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Popcorn Fulcher

31 Jan

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher is set to take part in popular comedy night Popcorn Comedy this Thursday!

Rich, who can currently be seen entertaining audiences in Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, is listed alongside both Holly Walsh and Cardinal Burns.

Popcorn Comedy is described as being a mix of comedy video installations from various filmmakers and live comedy. Previous acts have been the likes of Adam Buxton, even Graham Linehan and Popcorn has been seen as a popular evening  in London for most comedy fans!
Tickets are only £5 if you book in advance by clicking here.

If you’re looking for something to do in London this Thursday night, why not pop down to see Fulcher?

The Forgery Club Is 2!

30 Jan

© Rachel Stubbings

The Forgery Club is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday this February and how else to celebrate than with a night out in Londontown with some oh-too familiar names.

Compered by Rachel Stubbings of Jackal Films fame and Luke Mcqueen – the night will also be welcoming the presence of TVO faces Gareth Tunley, Rufus Jones & Dave McNeill. Plus Bob & Jim, Tom Webb, Steve Pretty, Jonni Music, Nathaniel Tapley, Gemma Whelan , Alex Kirk and Jacob Edwards.

The Forgery is always bound to bring a fun-packed night and with this line-up, it’s bursting from the seams to us already!

Tickets are £7 in advance or £10 at the door and for more info you can find it right here! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for a ticket link and why not also have a peel of our review from the last Forgery night we were lucky enough to attend!

Joey, Etcetera…

30 Jan

You can find Joey Page making some funnies in London this evening!

Page will be performing a new show, Shattered Random Shards of Jokes on stage at the Etcetera Theater tonight. This cosy venue above the The Oxford Arms pub has welcomed many familiar faces from the Booshdom (including Eleanor The Tour Whore), as a popular yet hidden venue in Camden town.

There’s no knowing what to expect from Page this evening so grab your tickets while you can right here. Tickets are £7 and doors are at 9.30pm.

If you want to know more before popping down then have a peel of some of Page in exclusive footage on our YouTube channel, or read our introduction to the kooky-comic here and our review of his last gig from the same venue here yonder!

Another Luxury Tease

29 Jan

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

We’re still providing the goods in our Luxury Takeover.

Now we’ve had our first experience of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy and we’ve had so much feedback from all of you brilliant lot, here’s another teaser from our time on the set of the show – along with a glimpse of some characters to come who you may recognise from posters littering your streets!

It’s all bleedin’ comin’ together aint it?  Expect our feature very soon…

Fulcher’s Financials

29 Jan

© 6music

If you’re in need of financial advice in these difficult times, who better to turn to than TVO’s favourite financial expert, Rich Fulcher! He imparts his wisdom in a short Audio boo from Nemome’s Saturday morning show.

To hear his full interview with Nemone (starting at 2.11) click here.

If after all this you’re still in need of advice, try his Huffington Post article, although you might have to wait until next Christmas to try it out!

Talking About Tom

29 Jan

© E4

Tom Meeten is currently entertaining us in roles as diverse as Andy Warhol, Daran Cache and a fruit fly in Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.  TVO’s Afroharold sheds a bit of light on his rich and varied career to date…

Whilst many comedy fans know him best for his work with Steve Oram, for a lot of Velvet Onion readers he will forever be identifiable thanks to his roles in The Mighty Boosh.  His first appearance on the series is in Fountain of Youth, as Pepo the artist who kills himself when Vince isn’t impressed with the fringe on his portrait.


He later appeared as the disreputable Lance Dior in the third series’ The Power of the Crimp. A near perfect clone of happy-go-lucky Vince, he and his jazzy Northern sidekick Harold Boon (Simon Farnaby) memorably fought Vince & Howard in an epic Crimp Off. Later, the character reappeared at The Royal Albert Hall, attempting to replace Vince at the opening of Noel Fielding’s Teenage Cancer Trust comedy night.

Casting Tom as Lance Dior was an inspired move as he has a similar  take on acting as Noel, an attractive man who is willing to make himself unattractive to the point of grotesque to bring a character to life. No one could call the fruit fly in Luxury Comedy attractive! Tom’s comedy partner is also a bearded bloke from somewhere north of London!

© Andy Lane

Away from the Boosh, Tom’s most notable collaboration has been with the aforementioned Steve Oram – himself no stranger to Vince Noir, having played Donny the Tramp in The Strange Tale Of The Crack Fox.   After a string of successful live shows, including memorable turns at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the pair crafted a television pilot together for Comedy Lab and posted a string of sketches on YouTube including cult classic Porto & Roy.

In 2011, Oram & Meeten developed a new pilot show for So Television, entitled The Forgotten Picture Show, joined by a huge cast of TVO favourites in a pitch perfect homage to 50s rock-n-roll movies.  The pilot is currently under development with plans to make a full series, and we at TVO can’t wait to see the results.

Collaborations with other names at TVO are frequent – from appearances in Jackal Films with Alice Lowe, such as the stupendously silly Birdhandler to his work with James Bachman and recently Arnab Chanda on sketches for BBC Nought – including a truly inspired turn as Jools Holland!

© Channel 4

He has also appeared in a number of other notable shows from the TVO stables, including The IT CrowdHow not to Live Your Life, Saxondale, Lifespam and Beehive. He also made an everlasting impression in Blunder on Channel 4 as the surreal evil known as The Baron and the stupendously rude Karate Johnson. Although studio executives were impressed with his work on Blunder, he still hasn’t been given the opportunities his talents deserve to showcase them to a wider television audience.

Last year, following cameo appearances in Magicians and Burke & Hare, he played his first major leading role in a film via lo-budget Manchester rave scene flick Weekender, and he is set to appear in Oram & Lowe’s forthcoming film The Sightseers too.

As you can see Tom is a very talented actor, singer, writer and comedian, who has appeared in a variety of roles and is not afraid to wear outrageous costumes to complete a character. So if you were watching Luxury Comedy and wondering where you’ve seen him before, now you know!

Post-Pay Day Pre-Order Frenzy!

29 Jan

Just been paid? We reckon the first pay-day of 2012 deserves a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than spending some of that pay cheque on yourself? If you’re after some inspiration, look no further than the Booshniverse-related DVDs that are due for release during 2012 and beyond.

© Channel 4

Charlie Brooker’s acclaimed techno-thriller trilogy Black Mirror is released on 27th February. The second part, entitled ’15 Million Merits’ features the wonderful Julia Davis in super-glam form. As yet there’s no news about DVD extras, but for more information about the release, to read reviews and to pre-order click here.

Life’s Too Short, the latest sitcom from the pens of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, about the exaggerated life of Warwick Davis – the world-famous cult actor with dwarfism, is released on DVD in October 2012. While it’s still some way off, you can pre-order it now by clicking here. The series features three Booshniverse-related artists: Matthew Holness, who plays Ian Wald – the lawyer in Warwick’s divorce case, and Steve Brody, who starred in Angelos and Lifespam, plays Eric – the worst accountant in the world. The series also features cameos from Colin Hoult and Tony Way.

© Sony Pictures

Anonymous is a historical melodrama which offers a bosom-heaving alternative view of Shakespeare’s world. It also stars Edward Hogg (Bunny & The Bull) and Tony Way, so deserves a mention here. Anonymous is released on 5th March and you can pre-order it on DVD and Blu-ray at the Velvet Onion Amazon store by clicking on the relevant links.

You can also purchase a DVD of the Ab Fab three-part special which aired over Christmas. You’d better be patient though, because the release date is 13th August 2013! However, for all the Ab Fab obsessives out there you can pre-order the show that features MongrelsLucy Montgomery here.

Finally, for those of you who have already pre-ordered the DVD of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy (or for those of you who are planning to do so) please note that the release has moved back from its original optimistic date of 19th March 2012 to a more realistic 28th January 2013. Given the team are still finishing off the TV series this is hardly surprising, but it means we’ll have to be super-patient. You can pre-oder Luxury Comedy here.

We’ll be letting you know about further TVO-relevant DVD releases as they happen. Time to start counting the days until the second pay-day of 2012!…

Party Paramedics

28 Jan

© Nick Wilson

While E4 is showing Luxury Comedy, Channel 4 is showing Party Paramedics narrated by Julian Barratt. This is a three-part series following the medical units, home and abroad, that patch up the victims of Britain’s binge-drinking culture.

The first part, which is about the hard-working paramedics and volunteers of the SOS bus in Colchester, was shown on Monday at 10pm and is available on 4OD.

Next Monday’s episode is set on Corfu and is called Corfu Carnage!

Site Revamp For Foot

28 Jan

© Paul Foot

If you like new shiny things as much as we do, you will love Paul Foot‘s new website.

The comedian’s website has undergone a complete redesign and connoisseurs can now feast their eyes on a site that looks as whimsical as Foot’s comedy is. While the website still has the usual components and gives fans access to the tour schedule, press about Paul and the always appreciated merchandise shop, we can now also read about various characters made up by Mr. Foot himself.

Visit Skeleton Johnson, a figure who is half skeleton and half Mr. Johnson and a character that “used to be a brilliant graveyard jockey before he changed.” You can also pop by Penny’s page, Foot’s “bi-sexual hairdresser” who is in charge of the complete inventory of his comedy and who looks suspiciously like the man himself…

All that and more can be found over at the official Paul Foot website, where you also can gain entrance to the highly acclaimed Guild of Connoisseurs members only area (and get information about secret shows, videos and various super secret things!).

If you want even more Paul Foot goodies, take a look at his latest video. Foot turns to Food as he does a cookery video in which he prepares a dish called “Isle of White”. As the name suggests, the dish is white. See Foot in the kitchen and maybe get a little bit inspired yourself, all in the video below.

Commissioned To The Skies!

27 Jan

© Chris O’Dowd (Twitter: @BigBoyler)

It seems that Sky1 are drastically becoming the new place to be for the latest hits in the comedy world – we all completely fell for the colorful wonderment that was This Is Jinsy, and now some familiar names from the Booshdom are still cropping up left right and center!

Firstly Julia Davis is said to be working on a new sitcom for the channel according to Chortle. Julia, who will never be too far from her dark roots, will be writing and starring in Hunderby, which revolves around Helene the survivor of a shipwreck in 19th Century. As you may remember, Davis has already made an appearance on Sky  (alongside Julian Barratt, dare we forget) in the short film of Chekhov’s The Bear.

The show will also (not-so-surprisingly) be produced by Baby Cow, who you will all know as a popular name for us at The Velvet Onion.

As if Steve Coogan wasn’t busy enough, he is also working on Starlings, another new comedy to come out of Sky1!  Along with this, Chris O’Dowd has landed himself a series based on his short film from the Little Crackers series in 2010. The series MooneBoy, tells the tale of a young boy and his imaginary friend.

For more info on all these exciting new comedy-gems, you can head over to Such Small Portions right here.

Onion Talking: Dave Brown, The Scribbling Slasher Part Two

27 Jan

During the rise of the Boosh, Dave Brown provided the vast majority of the designs for the DVD covers, menus, posters and beyond. As the work flowed in a steady stream, the time came to start up his own design company and so, APE was born. At the moment The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton book and Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy may be at the top of the barrel but you can find APE’s work in many other places.

© Dave Brown

While all this work was being produced, Brown could still be found on screen and on stage either pulling some shapes, singing or posing as our favourite gorilla. The line between designing and comedy could seem somewhat fuzzy; how they become separate from each other is a question that Dave answers with an admirable perspective and confidence, “They do overlap occasionally, I like to think I approach creative work with humor in mind, its not always easy but wherever possible I try, people react and gravitate towards something that makes them smile, its human nature. Over the years I have worked with more comedians through Boosh  work and contacts like Tim Key, Rich Fulcher of course, & Jimmy Carr, I think being involved in comedy helps you understand what comedians are after design & photography wise, I’d like to work with more to be honest, It’s always annoyed me how so many comedians have the same style posters, lazy designs with little ideas, without blowing ones trumpet The Boosh as well as those that do care and appreciate the power of good branding stand out a mile!” Continue reading

Smeggin’ Hoult!

27 Jan

© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

Colin Hoult is in for a whirlwind 2012, with new projects on radio, television, stage and an appearance in revived sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf!

The comedian and actor, fresh from his performances in shows as varied as Life’s Too Short,  House Of Rooms and Pixelface, has been cast in an unknown part in the tenth series of the cult classic, which airs on Dave later this year.

The show is part of Dave’s new drive for original comedy, following its enormous success with their initial Red Dwarf mini-series in 2009, ten years after the show last aired on BBC2.  Hoult, of course, made his own pilot for Dave, Zimbani back in 2010, alongside Dave McNeill and Julian Barratt, which you can catch again here.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed by Colin’s management that he has sold two television ideas to be developed in 2012, of which we’ll no doubt hear more about in due course.  Hoult has also been granted his own radio pilot, and if the result are half as good as his live shows, we’ll have one of the most impressive half hours of radio in some time!

Speaking of live shows, as we’ve previously confirmed, Colin is set to return to the Leicester Square Theatre with his monthly New Adventures strand from March, and he’ll be appearing at the Udderbelly Festival in London in May with his Ultimate Carnival Of Monsters show.

Wix & Crilly Return

27 Jan

© Channel 4

Katy Wix & Anna Crilly are to feature in their own series on Channel 4.

The duo, who made a pilot as part of the channel’s Comedy Lab range last Summer, have been granted a full six-episode run after the initial episode received a warm welcome.  It is set to air later this year.

Channel 4’s head of comedy, Shane Allen – a key supporter of Luxury Comedy and the kind of funny business we at TVO like to shout about – commented: “Right from the start of 2012 we’re delivering back to back series with daring and hugely distinct comedy voices as an anti-dote to the safe, broad comedy drama you might find elsewhere.

“Channel 4 is the place to take risks and give opportunities to comedy’s mavericks and lunatics. Katy & Anna are both and we’re so thrilled they wanted to make their break with us”.

Meanwhile, Crilly can be seen alongside Gareth Tunley, David Armand and occasionally, Colin Hoult in CBBC sitcom Pixelface – and the pair continue to appear in adverts for Harvey’s Furniture, including sponsorship tags around ITV’s flagship soap opera Coronation Street!

A Post-Luxury News Round Up

27 Jan

The neon colours fizzing on our TV screens from last night’s inaugural episode of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy have barely faded away, and there’s already a ton of stuff to update you on:

As you’ll already know if you follow us, Noel appeared on two radio shows yesterday. To start with, he guested on Danny Wallace’s Xfm Breakfast Show in the morning. To hear the show click here; Noel appears at 1:13:48 (precisely). Then in the afternoon he was Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2. You can hear this for 6 further days on iPlayer, and you’ll find Noel at around 1:33:55 (precisely…again!).

There’s also a short filmed interview with Noel on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat here, in which he talks about the show and working with Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian on the music.

© E4

Next up is a competition that E4 is running – to win one of his much sought-after infamous painted plates; in fact to win one of the plates that features in the show, signed by the man himself! To enter the competition visit E4’s website here.

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

And finally, what did people think – what did the real world make of Noel’s new creative baby?  The buzz on twitter pushed #luxurycomedy to a Worldwide trend, and the majority of that buzz was positive. The opinion in the wider world reflected the comments in our ‘How was It For You’ post below: there were a few hardcore Boosh fans who refused to accept Noel flying solo, and a few who decided it definitely wasn’t for them, but overall the response from those who watched it was very excited and positive. A typical quote from last night’s twitter feed read: Loved it! It was like a mash up of Button Moon, Mooncat and Banana Splits! Dondylion, hula hoops AND Dave Lee Roth….*win*

If you didn’t catch the show, or you reckon a second viewing might help make things a bit clearer, the first episode is now available to watch on 4oD by clicking here or on youtube here. Crazymad!

Luxury Comedy: How Was It For You?

26 Jan

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

After months of eager anticipation, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy has just aired on E4. If you’ve seen it, we’d love to know what you think.

Given that a number of the people behind the show read The Velvet Onion we thought it’d be nice to offer ourselves up as a place where people could leave their comments about the show. So tell us, what did you think? What were your favourite bits? Your favourite characters? Which sketches are still making you giggle now?  Have you Series Linked Luxury Comedy for all eternity?

But what if some of it passed you by? While the majority of our readers are fans it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to hold a negative opinion, so do tell us what you think. But please keep your comments constructive; remember, even if you don’t like something a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into making it so please respect  that.

To get things going, here’s what a couple of our Velveteers have to say about the show:

If any show deserves the word ‘Luxury’ in the title more than this one then I am yet to find it. It’s such a magnificent treat for your eyes it’ll leave you with an adrenaline crash a few hours later. Noel Fielding and Nigel Coan have taken the word ‘surreal’ – originally given to Boosh as a description – and turned it on its head, and added more colour and more jokes than you can imagine.

Noel exists in a tree house that looks like what I would imagine the world under a rainbow to look like. There are few and far comparisons between Fielding’s former show and I see this as his ‘Unleashed: for all the family’!

Each sketch is beautifully formed, making you look forward to each and every character’s return in the next episode. It feels like an honour to be able to take a glimpse into the minds of the creators and of course, the creators have minds to envy!  It’s a show takes everything comedy and luxury to new heights.

Several consistent themes weave through Noel Fielding’s creative output like golden threads; they’re what binds together his stand-up and his art, and what makes it recognisably and uniquely his: It’s daft and yet clever, imaginative and other-worldly, beautiful in both thought and image, and it packs a big comedy punch while offering up lovely little moments of whimsy. All of this is packed into Luxury Comedy.

Channel 4/Secret Peter

Whatever the doubters may say, there are several things that stop the show being a random hotch-potch of empty silliness: Firstly, there’s a delightfully clever logic at work here, much the same as you would find in the Boosh, only more submerged (but it’s there). Secondly, it’s simply stunning to look at; the care and attention that has gone into every detail is astonishing, and sets it apart from the tosh that’s currently cluttering up our screens. And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a TV show with heart; it’s been created with love, care and joy – and it shows. At its core sits genuine warmth and human spirit. It’s not a show that’s up itself.

And now it’s over to you, dear Peelers. Let us know what you think about Luxury Comedy in the Comments box below…

A Luxury Lion Teases

26 Jan

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

Our treats just keep coming for our launch week for Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy! Airing is less than an hour away and we’re now bringing you a sneaky peak from our time on set to whet your taste buds!

If you’re on the edge of your seats waiting to see what we got up to last summer with the LC lot, then don’t fret as our full version will be up in the next few weeks for your lovely peelers. So, for now here’s a brief snippet of what Noel had to say about his first solo project post-Boosh.

Enjoy! And keep peeling your heads off, because there’s still so much more to come during our Luxury Comedy Takeover!

Onion Talking: Mike Fielding

26 Jan

© The Velvet Onion

As we approach the long awaited launch of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, TVO was keen to talk to one of the main stars of the show with a unique perspective on its production thanks to his titular sibling: Mike Fielding.

Thankfully, Mike was keen to talk to us too – and what follows is a candid and frank insight into a criminally underrated performer who at last, has been given a real chance to shine.  TVO’s editor in chief, Paul ‘Didymus’ Holmes reports…

Naboo The Enigma. That’s what they called him. A mysterious shaman, either in a drug-fuelled trance or listening to Fleetwood Mac. For three television series and two mammoth live tours, Mike Fielding was Naboo, and ultimately, he remained the real enigma throughout. Whereas Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt projected hyper-real versions of themselves into Vince and Howard, Mike was a mystery: the dvd extras revealing the persona of just about everyone else working on the show except him. Sure, we got the odd little wisecrack here and there, but only a few interviews had ever really hinted at the real man underneath the turban.

Meeting Mike again, away from the madness of the Boosh Tours was an experience – not just because our meeting occurred whilst he and his cohorts were knee deep in filming for Luxury Comedy in a North London studio. Here was an instantly likeable man, every bit as charming as his sibling – but in a subtler, more relaxing manner than the star of the show who, quite understandably, was feeling the pressure a lot more when we spoke. Perhaps it helped that Mike is less than three years my elder, so our frame of reference was undoubtedly similar. When he wasn’t needed on set, he was keen to mingle with The Velvet Onion team, ensuring we felt at home, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in our crew by appreciating him a lot more after that hot weekend in July.

©  The Velvet Onion

Catching up not long after his thirtieth birthday, I find Mike in a reflective, but positive mood – open, honest, and as per usual, downright hilarious. We’ve been talking less than thirty seconds and he apologises for not sending his private jet to Manchester to pick me up, only for us to have an impromptu discussion about how it would resemble a hard-boiled, hollowed-out egg, complete with plasma screens and pick ‘n’ mix. With Mike, there’s always pick ‘n’ mix – and it’s clear that he shares his brother’s childlike sense of wonderment with the world – something he pegs on the Boosh itself.

“Before Boosh, I was the shyest person in the world,” he tells me. “I was scared of my own shadow, I wouldn’t talk to anyone that I didn’t know. Boosh has made me who I am now. It’s given me an animated, childish confidence. People say that when you’re thirty, you can’t be stupid like that anymore, but who says? There’s no rules!”

He is quick to agree that the show gave him something of a Peter Pan complex: “I think its important to feel young and stay a bit young. If you get bogged down with the reality of it all, you’d just sit in a hole moaning about bills and cats… …cats? I’ve haven’t got cats, but a lot of old people get cats when they get old. ‘Oh, I’ve got cats, it’s all over for me!’” I suggest, cynically, that you never really grow old, but simply get childish about more boring things – a suggestion that seems to ring true. ““Yeah, it’s important to laugh every day,” he explains. “Not a lot of people do. They get in their office and they go: ‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly let myself go for five minutes and laugh at something.’ I never want to be like that.

“People follow the trend, and think they have to act in a certain way when you turn 30. You don’t. It’s ridiculous. Can you imagine me and Noel ever fully growing up? That’s weirder than anything we’ve ever done, I think.” I wonder out loud if the two of them ever discuss insurance or mortgage finance? “You never know,” he says, “I might be the face of Admiral or something one day. That’s when you know your young days are over.” Continue reading

Time For Another Luxury Comedy News Round-Up…

26 Jan

With less than 24 hours to go before Luxury Comedy hits the airwaves the coverage the show is getting is seriously starting to peak.  Here’s a quick round-up to help make sure you stay on top of what’s out there:

© ITV1

First up is Noel Fielding‘s interview with Lorraine Kelly which ran this morning on ITV1. In the interview Lorraine talks about Luxury Comedy, and (of course!) the infamous Buzzcocks spanking incident. The full interview is now available to view online, and you can see it by simply clicking here.

Next up is a recent interview Noel did with Digital Spy. In the interview he talks about how the show’s name came about, what he hopes Boosh fans will make of it, and he explains why TV needs something like Luxury Comedy. Take a look here to read it in full.

Some of you may have spotted another interview in last weekend’s Telegraph. It’s finally been published online, so here the link to take you there. 

We’ve also spotted Noel in today’s Shortlist maagzine, interviewed by old friend Danny Wallace, and dressed up to resemble a Magritte painting.  The interview can be viewed here, but if you can get your hands on a paper copy you can also see him photographed as Salvador Dali.

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

Don’t forget that Noel is also appearing on the radio twice tomorrow: firstly he’s scheduled to appear on Danny Wallace’s breakfast show on XFM; then in the afternoon he’ll be on Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2.

Both programmes will be available to listen to afterwards for 7 days if you miss the live broadcasts.

Of course, we’ll be bringing you plenty more exciting TVO exclusives, so keep peeling! And if you really can’t wait until tomorrow at 10pm on E4, check out the channel’s dedicated website pages for Luxury Comedy and revel in the anticipatory experience…

Onion Talking: Nigel Coan

25 Jan

Right now there’s no shortage of information about Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. Noel himself is currently in the midst of a pretty comprehensive TV, radio and press tour, providing further fascinating slices of insight in every interview. But what does the show look like to someone who sees it from a different angle? We were lucky enough to spend some time with Luxury Comedy director and animator, Nigel Coan, who gave us glimpse through a different window. Velveteer Mog reports:

© Dave Brown

Talking to Nigel Coan about Luxury Comedy feels a bit like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw and finally being able to tell what the picture is. Nigel is the link between Noel Fielding and his Luxury Comedy, the one who made it possible. But what does that actually mean – how do they work together? “I guess I’m his interpreter in way,” Nigel explains. “The way Noel writes is like performance, so he’ll wander around and while he’s talking I’m visualising it, literally, as a real time image. Anything I can’t see in my head I can’t make; I have to be able to see it. It’s a very immediate process – although we haven’t really made it by the time we’ve finished writing it, it’s sort of already made in a way, because it’s already there, visually. Then the storyboard, filming and edit are all the same thing, in different forms.”

Nigel and Noel’s friendship was formed years ago when they met at art college. Later, he often accompanied Noel to his early stand-up shows when they would discuss his material on train journeys home. In fact, one of Nigel’s first forays into animation was for Noel’s Voodoo Hedgehog show. He explains, “I think it had the Jellyfox in it, and Noel said ‘Can we film it?’ but it would have looked rubbish because we would have been trying to do too much. So I said to him ‘Why don’t we try to animate it, sort of in the style of King Rollo? You do the paintings and I’ll animate them.’ It was the best solution for filming what Noel imagined in his head.”

Continue reading

Onion At The Oscars? Yes, Way!

25 Jan

© Columbia Pictures

Two films featuring Tony Way feature in the 2012 Oscar Nominations!

David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, in which Tony plays the small but important role of hacker Plague (due to reappear in further films in the trilogy), is up for five awards: Actress In A Leading Role for Rooney Mara, Cinematography (Jeff Cronenworth), Film Editing (Kurt Baxter and Angus Wall), Sound Editing (Ren Klyce) and Sound Mixing (David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce and Bo Persson).

Meanwhile, another film featuring Tony, Roland Emmerich’s historical thriller Anonymous has been given a nomination for Costume Design, thanks to designer Lisy Christl.  This latter film is available for pre-order now on dvd and region-free blu-ray in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store, and also features Bunny And The Bull star Edward Hogg!  It’s due for release on March 2nd, and the 84th Academy Awards ceremony takes place on Sunday, February 26th.

Whilst we have your attention, Mr Way is next set to appear in cult series Game Of Thrones which airs on HBO and Sky Atlantic in April.  We’ll aim to bring you more news on Tony’s role in the show nearer to transmission.


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