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Behind The Bush: Let’s Dance Live!

28 Feb
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll have seen at least some of this week’s Let’s Dance…for Comic Relief, which saw Noel Fielding channeling Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.  If you’ve  wondered what goes on during the recording of the show, wonder no more!  Velveteers were on hand on Saturday night, and here’s what they had to say:

A hotchpotch of umbrellas lined up in the grey Ealing rain, eyeing one another suspiciously.  Then a gloriously camp kind face emerges with a clipboard, “Seated or dancing?” Colour-coded wristbands are dished out, and the umbrellas disperse for warming lattes before they reconvene as a snaking line around the portaloos an hour later.

When the doors eventually open we are led into Primetime USA: a vast, harshly sparkling studio of red, blue and silver sequins.  Searing beams of coloured light sweep the space, bright enough to melt skin, while mechanical cameras roll back and forth across tracks, seemingly operated by no one.  An hour of sub-hen party warm-up follows, consisting of a routine alarmingly similar to Bob Fossil’s Dance Academy from the Future Sailor’s Tour, but without the funnies.  Girls scream in our ears anyway.

The filming of the show itself is fast, slick and automated.  The clever use of pre-recorded links mean that the Joneses are behind you, in front of you and to the side of you chatting to friends & family in rapid, quick fire succession.  The dances themselves provide a welcome respite from professional perfection; chinks of humanity show through the well-rehearsed routines.  An ageless Lulu, the second act, is a compact explosion of energy and synchronisation.  The crowd is impressed, whooping with delight, and she’s a tough act to follow.


Then Noel is introduced.  Dry ice fills the stage, surrounded by a shimmering digital forest.  The first few notes of Wuthering Heights, then an arm clad in red chiffon, followed by the rest of Noel looming from the fog.  His performance is perfectly pitched at the point at which daftness, caring and pathos intersect.  We’re spellbound – while the girls next to us continue to shriek at everything.  Noel’s uncanny resemblance to Florence Welch is duly noted.  In the full glare of primetime Saturday night and without his trademark uniform he seems fragile and vulnerable.

The remaining acts pass in a blur of beats, energy and tap dancing – and shrieking.  It’s going to be close.  Finally the votes are counted and we cling onto each other, full of hope for Boosh fans’ unparelleled capacity to vote.  But we don’t manage it this time – surprised gasps whisper beneath the cheering.


Hearts pound as one by one contestants peel away, until we’re left with two: Lulu and Noel.  The screamers scream for Lulu, while we pray for Noel.  Keith Lemon draws it out…and then he’s through!  Fielding’s through!  We go mental, hugging each other and jumping up and down with relief and disbelief, slightly unsure at what point it began to matter so much.

Here’s to the final!

The final of Let’s Dance, featuring Noel takes place on March 12th.  Red Nose Day itself takes place on March 18th.   We’ll be posting further information over the coming weeks, but to find out more information on how YOU yourself can take part, as well as read more about all the incredible work the charity undertakes, please visit their official website via the link below.

Dan Clark To Fundraise

28 Feb

© Dave Brown

For anyone unable to make any of Dan Clark’s shows during his forthcoming UK tour, you can now catch Clark along with many other highly talented comedians at the Bloomsbury Theatre on June 13th.

The Bloomsbury also happens to be the only London date in Dan’s tour. So if you’re missing out on that, you can still see him along with Stewart Francis, Holly Walsh, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Josie Long and compère Iain Lee at this fund-raiser in support of UCLH Cancer Centre. With this superb line-up, in this fantastic venue and all for a good cause, you simply can’t go wrong.

Tickets are £15 and for UCLH Staff or Students £12.50. You can book your tickets here.

Submarine Footage Surfacing!

28 Feb

© Warp Films

As all good peelers will know, Richard Ayoade’s debut feature Submarine is released in the UK on 18th March.  For anyone who can’t wait until then, you can now view a brilliant new clip from the film here on The Guardian’s website. 

For more photos, footage and general updates about the movie, visit Submarine’s facebook page.

More Mongrels

27 Feb


Like many discerning comedy fan out there, we at TVO absolutely adored last year’s puppet-based satirical comedy Mongrels, and were pleased as punch to learn it had been commissioned for a second series.

Voice recordings commenced last week, and with the actual filming coming very, very soon, The Velvet Onion plans to keep up with progress on the show, which we rather foolishly neglected to cover last year.

On first glance, it doesn’t appear to have much of a connection to the Booshniverse, but like us, you’d be sorely mistaken to assume so.

The most obvious link is in the form of Tony Way, who plays the only human regular character, Gary.  Tony, of course, has been appearing in comedy classics for a very long time, but is perhaps best known in Boosh circles for his work on the recent Jackal Films and has frequently worked with Oram & Meeten.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that Gary’s pet dog Destiny, is voiced by Lucy Montgomery, who has appeared in The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd and AD/BC: A Rock Opera… so the TVO connections are firmly in place.

Above all else, though, its a seriously bloody funny show, and as one of the few comedy shows on the box right now that fits into the type of humour we regularly cover, we anxiously look forward to its forthcoming return.  TVO will hopefully be able to look back at the first series nearer to transmission of the second run, but in the meantime, the BBC’s official YouTube is awash with classic clips, and you can buy the whole series on dvd and blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Onion Talking: Noel Fielding [Part 2: In Da Foocha…]

27 Feb

Original Image © BBC

On Friday morning The Velvet Onion managed to talk to Noel Fielding, who was on his way to rehearsals for Let’s Dance.

We’ve already posted the first part of our chat on Friday evening, in which Noel talked about his appearance on the Saturday’s show, but while we had the lovely man’s attention it would have been churlish of us not to ask about plans for the Boosh and his own forthcoming series.

Thankfully, Noel was more than willing to indulge us.  Here, then is the second half of our interview…

TVO hasn’t heard from you in some time. Where have you been?

I’ve been really busy lately on my new show. I’ve made a pilot of the first episode for Channel 4, so I’ve just been locked away in a studio in Belsize Park with my mate Nigel [Coan], who is the director and animator for it.  We’ve been locked away from the world just writing and writing and writing, so I haven’t really done any performing or any sort of press or anything.  You forget, then go: “Oh yeah, I remember how this works!”

We’d heard the show had been announced, and some kind of launch occurred recently, but where exactly are you at with it now? There were a few titles knocking about, so has a title been decided upon?

It’s like my own show, and it’s weird.  It’s called ‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy’.  We’ve made one, and it really is luxury comedy: it takes so long to do!  There’s a lot of animation elements, so sometimes it takes three days to make a bit that’s going to be on screen for four seconds.

© Suki Dhanda

It’s a filmed show, but there’s going to be some animated elements and such, with some animation over the top of the film.  We’ve made one, basically, and it’s pretty psychedelic.  It’s a little bit sketchy, but not really.  It reminds me of The Kenny Everett Show, in that its got a place that you come back to, where there’s a regular face and regular characters.  It’s pretty insanely psychedelic… its weird but it makes the Boosh look like Dad’s Army!

I’m pretty excited about it. Serge from Kasabian is doing the music with me, and Nige who did all the animation and the Moon stuff in the Boosh is directing it.  It looks beautiful and really cool, and it’s just a really strange and unusual show. Continue reading

Wuthering Chart Heights!

27 Feb


Boosh fandom has gone into meltdown a little over last night’s sensational performance from Noel Fielding on Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief.

We at TVO are going to be getting behind Noel’s chances of winning the competition with a series of posts across the next two weeks around him, the song, the dance and Comic Relief as a whole.  Whilst we don’t want to lose sight of our real mandate of providing you top rate news from the Booshniverse, we nevertheless feel this is an incredibly worthy cause which can generate a huge amount of money for the charity, and in our own small way, we’d like to help in the Booshiest way possible!

The first idea we’ve had involves the song in question: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.  Kate sent a message of support to Noel on last night’s show, and is a great supporter of charities and of comedy, memorably appearing in episodes of seminal series The Comic Strip in the early 1990s.

What better way to publicly show your support for Noel than to buy Wuthering Heights this week from iTunes, Amazon, Play, HMV or any other online service?  The track will cost no more than 99p, and if enough of us download it, we could guarantee a chart placing next Sunday – meaning the song will be riding high in the charts when Noel returns for the grand final on March 12th.  For Kate Bush fans, this also provides a perfect opportunity to get this extremely talented singer back in the charts once more.

It’s a great song, by a great singer, supporting a great man doing a great thing for a great charity.  Have we said its great enough yet?  Join us!

The original single cover back in 1978!


Amazon UK: CLICK HERE [89p]
Play: CLICK HERE [89]
iTunes: CLICK HERE [Track 6, 99p]
HMV Digital: CLICK HERE [Track 6, 99p]
7 Digital: CLICK HERE [Track 6, £1.29]

Red Nose Day itself takes place on March 18th.   We’ll be posting further information over the coming weeks, but to find out more information on how YOU yourself can take part, as well as read more about all the incredible work the charity undertakes, please visit their official website via the link below.

Gone Riffin’

26 Feb

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher has launched a brand new podcast with Abed Gheith.

Entitled Gone Riffin’, the show is off the cuff and will feature a different topic each time.  The first episode is a special Oscars pre-show, though naturally, with Rich involved, the topic is loose and a little bit raw!

You can hear the podcast on Rich’s website, and there are plans to make the series available on iTunes shortly. Stay tuned for more info!

Alice’s Wunderland

26 Feb

© Bruno Vincent

Alice Lowe is set to make a pilot episode for BBC Radio 4 this Spring.

The show, entitled Alice’s Wunderland, will air on April 23rd at 11:30pm.

Ms Lowe is currently in the midst of getting the show off the ground, but promised us more news soon – hopefully including a couple of guest star names into the bargain.

We hope to bring you more news of this exciting new venture for Alice soon.

In the meantime, get yourself a Lowe fix via photographer Bruno Vincent – who we have discovered is offering prints for sale taken from his 2009 photoshoot with Alice on his website.

Rich Fulcher Will Return…

26 Feb

© Mog

Back in January, we announced that Fulchfest – the insanely popular and utterly wonderous comedy night hosted by our very own Rich Fulcher would be returning on 2nd April.

Sadly, we regret to inform you that the return of Fulchfest has been delayed due to Rich’s ongoing commitments in Los Angeles.

Rich very kindly explained to us that he won’t be returning to England until the end of March, which leaves very little time to prepare a night of top rate comedic entertainment.

Fulchy McFulcher would also like to extend his apologies for getting anyone’s hopes up, and assured us that Fulchfest will return as soon as possible.

When a set date is decided upon we’ll be amongst the first to know, and as a result, dear readers, so will you – so stay peeled!

The Mighty Bush!

26 Feb


Noel Fielding is through to the final of Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief after a barnstorming performance as Kate Bush.

Noel’s version of the classic Wuthering Heights was up against some seriously tough competition from the likes of Lulu, Penny Smith, Andi Osho and Jarrad Christmas, as well as the winner of this heat, James Thornton & Charlie Baker’s version of Puttin’ On The Ritz.

Noel was pipped to the post by the tap-dancing duo in the public vote, but thankfully the judging panel consisting of Jack Whitehall, Keith Lemon and former Boosh radio series guest star Lee Mack were keen to get Noel into the final as well.

The final show takes place on March 12th, and we at TVO will do our very best to keep fighting the cause in aid of both Noel himself, and Comic Relief.

But enough of our yacking.  Noel’s performance says more than we ever could… so if you missed it on telly, you can see it right here now.

The full show is available on iPlayer for the next 7 days.  From all at The Velvet Onion – seriously bloody well done, Noel.  You hoped you’d do us proud, and you utterly astounded us. Fingers crossed!

Noel was also on The One Show to promote tonight’s appearance on Friday, hours after our own exclusive interview.  Again, the former is available on iPlayer – and the latter is right here!

With extra special thanks to whichever member of the Tumblr Noel Fielding massive made this screengrab whilst we wait for hi-res shots from the BBC!

Friday Night Dinner

26 Feb

© Popper Pictures / Channel 4

Matthew Holness has made a rare television appearance in a brand new sitcom for Channel 4.

Friday Night Dinner is the brainchild of Robert Popper, who you may have seen in Look Around You, or more recently in Jackal Film’s Celeberama!.

The show stars Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal as the Goodman family, and Mark Heap as their neighbour Jim.

The first episode, shown last night, featured the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (and one-time Bob Fossil) star Matthew’s tremendous guest appearance which took TVO somewhat by surprise!  In it, Holness plays a man called Chris Parker, who has come to buy a sofa-bed from the family but receives some disastrous news and some somewhat dubious beverages.

It’s always a joy to see one of the quieter but no less important members of Booshdom on our screens, so if, like most of us, you missed the first episode it is available on 4OD now.  Now about that Darkplace movie, Channel 4…

Onion Talking: Noel Fielding [Part 1: Let’s Dance!]

25 Feb

Original Image © BBC

This weekend sees Noel Fielding take on one of the biggest challenges he’s ever faced: a live dance-off on BBC1 show Let’s Dance in aid of Comic Relief.

Noel was kind enough to talk exclusively to The Velvet Onion this morning before another long slot of rehearsals.

The first part of our interview, which focuses on this weekend’s performance is below.  Part two, in which Noel outlines a little about his plans for the future will follow over the weekend… for now, let’s dance!

Hi, Noel… thanks for talking to us today: we know you’re insanely busy!

Yeah I’m on my way to the studio now, actually – I’ve got to do the dress rehearsal today, which is a bit scary.  It’s the first time everyone’s been all together and can see what you’ve been doing for the last two weeks.  It’s quite hard to get to that level.  I’ve sort of learned what I’ve got to do, but its getting all the bits to look good in the dance at the same time.  You always lose one bit, so the middle bits good but the end’s wrong or something. It’s really hard to get everything good.

Obviously when I watch my dance teacher, who is amazing, and then I see myself in the mirror I just go: “OH MY GOD!”   In my head, I thought I was doing what my dance teacher was doing, and when I saw myself I was like: “Not quite…”  I guess it’d be like them trying to do stand-up.  It’s a ridiculously hard thing to learn in such a short space of time, and I’ve never been so tired in all my life.  I’m actually knackered all the time.

How did you end up getting involved? Did they ask you, or did you offer yourself up for exhaustion?

They asked me, of course.  There’s no way I would have volunteered! [he laughs] Richard Curtis sent me a really long, three page email saying it’d be really good if I could do it.  He’s been doing this stuff for twenty years now, so it was a really nice, really well constructed email.  There was no way anyone could’ve read it and thought:  “Nah, I’m not doing that.”

Then you realise just how much work everyone else is doing for it, and he’s been doing it for so long and still manages to write films and do stuff, so I said yes and then thought: “What have I said that for? What a dick!” It was ages ago when he asked, so you think it’ll be fine, but then as it got closer I thought: “Did I really say I was doing that? What an idiot.”  But its fine… it’s been really fun actually.

Top Of The Pops 2009 © BBC / Comic Relief

You’ve done bits and bobs for Comic Relief before, haven’t you?

Yeah… I think me and Julian did a gig once in the middle of the night which was pretty hilariously bad.  It was presented by Russell Brand, but by the time we went on it was about half three in the morning, and the people who were in the live audience had been there since about 10 o’clock and they were furious!

I actually wanted to do The Apprentice thing, because I love that show, and I thought that’d be fun but then they said they wanted me to do the dance instead.  I think they’re running out of people! I guess there’s six people in each round so it must be quite hard to find people who will do it… so they asked me!   Continue reading

I Am Utopia

24 Feb


The new music video for IAMX‘s “Ghosts of Utopia” has premiered!

As many of you already know, IAMX is releasing a new album on March 18th. The coming album will be called “Volatile Times” and “Ghosts of Utopia” is the first single of the album.

The video for the track premièred yesterday at but can now be viewed at Youtube. Directed and edited by Chris Corner himself, the video is just a taste of what to expect from the band in the near future.

The album will be obtainable as both CD and vinyl. The video for “Ghosts of Utopia” will be available for purchase tomorrow, February 25th. You can buy that as well as pre-order the album right now over at the official store.

Head to the IAMX site to get find out how to get tickets to the Fire & Whispers tour. You will find all the currently listed dates below.

09.03.2011 Salzburg, Austria, Rockhouse
10.03.2011 Vienna, Austria, Gasometer
11.03.2011 Graz, Austria, Orpheum
17.03.2011 Apeldoorn, Netherlands, Gigant
18.03.2011 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, KulturFabrik
19.03.2011 Brussels, Belgium, Ancienne Belgique
24.03.2011 Malmö, Sweden, Babel
25.03.2011 Stockholm, Sweden, Nalen
26.03.2011 Helsinki, Finland, Nosturi
02.04.2011 Athens, Greece, Gagarin 205
07.04.2011 Paris, France, Le Divan du Monde
08.04.2011 Köln, Germany, Essigfabrik
09.04.2011 Hamburg, Germany, Grünspan
14.04.2011 Berlin, Germany, Astra
16.04.2011 Warsaw, Poland, Stodola
19.04.2011 Munich, Germany, Backstage Halle
20.04.2011 Zurich, Switzerland, X-TRA
21.04.2011 Frankfurt, Germany, Das Bett
29.04.2011 Madrid, Spain, Sala Heineken
30.04.2011 Barcelona, Spain, Salamandra Sala1
05.05.2011 Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon
06.05.2011 Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon
20.05.2011 Budapest, Hungary, A38
28.05.2011 Lviv, Ukraine, Stare Misto Summer Festival

Boosh Stuff Won!

24 Feb

One of the prizes on offer!

To celebrate our first birthday last month, we gave you the chance to win a haul of Boosh swag, and all you had to do was nominate an alternative name for this very website.

Peelers sent in their suggestions by the bucketload – so many in fact, that we had to have a forum vote to narrow it down – and last week, the top 20 suggestions were put against one another to find the ultimate winners via comments on the main site.

Sadly, the expected levels of cheating were far exceeded.  After strings of identical comments appeared one after the other, we had to check out exactly who was posting what, and found that an awful lot of people were simply voting for their own suggestions time and time again.  One person managed to bag a whopping 57 multiple votes spread across three IP addresses, which, as you can imagine, is why we don’t like cricket.

As a result, we were sorely tempted to disqualify ALL multiple votes, but in the interests of fairness, they were simply counted as one, singular vote per IP.  And believe me, your humble editor did NOT look kindly upon having to sort through them all… and we’ll be a lot more careful should we decide to run future competitions.  We know you’re keen, and we know you’d love to get your hands on our Boosh swag, but mucking up the system like this ruins the whole shebang, and anyone attempting such methods again in future competitions will be barred from entering any further competitions, or any possible interactive events on the site.

Anyhew, we are pleased to announce that, upon a highly detailed count, the winners have been decided fairly and squarely, and will be contacted to receive their prizes shortly.

FIRST PLACE: The Mighty Site Of Boosh

Sionarnii wins the following:

The Mighty Boosh Special Edition DVD [Series 1-3 boxset]
The Mighty Boosh: Future Sailors Limited Edition DVD [2006 + 2008 live shows]
The Velvet Onion Calendar 2011
The Velvet Onion button badge.

SECOND PLACE: Did A Shit On Your News

Sophie wins the following:

The Mighty Book Of Boosh [hardback edition]
The Mighty Boosh Series 3 DVD
The Velvet Onion Calendar 2011
The Velvet Onion button badge.

THIRD PLACE: Peacock Dreams

Ariel wins the following:

The Mighty Boosh Series 3 DVD
The Velvet Onion Calendar 2011
The Velvet Onion button badge.

FOURTH PLACE: The Site That Goes By Many Names

Hayley wins the following:

The Mighty Boosh Series 3 DVD
The Velvet Onion button badge.

Thank you to all of our peelers for their entries… and we would like to apologise once again for that small number of people who decided they’d try and spoil it for the rest of you.  We will be back with further, better organised competitions… in da foochaaaaa….

NME Over And Done

24 Feb

© Life

The 2011 Shockwaves NME Awards took place last night.

Unfortunately, the Booshniverse did not go home with any awards. Noel Fielding was nominated for “Most Stylish” but instead the title went to Brandon Flowers. “Best TV Show” was won by Skins, leaving Never Mind the Buzzcocks empty-handed.

Both Noel Fielding and Matt Berry attended the award ceremony where they presented the award for “Best New Band”. You can see the full winner’s list over at NME. The awards will be televised on Saturday 26 February, 11.25 AM on Channel 4.

Absolute Radio caught up with Fielding on the red carpet and discussed the future plans for The Mighty Boosh. You can see the video over at Youtube or right here.

How To Vote Fielding

23 Feb

Russell Kane on last week

Our regular peelers will be well aware that Noel Fielding is participating in this year’s Let’s Dance…For Comic Relief.  What you may be less familiar with, however, is quite how the show works and how you cast a vote for for your preferred contestant.  So here’s a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to help you ‘Vote Fielding’ for this Saturday’s show…

Voting is by telephone only, and the phone numbers for each act will be given out during the show. Vote lines open when the final act has finished their performance and close approx 15 minutes later. If you call before the lines open or after the lines have closed your vote will not be counted but you may still be charged.  Voting times may change, but last week’s voting opened at 19:45 and closed at 20:00, so it’ll be there or thereabouts.   The votes are then counted while the show is on air, and the winner announced before the end of the broadcast.

The vote lines have been set at a rate specifically designed to raise money for Comic Relief: each phone vote costs 51p from a BT Landline, (of which 35.9p goes to Comic Relief). Other Networks may vary, and calls from mobiles will be considerably higher.

The act with the most votes will go through to the final show – which will be broadcast on BBC1 on 12th March, the week before Red Nose Day. The judges also have a chance to put an act through to the final by picking their favourite from the two runners up.

From the look of it, you’ll struggle to vote if you’re not in the UK – but if you are, get voting!  And if you don’t reckon Fielding’s moves are good enough to deserve a vote, remember it’s for a brilliant cause and phone anyway! For full details of terms and conditions, visit the Let’s Dance webpage.

Free Lions

22 Feb

© Warp Films / Film Four / Wild Bunch

We raved about it. The critics praised it. Then it won a BAFTA.  But if you’re still not sure about Four Lions, the movie directorial debut from Chris Morris, you can catch it in the cinema next week for FREE.

As part of the BAFTA 2011 Cineworld Tour, Four Lions will be showing at 14 cinemas up and down the country on three nights, as detailed below, alongside other winning box office hits.

Monday 28th February @ 20:45

Wednesday 2nd March @ 18:00

Thursday 3rd March @ 20:45

Participating Cineworld cinemas are at Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chichester, Crawley, Didsbury {South Manchester}, Edinburgh, Glasgow {Renfrew Street}, London {Shaftesbury Avenue}, Nottingham, Sheffield, Wandsworth and Yeovil.  For further details on the films available and to download your ticket voucher go here.

If you can’t make it to these showings, fear not – the movie is a mere £4.65 on dvd and £9.99 on blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store right now – so there’s no excuse not to trust every good word you’ve heard about this film, and pop it in your basket today.

Electroman: Not An Electrothief!

21 Feb

The Velvet Onion has been alerted by many of our peelers to the new single from cyborg-voiced singer T-Pain, in collaboration with Italian producer Benny Banassi.

Why is this relevant, we hear you ask?  Well, the song is called Electroman… and main hook throughout the song sounds more than a little familiar…

Quite understandably, a lot of Boosh fans were somewhat irate at the thought that Noel & Julian’s classic Electroboy song [itself a pastiche of early 80s new wave!] from the first series of The Mighty Boosh had been ripped off so outrageously.  But fear not, we at TVO held back before posting a response, to find out the whole story.  After all, whilst he’s a successful rnb musician in his own right, T-Pain is perhaps best known in England for his hilarious collaboration with The Lonely Island… so its clear he has a sense of humour.  Perhaps there was more to this than meets the eye?

© Ultra Records Inc

And, it turns out there was, as T-Pain and Banassi asked permission from Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt to sample the track.  On his Twitter account, the star fended off the abuse he was receiving by more vocal aspects of Boosh fandom, explaining that he himself is a fan of the show, and sent the track to the Boosh boys for approval before its release.

With Dave Brown wading into the melee to confirm T-Pain’s side of the story, all that is left for us to do is to tell you that the track, should you wish to download it, is available via iTunes from the 6th March.  To preorder the EP single for £2.49, click here.

Of course, this controversy could do wonders for the Boosh’s popularity Stateside, where T-Pain is particularly successful.  With 300,000 Twitter followers, its safe to say that a lot of people heard about the Boosh for the first time yesterday, which can only be a good thing, surely?  Still, if by chance this track still isn’t to your liking, here is the original to restore your palette to its usual Booshy flavourings…

Antony’s Rhythm & Muse

21 Feb

© Antony Elvin

Antony Elvin is to appear live later this week in the southwest London borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

The eccentric wonderment will appear alongside regular collaborator William Summers at club night Rhythm & Muse, which takes place in the Ram Jam Club above the Grey Horse public house on Richmond Street.

If you’re trekking out there, this google map link may be of some use… and for more info from the man himself, visit the show’s Facebook event page.

Death In Soho

21 Feb

© Kim Noble

Kim Noble will return to the London stage with his critically acclaimed one-man show, Kim Noble Will Die.

Noble, who is perhaps best known for his roles in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and its semi-sequel, Man To Man With Dean Learner, is to return to the Soho Theatre in April.

The venue, which recently paid host to residences by fellow TVO favourites Paul Foot and Colin Hoult, was the birthplace of Kim’s show back in April 2009.  Noble followed this with a five week sell-out run in December 2009, took the show to the Edinburgh Festival and Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and has recently returned from an off-Broadway run in New York.

Now, sadly, the time has come for the show to retire, and Kim is returning to the Soho Theatre for one week only between April 11th and 16th.

Tickets are available via the Soho Theatre website or their on site box office now.


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