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Art By Fielding

3 Apr

It’s been a good week for anyone with a keen interest in both art and Noel Fielding.

© Noel Fielding @ Hooligan Art Dealer

Noel’s art dealer, Hooligan Art Dealer, has made available a new selection of his work on her website. There are 26 new pieces in all, including a series of studies of Elvis, and a new painting of the rampant Chlamydia Tiger, made famous in series 1 of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.  All the art is signed by Noel with prices available on request. To view the full collection check out Hooligan Art Dealer’s website.

As most of you will know by now, Noel also featured in last night’s Damien Hirst special on Channel 4. Yesterday’s evening of special programming about Hirst is timed to coincide with his new show at Tate Modern in London. Noel can be seen interviewing him in The First Look, which is available to view for 28 days on 4od by clicking here. Remember that UK dwellers can also experience a 360-degree tour of Hirst’s exhibition with Noel as your tour guide here.

Twitter fans will probably be aware that Noel’s appearance on the show provoked a spot of snobbery from the Times art critic, Waldemar Januszczak, causing a somewhat enthusiastically barbed response from Noel’s followers.  The reaction caused Noel to trend on Twitter… and you can see the results on his Twitter page here.

Editors note: Whilst we at TVO will always support Noel, we are remaining on the outside of this one!

Busy Berry

3 Apr

During the past week we’ve heard news about a couple of new projects for Matt Berry.

First up is his participation in a new feature film Kubricks. Matt is listed as the first cast member (“Donald”) which suggests he has a significant part in the film. If a further TVO connection was required, it also features actress Joanna Pickering, who’s appeared in an episode of Nathan Barley. Kubricks is written and directed by Dean Cavanagh and scheduled for release in 2013.

Next is Matt’s vocal involvement in an animated short by the name of The Death of Winston Pickle, for which he’s providing a monologue. For a quick look at what it’s all about, take a look at the (very) short extract below:

Unfortunately the details for both of these projects are currently in short supply, but if we find out any more we’ll be sure to share.

The Snipist

3 Apr

© Sky Arts

Matt Holness has written and directed The Snipist, a black drama starring Douglas Henshall as a ‘lone sniper struggling to maintain sanity in a dystopian, rabies-ridden future Britain ruled over by an ominous Ministry of Information’.

This sounds like a fantastic offering from the man who brought you ‘Garth Merenghi’. To get more information and to watch a snippet of video go to the Sky Arts site.

The Snipist will be shown at 9pm on Sky Arts1 HD on 24th May as part of the Playhouse Presents: season, which starts on Thursday 12th April at 9pm with The Minor Character starring David Tennant.

Matt also has a website dedicated to The Reprisalizer, featuring ‘The violent paperback worlds of Terry Finch’ allegedly written in the 1970’s.


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