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How To End Your Series

31 May

© BBC Three / Brown Eyed Boy

Dan Clark has confirmed that How Not To Live Your Life is coming to an end.

After new BBC3 controller Zai Bennett announced its cancellation, fans turned to Clark’s Twitter page to find out more.  Today, Clark revealed the show would be bowing out with one final hurrah:

“To those asking: it’s true, there will not be a 4th series of How Not To Live Your Life. However, we will be doing an hour-long Xmas special”

Across three seasons, Clark has played hapless Don Danbury alongside David Armand, Leila Hoffman and Laura Haddock.   The second series featured appearances by Julian Barratt and Tom Meeten, whilst Noel Fielding cropped up in series three alongside a returning Meeten.  The pilot also featured Rich Fulcher!

Series One & Two are available in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now.  As previously reported, Series Three is also available for pre-order.  As soon as we find out further details about the Christmas Special with which Don and co bow out, we’ll peel right at you.

The Pleasance Inferno

31 May

© Daveambition

Colin Hoult‘s new Edinburgh show, Inferno, is to appear at The Pleasance Theatre.

Hoult’s previous Edinburgh shows were also staged at the venue in Pleasance Courtyard – possibly the very heart of the Edinburgh Festival.  The show is set to run at 7:05pm daily from August 3rd to August 29th.

TVO will provide ticket links as soon as they become available.  The show was announced via The Pleasance Theatre’s Twitter page, ahead of the full Edinburgh line-up details, which are expected next month.

Fans in London can see a special preview of Inferno on June 30th at King’s Place. For more info, visit this earlier peeling.

Hoult also filmed an episode of a new improv show for television channel Dave this week, alongside Mark Watson, Rufus Hound, Isy Suttie, Charlie Baker, Josie Long and Stephen K Amos.  As soon as we find out further details about the show we’ll keep you peeled.

Preview The Rebellion

31 May

Original Images © Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher will preview his forthcoming Edinburgh show, Tiny Acts Of Rebellion in June and July.

With the final Fulchfest of the season taking place this weekend [tickets available here], Fulcher will follow it up with his first preview show at the Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell, on Sunday June 12th.  Tickets can be purchased at the venue.

Following this, a more polished version of the show will debut at the legendary birthing ground for the Boosh, the Hen & Chickens Theatre – for three nights on 1st, 2nd & 3rd July.   Tickets for these previews can be obtained for just £6.50 via TicketWeb now!  For the 1st, click here.  For the 2nd, click here.  For the 3rd, click here.

We’ll be bringing you more news on the various TVO related runs in Edinburgh soon. Stay peeled for more info!

Motor Love

31 May

A music video pastiche featuring the music of Waen Shepherd and featuring a cameo from Steve Oram has emerged online.

Entitled Motor Love, the track is a spot on pastiche of famed 70s/80s synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder, best known for his work with the likes of Donna Summer and Freddie Mercury.  From Shepherd, of course, we’d expect no less – as anyone who has heard his glorious creations under the moniker of Gary Le Strange can testify.

The video, directed by Mark Tew and Simon Messingham, was inspired by ‘comedy bonkbuster’ play DISCO which ran at the Brighton Comedy Fringe Festival throughout May.

Sadly, TVO only stumbled upon the video tonight, but if we hear of any future performances, we’ll try to keep you peeled.  For now, though, let us behold yet another excuse to see Steve Oram in drag.

Government Inspector Shows Promise

30 May

© Young Vic

Julian Barratt‘s first foray into serious stage acting in the Government Inspector has just completed its preview run in Warwick. Reviews were a little mixed, describing it as an enjoyable production with great promise but which needs more work.

Phil King wrote in the Independent arts blog, “If this timing tightens up by the point it hits London and the actors find a sense of space that allows them the freedom to feel what they’re doing, then this show could be brilliant.”  To read the review in full click here.

A more positive spin is provided by local newspaper, The Leamington Spa Courier which said of the play, “Overall this was great fun, albeit slightly too long, with a good blend of hilarity and quite sinister moments and is definitely worth watching.” Of Julian’s performance they said, “He was every inch the Howard Moon character from Mighty Boosh, but also added some extra dimensions that the television show didn’t provide, proving his versatility on stage.”  To read this review in full click here.

The Government Inspector comes to the Young Vic in London on 3rd June and runs until July 9th.

Foot on 4

29 May
© Paul Foot

The wonderfully bizarre Paul Foot will be joining Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince for the Infinite Monkey Cage tomorrow (Monday) at 4.30pm, on BBC Radio 4.

Paul will be joined on the witty, irreverent science/comedy show by biologist Professor Steve Jones and cosmologist and science writer Marcus Chown.

It’s the first show of the new series and the title is ‘What Don’t We Know?’.  So if you would like some science with your comedy, tune in tomorrow at 4.30pm, repeated at 11pm on Tuesday, or catch it on BBC iPlayer later.

The First No-el

29 May

© Alpha Press

Do you remember last week’s shout-out from the Rob Brydon Show, inviting Boosh fans along to the show – as long as they came in costume? Although the programme won’t be broadcast until Christmas we thought we’d be get into the festive spirit early and offer up a few tasty tidbits about the programme…

Noel Fielding guests on the show, alongside a glam Sarah Harding, an energetic Rhys Darby from Flight of the Concordes and Shooting Stars’ Angelos Epithemiou. Let’s Dance for Comic Relief winner Charlie Baker also performed a short stand-up set followed by a rather lovely Yuletide ukelele solo. In honour of the show’s Christmas theme (very odd given the sweltering May sunshine outside!) the interviews focused mainly on guests’ festive activities, party habits and flirting prowess. Revelations about the future of the Boosh were sadly absent.

Noel talked about his new Channel 4 TV show Luxury Comedy and his new book The Scribbling of A Madcap Shambleton, both out in the Autumn. We were lucky enough to be given a short glimpse of Luxury Comedy – on the strength of what we saw we reckon we’re in for a real treat when it finally airs; our eyes are still singing!

The costumed Boosh fan presence was surprisingly low-key in comparison to the fancy dress extravaganzas of the Mighty Boosh tours, but Noel seemed to appreciate the presence of a handful of Nanas, a Doctor and a family of Hitcher/Nana/Old Gregg hybrids. Some of our peelers were lucky enough to go to the recording too (and very delightful they were too!).

The Christmas TV listings won’t be published until December, but when we hear more about the broadcast of this particular show, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Ayoade In The Big Apple

29 May

Last week saw the New York screening of Submarine at Y Tribeca, which Gina R Snape very kindly reviewed for us including the Q&A with director Richard Ayoade. We’ve been lucky enough to receive a couple more snippets from other peelers who attended the event, so we thought we’d share those too (along with a new Ayoade interview!):

© SashaM

The audience response to the film was extremely enthusiastic. When Richard first sat down he joked to the moderator that it would be ten minutes before he would be able to make eye contact! He added that he could hardly believe anyone had been to see the film then turned to us and said, “I can’t even believe that you’ve just seen it.”

Someone noted that Submarine reminded them of Harold and Maude (something my friend and I had also thought). Richard said that he wasn’t familiar with the movie until someone else had mentioned it to him, and generally he wasn’t a big fan of Hal Ashby (he said, apologetically, that he didn’t like ‘Shampoo’). Then he added that Submarine was actually based on ‘Taxi Driver’ which got a big laugh from the crowd.

It was a great evening and I feel lucky to have been one of about 50 people in attendance.

Someone asked Richard if the striking colour palate in the film had any relevance. He explained that the colours each character wore were meant to represent their personalities: Oliver in blue, Jordana in bright red, Oliver’s Mum in white and off-white, his Dad in brown. That said, he denied that he was a particularly visual thinker and explained that Oliver is meant to be directing the film, so the camera work is purposefully grandiose to reflect that.

Richard came across as extremely softly spoken and humble, speaking in rambling sentences dotted with self-deprecating humour. After the screening my friend and I had a photo taken with him which I proudly call ‘The 3 Most Awkward People in Existence.’

© Warp

In other ‘Ayoade in NY’ news, this week he was interviewed by the New York Times. Like most of his interviews much is made of his reticence as an interviewee, but there are plenty of interesting insights into his work both behind and in front of the camera. As interviewer Johan Weiner says, “What unites Mr. Ayoade’s performances is the abiding warmth he demonstrates toward his characters, despite their flaws and shortcomings — an empathetic quality that comes in handy as a director too.”

To read the interview in full and to hear Ayoade talk through one of the key scenes in Submarine visit the New York Times website here.

Submarine opens in NY June 3rd at the Angelika.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to everyone who contributed reviews!

Horrible Histories Marathon

28 May
© Lion TV/Citrus Television

Great news for fans of the award winning  Horrible Histories. It will be shown from 9am to 6.15pm on the CBBC Channel, this  Bank Holiday Monday (30th)!

The first episode of the brand new 13 part, third series is at 5.15pm and features an annoying French prankster from the Middle Ages. As we have mentioned before,  TVO favourites Alice Lowe and Simon Farnaby feature in the show.

The day concludes with the first episode of the new quiz Horrible Histories: Gory Games.

If you miss any of the shows they will be available on BBC iPlayer, and are repeated during the week.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a Viking or a cave man, there’s a short ‘behind the scenes’ video featuring Ben Willbond on the CBBC Website

The DVD  of series 2 is also released on Monday and can be pre-ordered at the TVO Amazon store.

The C*** Is Back

27 May


The first of five Mongrels  teasers has appeared on the BBC Comedy website.

Focusing on Vince, the tough urban fox voiced by Paul Kaye – it marks the start of the promotional campaign for the new series, which is set to air in the Autumn.

Due to limitations with the software we use, we can’t embed the video here – but you can see it at the BBC Comedy Website over yonder.

The second series of the show will again feature Tony Way as Gary, alongside the voices of Lucy Montgomery, Katy Brand, Dan Tetsell & Rufus Jones.  Earlier this week, Russell Tovey (Being Human, Doctor Who) was confirmed as a guest star and the production team continue to post behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter.  For more info on who to follow to see these, visit this earlier peeling.

A recent winner of the set-tour competition we reported on has posted behind the scenes clips on YouTube featuring him interacting with members of the cast and crew.  You can view these by clicking the ‘read more’ button at the end of this paragraph – as soon as we have more details on Mongrels return we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.  Continue reading

The Fun Police

27 May

© SRO Audiences

An intriguing new pilot is being filmed this weekend.

Entitled The Fun Police, it features the intriguing combination of bonkers comedy legend Vic Reeves and star of Flight of the Conchords and The Boat That Rocked,  Rhys Darby.  Also set to star in the pilot is Katy Wix – star of Not Going Out and several Jackal Films productions.  The show will also feature Jack Doolan (Cemetery Junction), Kerry Howard (Him & Her) and Clive Rowe (Tracey Beaker).

It is being made for Channel 4 by Ash Atalla’s Roughcut TV.  Atalla, of course, was the producer of The Office and was the executive producer on The IT Crowd, and is written by former Russell Brand collaborator Matt Morgan.

Following a small town Health & Safety Team, it looks set to be one to watch – and is set to air as part of Channel 4’s next season of Comedy Showcase.  As soon as we find out further details, we’ll keep you peeled.

Tiny Acts, Big Prizes

27 May

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher wants to hear your Tiny Acts of Rebellion in return for tickets to Fulchfest!

Over on his official site, everyone’s favourite American is asking you to submit a small way in which you have, or plan to change the world.  All you have to do is tweet your tiny act with the hash-tag #tinyacts on Twitter.

Rich will be picking the winner on Wednesday, who will receive two tickets to the Fulchfest finale on Saturday 4th June.  Featuring the mighty Kevin Eldon,  Tim Shishodia, Stuart Hudson, Delete The Banjx and regulars Brett Domino and The Rich Fulcher Players [which last month featured Alice Lowe and Steve Oram], tickets are available here now!

As with all good James Bond movies, Fulchfest will return.  Until its Autumn revival, Rich will be preparing his forthcoming Edinburgh show, which is set to be based around Tiny Acts of Rebellion – his hilarious book which is currently only £5.11 in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.   Stay peeled for details of previews, and the full rundown of exactly which TVO stars are heading to the ‘burgh soon…

Pros From Dover: Their Finest Hour

26 May

The Velvet Onion has learned of an intriguing showcase featuring the familiar faces that make up sketch troupe Pros From Dover next month at the Leicester Square Theatre.

© Pros From Dover / Phil Whelans

The comedic trio features TVO’s very own Richard Glover (The Mighty Boosh, Lifespam, Wunderland etc) alongside a man with a ridiculously impressive cv – Phil Whelans.  Phil’s credits include appearances in Brasseye, and writing for shows as varied as Armstrong & Miller, The 11 O’Clock Show and The Basil Brush Show!  He’s also the bassist in Bill Bailey’s Beergut 100 band alongside Kevin Eldon & former Boosh guest-star Martin Treneman.  He’s also written for award winning radio shows, and has just been given his own Radio 4 series – and that’s just the start of his talents!

Rounding off the trio with relative newcomer Sean Garrett, Pros From Dover have hosted a regular club night at The Albany on Great Portland Street, which has featured a whole bevy of our favourite names, including Rich Fulcher, Steve Oram, Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, James Bachman, Colin Hoult, Stephen Evans, Waen Shepherd, Adam Buxton and Katy Brand!  Quite simply – it’s a surprise we haven’t noticed them sooner!

Now they are to appear at the Leicester Square Theatre showcasing some of their finest material from their 2008 & 2010 Edinburgh shows on June 16th & 17th.  Critically acclaimed and a smash hit with audiences, these shows are guaranteed to be worth catching whilst you can.  Tickets are available now, priced just £8 (£6 concessions), via the Leicester Square box office.

Robots On The Road Again

26 May

© Robots In Disguise

As the pledging has come to a close, Robots In Disguise’s long awaited forth album, Happiness vs Sadness, is soon to be released and the ladies prepare for their first small gig to introduce their first 2011 single ‘Chains‘ – the tour dates are now coming out of the woodwork and RiD may well be coming to a town near you from July!

Along with the Robots performing at the Old Queens Head tonight, you can now buy tickets for Wrexham and Stoke-on-Trent, as we’ve mentioned and also now Manchester, Southampton and another London date!

Keep your eyes peeled as more dates are sure to emerge but grab your tickets while they’re fresh and see these high-voltage ladies in action!

No Fielding At Gala

25 May

© Just For Laughs

Channel 4’s Comedy Gala took place last night at the 02 Arena, with one noticeable absentee from the announced line-up: Noel Fielding.

Noel was initially announced as part of the show back in March, and various places around the internet still listed his involvement last week – including a noticeable Facebook promotion to win tickets.  Yet Fielding did not appear, leading to some very irate messages being bandied about Twitter from expectant fans!

TVO contacted Noel this morning, to find out what happened.  He had this to say:

“I couldn’t do it because I am rehearsing and filming my new tv show, Luxury Comedy, and am literally up to my neck in work!   I haven’t written any new stand-up for over a year, as all my ideas are going into this series, and you can’t just go on and wing it on a bill that big and at an event that important. 

I pulled out ages ago and there’s been a bit of a communication breakdown in letting everyone know! I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, and I’m really sorry if people are upset.”

We at TVO obviously understand how insanely busy Noel is right now, and we hope those who were annoyed by his absence can appreciate the rest of the bill, and the sheer importance of the cause at hand above all else.  The show will broadcast on Channel 4 on June 10th for all who missed it live, and if you enjoy it, we urge you to make a contribution to Great Ormond Street.

Naturally, we’re sure that once we can all see the fruits of his labour, with Luxury Comedy – which is set to feature Tom Meeten, Steve Oram and hopefully Paul Foot too – and the book Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton – which is available for preorder in the TVO Amazon Store now – it will all be worth the wait!  To read tantalising hints about the new show, check back with our exclusive interview.

Colin Hoult’s Inferno

25 May
© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

Colin Hoult‘s 2011 Edinburgh show will be called Inferno – and a preview is coming to London next month.

Hoult will premiere the third part of his trilogy, which began with Carnival of Monsters and continued with Enemy Of The World at Kings Place near Kings Cross St Pancreas, on June 30th.

Featuring a bevy of new characters, including The Mighty Thor who appeared as this weekend’s Forgery Club engagement, the show promises to be a tour de force from one of the hottest comics on the circuit.

Tickets are available now via the Kings Place website for £9.50.  We’ll have more news on the various TVO related Edinburgh engagements soon.

To read our recent interview with Colin, click here.

Submarine In New York: A Peeler’s Review

25 May

© Gina R Snape

Richard Ayoade’s acclaimed debut film Submarine has reached the USA, with a Q&A screening at Y Tribeca in New York this weekend.

TVO peeler Gina R Snape was one of several of our readers who attended the event [more from them soon!] and has sent us this report:

On Saturday I went to the film screening and Q&A for Submarine, Richard Ayoade’s feature length film debut.  The venue holds 70 seats, so it was an intimate affair. Peelers may recall that Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and Oliver Ralfe came to the same venue for a showing and Q&A for Journey of the Childmen.

Submarine was delightful, as was Ayoade who is equal parts shy, unassuming, and polite but also funny and quick-witted.  The film itself was a brilliant way for Ayoade to broadcast his screenwriting and directing talents. And Arctic Monkeys fans will enjoy the soundtrack with original songs written for the film by Alex Turner.

Ostensibly a coming of age tale, he weaves comedy and drama expertly and uses a variety of cinematic styles and techniques to tell the tale from the perspective of Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts). Although it’s very funny, its poignancy and mixed tone lead Ayoade to declare “it’s not funny enough to be a comedy.” I don’t want to spoil all the details of the film, and there are loads of synopses and reviews online [including our own (ed.)]. Instead I’ll focus on highlights of the event. Continue reading

Circulus: An Apology

25 May

© SeánK'

On 28th April, we incorrectly published an article stating that Circulus had disbanded.  Our article was published in good faith judging by information we had been given about the then-current line-up.  It has since transpired that we were incorrect about certain finer details within that post and that the band lives on.

In that article, we hinted that “it remains to be seen if Tyack will ressurrect the band with a brand new line-up” – in reference to the various changes in personnel the band has experienced throughout the years.  We have since learned that this is the case, and the heart of the band, Michael Tyack is continuing with a new line-up at present.

Circulus have always been firm favourites of The Velvet Onion, and we wish to continue to bring you news of the band’s activities in the future.  To this end, we hope to bring you further clarification of the current incarnation of Circulus and their forthcoming engagements as soon as possible.

The Velvet Onion would like to extend our utmost apologies to Mr Tyack for this confusion.  We would also like to apologise to The Lexington in London, who hosted a Circulus gig on May 12th which we believed had been cancelled.  Finally, we wish to apologise to any fans of the band who missed out on this gig believing the band would not appear.
The Velvet Onion would also like to publicly thank two former members of the band – Antony Elvin and William Summers – for helping us to clarify events in the Circulus camp.

Forged Brew

24 May

© Paul Holmes

Friday night saw the magical blend of Oona & Crispin Wheatflake descend upon the Albany on Great Portland Street, London, for a unique evening of late May-day celebrations from the minds of Hot Brew.

With Steve Oram, Colin Hoult and Stephen Evans also on the bill at the Forgery Club, TVO couldn’t resist popping along.  This is what we found…

It was always going to be an unusual night.  The posters, eerily reminiscent of the carvings of Vlad the Impaler given a Wicker Man-esque treatment, were surely enough to befuddle passers by on Great Portland Street, or the bevy of boozers on the ground floor of The Albany.  Meandering past the masses and down into the basement for the Forgery Club felt like we were part of a great secret.  Here, tonight, underneath the city, we were going to see something pretty damn special.

With punters cheerfully munching on the selection of buns and biscuits left on each table, few of them noticed Oona & Crispin Wheatflake sat in a corner booth, frantically making final preparations for their first ever club night.  With the various other acts on the bill pottering about, saying hello to their friends and followers, the pair slinked off into the depths of the backstage area to put the kettle on, pick their teabags and unleash the brew. Continue reading

Dan Clark At The Bloomsbury

24 May

© Ray Burmiston

Earlier this month Dan Clark ended his official UK tour and to round off his time on the road, where else to bring it to a close than in his home town of London?

Thankfully, Velveteers were on hand to document proceedings.  Here is their report.

Last Friday Clark, walked onto the stage at the Bloomsbury Theatre to an uproar of cheers from the crowd who would have most likely fallen for his charm on his BBC Three show How Not To Live Your Life, which has now come to its 3rd series and is available to pre-order.
Continue reading


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