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Bunny And The American Bull

29 Apr

© Warp X / Optimum Films

Great news for all our Stateside peelers! Bunny and The Bull has finally been released on DVD in the US.

Bunny and The Bull is a film about Steven Turnbull, a man with OCD who hasn’t ventured outside his house ever since he returned home from a European road trip with his best friend Bunny. The film is a visual delight and tells the story by looking back at what caused him to become a hermit.

The main characters are played by Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby and Veronica Echegui but Paul King’s film is chock-full of Boosh connected people, including Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Rich Fulcher and Richard Ayoade.

While UKers have been enjoying Paul King‘s directorial big screen début on DVD since 29 March 2010, America has been neglected… until now.

April 26th marked the day of the American DVD release. You can purchase your Region 1 copy at for $17.99.

Not American but don’t own Bunny and The Bull yet? Don’t worry, you can easily remedy that by going to The Velvet Onion Amazon store where you can find it on both dvd and blu-ray.

It comes highly recommended – this is a film you’ll want to have in your personal collection!

Don’t Forget The Crawl

29 Apr

Camden's own comedy festival!

Don’t forget that the first-ever Comedy Crawl is taking place over this Bank Holiday Weekend (30th April to 1st May). The event has been created by the founders of the Camden Crawl festival, and will host more than 100 comedy acts from the UK and abroad across seven venues in Camden, London.

The full line-up of artists taking part is immense, and if you have just a passing interest in comedy we thoroughly recommend heading down there! Booshniverse favourites Rich Fulcher and Colin Hoult will be amongst the stellar line-up. For full details of who will be performing over the weekend, visit the Comedy Crawl website.  Sadly despite our previous reports, TVO must announce that Tom Meeten will not be attending as he’s currently on the other side of the world!

Tickets are available as a weekend pass (=£37.80 inc. booking fee) or one-day ticket (=£21.60 inc. booking fee). At the event these can be exchanged for an all-access wristband and programme guide that allows entry to all of the Comedy Crawl venues. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

If you’re in need of a laugh after the excitement of the Royal Wedding then why not get down to Camden?

Come See The Mongrels

28 Apr

© Warrick

The second series of Mongrels is deep in production right now, and as photos start to emerge, BBC Comedy are offering a chance for fans to visit the set!

The show, starring Tony Way alongside the voices of Lucy Montgomery, Katy Brand, Dan Tetsell, Rufus Jones and Paul Kaye returns for a second run this Summer after developing a strong cult following with its first series last year.

Over on their popular blog, the BBC Comedy team have announced that a few lucky people will be able to visit the Twickenham studio which houses the series, tour the set, watch filming, visit the puppet room, get your photo taken with Mongrel, meet the art department and catch a sneaky preview of the new series before anyone else.

To be in with a chance of getting tickets, you simply need to apply on their blog over yonder before noon on Monday 9th May.

© Natasha Devledka

As production continues, photos from the set are cropping up via the Twitter accounts for the production team.

Puppeteer Warrick has posted numerous behind-the-scenes pics, whilst BBC Comedy and make-up artist Natasha Devledka have also got in on the act, and cast members Rufus Jones, Dan Tetsell & our very own Tony Way are providing titbits of info on their own Twitter pages too – so follow them all if you want to find out more news fast.

We’ll be bringing you more Mongrels coverage closer to transmission – so stay peeled!  In the meantime, you can pick up Series One on dvd & blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

The End Of The Circle

28 Apr

This article contains incorrect information.  Please read THIS post.

© Holly Jane Shears

The Velvet Onion is sad to confirm that Circulus have disbanded.

The progressive folk band has encouraged a revolving door policy of musicians since their 1999 debut EP,  and released three albums during their lifetime.  The last, Thought Becomes Reality featuring our very own Antony Elvin and Holly Jane Shears, who toured extensively with the band since 2009.

Elvin left last year due to a large scale shifting around of personnel, but alongside fellow former member William Summers, still performs sporadically with frontman Michael Tyack in the trio Princes In The Tower.

Shears continued in the new line-up, most recently playing several gigs in the North West over the Easter period. Sadly, the decision was taken during this brief mini-tour to disband indefinitely.

Circulus had also been booked to play a show at The Lexington near Angel, London on 12th May.  To the best of our knowledge they will no longer be appearing at the event – though if we hear of one last hurrah we’ll keep you peeled.

Whilst it remains to be seen if Tyack will ressurrect the band with a brand new line-up, it’s unlikely that the connections to TVO will remain.  Elvin moves in mysterious ways but has his own debut solo album and his comedy work with Alice Lowe to focus upon, whilst Shears continues to develop the debut album proper for long-standing electrocomedy band DeadDogInBlackBag.  She has also joined a brand new band which we will tell you more about in due course.

Circulus may have died, but their legacy as a cult favourite of folk fans, prog aficionados and the team at TVO will always remain.

Robots Released And Unleashed!

27 Apr

© Robots In Disguise

If some of you Robots In Disguise fans out there received your Pledge newsletters earlier this week, you would have seen that the release date has been announced for their forthcoming album Happiness vs Sadness!

On July 11th their fourth album will be available to order at all major music stores and we will be keeping our peelers open for any further information on where you can grab yours!

Their tour of the album is planned to start around Summer so ticket links and more details to come as we find them.

To keep up to date with all the latest you can head to their official website where they will keep you posted on all things RiD!

Booshdom BAFTA Battle

26 Apr


The nominees for this years Television BAFTA’s have been announced and of course, the ceremony has its sprinkling of Booshdom.

Firstly, Katherine Parkinson has been nominated for Best Comedy Performance for her role as the hilariously high-strung Jen Barber in The IT Crowd. She is up against some stiff competition – with the likes of Dawn French, Miranda Hart and Jo Brand – but let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the fiery redhead!

Another familiar name to TVO amongst the list of hopefuls is Come Fly With Me! With this being Paul King’s first television directing job since the Boosh, we can wish our King-a-ling, along with Lucas and Walliams, the best of luck. They’re up against Catherine Tate’s Little Cracker (regular peelers will recall that Little Crackers was a series of a short Christmas films made by Sky, of which two were created by Julian Barratt and Julia Davis), Facejacker, and Harry and Paul. Of course, these latter two have Booshdom links too!

Also spotted in the line up is Steve Coogan for his performance in The Trip, along with the show itself, which is up for Best Situation Comedy.

The Velvet Onion wishes all of these fabulous comedic talents the best of luck, and keep peeling for the results right after the ceremony on Sunday 22nd May! The full list of nominee’s can be seen right here.

One Foot Back In Blighty!

26 Apr

© Paul Foot

Recent-ish and very welcome addition to the Booshniverse, Paul Foot, today returned  to the UK following a successful run at the Melboune Comedy Festival.

Residents of Englandshire who have missed Foot’s unique approach to comedy while he was gone won’t have to wait long, because he’s performing this evening at Storm in Leicester Square, and tomorrow at the famous 100 Club on Oxford Street. Tickets for tomorrow’s show can be purchased here.

For those of you who can’t make it to one of these gigs, why not check out his brilliantly helpful and regularly updated show diary to see when else he’s playing? He’s gigging fairly solidly for the next few months, including previewing his 2011 Edinburgh show during June and July, so it’s well worth trying to catch him if you can.

And if there’s anyone out there who simply doesn’t like live comedy (huh?), Foot will be on BBC Radio 4 in ‘Act Your Age’ at 6.30pm tomorrow. Failing that, you can get your Foot fix courtesy of our interviews with him, which can be found here and there.

Deeper Understanding For Kate Bush

26 Apr

© Kate Bush / Fish People

As we reported previously, Kate Bush has given us a treat in the form of a re-vamp of her Single Deeper Understanding. Along with this, is an accompanying video which stars some greats such as Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber and of course her very own lady red, Noel Fielding.

We are now ecstatic to be able to give your eyes the pleasure of seeing this new piece directed by Kate herself and also starring her son Albert, as the computer programmer!

After you’ve sunk your teeth into that you can grab yourself a copy of Kate’s new album ‘Directors Cut’, containing all reworked past material over here and the single ‘Deeper Understanding’ is available to download at all good music stores.

Hello Goodnight Burbank!

25 Apr

© Hayden Black

On the eve of the American premiere of brand new, half hour episodes of Goodnight Burbank – a webshow which has previously featured Rich Fulcher – TVO spoke to our friend Hayden Black about the launch of his enhanced version of the show.  

To find out what it was like writing for John Barrowman and how to film a high standard tv show in a garage… read on…

Good afternoon Hayden, welcome back to The Velvet onion. Could you explain how the idea for half hour episodes of GNB came about? Did you write them knowing they would be on TV one day?

Just over a year ago, I had two conversations that led to GNB becoming half-hours. The first was when Hulu threw out the idea (just the idea, no money) and the second was a trip to the UK where Channel 4 expressed some interest in a British version of the series for TV. They asked me a very good question that I had no idea how to answer which was “what does a half-hour version look like?” I realized the best way of answering that was to create it, and so I set about re-imagining the show and developing it into an original half-hour format. Something that could sustain interest for 30 mins, that was compelling and that was unique. God knows if I did it, but there you go.

How do differences in cultural references in Britain and America have an influence on your writing? Do you feel you can only use American ones?

I think the majority of what I wrote was “American” in nature because that’s where these episodes are intended to be viewed. But no matter how many times I shower, I’m still British – I’m still a Salford lad at heart – and so there are some uniquely British cultural references. For example, in Episode 6, I make up a language and had the actresses speak it in a Russian accent – and some of the words they used were “Jackanory” and “Hector’s House.” And the Irish immigration attorney in Ep4 is named Dave Allen after the legend himself. There’s also a reference to Salford in Ep5 by Juliet Landau. If American audiences get it, great. If not, I don’t worry as they’re throwaway references and it doesn’t require the audience understand it to get the greater joke – but I get a kick out of knowing the proverbial “3 people in the back row” will get it. That’s where I draw the line though – using obscure cultural references as main plot points is self-indulgent and I’m trying to create something that lots of people can enjoy, not JUST 3 people in the back row.

© Hayden Black

It was great writing for John Barrowman, especially getting to include references to Doctor Who and Torchwood. I think you guys will love hearing his “take” on those shows – it’s pretty unique!

Continue reading

Sexy Robot Sushi Tonight!

23 Apr

© Dee Plume

Four words we never thought we’d see combined as a title, but trust us, it has meaning and relevance! Robots in Disguise will be playing tonight at Koko in Camden, performing Sexy Sushi’s ‘Sex Appeal’.

For the uninitiated, Sexy Sushi are a French electroclash band consisting of Rebeka Warrior and Mitch Silver; to check out what they’re all about why not take a look at the Sex Appeal promo here? According to Dee Plume‘s twitter, RiD will be performing a translated version of the track at midnight tonight.

For more information about tonight’s line-up, click here to visit Koko’s website.

Berry Tour Continues

23 Apr

Matt Berry made the time, during his busy tour, to drop in on the Radcliffe and Maconie show on BBC 6 Music on Thursday (21st), if you didn’t manage to catch the show it’s on BBC iplayer until Thursday (28th April). Matt joins them at around 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Witchazel, and the single Take My Hand are available on cd and vinyl in the new look TVO Amazon Store

Matt will be playing live tonight at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, and tomorrow at Thekla, Bristol. Tickets for these two shows are available on the door.

Next week Matt will be appearing in;

Southampton, The Soul Cellar, Monday 25th April
London, The Relentless Garage, Tuesday 26th April
London, 100 Club, Saturday 30th April

Tickets for these shows are available here

He will also be at the Close-up Festival on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2011.

Preview Of A Deeper Understanding

22 Apr

© Kate Bush/Fish People

As we reported previously, Noel Fielding has been announced to star in Kate Bush’s music video for the re-release of her single Deeper Understanding.

Along with our fair, cart-wheeling Fielding, the video also stars the likes of Robbie Coltrane, one time IT Crowd guest star Frances Barber and Kate Bush’s own son, Arthur!

Up until now the video’s release was somewhat of a mystery, but we can now let you lovely peelers know that the video is set to premiere on 26th April!

We’re still on the hunt to find out where it can be viewed exactly, but thanks to our friends at Kate Bush News, we are searching high and low to bring it to you as soon as possible!  In the meantime, here’s a preview clip featuring Robbie Coltrane to whet your appetite!

Keep peeling for this enigma of a video with Bush and Fielding and a big thank you to the people at Kate Bush News for being at hand for us!  Check them out for all your required Bush-fixes.

Along with Fielding playing homage to the icon that is Kate Bush, you may also remember the delectable Alice Lowe bringing us Earth Bird, her hilarious video which shows her somewhat channeling Kate. You can watch that video whilst you wait below, and don’t forget her new pilot Alice’s Wunderland is on iPlayer  now, and our interview with Alice is right here too!

Listen To Wunderland!

21 Apr

© Jimmy Crippen

The moment our international peelers have been waiting for is here – you can now listen to Alice’s Wunderland on BBC iPlayer!

The pilot, written by and starring Alice Lowe alongside a host of TVO regulars, aired on Radio 4 on Thursday night at 11pm – and is absolutely hilarious.  We won’t spoiler you much, but in a world where you can buy celebrities, people turn into insects, meter-men meet an untimely end, foxes carry handbags and the insanity of Jason is allowed to roam free, you’re in for a real treat.

The show will now be available on iPlayer for the next seven days and as its radio, it should be available worldwide, so sit back, froth up, and dilate your earlobes with Wunderland right here!

If you missed it, you can catch TVO’s interview with Alice about all things Wunderland right here.

Sod Cancer… Own Film Props!

21 Apr

© Sod Cancer

Do you want a piece of genuine Bunny and the Bull memorabilia?

Would you like to help a good cause at the same time?

Yes?  Then you’re in luck.  Sod Cancer is auctioning props and memorabilia from film and television to raise money for The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

On offer is a model of a Swiss hotel featured in Bunny and the Bull. This is the actual prop used in the filming of Paul King‘s masterpiece, and is a truly one of a kind offer that is worth every penny it goes for!

And it’s not the only Booshdom related piece of offer.  There’s also a real prop rocket launcher from a memorable sequence in  Chris Morris’s Four Lions up for grabs, as well as loads more items signed or donated by well known people including Nathan Barley co-writer Charlie Brooker, along with the likes of Harry Hill, Miranda Hart, Robert Webb, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan! Check them out here.

Colin Hoult And The Death Cult Of Death!

21 Apr

© Colin Hoult / Dawn Sedgwick Management

With the second of Colin Hoult‘s New Adventures on the horizon, we at TVO thought it was time to remind you of your chance to see Colin’s new material before the rest of the wolyd.

As we previously reported last month, this entirely unique character comedy night features regular guests Thom Tuck [Penny Dreadfuls], Isy Suttie [Peep Show], Zoe Gardner & David Reid.  This month’s installment will also feature Dan Snelgrove, Martin White and Colin’s Zimbani co-creator and co-star, the wonderful David McNeill.

With a promise of live music, wildly experimental material, superheroes, nutters, dogs and sing a longs, it’s guaranteed to be unlike anything else Good Friday has to offer – so if you are in the area pop on down to the Leicester Square Theatre tomorrow.

Tickets can still be pre-ordered at their box office over yonder, so you’ve no excuse not to join in a most unholy summoning of his obsceneness the Great Octopus God. And get drunk.  Colin’s orders.  Tell him TVO sent ya!

If you can’t make it, drown your sorrows by reading our interview with Colin from earlier this year, our previous interview with Colin & David McNeill around the Julian Barratt featuring Zimbani pilot, or just sit back and watch the pilot below!

Fulcher’s 40K

21 Apr

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher is on a mission, although even he’s not quite sure why.   He’s set himself the challenge of getting to 40,000 twitter followers at the same time as his 2000th tweet.

At the time of writing Rich has 38,247 followers and has made 1,981 tweets.  By our reckoning he needs an additional 92 followers for each of his next 19 tweets. So, if you’re reading this and you’re not already following Rich on twitter please do the man a favour and click here to follow him.  Then you can take pleasure in some under 140-character classics like these:

“Factoid: A Proton has never won a wrestling event in modern-day Olympic competition.”
“I just saw Kate Middleton buying a dime bag on Santa Monica Ave. Someone should tell her to get a medical marijuana card.”
“Hey, a Charlie Sheen joke: [Insert Charlie Sheen joke here] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha shit.”

Go on, do it! How can you resist?

Alice’s WunderFilms

21 Apr

© Jackal Films

Tonight on Radio 4, Alice Lowe invites you all to visit Alice’s Wunderland.

In light of this, Velveteer Mog elected to take a quick look back at the work of Alice & Jacqueline Wright’s Jackal Films throughout their 2010 Calendar Project.  Below is her personal review.

In 2010 comedy writer and performer Alice Lowe and director Jacqueline Wright released a film per month under the guise of  Jackal Films – that’s twelve shorts in total. Although we announced each of their monthly releases as they came out last year, we reckoned Jackal Film’s achievement was due a retrospective.

My original plan was to take notes while I watched each film, in an attempt to identify and record the most salient points about each one. “January: silly + brilliantly done” was as far as I got before I got utterly sucked in, forgetting to write anything else.  Luckily I may have nailed it in one statement: “silly + brilliantly done”  is a pretty accurate description of what Jackal Films is all about.

© Jackal Films

The silliness comes from Alice Lowe’s surreal, unhinged performances.  She inhabits each character completely and then pushes it as far as it can go. Then she pushes it some more, somehow still managing to avoid caricature. Thanks to the delicate nuances of each performance and Jacqueline Wright’s perfectly-pitched unintrusive direction, the characters Alice plays are bizarre and extreme, yet at the same time strangely credible.  In March’s film, The Birdhandler, Alice isn’t someone pretending to be a bird; she is a bird.

© Jackal Films

Women who look a certain way are expected to behave in a certain way on TV, and when they don’t it’s incredibly refreshing. There’s something inherently funny about an attractive woman (as Alice is) not taking herself seriously – by some way!  I’m not sure if Jackal Films will care for the comparison, but it’s arguably what defined the funniest moments on ‘Smack the Pony’. Simply put, watching women being silly, when they could easily get away with just being simpering or sexy, is terrific fun!  August’s Celeberama is a testament to that.

Continue reading

Submarine Goes LoCo!

20 Apr

Although the press furore round the UK release of Submarine has died down a little, we’ve uncovered another hidden gem!

LoCo, the London Comedy Film Festival, have just published a film of the Q&A held on the movie’s opening night at the Curzon Cinema in Soho London. Those who were there have described Richard Ayoade as “brilliant” even though this was his final interview in a very long day. You can watch the film in full below:

What’s more, LoCo have an exclusive limited edition Submarine screenprint for purchase via their website.  Signed posters are £40 (+p&p) while unsigned are £20 (+p&p).  Numbers are very limited, so if you fancy one, you’ll need to get your skates on!

Take My Hand (And Heart)

19 Apr

Matt Berry has a new video for the single Take My Hand, from the Witchazel album. Starring Snuff Box regular Nick Lucas, it is not exactly what you would expect for the song! It’s a lovely story and well worth a watch.

Take My Hand, and the album – Witchazel, are available on cd and vinyl in the new look TVO Amazon Store!

As we mentioned last week, Matt was on Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd’s Hometime Show on Monday (18th) Podcast is not available yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

If you like your music live, remember that Matt starts his tour on Thursday in Leeds.

Leeds, The Cockpit, Thursday 21st April
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms, Saturday 23rd April
Bristol, Thekla, Sunday 24th April
Southampton, The Soul Cellar, Monday 25th April
London, The Relentless Garage, Tuesday 26th April
London, 100 Club, Saturday 30th April

He will also be at the Close-up Festival on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2011.

Ghostly Utopian Edit

19 Apr

Following the release of their fourth album Volatile Times, the astounding IAMX are now mid tour. From the road they have posted a re-edit of the Ghost of Utopia video!

The man behind the main mask of course being Chris Corner and with there being no limits to his input in every aspect of IAMX, he now brings us a re-edit of their video for Ghost Of Utopia, shot, directed, edited and re-edited by Corner himself and can now be seen below for your viewing pleasure.

Secondly, we at TVO headquarters would highly recommend taking your peelers over to the IAMX Boutique – the online store dedicated to their merchandise. You can find all things great and small, from hoodies and t-shirts to elaborate head-pieces and vinyls. With the release of Volatile Times also comes some new additions to the boutique too so it’s well worth a look!

After a brief stint of illness in the group causing some dates to be postponed, they’re now back on the road to bring their sensual, mind-boggling and completely OTT shows to your town. You can find the remainder of the Fire and Whispers tourdates below and tickets can be purchased right here.


19.04.2011 – Munich, Germany, Backstage Halle
20.04.2011 – Zurich, Switzerland, X-TRA
21.04.2011 – Frankfurt, Germany, Das Bett (SOLD OUT)
29.04.2011 – Madrid, Spain, Sala Heineken
30.04.2011 – Barcelona, Spain, Salamandra Sala1
05.05.2011 – Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon
06.05.2011 – Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon
08.05.2011 – Athens, Greece, Gagarin 205
13.05.2011 – Stockholm, Sweden, Nalen
14.05.2011 – Malmö, Sweden, Babel
19.05.2011 – Bratislava, Slovakia, Majestic Music Club
20.05.2011 – Budapest, Hungary, A38
22.05.2011 – Zagreb, Croatia, Boogaloo Klub
28.05.2011 – Lviv, Ukraine, Stare Misto summer festival
11.06.2011 – Helsinki, Finland, Nosturi
25.06.2011 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Blackfield Festival 2011, Amphitheater
26.06.2011 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Blackfield Festival 2011, Burg Querfurt
09.07.2011 – Hamburg, Germany, Nordstern Festival 2011


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