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Time Out’s Real Horror Dose

31 Oct

© Rob Grieg

Colin Hoult has written an exclusive short story for TimeOut London.

The story appears in the current edition of TimeOut on news stands in London [and possibly elsewhere], and also features on their website.

You can see the second of two Real Horror Show performances at the Leicester Square Theatre tomorrow night, and don’t forget his semi regular New Adventures return to the same venue return later this month, tickets for which are available now.

Big Up The BIFA Nominations!

31 Oct

© Warp Films

The nominations for the 14th annual British Independent Film Awards have been announced, and  several TVO-connected productions and artists have been included!

First up is Submarine, Richard Ayoade‘s critically-acclaimed coming-of-age movie, which has garnered nominations for Ayoade in the ‘Best Debut Director’ category, for Sally Hawkins in the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category, and for its young stars, Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige, in the ‘Most Promising newcomer’ category.

Next up is modern horror Kill List, directed by The Sightseers’ Ben Wheatley, which features TVO faces Gareth Tunley, Alice Lowe and Steve Oram (in cameos). Kill List is up for ‘Best Director’ (Ben Wheatley), ‘Best Screenplay’ (Ben Wheatley, Amy Jump), ‘Best Actor’ (Neil Maskell), ‘Best Actress’ (MyAnna Buring), ‘Best Suppprting Actor’ (Michael Smiley) and ‘Best Achievement in Production’.

Another movie that’s up for several awards is Tyrannosaur, a film about a man plagued by self-destructive violence who earns a chance of redemption through a Christian charity shop worker. Although it doesn’t include any appearances from TVO regulars, Tyrannosaur is produced by Warp Films… and the observant amongst you will have spotted that Submarine and Kill List are also Warp productions – so 2011 looks set to be a fantastic year for the Sheffield-based film company.

To see the list of nominations in full click here. We wish all of the nominees the best of luck!

The Real Horror Of Hoult

31 Oct

© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

I smiled, I cringed, I shook, I welled up, this would only happen at a Colin Hoult show. Specifically, The Real Horror Show, which took place at Leicester Square theatre on Hallows-eve.

The show aimed to scare as well as amuse and in a nutshell, it hit the nail on the head. Colin and his supporting contributors brought its audience a series of sketches that get as dark and as creepy as they come. Not so much a show aimed to make you jump out of your skin, but it’s the not-knowing of where these characters will go or what will happen next that makes you want to look away but not blink all at the same time. In this intimate venue you almost become part of the show and almost worry how close these twisted characters may come or how far they’re going to take it.

We can’t say much more than this as there is so much to say that could take the full experience away from you – as said, it’s the not-knowing that makes this show tops and we want nothing more than for you to experience that for yourselves.

In true Halloween form, we would advise people who are scared of the dark, or think Colin is a bit creepy, to be wary as this goes further than you may have thought he can go.

Get your tickets for the second (and last!) Real Horror Show right here before you miss out!

To remind you of Hoult and to give you a brief overview of what to expect, take another look at when TVO met him this summer.

Time To Get Some RiD

30 Oct

© Dee Plume

It’s Sunday evening, and that means not one but two bits of Robots news! If you follow Dee Plume on twitter you may already be aware of these, but if not read on…

London-based fans will be pleased to note that Dee and Sue will be making a rare DJ appearance together tomorrow night at the Old Queens Head, Islington. The evening kicks off at 7.30pm, and the venue’s website says they’re “celebrating Halloween by bringing you the hottest female fronted acts in the universe for FREE.” Nice one.

If you can’t make it down to Essex Road tomorrow to see the ladies, don’t despair. Dee has offered up the musical talents of Robots in Disguise for Christmas parties! So if you’re responsible for organising a Christmas party this year and you’re lacking superlative musical entertainment then why not tweet them via @dee_plume, @sue_denim and @frantic_fran? It would certainly be a Christmas shindig to remember!

The TVO Boosh Crawl

30 Oct


Thinking back to the journey that The Mighty Boosh have taken, it really is astounding to think about where it all started. Up until the radio series, Noel & Julian took their fantastical minds and words around London, piecing together what was to be their first Edinburgh show, winning the hearts of many fans. This all came to an end 10 years ago when the radio series followed onto a Pilot for BBC3 and well, of course we all know the rest.

With Londontown being the birthplace of the Boosh, here is a summary of the journey that the boys took and we encourage you to take your own tour around these now momentous places. Use our links (even on the photos) to get you around, enjoy and for anyone that takes the TVO Crawl – send us your pictures doing the classic Pete Sweet pose with you and your friends at each place!

It all began, not in London, but in High Wycombe when Noel Fielding on a night out with Uni friends (including Dave Brown and Nigel Coen) went to the Hell Fire Comedy Club at the Wycombe Swan theatre. This culminated in the first meeting of Noel & Julian Barratt and so began Noel’s persistence of telling Julian of his own stand-up.
Continue reading

Meet You At The Ralfe Band

29 Oct
© Pascal Amoyel

Canadian website have included The Ralfe Band on their list of free music downloads for the week!

The two songs offered, Atlantis Rising and Fiesta Song, were first heard as part of the soundtrack of Bunny And The Bull. Click here to access the downloads, you’ll find Oly’s familiar mug by scrolling down a bit, and links to access the free songs are on the site.

Bunny And The Bull, The Original Soundtrack, will be released in North America on 8th November on CD, Vinyl, and will be available for download while its original UK release and the film are available now in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.  

So Noel Fielding!

28 Oct

© Megan Giboin

A late alert to the Fielding fans out there that he will be appearing on Graham Norton’s show on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Noel will be one of Graham’s guests and will be on air some time between 10:00 and 13:00. Amy Pond herself, Karen Gillan, will also guest on the show. For more information visit the BBC’s website here.

The broadcast will be available for 7 days after the programme airs on BBC iPlayer; it goes without saying that we’ll share the link with you when it’s available.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to @littlemadhatter for the head- up on this.

Editor’s Note II: To re-listen or to catch Noel’s interview if you missed it, you can head right here. He arrives around 2 hours and 28 minutes in right after Keane.

Editor’s Note III: In case some peelers are unaware, the iPlayer is available internationally for radio programs. Happy listening! 

Noel And Dave’s Installation

28 Oct

Together with Canongate, Dave Brown and Noel Fielding have unleashed another video to promote The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton.

All The Mighty Boosh fans know and appreciate the odd insanity of the show and this video stays true to that artistic (and insane!) spirit. It features Dave Brown filming a crackling Fielding in a dark attic. We at TVO would like to call the video a majestic combination of hilarious and creepy.

You really need to take look for yourself so simply enjoy “Noel Fielding & Dave Brown’s Installation” below.

The first promotional video showed Noel painting his fabulous scribblings and can be found here.

In the meantime, you can still order a copy of The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now for just £10.29! (RRP £19.99)

Sklarington Manor Meets Sklarbro Country

28 Oct

© Severin Films

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher have done a little appearance on a podcast that goes by the name Sklarbro Country.

The Snuff Box funny men guest star on Sklarbro Country in episode 66, titled Sklarington Manor. The episode title comes from what the hosts say is “our sister podcast from across the pond” and “the British version of their show”, namely Rich and Matt’s own podcast.

The show is produced by Earwolf Media and the episode guide for the latest episode states that it is “the first of hopefully many instalments” of Sklarington Manor, courtesy of the Snuff Box men!

Rich has been on the Sklarbro Country show before, when he appeared on the aptly named I Don’t Like Cricket episode

Impatient peelers who only want to listen to the Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher bits, start listening at around 03:40 which is where the boys are introduced.

To listen to the podcast you can either visit the website here (where you are able to listen online or download an MP3 of the show) or simply go to the show’s iTunes page.

Forgotten Favourites: (Un)Natural Acts

28 Oct


In honour of the 10 year Anniversary of The Mighty Boosh radio series, we’re bringing you a handful of special posts to mark this week!
Here Velveteer Helen brings you the ins and outs of (Un)Natural Acts in this Forgotten Favourite.

The six episodes of (Un)Natural Acts were made in 1998, for the Paramount Comedy Channel and have never been repeated. The sketch show format features some well-known and less familiar faces, including the first joint tv appearance of the very youthful Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and Rich Fulcher. The show was written by Julian Barratt, Seán Cullen, Rich Easter and Rich Fulcher, with additional material by Noel Fielding, John Irwin, Paul Pownall, Russell Young and Andy Darling. The title and original music was written by Julian Barratt.

There are episode guides below, interspersed with the actual episodes. Normally at TVO, we would encourage you to buy the DVD of the show, but unfortunately this is all that remains.

© Paramount

Episode 1

Starts with the famous ‘School Outing’ sketch, featuring Rich as the Headmaster ‘outing’ teachers and pupils. Continue reading

A Velvet Weekend

28 Oct

© Warp X / Optimum Films

What with Halloween being on the most awkward day of the week, we at TVO have been wondering what to do with ourselves this coming spooky weekend and have found there to be a plethora of Booshdom goodies on throughout.

Of course, in true Boosh form, this schedule is more suitable for our vampire/insomniac readers but here is our TV Guide of all that’s in store this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight you can find the lovely Paul King‘s Bunny & The Bull being repeated tonight at 00.10 (a good way to gear you up for Ed Hogg’s performance in Anonymous). We’re sure Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt feel more than comfortable in this air-time slot.
If you still haven’t seen this film, it is well worth staying up for and you can read our review of it right here. If this is too far past your bedtime then you can of course grab it in our shop.

On Sunday and Monday mornings, BBC3 is having a Mongrels marathon from 01.50 until 03.50! Remember to set that coffee machine early for some gloriously  rude, potty-mouthed fun! The entire first series will be aired and then the first episode will be repeated again in a loop at 03.50. We can’t say why, but we can’t complain.

© Channel 4

In true Halloween form it wouldn’t be the perfect October weekend without Dead Set – Charlie Brooker’s (writer of Nathan Barley) reality tv zombie-spoof. Also Starring Kevin Eldon and with as much blood and killings as you could wish for. This starts at 23.40 on E4, Sunday night.

Lastly, this wouldn’t be our kind of TV Guide if we didn’t have to give you a good old ultimatum. Over on More 4 they are offering you a Graham Lineham package where from 23.40 you can see Father Ted, IT Crowd, then Black Books back-to-back.

It’s a tricky choice but whichever decision you choose to make you can always find any of these in our Amazon shop and all of Lineham’s shows are available to watch on 4OD whenever you want.

Then, on Halloween night Never Mind The Buzzcocks returns! We’re overly excited by this episode especially as Paul Foot is making his glorious return to the show! This starts at 10pm Monday evening and as usual, we will be chattering away to all of you lovely lot for our TVO Tweet View (#NMTB) which will be kicking off as soon as the show starts so do follow us and join in the fun!

Take a look at a clip below and if you have plans, naturally, you can catch up with this episode for 7 days after it airs on BBC iPlayer.

Enjoy the weekend with our Oniony Guide and let us know what your plans are!

Halloween Folk With Elvin

27 Oct

© Fiona Campbell

Antony Elvin will be performing at the Halloween music fair in Camden this Sunday!

Camden and more specifically, the Cecil Sharp House is the place to be on Sunday as the Halloween music fair will take over the grounds. The event promises tarot readings, hog roast and delicious warm spiced cider which sounds like the perfect way to spend a chilly autumn day.

Moreover, there will be a costumed sunset procession from Primrose Hill which is free of charge. Come as you are or dress up in your sharpest outfit, the starting point is at Cecil Sharp House at 4 PM.

Antony Elvin and the Tudor Unit (Will Summers) will be singing and entertaining the folks milling around the downstairs pub at 6 PM so bring your spiced cider, grab a seat and enjoy the delightful songs of the one and only Elvin.

You can find more information about the music fair and the different performers over at the Facebook event page or at the official website where you can buy your tickets.

So get your folk on and head down to Camden on Sunday, you will certainly not regret it!

Fielding Speed Dialed

27 Oct

© Mog

NME readers will find a Noel Fielding interview in the latest issue of the magazine.

Fielding’s interview is found as the Speed Dial feature and he talks about his upcoming show Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy and Serge Pizzorno’s (Kasabian) involvement in the music aspect. For instance, he mentions that he got Serge to write a Barry White song for the show.

Noel’s new art book The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton is also discussed and NME is given a quick “talk through” of some of the paintings.

Even though the focus of the interview is on Noel’s solo projects, NME couldn’t resist asking about what the future holds for The Mighty Boosh. Will there be another Boosh festival and what is going on with the album and film?..

Pick up your copy of NME today to find out the answer to all of these questions and more!

If you still don’t own a copy of Noel Fielding’s aforementioned book, The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, it can be ordered through The Velvet Onion’s Amazon Store.

The Boosh: Ten Years On

26 Oct

What were you doing exactly 10 years ago? Too long ago to remember? Well, if you were tuned into Radio 4 you may very well have been experiencing The Mighty Boosh’s first foray into broadcast media.

This month marks the tenth anniversary of The Boosh – the first radio series from what became known as The Mighty Boosh. Written and performed by Julian BarrattNoel Fielding and Rich Fulcher, and also featuring Richard Ayoade and Lee Mack, the award-winning show was produced by Danny Wallace and first broadcast on BBC London Live on October 16th 2001, later transferring to BBC Radio 4 and BBC 7.

It consisted of six fantasy adventure-based episodes: Stolen, Jungle, Jazz, Mutants, Tundra and Hitcher. Whilst there are areas of overlap between the radio series and series 1 of the TV show, there’s plenty to distinguish it and make it worthy of every Boosh fan’s attention.

To mark this auspicious occasion we’ll be running a series of posts in honour of the Radio Series. And to kick things off here’s a round-up of our favourite moments. We’d love to know yours too….

Like many people, my introduction to the Boosh  radio series came via the TV show. In a way I wish I’d been able to experience the radio series without already knowing what the world of Boosh looked like. The soundscape creates incredible images in your head, but it’s impossible to see it differently to how the TV series presented it. I’d love to know what this sound-generated world would have looked like without having seen it on TV. Continue reading

Anonymous Release

26 Oct

© Sony Pictures

The blockbuster Elizabethan drama Anonymous is released in theatres nationwide this weekend.

We first told you about the film’s release back in April, as its ensemble cast, spearheaded by Vanessa Redgrave, Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis, Joely Richardson, Jamie Campbell Bower, Rafe Spall and Sir Derek Jacobi also features our very own Tony Way as poet Thomas Nashe, and Bunny & The Bull star Edward Hogg as Robert Cecil, the First Earl of Salisbury.

A political thriller by director Roland Emerich, which is based upon the numerous theories that Shakespeare was not the real author of his plays, the film has been recieving mostly positive reviews – including comments on Hogg’s “stand-out” performance from The Guardian, which US based magazine Variety described as “disturbingly chalky” and “delicious”.  However, not all critics have been kind to the film, with Empire giving it only 2 out of 5 stars in their review.

Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last month, the film received its UK premier earlier this week.  With such polarising reviews, perhaps it is best if peelers make up their own mind about Anonymous, which they can do in cinemas from tomorrow.

Mongrels Is Back!

26 Oct


The transmission date for the opening episodes of Mongrels Series Two has been confirmed for November 7th.

The first two episodes of the 8-part series will air from 10:30pm on BBC Three, featuring special guest star Russell Tovey [Being Human, Doctor Who, The History Boys].  A later episode in the series will also feature a cameo appearance from our very own Rich Fulcher.

In the days leading up to transmission, The Velvet Onion will be bringing you a couple of exclusive interviews from members of the Mongrels cast who regularly feature on these pages, and hopefully a few extra bits and bobs to whet your appetite for Series Two.  In the meantime, you can check out the new full-length trailer below, and pick up Series One on blu-ray and dvd from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now!

Series One is also being repeated throughout the night once more this weekend – with episodes 1-4 airing on Sunday morning [Saturday night] from 1:50am, and episodes 5-8 following suit the next night [Monday morning, Sunday night] from 2:30am.  All episodes will be available on iPlayer for 7 days after transmission.

Arnab Stands Up Again

25 Oct

© Elyse Marks

It looks like Arnab Chanda might have forgiven us for plugging his stand up gig last week, because he’s gone and booked another one!

This week you can see Arnab on Friday evening at the Black Sheep Cafe Bar in Crystal Palace, London. Also performing are Matthew Crosby (from sketch group Pappy’s, guest on 8 out of 10 Cats and TV comedy writer), Spencer Jones (Big Babies on CBBC) and Tania Edwards.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets are £8 (£6 concessions). For more information and to buy tickets click here. At the risk of upsetting Mr Chanda again, we say go and see him because he’s seriously funny.

The Terror Of A Missing Barratt

24 Oct

We’ve previously mentioned that Julian Barratt would be contributing to Soho Theatre’s annual Halloween show Terror, which begins later this week.

© Soho Theatre

However, we’re sorry to have recently discovered that Barratt is no longer involved in Terror 2011. Apologies to anyone who has purchased tickets based on our previous announcements, although we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the performance nevertheless. Based on reports from previous years, Terror provides the perfect terrifying evening for this time of year!

Soho Theatre has an array of other terrific acts for you to see for the next few months, and we hardly know where to start with their ever expanding list. In addition to Terror 2011 (which includes a special appearance from one half of the fabulous cabaret act Frisky & Mannish and Laura Corcoran) you can also see the recently reviewed Stuart Silver, letting you inside his brain-space until 29th October.

Then there’s also Soho Later, with Sarah Kendall (who you may recognise from JackalFilms‘ Beehive), the magnificent Tim Key, for a few dates at the end of this year, and also Stewart Lee (who needs no introduction to fans of the Booshniverse!), who can be found expressing himself there from November until February. Carl-Einar Hackner (pictured), a Swedish version of Tommy Cooper, who left us dazed and astounded at a past Fulchfest, will also be performing at the theatre next month.

Furthermore, Booshdom’s own Paul Foot will be a part of Set List which will be running through-out December. The show is described as “A Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style challenge for stand-up comedy” and features big names such as Tim Minchin, Rich Hall, Phill Jupitus!

We have only just scratched the surface of what can be found at this small but famous venue, so don’t be sad about a lack of Barratt – and book yourself a seat to one of many other brilliant shows!

Horrible Histories Does It Again!

24 Oct


Horrible Histories, the award-winning kids’ comedy series, which features Simon Farnaby and Alice Lowe, has been nominated for 2 BAFTAS in the forthcoming Children’s Awards.

The show was honoured by BAFTA in 2010 and this year it’s nominated in the ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Writing’ categories. Viewers can also vote for the series in the BAFTA kids’ vote.

For the full list of nominees visit BAFTA’s site here. We’ll be sure to let you know if Horrible Histories scoops any gongs at the award ceremony in London on 27th November!

Now We Feel Like Ants

23 Oct

© Stuart Silver / The Soho Theatre

After hyping up Stuart Silver’s debut solo show, You Look Like Ants, we took it upon ourselves to visit Soho Theatre and throw in our 2 cents, on what could possibly be the most peculiar yet memorable comedy experience you may have.

When walking out of the Soho Theatre after seeing Stuart Silver, we arrived at one conclusion, with one further question still pending.

First, the conclusion: the title of the show does, clearly, derive from the prospect of Stuart being this enlightening figure who invites you to come and learn about life, death and everything in-between. The show very much makes you think. From the moment Silver walks onto the stage, ukelele in hand, he begins to preach (yes, preach) and play – about the trivialities that we go through as adults, his in depth outlook on life (with the use of rabbits as a metaphor for death), and the comparision of how we live as adults to how we lived as children.

Now  to the unanswered question: whilst the tangents Stuart goes on are mesmerising, you do sit there for a moment wondering, “Am I supposed to laugh?” If you’re familiar with the work of Kim Noble and aware of Noble & Silver’s style of comedy, then you can walk into You Look Like Ants expecting exactly what is provided.
Noble, as we know, offers a deadpan delivery with clear puns and dry wit. With Stuart he offers the complete opposite; his delivery is informative and the passion behind his words is clear nonetheless, but if you’re in the need for a knee-slapping, head-rolling-back laugh-fest, this is far from it.

With this, the show falls straight into the Booshdom world as it gives it’s audience their own time to laugh, making it feel more personal to them as an individual and generating more discussion whilst filing out of the theatre .
There is the urge to simply listen and express that feeling that so many of us have had in the past: ‘I didn’t laugh – but it was funny!’

This is a night that will leave you chattering away with your peers no-end, with many questions left to ponder at the end of it (with some seriously mean uke skills thrown in too! You have to see it to believe it!).

Stuart Silver’s show continues until October 29th so grab your tickets while he’s still there!


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