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For Berry Good Times

3 Feb

Matt Berry has released a iPhone and iPad app.

“Matt Berry’s Sexytime Soundtrack” is the title of the app which might clue you in on what the app is all about. Berry tweeted, saying that “It’s simple, you make love, and I’ll do the rest”. The comedian and Oil Productions have created what they call “the perfect sensual soundtrack” and it is available for only $0.99! If you are interested in finding out more about the features and are over 17 years old, you can download the app over at the iTunes Store.

© Oil Productions Ltd

Not only does Matt Berry have the app out but he was also a special guest on The Guardian Music Weekly’s podcast a few weeks ago.

You can listen to the full show at the Guardian’s Music Weekly page and for the impatient Berry fans, Matt’s bit begins around 5 minutes into the podcast.


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