Fulcher Talks

2 Nov

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Rich Fulcher has been interviewed by comedy website, Splitsider to mark the recent launch of Snuff Box in the US.

In the interview Rich explains that the series was intentionally structured like a sitcom, and reveals how the setting came about. He says, “Matt and I both wanted to do a kind of narrative. We wanted the sketches to come around in a way, and we were trying to figure out a place that we could come to in between sketches. We just started to develop this world. Initially, it was the idea of just talking, having a normal conversation while you’re hanging somebody. And then, an old mans’ club where everybody was a hangman. They’re all ex-hangmen and they hang out in this club.”

He also discusses why he believes that US TV has pipped British TV to the post in recent years, why BBC3 isn’t all that, and also what TV and radio shows he’d recommend to Snuff Box fans: “If you’re into British comedy, everybody knows Darkplace and The Boosh and even Snuff Box. So then you try to get even more into it with Dean Learner and Brass Eye and The Day Today. Radio shows are great, because a lot of shows did radio series, which were like pilots. Little Britain was on the radio and Alan Partridge was on the radio. And The Boosh radio show, I try to turn people onto that, because I think that was some of our best stuff.”

To read the interview in full, and find out why Rich particularly likes the shop scenes where Matt Berry gets beaten up,  visit Splitsider here. Don’t forget you can buy the Snuff Box DVD and most of Rich’s recommended ‘things to watch’ at the TVO Amazon store.

Fans of the Fulcher will can also enjoy a brief appearance by the man and Matt on this week’s Sklarbro Country, available here.

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