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Latest From Thomas & Way

31 Mar

© Tony Way Rhys Thomas

The latest Thomas & Way podcast is now online of your aural pleasure.

The sixth podcast from Rhys Thomas and Tony Way is described by Way as containing four firsts: 1. It was recorded outside; 2. It was recorded on Way’s phone; 3. The recording partly took place in the back of a cab, and 4. For once Way was more drunk than Thomas.

The conversation itself takes in pork, Only Fools And Horses USA, politics, and the traffic on the Euston Road.

You can listen to the podcast on PodBean or iTunes – where you can also check out the previous five recordings if you’ve been careless enough to miss any.

Milton Sony

30 Mar

© audiogo

The fifth series of Another Case of Milton Jones which also stars Lucy Montgomery has been nominated for a Sony Radio Award for Best Comedy. Milton is no stranger to these awards as he won one in 2000 for The Very World of Milton Jones.

Other regular cast members are Tom Goodman-Hill ( Ideal), Dave Lamb (Horrible Histories: Gory Games) and Ben Willbond (Horrible Histories).

The show is the 9th radio series written by and starring Milton Jones, in each episode he is an expert in something from an Astronomer to Lorry Driver with hilarious results.

For a full list of nominations click here.

Sandling Rants

30 Mar

Richard Sandling casts his somewhat cynical eye over the week’s entertainment-related news in a new youtube edition of The Carvery.

In the latest of Sandling’s on-camera rants, the focus of his bile is the world of newspapers. Everything from The Guardian’s ‘3 Little Pigs’ TV ad through to editors’ decisions to carry horoscopes within their pages comes under fire.

Take pleasure in watching someone being simultaneously grumpy and energised by clicking on the picture below:

94% Orangutan

30 Mar

© Dave Brown

As you may know already and we more recently brought to your attention, Dave Brown has had a generous amount of involvement in the conservation of Sumatran Orangutans.

Along with giving you the chance to bid on some rare, limited edition copies of Scribblings, you can now proudly wear the message on your chest with some snazzy T-Shirts sold on their official website.

As Dave is modelling (insert), you can now remind people of the similarities to us and the primates and spread the message far & wide of the Sumatran Orangutans.

Buy your t-shirts right here plus you can also make further donations here.

Onion Talking: Catching Up With Colin Hoult

27 Mar

© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

This week sees the return of Colin Hoult’s Real Horror Show to the Leicester Square Theatre, whilst May brings his Ultimate Carnival Of Monsters show to the Udderbelly on London’s South Bank.

With a number of up and coming projects marking 2012 as a big year for the comic, actor and writer, our editor in chief  caught up with Colin to talk about all things Hoult.

Colin Hoult is a busy man. With a number of his own projects at various stages of fruition, it seems Colin is a man who thrives on working overtime. “I’m definitely one for adding too much and then regretting it a little,” he explains, as we snatch a quick phone conversation in-between meetings for the various projects he’s under-taking. “It’s the story of my life! I’ve got a lot of things I want to try, and right now just feels like it’s a good time to do so.”

Hoult- Nottingham born, with a theatrical degree from Manchester Metropolitan University under his belt – has been steadily carving a career for himself as one of the hardest working comics on the circuit. An Edinburgh Festival veteran, his first show there was back in 2004, as part of double-act Colin & Fergus alongside fellow stand-up and actor Fergus Craig, whom he met at university. The duo returned for two more shows in 2005 and 2006, and worked together consistently until 2008, even touring New Zealand in a play about Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Following this, Colin teamed up with David McNeil to create camp spy-spoof Zimbani, which again appeared in Edinburgh and had a pilot episode developed for digital channel Dave, featuring Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh.

Sadly, Zimbani’s televisual run never came to fruition, but there was no sign of stopping Colin Hoult – who by now had taken to Edinburgh with his own critically acclaimed solo shows: 2009’s Carnival Of Monsters and 2010’s The Enemy Of The World. These were followed by Inferno in 2011, and now Colin is morphing the trilogy into one streamlined hour of fantastical absurdity as part of The Udderbelly Festival on London’s Southbank in May. However, Hoult’s hectic schedule and eagerness to explore new avenues mean that, for the time being at least, this is a one-off performance.

© Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

“I think its more of a beginning than an end, really,” he explains. “For now, it’s probably a farewell to Edinburgh. The festival has been amazing to me and I wouldn’t do be doing anything without it, across the board. It’s a great place to develop, and now I want to take what I’ve got from there and turn it into a new thing. I’ve done the three Edinburgh shows that I always wanted to do, so I want to continue those with an ultimate best-of.”  Continue reading

Paper Brew

27 Mar

© Sally Grosart

Sally Grosart is clever and creative with paper – and she has great taste in comedy. We’ve featured her work on TVO before; you may remember her as the lady who creates Booshniverse-related characters out of paper cut-outs.

The latest addition to Sally’s collection is the marvellous Hot Brew, Antony Elvin and Alice Lowe’s vegetable-centric folk outfit. This new creation joins her series of all things Boosh, the entire cast of How Not Live Your Life…and basically everyone involved in the TV shows you’ve been watching over the past five years!

To download the Hot Brew artwork visit Sally’s website here. And to see who else has been turned into paper cut-outs check out her homepage.

Delia’s Dulcet Tones

27 Mar


Dee Plume will be taking over your airwaves tomorrow evening.

According to her Twitter, the colourful Plume will be speaking with Becky Bone from 8pm – 9pm on Resonance FM.  They’ll be discussing the high’s and low’s of life and also performing the odd sketches too for your amusement (and theirs).

One thing that we know and love Miss Plume for is her ballsy wit in any medium, so this is a show not to miss!

You can connect to the station right here, along with finding out how to download the Resonance Widget for future regular listening pleasure and easy access!

More Barratt

27 Mar

© Zimbio

Julian Barratt has been busy lately! He was interviewed by the Adult Swim blog, and tells all about his obsession with a Swedish film director, and how this influenced him when directing the new video for Tanlines.

You can read all about it here.


27 Mar

© Adult Swim

Julian Barratt will be providing the narration for an innovative new entertainment experience, The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.

Brandon is a would-be writer whose world unravels as he looks for inspiration. The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator is an immersive web-based film/game/comic experience that the viewer can shape as it unfolds.

Although the project is actually a thinly-veiled marketing exercise for Intermet Explorer, the people involved  suggest it’s still worth keeping an eye on it. In addition to Julian’s vocal talents, Brandon Generator is written by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and drawn by renowned Marvel artist Tommy Lee Edwards.

For more information, check out the project’s website, twitter or facebook page.

Short But Perfectly Formed

27 Mar

© LA Comedy Shorts

Two TVO related short films are official selections at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2012!

Goodnight Burbank, written by and starring Hayden Black, and Special Forces, directed by Gareth Tunley have been selected for the four-day festival which runs from April 26th to 29th in Los Angeles California.

Goodnight Burbank is a spoof news programme that featured many guest stars including John Barrowman.

Special Forces is an Action Movie short sketch starring David Armand and Will Andrews, featuring Tony Way,with music provided by Waen Shepherd.

To find out more about the festival pop over to the official website.

Free Comedy!

26 Mar

© The Vandella

Richard Sandling will be appearing at the Warm Up Nights at the Vandella 15-19 Goldhawk Road, W12 9SW.

This new venue officially opens on 2nd April, but you can get a preview for free by emailing to put your name on the list.

The first one is tonight, so if you’re in the area it might still be worth popping along. There are two more nights, tomorrow and Wednesday, so why not give it a go?

Don’t forget that Rich Fulcher will be at The Vandella on 9th April, and Oram and Meeton on 12th April.

For more information see the Facebook page.

Way Of Thrones

26 Mar

© Home Box Office Inc.

We’re less than a week away from the première of Game Of Thrones season two – and the smash hit fantasy series has a sprinkling of onion thanks to Tony Way.

Way stars as drunken knight Dontos Hollard in the ten-part series, which has been a huge success worldwide since it first aired last year.

So far, his appearance is shrouded in mystery – he has not appeared in any of the publicity materials released, yet the character’s numerous appearances across the A Song Of Ice And Fire series suggests we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the not too distant future.

The new series airs on Sunday, April 1st on HBO in the US, and the following day in the UK via Sky Atlantic.

Signed Scribblings For Sumatra

26 Mar

© Canongate / Dave Brown / Noel Fielding

The Sumatran Orangutan Society are offering a chance to win a couple of Scribblings… related rarities in their latest charity auction.

As part of their latest campaign, The Jungle VIP Auction, the prize lot of a copy of the limited edition run of Scribblings of A Madcap Shambleton signed by Noel Fielding and Dave Brown – plus a large t-shirt signed by Dave to go with it!

To bid on this unique collection, CLICK HERE NOW!

The charity is dedicated to the conservation of Sumatran orangutans and their forest home, working with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat. The t-shirt design which Dave has signed demonstrates the enormous impact on what is at stake here – as humans and orangutan’s share 96.4% of the same DNA.

© Andy Hollingworth

Brown has worked with the charity previously – appearing on a star-studded bill for Orangaid at The Lyceum Theatre back in 2008, he even managed to rope in Bollo for a duet with Bill Bailey!

Others working with the S.O.S. for this auction include Tim Minchin, Chris Evans, Jane Asher and Nicola Roberts, and a range of merchandise to support the charity is available on their website, where you can also make a donation to this amazing cause.

The Booshdom Empire

26 Mar

© Empire

Last night Empire Magazine welcomed stars of all shapes, sizes & species onto their red carpet for the 2012 Empire Awards!

As with most award ceremonies, we’re always able to pick out the odd Booshdom mentions and last night was no exception.

Kill List (which contains the appearance of Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Gareth Tunley) won best horror, whilst Chris O’Dowd – who we’ve seen climb his way to the top of the Hollywood hills – judged this years Done In 60 Seconds, which they awarded to a 60 second remake of Black Swan.

O’Dowd’s Bridesmaids was beaten to the winners post for Best comedy by gross-out comedy The Inbetweeners – which contains the appearance of blonde-beauty Laura Haddock, star of How Not To Live Your Life and who was also nominated for Best Female Newcomer – unfortunately handed to Felicity Jones, along with Submarine’s nomination for Best British Film which was pinched by  the star-studded Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy.

Some may have been at a loss but it is still a triamph to see that the Booshdom has spread to the big screen so much in recent months, and we predict many trophies to come in the future!

To find all of the winners from last night and for more info on the event, you can find it all right here, and a hearty congratulations to all the winners this year!

Luxury Comedy Reaches Australia

25 Mar

© Secret Peter / Channel 4

Australian Peelers will soon be able to watch Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy on their own televisions!

The first episode airs on Thursday 5th April on ABC2 at 10.30pm, and is repeated later in the week.

If you have somehow missed out on hearing about Luxury Comedy, you can pop over to the E4 site to catch up on the characters and episodes or browse TVO!

To find out more about the show in Australia click here.

Hot Brew & The Colonel

24 Mar

© Jimmy Crippen

Our favourite folk group Hot Brew are performing at the Anything Bloody Goes comedy night at The Colonel Fawcett in Camden on Friday 30th March.

The night will also feature Hotcake Kitty, The Silky Pair and another TVO pairing Anna and Katy, who will be previewing material from their forthcoming TV Show.

All this entertainment can be yours for the measly sum of £5 (advance), or £6 (door).

For more information go to the website.

Farewell Burp

24 Mar

© Avalon Television

The final episode of Harry Hill’s TV Burp, produced by Spencer Millman, airs tonight on ITV1.

Hill’s departure from the BAFTA award winning show, in which he takes a tongue in cheek swipe at the week’s television, has been the source of tabloid confusion for many weeks – with The Sun claiming that the king of manufactured pop, Simon Cowell, was involved with trying to keep Harry with the channel.

However, at the show’s taping this week, Hill confirmed this would be the last ever …Burp, and promised an enormous finale.  The episode airs at 7:30pm, and will be available on ITV Player for 7 days after transmission.

Millman’s involvement with the show began in 2006, right after he produced Man To Man With Dean Learner featuring a host of TVO allumni, and in between Seasons Two and Three of The Mighty Boosh.  He also managed to sneak in a job on the pilot of Penelope Princess Of Pets (featuring Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby) in 2010 between TV Burp runs, which have clocked him an impressive 99 editions as the show’s producer.

Press coverage of the demise of the show has included a love letter to the series in The Guardian, and The Telegraph’s list of the top ten best gags in the show’s history.  Hill’s next move may be to rival commercial station, Channel 4, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted about what Spencer Millman does next.

RIP, TV Burp. 2001-2012.

© Spencer Millman

Never Mind The Sport Relief

24 Mar

Generally speaking, we at The Velvet Onion are on top of things. But very occasionally we’re caught napping…and yesterday evening was one such occasion.


BBC2 last night featured in a bite-size epiosde of Never Mind the Buzzcocks in aid of Sport Relief, featuring Noel Fielding as team captain.

The show was a blink-and-you-miss-it six minutes long, but well worth a watch for Fielding fans – and, of course, because it’s for a great cause.

The show is available to watch on BBC iPlayer for 7 days here. Buzzcocks starts at 02:56.

It’s also available as part of a Sport Relief Comedy Collection to download on iTunes for £1.89 here.

To find out more about the great work that Sport Relief does or to donate money visit the charity’s website.

NME Does Barratt

23 Mar

Following in the wake of Julian Barratt‘s pop promo directorial debut is an interview with the man himself in this week’s NME.


Pushing to one side the eyebrow-raising title of the interview, much of the article focuses on Julian’s involvement in producing the video for Tanlines’ new single. He explains his vision for the film: “I just wanted a lot of odd people basically. I didn’t want to be in a time or place. So they’re dressed slightly 1950s, but it looks like the 70s. And then I don’t want it to look as if it’s in any particular place, even though they’re singing in English. I want it to look like it might be being filmed in East Germany in 1981. Maybe.”

He also talks the new projects he has in the pipeline, including writing a film with Simon Farnaby (not “Barnaby” as NME seems to think he’s called!) and a TV project that he describes as “a sort of science fiction thing.” He also adds, “I suppose Noel and I will do something again at some point. We’ll just choose a time when we’re both ready.”

Julian also goes on to praise Luxury Comedy for its uniqueness and uncompromising quality, but admits it’s a little weird to see the other half of his double act go off and do something else. He describes their relationship as, “Like brothers. We have our differences but we’ve been through so much.”

To read the interview in full pick up a copy of this week’s NME. Or the hi-tech amongst you can buy it online by clicking here.

People Place

23 Mar

© Emm Hobbs

The Velvet Onion has received some exclusive info about an exciting new project from Alice Lowe.

People Place is a non-broadcast pilot written and directed by Alice, who also plays lots of characters throughout.  Set in a community centre, the show features TVO favourites Hot Brew – with Alice and Antony Elvin bringing Oona & Cripsin Wheatflake back to life.

Another Lowe character we’re familiar with is also set to make an appearance – in the form of fan favourite Jason, the hyperactive child tearaway from radio show Alice’s Wunderland, which has been commissioned for a series expected some time this year.

Also starring in People Place are Gus Brown (Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff), Isy Suttie (Peep Show), Lizzie Roper (also starring in Sharon Horgan‘s new show Dead Boss), Nick Mohammed (How Not To Live Your Life), Nathan Dean Williams, comedy duo Lizzie and Sarah, and another regular face for TVO – Mr Joey Page!

Unfortunately, as stated above, this is currently a non-broadcast pilot, which is being optioned to various stations at present.  It is, understandably, too early to say if/when we will see the fruits of Alice’s labour, but we remain hopeful that People Place looks set to be a show you will NOT want to miss.

In the meantime, TVO’s fairy godmother has provided us with a set of exclusive teaser images from the show, thanks to photographer Emm Hobbs, which you can see in the gallery below.  Stay peeled for more info as soon as we have it.


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