we only ever see one dog. Most of the scenes are claustrophobic, and are relentlessly bleak.

It’s difficult to describe what happens without spoiling the ending, but when the ending does come it’s not a happy one.  Matt Holness has done a wonderful job of portraying a future which is both horrific and eerily quiet, and the lead performance is perfectly judged with very little dialogue.

If you watched, you will know what a brilliant piece it is, if you missed it or would like to see it again, you can catch the repeat tomorrow at 11pm on Sky Arts 1.

Sightseers Wows The Crowds

25 May

© Rook Films / Big Talk Pictures

Sightseers, Ben Wheatleys’s dark comedy written by and starring Steve Oram and Alice Lowe, has been impressing the critics in Cannes this week.

Reviews of the film have been springing up everywhere, offering up a consistently positive perspective.  Comments have included: “The script is also well-written, with plenty of laugh out loud moments”, “flesh-creepingly funny” and  “Sightseers is the perfect film for horror fans and dark comedy aficionados looking for a refreshing break from the norm.”

Furthermore, according to reports on twitter, the film received a ten-minute standing ovation!

To read the latest reviews in full check out The Telegraph, Evening Standard,  CineVue, The Guardian and

How awesome does that sound?

Read About The Early Days

24 May

© Go Faster Stripe

You Are Nothing, a new book by Robert Wringham, tells the story of the early performances of a host of TVO-related comedians at Cluub Zarathustra

Cluub Zarathustra was an unorthodox comedy club based beneath an Islington pub between 1994 and 1997. Audiences got to see Kevin EldonWaen Shepherd, Graham Linehan and Julian Barratt, amongst many others. According to the book they were also insulted, dribbled on, and forced to wear dunce’s caps. We like!

The book is based on new interviews with the principal cast, supporting artists, and audience members, and includes “drunken half-memories from two decades ago.”

For more information and to purchase a copy for £12 click here.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to @elincat for this information.

Brenda Monk Is Funny… For Your Money!

24 May

© Katy Brand

Katy Brand‘s Unbound appeal for her first novel, Brenda Monk Is Funny, is now up and running.

The story of a woman who breaks into stand up comedy will be released via Unbound’s pay-to-publish scheme, which lets interested readers pledge various amounts in return for the book and additional prizes depending on the donation.

To aid her cause, Brand is offering a set of tiered prizes – from a simple e-book right up to becoming a character in the book yourself or gaining advise on scriptwriting and the comedy industry at a private meeting with Katy.  You can even go out for a gig and a curry with her, or attend the launch party for the book, or simply get yourself a signed hardback copy.  It’s all up to you!

To find out more, here’s a message from Katy herself.   If you like what you see, click here to buy the book!

£10 – Digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£20 – 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£50 – Signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£150 – 2 tickets to the launch party, signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£250 – 1 invitation to Katy’s launch lunch, 2 tickets to the launch party, signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£300 – Come to a comedy gig with Katy and go for a curry afterwards, 2 tickets to the launch party, signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£1,000 – Your name will be used as a character in the book and one joke, written by you with Katy, will be used in the book by your character, plus 1 invitation to Katy’s launch lunch, 2 tickets to the launch party, signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

£2,500 – Advice on any comedy script or stand-up set you have written, and a private comedy insiders drink with Katy and another professional comedian with advice on how to get started in the comedy industry, plus 1 invitation to Katy’s launch lunch, 2 tickets to the launch party, signed & personally dedicated 1st edition hardback, digital e-book edition, access to Katy’s shed & your name in the back of the book.

Ayoade Watch

23 May

Back in April we wrote that feature film Neighbourhood Watch, starring Richard Ayoade, had revised its marketing approach in light of recent news events.

The film features four everyday suburban Dads (Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Ayoade), who accidentally discover that their hometown has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary people. They have no choice but to save their neighborhood – and the world – from total extermination.

The name of the film has been changed to The Watch, and the new promotional campaign for the film has stepped up a gear. We can now bring you two trailers for the movie – one of which premiered today in the US. You can view one of the recently-released trailers by clicking on the image below:

…and here’s an exclusive reworking of it that was released earlier today, featuring additional footage.

At TVO Towers we have a bit of a soft spot for the original trailer, so for the sake of completeness here it is.

For news updates about The Watch check out the film’s Facebook page.

It’s Fantastico Again!

23 May

© Mog

If you managed to catch Club Fantastico‘s triumphant return last month, you’ll be excited as we are that it’s back again in July!

Steve Oram and Tom Meeten‘s unhinged comedy night returns for a second show at the Vandella on Thursday 12th July. Tickets are only £8 and can be purchased here.

Club Fantastico offers a very welcome burst of comedic refreshment for fans of new wave comedy. However, if you’re still not convinced, take a look at the shenanigans that went on last time. Awesome stuff.

And if you can’t wait that long, don’t forget that you can see Oram and Meeten at TVO Live! at the Vandella NEXT THURSDAY! We hope to see you there.

American Sightseers

23 May

© Rook Films / Big Talk Pictures

IFC Films has acquired North American rights to Sightseers in advance of its premiere at The Cannes Film Festival!

As we mentioned previously, the film directed by Ben Wheatley and written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, was chosen to be shown in the Directors Fortnight section.

This is very exciting news as it means more people will get to see the film, and hopefully lead to bigger and better opportunities for Alice and Steve.

Read more about this here, and there is also an interview with Ben Wheatley about Cannes and Sightseers at The Guardian website.

Eldon & Lee Fundraise

23 May

© Frank Sidebottom

London truely never sleeps as we come across another comedy gem in the capital.

Kevin Eldon and Stewart Lee are amongst the line-up for the Frank Sidebottom Statue Fundraiser.
The night will be raising funds for the man who brought Sidebottom to life, Chris Sievey, who sadly passed away last June and whom will have a statue erected, in his honour, in Timperley Village.

Along with Eldon and Lee supporting the cause, you can also find Simon Munnery, Bridget Christie, The Gluvets, Dream Themes, Adrian R Teenbeat and Oh Blimey Big Band, all doing what they do best, on 16th September at The Lexington Pub in Islington.

You can book your tickets right here and we’ll see you there!

The Pod On The Net… On The Net At Last!

22 May

© The Pod

A rare clip of Julian Barratt and Tim Hope’s experimental comedy act The Pod has emerged online via TVO’s very own Waen Shepherd.

Shepherd cameos in the piece – which aired on BBC2’s The Net back in 1997 – as a Shoreditch tramp, complete with Yorkshire accent and bottle of Olde English cider.  At the time, Shepherd & Hope were developing cult classic animated short The Wolfman from its origins as live performance art for The Node – itself an off-shoot of The Pod.

Having kept a copy of The Net feature all these years, and discovering it wasn’t on the internet (oh, the irony), Waen has uploaded to his own YouTube page for comedy connoisseurs to enjoy once again.

A fascinating glimpse into the past, both in comedic terms and to gawp at all that ‘cutting edge’ technology, this feels like it’s from another world.  Enjoy.

Don’t forget you can catch Waen Shepherd at TVO Live next week! Tickets and more info over yonder.


21 May

© Chris Corner

Chris Corner of IAMX has released the first of his series of video journals and he is certainly living up to eXpectations.

The twisted, poetic mind of Corner is finally going to be brought to life after we’ve followed his blog for a number of years – a blog which has awarded him nicknames such as ‘Capslock Corner’ and ‘Heir CeeCee’. The former speaks for itself, but to have a read of what Chris’ mind has jotted down in the past, take a look on IAMX’s official page.

Now, Chris has posted a video introducing what is to come from his bi-weekly video-journals.

“You will see music, you will see video, you will see art, you will get an insight into how we make music, how we survive as musicians, how we create independently and how we hold our spirit in a very difficult business”

This is video-blogging like you’ve never seen it before. To watch what is to come, have a look at the aforementioned video below.

Bunny & The Beast

20 May

Many of you may already be familiar with the internet-based comedy band, The Midnight Beast. What you may not have noticed is Simon Farnaby guesting on the webisodes!

© The Midnight Beast

For the uninitiated over a certain age, TMB is a British comedy band, arguably most famous for their YouTube cover-parody of the 2009 single TiK ToK by American pop artist Ke$ha The group consists of its three founding members, Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne.

The Midnight Beast has now been adapted to a TV series for E4, and Farnaby’s involvement  in the show is reported to be continuing. If its Booshniverse credentials were in any doubt, the series is being overseen by producer Mary Burke, whose previous credits include the films Submarine and Bunny and the Bull. Furthermore, it’s being produced by Warp (production company of many TVO filmic favourites)!

The TV series follow the band as they try to claw their way towards pop stardom. We’ll see the band having to cope with day-to-day challenges like sharing a dingy East London flat and trying to impress girls when they have no cash and one of them has to sleep in the kitchen. All this will be interspersed with their music videos.

Transmission is currently fixed for Summer 2012.

From Geek To Glory!

20 May

Anyone with the remotest interest in the comedy we cover on The Velvet Onion will be aware of Chris O’Dowd’s recent Hollywood ascent. Today Chris was interviewed in The Guardian – about his move to LA, his A-list movie credentials, and his relationship with Dawn Porter.

© Empire

He’s asked if he feels overwhelmed about the success he’s enjoyed off the back of the $300M grossing Bridemaids: “Not really,” he says, “I’m never overawed by a situation and I think that’s because I’ve always looked several years older than I am. So because people were treating me like I was 40 when I was 29, I’ve always felt in control of a situation. People used to say, when you’re 32, you’ll look 32. I’m still waiting for that moment, where my age catches up with my appearance.”

IT Crowd fans can also enjoy the rosy glow that the mention of a one-off special gets in the article, with the interviewer saying that Chris, “hopes at some point to return to The IT Crowd, if not for another series, then at least a special.”

Chris adds, “It’s just everyone’s schedule is kind of crazy. Richard [Ayoade] is planning his next thing to direct; Katherine [Parkinson] is broody. But between those things, we’ll work it out.” We live in hope!

To read the interview in full visit The Guardian here.

Catch Up With Kendall

19 May

© Sarah Kendall / PBJ Management

The brilliant Sarah Kendall is warming up for this year’s Edinburgh Festival with a string of live dates across the south of England between now and the end of July.

Entitled Get Up, Stand Up, the new live show from the former Beehive star can be sneakily previewed from May 20th, when it debuts at The Old Market, Brighton.  The show will then pop up in London on Tuesday 29th at Camden Head.

Further performances will take place on June 16th at The Tommyfield, Kennington; June 19th upstairs at Three & Ten, Brighton; June 28th at Billabong Club, Kent; July 20th at Bristol Tobacco Factory and finally on July 25th at The Stoke, Guildford.

The show will then join a smattering of other TVO Favourites at the Edinburgh Festival between 1st and 27th August.  We’ll be bringing you a full run-down of the shows to watch at the Festival very soon, so stay peeled.

For all the latest info on Sarah, pop on over to PBJ’s website now.


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