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“It’s Behind You!” A Look Back At What Went On In 2011

31 Dec

2011 was The Velvet Onion’s second year in operation, and whaddya know – it turned out to be quite an eventful one! If you’ve joined us more recently, or if you’ve lost a few brain cells over the festive period and can’t remember much before December, here’s Part 1 of our review of 2011 to bring you up to speed on the TVO events of the year:


© Channel 4

The year started by looking backwards, with The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year sadly not quite taking retro to its logical conclusion, but reuniting Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade nonetheless. TVO were also feeling reflective, as we considered our first birthday! We interviewed James Pilkington, the director of early Boosh-starring short Sweet, about his latest feature.

On the live front Paul Foot & Colin Hoult were busy announcing send-offs for their 2010 Edinburgh shows, and Kim Noble was taking his hit show Kim Noble Must Die to New York City.

For Noel & Julian, however, this was a period of new adventures – and the pair couldn’t have chosen more varied career paths if they tried. Noel’s appearance on Comic Relief’s supporting talent show Let’s Dance was announced, and while Boosh fandom debated exactly what he’d perform, Julian’s acting chops were about to be stretched as he began work on Treasure Island and was announced as the one of the lead roles in Government Inspector at The Young Vic.


© The Velvet Onion

February began on a sad note, with the passing of much loved actress Margaret John. Best known for her roles in Gavin & Stacey, Run Fatboy Run and Doctor Who, she was forever immortalised in Booshdom by her apperance as the wicked Nanatoo in the Nanageddon episode of The Mighty Boosh. She was 84.

On a more positive note, IAMX unleashed the first fruits of their latest album, and DeadDogInBlackBag returned to the London stage with a one-off gig, with TVO on hand to document proceedings. And whilst Matt Berry unleashed an x-rated iPhone app, the careers of his TVO cohorts couldn’t be more different – as a whole bevvy of names cropped up on CBBC throughout the month.

In other news this month, Chris Morris became a BAFTA winner, although champions of the passing-fad, the NME, decided Noel Fielding and Never Mind The Buzzcocks didn’t deserve an award this year. The world of mainstream rnb seemed to disagree – in one of the weirdest stories we’ve come across for TVO, cyber-singer T-Pain sang an interpolation of the Boosh track Electroboy for Benny Benassi’s dancefloor hit, ‘Electroman‘. Somehow, it just about worked…


TVO took the time to speak to the fabulous Colin Hoult as he brought his 2010 Edinburgh Show, Enemy Of The World, to the Soho Theatre for a final hurrah, and we also interviewed Diva Zappa ahead of her exhibition at Maison Bertaux.

But February’s big interview came from Fielding himself – as we celebrated his appearance on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief with a two part interview about the show, and his career past, present and future. As Kate Bush, Noel whizzed around with startling precision to Wuthering Heights, sending fangirls across the land a-flutter – and he made it through to the final the following month..

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Booshy Bits On Xfm.

31 Dec

© Mighty Boosh

Lliana Bird has been keeping our ears happy this week with her afternoon show on Xfm.

Along with a collection of top tunes and a voice made of sunshine, Birdy’s shows have included seasonal messages from Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher and Serge from Kasabian (an honorary TVO artist in the run-up to Luxury Comedy!).

Check out the Christmas Eve show to hear their Christmas messages, and Rich reading ‘Twas Night Before Christmas‘. Yesterday’s show (30th December) features their New Year’s resolutions.

You can find the broadcasts by clicking on this page on Xfm’s site. The shows are available for at least 1 week after their original transmission date. Happy listening!



31 Dec


Chris Corner and IAMX have made it over to the city of Angels, Los Angeles, where they will soak up the sun and of course, work on new IAMX things.

The arrival in L.A prompted Corner to publish a blog post of his “unedited collection of thoughts” from months and months back. A terrific read for any IAMX fan and anyone who likes to have their mind blown by words. You can read this blog right over here.

Accompanying his written words is a project titled LA in Grey, a weekly photographic documentation. In this, Corner will post seven pictures every week of everything and anything he fancies to share with eager viewers.

The LA in Grey photos can be seen for free but you can also download them in high quality for a price of your choice. By doing so, your contribution will aid the development of the special contents section which of course means that there will be more gems unveiled in the future!

You can buy all IAMX albums over at The Velvet Onion store as well as buy them or download them (with lyrics and artwork) at the official IAMX site.

Holy Flying DVD!

31 Dec


Holy Flying Circus, the TV dramatisation of the controversy surrounding the release of Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian, aired back in October. If you missed it or you simply want to have a shiny copy of your own to keep, now’s your chance!

The critically-aclaimed film, featuring Rufus Jones as one of the Pythons, is out on DVD on 6th February 2012, and you can pre-order it now from The Velvet Onion’s Amazon store for only £9.99. The DVD also includes deleted scenes and outtakes.

Check out whether it’s your cup of tea before you add it to your basket by checking out these stonking reviews. And to keep up to date on Holy Flying Circus news, take a look at the film’s Facebook page.

The Velvet Onion Calendar 2012

29 Dec

The Velvet Onion are pleased to bring you our exclusive 2012 calendar!

We’ve been working with a number of our friends both in front of the camera and behind it, to bring you twelve great shots to print out and stick up on your wall between January 1st and December 31st.

With a fantastic new design from one of our own Velveteers, inspired by the beautiful design work Peeler Kerrie Leisch provided for the site back in 2010, we really hope you like the results – which are available for a free download by clicking on the picture above!

Thank you to everyone involved, and to all of you – our dearest Peelers – for a truly fantastic 2011… here’s to another great year in the realm of the Onion!

Happy Days with Fulcher

28 Dec

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher will be performing as part of the bill at the Amersham Arms in London on Monday, 9th January.

Rich will be joined by Carl Donnelly (Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News), award-winning Phil Wang, and Holly Walsh as MC (Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock the Week and 8 Out of 10 Cats).

‘Happy Mondays’ kicks off at 8pm; for more information about how to find the venue and to purchase tickets click here. And to follow the event on Facebook take a look over yonder.

While we’re on the subject of Fulcher and his funnies, may we also draw your attention to this article which he recently penned for The Huffington Post, in which he explains the economic concept of a ‘Double Dip Christmas’. Follow Rich’s instructions and he promises that you can, “Forget about the economy and our woes, start double dipping, and we’ll soon be ladling cash in 2012 instead of that cheap-ass nog.”  Splendid advice!

Fielding On The Radio

27 Dec

© 6Music

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans took his twitter-based ‘Tim Peaks Diner’ to the radio waves on Christmas Eve; and Noel Fielding paid him a visit.

Burgess presented a 3 hour radio show on BBC 6Music on 24th December, building upon the “metaphorical, metaphysical diner” that he first created on twitter. Confused? Don’t worry, it’s all explained in the broadcast.

Throughout the show he’s visited by a bevy of guests, who he casts in his nativity play. At 2:21:25 (precisely!) he’s visited by Noel, who he decides to cast as one of the lead parts in the play. To found out who it is, and why Noel wants to costume him up as a “DIY Tarzan”, click here to listen.

Burgess is also joined by guests Al Murray, Jamie Oliver, Ladyhawke, Holly Johnson, Edwyn Collins and many more. The show is available on iPlayer for a further four days. Enjoy!

5 Go-old Sings!

27 Dec

We always knew you were a talented bunch, but your entries to our Christmas song competition have blown our tiny minds!

We’ve enjoyed many happy hours at TVO Towers reading through your awesome entries, and admiring your lyric-writing skills and musical inventiveness. Who knew that Booshifying Christmas songs would prove to be so entertaining? Choosing our winners has been tough, but we finally managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of five.

The winners are: Kaya Dobson, Jennifer Guberman, Aline Heyerick, Emma Kelly and Casey Woodie.

Well done and congratulations! You’ll be receiving your prizes, original proof prints from The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, very soon. A massively big thank you to everyone who took part – we really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into your entries. And thank you for making it so darned difficult to choose out top five!


If you’d like to read the winning entries, please click on the green ‘Continue reading’ here…

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Tony And The Dragon Tattoo

26 Dec

Blockbuster thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is released in cinemas today, and features a familiar face from the land of Booshdom.

You can catch the trailer for the film, which was released in North America and Scandinavia earlier this week below.

It all looks rather exciting doesn’t it? Starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Steven Berkoff, Joely Richardson and Julian Sands, the film is set to be the blockbuster of the winter period.

© Columbia Pictures

We’re pleased to tell you that David Fincher’s remake of the Swedish smash-hit features none other than Tony Way as hacker Plague, who from the looks of it gets to not-too-subtly advertise the work of the film’s composer, Trent “Nine Inch Nails” Reznor!

Tony’s character reoccurs throughout the original trilogy too, so if the film is a hit, we’ll no doubt be seeing more of Plague in the future…

As mentioned above, the film is out in North America and Scandinavia as well as the UK now, with international release dates to follow throughout January.   No doubt a serious contender for the coming awards season, we here at your favourite comedy website find it rather wonderful this film has a touch of TVO about it!

If you missed it recently, you can catch our interview with Tony to promote the second series of Mongrels right here.

Kill List On Disc!

26 Dec

© Studio Canal

Ben Wheatley’s thriller Kill List is released on dvd and blu-ray today.

We first told you about the film just ahead of it’s theatrical release in the late Summer, after a string of rave reviews from just about every major publication that bothers to review movies.

Wheatley’s second feature, it was released just as his third, The Sightseers went into production – and the former director of The Wrong Door and Time Trumpet enlisted its stars, Alice Lowe and Steve Oram to make cameo appearances in Kill List, alongside fellow TVO allumni Gareth Tunley.

Now, following a win at the BIFA Awards, the film is released on dvd and blu-ray in the UK, boasting two commentaries, a making-of documentary and a number of interviews with the cast and crew.

Both versions are available now in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store – priced just £9.99 for the dvd, and £11.99 for the blu-ray/dvd combo.  If you’re still undecided, and five star reviews from the likes of Total Film aren’t enough to persuade you, you can check out the trailer below.

We hope to bring you more news on The Sightseers, currently in post production, as soon as possible… stay peeled!

TVO Advent! Christmas Day! – Have A Luxury Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to all!  It is the finale of our advent and we can’t thank you all enough for coming back each and every day!

Our final gift to you all today is a very special one. It also wouldn’t be a full velvety treat if it wasn’t the mother of all teasers…

Happy Christmas to all our peelers and we hope we’ve left it cosy enough behind shiny door number 25.

Boosh On Your Radio!

24 Dec


Treat yourself to a trip down memory lane and listen to the Boosh Radio Series, on the radio! BBC Radio 4 Extra is broadcasting the series at 10:30pm on Tuesdays.

Unfortunately we’ve missed the first episode but the second (Jungle) is available on BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 27th December, when the next episode (Jazz) will be on at 10.30pm.

If you’re feeling nostalgic after listening to the radio show, you can read our interview with Noel Fielding about making the radio series.

Black on The Blog

24 Dec


Goodnight Burbank writer and star Hayden Black features in an interview by John Hoff III on his blog.

You can now find out what Hayden thinks about Doctor Who and get the gossip on the next series of Goodnight Burbank.

To read the interview click here.

The Ditch 3: The Final!

24 Dec

Lincoln Studios made movie history this week by launching a trilogy of short films over the course of 5 days. Parts 1 and 2 were released earlier this week, with Part 3 released yesterday.

The Ditch Trilogy (arguably the only trilogy-based film to be watching at the moment) presents a fresh take on the buddy movie genre, and features star turns from actors Steve Aura & Chaka Grimshaw (more familiar to us as Steve Oram and Simon Farnaby). Part 3 sees the two friends attempting to cement the bond between them as the festive season approaches:

Managing to be funny and poignant in equal measures, the three shorts are well worth watching. You can see all of them here.

It’s Gonna Be Alright With Clark

24 Dec

© Brown Eyed Boy / BBC Three

It was a sad day this previous Thursday, as we all sat back to watch the finale of How Not To Live Your Life. Not only did Clark bring us an hour long Christmas special, the episode was a tour-de-force with laughs, tears and cringe-worthy moments galore (as in full Danbury spirit). We at TVO couldn’t be more content with the conclusion of one of our favourite sitcoms. If you missed it then it is available on BBC iPlayer until next Thursday.

With most episodes from the series, we have come to expect some memorable songs from the show – and this special did not disappoint. Ealier this week Clark teased in an interview with us:

“The songs we’ve done for the Christmas special are so good”

Then referring to musical partner Ben Parker:

“The thing I wrote was good, but he makes it brilliant.”

Now these songs; the enthusiastic ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ and the touching ‘Christmas Song’ can be downloaded on itunes right here. We recommend you add these to your Christmas playlists, turn your speakers up loud and clap your hands along all day!

As if this wasn’t enough, earlier today Dan also suggested a music-tour of his comedy songs with Parker! What do you think? If you’re as excited at the prospect as we are then let him know!

TVO Advent! Christmas Eve – It’s The End Of The World

24 Dec

It’s the penultimate door on our TVO Advent and we’re so glad to have had all of you back each day in the build-up to Christmas!

We hope you’ve all got your shopping done and are relaxing with a glass of mulled wine, waiting for midnight to open your pressies – while you wait, we have a slightly solemn message from some friends, take a look behind door 24 for a steaming new treat.

Horrible Christmas

23 Dec
© Lion TV/Citrus Television

Horrible Histories Christmas Special is on  Christmas Day at 7.35am and 5.30pm. The BAFTA winning show starring Simon Farnaby and Alice Lowe takes a look at Christmas traditions and songs through the ages, and highlights some of the more gruesome festivities. If you’re too busy to watch on the day it’s available on BBC iPlayer.

Remember there is a wide variety of TVO related entertainment over the Christmas period. Take a look at our post to refresh your memory.

Sue Denim EXCLUSIVE: Brewster McCloud

23 Dec

© Angel Ceballos

Back in September, we told you that Sue Denim‘s solo project Sue and the Unicorn was going to fund and record an album. Now we can bring you the joyous news that the album has been finished!

Sue has worked with producer and piano magician David Wrench to bring you 10 tracks which she says sounds like “I’m singing in the same room as the listener”.

The project does not have a set name yet so it might not be Sue and the Unicorn, as we have written here. Moreover, Sue has been debating the name issue on Twitter so why not head on over there to give her your humble opinion? Should the Unicorn stay or go?

The album has a preliminary release date of March 2012, and then Sue hopes to be on the road on tour in April. As is often the case with self-funded releases nothing is set in stone, but as soon as we know the hard facts we’ll be here to keep you informed.

If you opened yesterday’s TVO Advent calendar door, you probably noticed that we said we would bring you an extra little surprise today. Well, Sue was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at one of the track on the coming album and we get to share it with you!

The song, called Brewster McCloud, does indeed make you feel like she’s right there signing next to you (as promised!). It’s become an instant favourite here, and we just can’t stop listening to it.

Listen to the song below or head over to SoundCloud to leave some love!

TVO Advent! Day 23 – 90 Seconds Of Barratt

23 Dec

For some of us, today is the day before Christmas and for others, it’s the day before the day before Christmas. Complicated much?! Either way, today is a good day so let us celebrate it as one should.

Open the door to see Julian Barratt speak a bit of French in black and white…

What’s Cooking?

23 Dec

© James Cook

James Cook has announce on Twitter that he’ll be performing the second of two exclusive performances tonight in Los Angeles!

Our West Coast peelers can check him out at Villa, MacArthur Park in LA. The show starts at 11.30pm and finishes at 2.30am (local time). Unfortunately we don’t have anyother information about the gig to pass on, but we suggest you contact the venue if it sounds like your kind of thing!

Cook fans can also buy his new album Arts & Sciences online from today! Click here to purchase some serious  aural pleasure in time for Christmas!


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