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A Young Barratt Cracker

16 Dec

© Sky Arts

As we’ve mentioned previouslyJulian Barratt has recently taken part in a one-off TV series for Sky1 entitled Little Crackers. The series sees a selection of the cream of British comedy talent take over the directing reigns, to tell their own personal tale of childhood high and lows; Barratt’s tale tells of his teenage ambitions of musical stardom.  Actor Paul Conway took on the task of playing the young Barratt, and our reporter, Paulyne, caught up with him for a candid chat about his acting career and what it was like to play the part of the man who’s directing you.

You’re still only 21 years old; how long have you been acting?
I’ve only graduated this year, but I’ve acted for about 5 or 6 years. I started as amateur when I was about 16.

And how would you say it’s going so far?
I did a feature film this year which comes out next year –  that was my lucky break even though it was a really small part.  But when people in the industry see that on your CV it brings more work.  I find that if you get one job you get another from it. When you’re working you just have a different aura about yourself.  But it was unexpected.

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