Warp Speed

9 Oct

© Warp Films

Warp Films will be familiar to fans of the Booshdom (and its cousins). The film production company was behind Richard Ayoade‘s Submarine, Chris Morris‘s Four Lions, Paul King‘s Bunny & TheBull, and the mysteriously still-unreleased Spit on Your Rave featuring Noel Fielding. Warp was also responsible for the recent release, Kill List, a critically-acclaimed horror featuring Gareth Tunley, with Alice Lowe and Steve Oram in cameos.  So their Booshniverse pedigree is second-to-none.

The film company is the subject of a new article on the BBC’s Entertainment site, which calls them “a major force in British film with a vision for innovative, uncompromising films.” The piece includes an interview with Warp’s founder, Mark Herbert, and an overview of the company’s history – from its humble beginnings as an offshoot of Sheffield music label Warp Records to the creative powerhouse they are today.

As Herbert says, “I always look back to the original mission statement, which was to make bold and innovative films, and to work with artists over a number of years, not just on one project. And I think we’ve kept very true to that.”

Read the article in full here and prepare to marvel at the calibre of Warp’s filmic output.

© Warp
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