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Ooh Black Betty!

24 Dec
© Dave Brown

As we mentioned last week, the multi-talented Dave Brown has been talking about his beloved Betty, today on Radio 4. The one off special – Merry Christmas Morris Minor! features Martin Wainwright as he talks to doting owners of what is still ‘Britain’s favourite mass produced car’, as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the special edition Morris Minor Million – produced to mark the sale of the one millionth Morris Minor. Dave is showing off Betty at around 10 minutes, but do take time to listen to the rest of the programme as there’s a performance of ‘Jingle Bells’ by a Morris Minor choir and you don’t want to miss that!
The show will be available for seven days on BBC iplayer, and is the radio 4 choice podcast.

Mad Tidings

24 Dec

Nobody could say those Boosh boys aren’t Christmas-spirited.  This year they’ve honoured us with not one but two festive greetings (three if you count the fact that 2009’s Boosh Christmas e-card is still active)!


Rich Fulcher has sent the card here on the right to people who have subscribed up to his mailing list.  At TVO Towers we’re always happy to see Fossil get an outing, so we’re full of warm and fuzzy.  And then everyone’s favourite Monkey Boy, Dave Brown, has offered up a heartwarming “Apey Christmas” and a picture of misteltoe and chimps on his twitter and facebook pages.

Sadly no festive greetings from Noel, Julian and Mike, but last year’s Mighty Boosh Christmas e-card (which is actually rather good) is still active – so why not impress your friends with it again this year?  You need to sign up to the Thank Boosh It’s Friday site to access it – and then simply click onto ‘November’ news.  Goodness, it’s as if 2010 never happened!


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