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Black Betty, Bam-A-Lam!

18 Dec

© Dave Brown

Dave Brown is to make a festive appearance on Radio 4 on Christmas Eve, as part of a celebration of Morris Minors.

The Mighty Boosh star, whose own Morris Minor, Betty, is often a topic of his Tweets, has been interviewed about his love for the cars, alongside other fans of the mass-produced but much-loved classic vehicle for Merry Christmas, Morris Minor!

The show is also set to include a special rendition of Jingle Bells from a choir of Morris Minors, which has to be heard to be believed!

You can catch the show on BBC Radio 4 on Friday, December 24th at 11am, and it will also be available via the BBC’s iPlayer service worldwide for 7 days after broadcast.  For more information on the program, visit its BBC minisite.

Hopping Good Foot

18 Dec

© Paul Foot

Paul Foot is to headline the Knock2Bag comedy night in January.

The stand-up comic, who has become an honorary TVO subject since working with Noel Fielding earlier this year, will appear on the bill at Bar FM on Hopgood Street, Shepherd’s Bush [hence the appalling titular pun] on January 19th.

Also on the bill are Totally Tom, Toby, Daniel Simonsen, Ed Gamble, Flange Kramer and Cardinal Burns.  Tickets are available via Knock2Bag’s website right now for only £8. Get in there!

Onion Talking: Dave Brown [Part One - International Gorilla!]

18 Dec

© Andy Hollingworth Archive

Earlier this month, The Velvet Onion talked exclusively to Dave Brown for our first in-depth conversation with a member of The Mighty Boosh.  The results are a fascinating insight into the world of one of the most versatile artists in Booshdom.  In fact, our insights were so plentiful that we’re having to bring you them in installments!
Part one of our interview is below, with more to follow in the days to come…

“He’s like an old familiar friend to me now. I wish he was coming over for Christmas dinner to be honest. He’s almost a living beast more than a costume. And I’m so aware that seeing and referring to Bollo as a suit ruins the magic of it all. Everyone obviously knows it’s a suit, and it’s more caricatured and humanistic than realistic but still, you can definitely see that 5% of someone’s brain that thinks: ‘Hang on a minute… what the…?’”

Dave Brown is very protective of Bollo, the simian alter-ego for which he is best known after spending the last five years sweating inside its enormous furry costume across award winning television shows, two sell-out stage tours, a promotional trek across America and numerous charity events. As we settle down with coffee in a North London hideaway, Brown is quick to explain his love of maintaining the character’s mystique.

© Dave Brown

“I’m very particular about people seeing the costume” he reveals. “I try not to let anyone see the mechanics of it, and I hate the very rare occasions that anyone else has been in it. I think that should all be as much a secret as possible. I’ll always try to just go into a room and come out as Bollo, so that some people can wonder why they never see me & Bollo in the same room together. It’s a sort of Clark Kent thing: I run into a very large, wide telephone box… take off my glasses and tadaaah! I’d love to see that.”

“It’s also good to keep the mechanics schtum,” he continues, “because under the skin it looks ridiculous.  The first layer I need to put on consists of yellow foam and black netting which makes me look like some kinky burlesque psychedelic bumble bee. Or a fat wasp from Tron.” He stops for a second, and realises he’s on the verge of revealing too much. “I just said I don’t want to ruin the magic, and now I’m ruining the magic! What a dick!” Continue reading

A Fairytale Of Fulchfest

18 Dec


© Paul Holmes

Regular Fulchfest performer Brett Domino has recorded a cover of A Fairytale In New York in aid of breast cancer.

The comedian and musician, whose real name is Rob Madin, has appeared in the house band for all three previous Fulchfest shows alongside Rich Fulcher and a whole bevvy of TVO acts.

He recently scored a top 30 UK Chart hit with his song about I’m A Celebrity contestant Gillian McKeith, and his famous fans include none other than Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake!

The single, featuring RnB single Alexa Goddard, is a cover of the classic festive tune by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl, who coincidentally was killed in a boating accident ten years ago today.

All profits from the release are being donated to Breast Cancer Care, so if you’d like to help the cause, remember a musical legend and enjoy a fun cover of a timeless tune, you can download the single right now from iTunes and all other good download services.

Boosh Up Yer Pad

18 Dec

This is an estimation, and not an official promo image.

The Mighty Book Of Boosh will be Booshing up the iPad early next year, we can exclusively reveal.

The book was originally published back in 2008 as a sumptuous hardback, which was quickly followed by an extended paperback edition last year.  Designed by Dave Brown, the book features contributions from all five members of the Boosh, plus regular collaborator Richard Ayoade [who must surely be able to stake a claim to being the 'Sixth Booshie', or at the very least, the seventh!].

There is currently no confirmed date for the release, and it is currently unknown if the book will be available for Kindle readers or other platforms, but as soon as further details are available, you can be sure TVO will be among the first to let you know.


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