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31 Oct

© Jackal Films

The latest Jackal Film from Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright is now online.

No month is complete without a short from the duo, and their latest, Bretheren, is a Halloween special co-starring Sharon Horgan [Pulling, Monkey Dust and the voice of Lifespam!] and Steven Evans [Nighty NightHyperdrive and frequent collaborator of Colin Hoult].  In it, a flame haired Alice is warned of the dangers she’ll face if she keeps killing wasps, with suitably weird consequences.

It’s clear all involved had fun making this one – and what better way to start your Halloween festivities than with a slice of comic-horror from one of the Darkplace team? You can view Bretheren below, and see previous Jackal Films on their YouTube Channel and website.

Horrid Fielding?

31 Oct

© Francesca Simon & Getty

Word has it that Noel Fielding is to appear in the 3D big screen adaptation of Horrid Henry, based on Francesca Simon’s best-selling series of children’s books.

The film is currently in pre-production, and Noel is set to play the part of  Ed Banger, lead singer of The Killer Boy Rats (so the internet tells me!).  The film is listed on iMDb, with Noel’s name featured alongside Hollywood A-listers such as Angelica Houston and Richard E Grant.  Prunella Scales, Mat Horne and Jo Brand are also said to be involved in the production.   It certainly sounds more credible than Noel’s alleged appearance in the Paddington Bear movie (a story ran by a major tabloid last year which was subsequently proved to be complete nonsense).

If you happen to know any more about the Horrid Henry movie, please drop us a line – we’d love to hear all about it!

How Not To Live…The Musical

30 Oct

© BBC Three/Brown Eyed Boy

It’s that time of the week where we are given some extra insight into the shooting of series three of How Not To Live Your Life.

In Part four of Dan Clark‘s online blog, he talks about the making of the seventh ‘Christmas special’ episode, where the characters are put to the task of staging a musical,  teases us with a few more famous names that we can expect to pop up in the series and there is also talk of a bar brawl at some stage!

Exciting times, and Clark has also officially announced that the first episode of the new series can be seen November 8th over on BBC Three at 10.30pm!

To read the previous blog entries you can clicky over here and remember – there is also the constant stream of backstage goodies over at the Facebook fanpage.

Foot To Mouth

30 Oct

© Aggie

At The Velvet Onion we strive to bring our peelers top-notch information about the acts that we cover.  And the newly-Buzzcocked Paul Foot is no exception!  During his recent visit to Stockholm we managed to persuade the charming comedian – and honorary member of Booshdom – to give TVO’s Swedish correspondent Aggie an exclusive interview.
To hear about the people that influence him, his thoughts on working with Noel Fielding, just what he’s thinking with that (singular) outfit, and what really happened to that dead badger, read on…

Paul Foot is currently enjoying some long-overdue time in the limelight following recent appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and even Come Dine With Me. An accomplished comedian, he’s won several acclaimed awards (BBC New Comedy Award, Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award) as well as reaching the finals on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2008. Earlier this year, he premièred his new stand-up show, Ash in the Attic –  directed by Noel Fielding, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show enjoyed positive reviews, further cementing his status as a must-see British cult comedian.

Hi Paul, how did you find yourself here in Stockholm, Sweden?

I am here because… I was told to come here. Because it was going to be fun and I like going to new places. I’ve not been here before, I’ve been to Denmark to do gigs there and I am going to Norway next year. I like going abroad and meeting new people, it’s fun and I like going on air planes so that is another reason. Also because it is my job and my hobby. If someone says “go to a place”, I go to them.

How do you feel Edinburgh went?

It was a great success and it was my best show ever. I sold lots of tickets: saving me from bankruptcy! It sold really well and the show got good reviews. Not that I ever read reviews, but I’m told we had good reviews. So it was a big success, good fun and lots of nice people. I had lots of nice meals… I was alive.

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Five Minutes With Fulcher

29 Oct

© Edinburgh Tourism

Rich Fulcher has been interviewed by the Edinburgh tourism website as part of their ‘Five Minutes in Edinburgh’ series, in which they ask visiting celebrities to talk about their experience of the city.

In the interview Rich talks about his Eleanor The Tour Whore stage show which ran at this year’s Fringe Festival, how the Boosh got together, and his memories of his first Edinburgh Festival (which he seems to have spent wheeling around an injured friend!).  To see the interview in full, click here.  The film takes a few moments to load, so be patient!

For the Fulcher fans out there who need more than a five minute film to satisfy their longing, don’t forget you can catch Rich live on 3rd and 7th November, and at Fulchfest on 6th November.

Gerard Kelly Dies

29 Oct

© Channel X / 2|Entertain

Scottish actor and comedian Gerard Kelly has died after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Kelly will be familiar to Boosh fans thanks to his appearance in Snuffbox – the dark sketch show created by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher.  Berry’s character, on a quest to locate some silver cowboy boots, argued with Gerard’s shop-keep character with violent consequences.

Berry paid tribute to the actor on his Twitter page, commenting: “Sad news… He was a funny man and I was lucky enough to have him beat the shit out of me with a cricket bat on tele.”

In a career that spanned almost twenty years, Kelly appeared in a variety of productions ranging from serious drama in the likes of Taggart and Brookside to legendary comedies The Young Ones, The Comic Strip, Victoria Wood… As Seen On TV, Rab C Nesbitt, Extras and a lead role in Scottish sitcom City Lights.

A private service is to be held for family and closest friends, and details of a memorial service are expected to be announced later. For more information, visit STV News.

Final Ferry & Fielding

29 Oct

© Hooliganartdealer

The third and final part of NME’s video interview with Noel Fielding and Bryan Ferry is now up on  You can view it here.

This section of the interview focuses a little more on Noel’s artistic achievements, whereas the previous two parts have tended to concentrate more on Ferry’s new album.  They discuss the musician’s inclusion in the first series of The Mighty Boosh, and the influence of the French painter Rousseau in Noel’s art.  The short film also includes photographs of Noel’s current exhibition at Maison Bertaux (some of which were taken by TVO, fact fans!) and exclusive Dave Brown photos of Noel taken while hanging the show.

Parts 1 and 2 of the interview are still available to view.   For more information about Noel’s art show visit hooliganartdealer.

Fresh Fieldings

29 Oct

© Suki Dhanda

Chortle are reporting that Channel 4 have confirmed Noel Fielding is to make a new show for them as part of a fresh boost for comedy output on the channel.

Noel has been talking up his new tv project for some time, and its been known to be for Channel 4 for so long we at TVO had almost taken it for granted not everyone was aware of it!

Talking to TVO representatives in July during his trip to Montreal, Noel commented that the show would be half-animated and be a collaboration with Nigel Coan, who was responsible for much of The Mighty Boosh‘s unique look.

“I think I’m going to call it Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. Hopefully it’ll be quite psychedelic but visually it will be really dense, like a really luxurious aesthetically pleasing sort of dense, rich, psychedelic comedy show.  Hopefully it will be amazing.  I’m not quite sure, but [Serge from Kasabian] might get involved with this TV thing.”

As well as reaffirming the knowledge that The IT Crowd will return for a fifth series, the station’s head of comedy, Shane Allen, stated that Noel’s current provisional title is Boopus… and we here at TVO will try to find out more from the pointy one as soon as we can.

Tricks And Treats With Antony Elvin

27 Oct

© Antony Elvin

The wondrous musical bewilderment that is Antony Elvin will be appearing at a special Halloween event tomorrow evening.

The event, which according to its Facebook page is hosted by ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’ (!), takes over The Betsy Trotswood on Farringdon Road in Central London, tomorrow night from 8:30 – and Mr Elvin is on the bill.

There’s precious little further info available at present, sadly, but if you’re in the area and fancy starting a weekend of Hallows Eve Booshdom a bit early, it’ll be more than worth your while popping along.

Foot Takes Over Stockholm

27 Oct

Paul Foot resides on the outer periphery of the Booshniverse – while he hasn’t appeared in any Boosh-related TV or film projects, his recent Edinburgh show, Ash in the Attic, was directed by Noel Fielding.  And he is bloody funny. Reasons enough for us to include him in The Velvet Onion! One of our Velveteers, Aggie, was lucky enough to see him perform live a few days ago in her home town of Stockholm; here’s her review of the gig:

© Aggie

I’m not one of those people who lives in comedy clubs, but when I discovered that Paul Foot was coming to my neighbourhood, I made darned sure I’d be there to bear witness on behalf of The Velvet Onion! I wasn’t the only one making my way over to Kafé Klavér for the show, as the tiny room was filled to the brim with people.

Tomas Ahlbeck compered the night, introducing Anders Celin as the first act, performing his first-ever English-speaking gig. He kicked things off with tales of a world of pepper orgasms and the dangers of food sex, his nervousness at performing in a foreign language slightly showing through. The second act was Ben Kersley, the only ‘Swinglish’ stand-up comedian in Sweden. It was no surprise when he launched into monologue about the similarity between Swedish and English, illustrated by a story about Gordon Ramsey “the kock/cock on TV” (in Swedish kock = chef). Kersley’s routine was centred around his views of Sweden through a Brit’s eyes, which worked well with the mixed audience.

Setting off the second half of the show was young comedian Evelyn Mok who charmed the crowd from the off with her brilliant facial expressions. Although the first moments of her routine consisted of little more than a sad face accompanied by deep sighs, it set the tone and kept the audience in stitches throughout her set. Mok’s jokes took their reference from her Chinese heritage and Western experiences, but managed to escape the obvious gags. And her sombre, yet intriguing, style was a perfect prelude to what was about to come.

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I’m iGregg……

26 Oct

Those of you with an iPhone or iPod touch will be pleased to know that another Mighty Boosh app has been released today.

The main function of the app – entitled simply Old Gregg – is its use as a torch… which uses the light from Old Gregg’s mangina. With a choice of five colours for the torch, users just have to lift up Old Greggs tutu to light their way. However, this isn’t the only feature on the app which also offers a page of soundbites featuring some of Old Greggs most memorable quotes including the classic line – “Easy now, fuzzy little man peach.”

If this isn’t enough to suppress your appetite for all things Boosh, the app contains a short video of the scene where Howard meets Old Gregg for the first time in a boat out on Black Lake and there are also links to download the three series and radio show from the iTunes store.

All this comes at the bargain price of only 59p, so what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone out, click on the app store link or visit the iTunes store and have a bit of fun with the scaly man fish himself.

Clark On The Book Of Faces

25 Oct

© Dan Clark

As you would know, Dan Clark has been posting blogs about his on-set antics whilst shooting Series 3 of How Not to Live Your Life.

Along with the blogs an official Facebook Fan page has been opened up for the BBC Three Sitcom, where if you join you can get first dibs on exclusive pictures, videos and news of the upcoming series!

So far you can can see pictures from the first episode with guest star Noel Fielding and Sarah Hadland -who you may recognise as Moss’ slightly inebriated dinner date in series 2 of The IT Crowd. There is also the first deleted scene from series 3 where you can hear Don’s song entitled ‘Action Man’ and posted today, a personal video message from Clark, giving the Facebook page it’s official stamp, some insight into some of the plot lines and also telling all of you to spread the word about the show!

So as DC says so himself,  “Tell all your friends – Lets stop this show from just being a “cult” thing and break it out to the mainstream!”

When Fielding Met Ferry… Part 2

25 Oct


© Mog

As we reported earlier, Noel Fielding met up with one of his personal heroes, Bryan Ferry, in early October to interview him on video for the NME.  Part 2 of that interview is now available to watch online here.

Noel and Bryan talk about Bryans new album ‘Olympia’, their passion for art and how art influences his music, as well as how he struck up a friendship with Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Not only did Noel get to meet Bryan for this interview, but it transpires that he also introduced him to the stage at today’s Q Music awards, where Bryan was picking up the award for ‘Q Icon’.  His words to the man he admires so much were “Ladies and gentleman, a true Icon in every sense of the word, please welcome onto the stage, Bryan Ferry.” For more information on the event which is taking place today and this evening, you can click here.

Don’t forget to keep peeling for part 3 of Noel’s interview with Bryan which should be up within the next few days.

Julia And Jessica Observed

24 Oct

© Radio Times

Today’s Observer has a timely interview with Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes. The ladies talk about how they met and their upcoming appearance at Bristol Jam, where they will be re-creating their improv radio show Peppatits on 4th November, so grab your tickets now!
If you have the paper and want to read the print version, it’s on page 3 of The New Review.


Boosh Exclusive Screening!

24 Oct

Last week we discovered that PureHMV are organising an exclusive event for Boosh fans to celebrate the DVD release of Journey of the Childmen, the Mighty Boosh tour documentary.   Since then we’ve been trying to find out more about it so that we could bring you the full story.  Sadly we haven’t had much luck, so we’ll tell you what we know in the hope that some of our peelers can take advantage of it!

© Oliver Ralfe, Dave Brown (photo)

The deal appears to be this: If you shop on PureHMV you can use the points you’ve accumulated to request a pair of wristbands to an exclusive screening of Journey of the Childmen at a central London location on 11th November, the day before its official release.  Members of the Boosh will be in attendance and one person (and their guest) will be picked to meet Noel and Julian, have something signed and get their picture taken with them. In order to qualify for this ultimate prize you need to go to PureHMV’s Facebook page and tell them why you are the biggest Mighty Boosh fan.

And now for the complicated bit!  To qualify for a wristband you have to have accumulated 35,000 PureHMV points (which equates to £350 expenditure – ouch!).  You can then submit your request for a wristband here on 1st November.  We haven’t yet figured out if facebook entry for the ultimate prize is dependant upon obtaining a wristband or whether the 2 are mutually exclusive, and we’ve also drawn a blank on whether there are other methods of entry to the screening.  To restrict it only to PureHMV customers who have spent £350 could be seen as a tad elitist!

If you happen to know more about it, please do get in touch.  And if you’re lucky enough to gain entry to the event we’d love to hear all about it, so please come and report back.  Good luck!

For the rest of us, remember you can pre-order the DVD from our The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Ayoade’s Submarine Festival

23 Oct
© Peter J Thompson, National Post

There is an interesting BAFTA interview with ‘Brit filmmaker’ Richard Ayoade, discussing his debut feature film Submarine, which is showing at the 54th BFI London Film Festival this weekend. Richard talks about how he adapted the book for film, and how his experience as an actor influenced his approach to directing. He also gives some top tips for aspiring writers/directors. To see the full interview head to the BAFTA website.

Rich Fulcherings

22 Oct


© Zöé Caldwell

The latest Rich Fulcher newsletter has dropped into email boxes around the world! Whilst it mostly covers events we’ve mentioned previously, there is news of a brand new tv series featuring our favourite American.

As well as mentioning Saturday Night Fulchfest: his own comedy night that takes place the first Saturday of the month at the Bull and Gate in Shoreditch, Rich also mentions his spectacular appearance at the UK Music Video Awards and the video he made to accompany it.

The hilarious Jackal Film My Old Baby, starring Rich and Alice Lowe gets a nod, as do his stand-up shows with Brendon Burns on November 3rd and headlining on November 7th. You can find out more about them here.

Most excitingly, however, is the teases that he’s filming a show for Channel 4, called Input/Output, which will be ‘out soon’.  We aim to bring you more news on this shortly.

If you’re thattaway inclined you can subscribe to the newsletter at

When Fielding Met Ferry

21 Oct

© Mog

On Friday 8th October Noel Fielding met one of his all-time heroes, glamrock legend, Bryan Ferry. Luckily for us the whole thing was captured for, courtesy of journalist, Paul Stokes.

The first part of this 3 part interview can be seen from tomorrow on Publicity for the interview says that their conversation “includes discussion about the pair’s art school backgrounds, Ferry’s new album, a tribe in the Congo who ‘worship’ the singer, Fielding’s exhibition and much more.”  As our regular peelers will know, Noel’s latest art show Bryan Ferry versus the Jellyfox (currently taking place at Masion Bertaux in Soho) features a room full of paintings dedicated to the Roxy Music singer, so meeting him face to face on camera must have been quite something!  Parts 2 and 3 of the interview will follow during the next week, and we’ll be sure to let you know when they’re up.

Immediately after their meeting, Paul Stokes tweeted “Is there a better way to spend an afternoon then watching Bryan Ferry and Noel Fielding chatting about invisible planes? I suspect not…”   Sounds fab, eh?

Editor’s Note: Part 1 of the interview is now up on  To view it, please click here!


How Not To Blog Your Life

21 Oct

© BBC Three/Brown Eyed Boy

Dan Clark continues his weekly blogs for the build-up to the airing of Series Three of How Not To Live Your Life, which will be airing in November.

The new blog entry lets us into the stressful predicaments that came with filming in Glasgow – mainly down to Mother Nature – and one specific nightmare shoot which has been Christened amongst cast and crew as ‘The Curse of Bell Street’.

If you haven’t read the previous two posts then why not!? You can have a gander over here.

The new part of Dan’s blog can be read here yonder.

Back To Back Booshniverse

21 Oct


It’s a double dose of Booshdom on the BBC tonight, as three stars of the Booshniverse appear across the channels from 10pm.

There may be another two weeks before The Boosh Band take on the music of Frank Zappa at Camden Roundhouse, but this evening, you can see Noel Fielding in another musical role as the returning team captain in the new series of Nevermind The Buzzcocks.

Noel, who replaced Bill Bailey as a team captain for series 23 of the show, has taken up the role once more much to the delight of his fans and of ourselves here at TVO.

The new series airs tonight on BBC2 at 10pm and guests include friend of the Boosh Paul Foot, who we reported about earlier, taking a seat on Noel’s team and with guest host Mark Ronson filling the void left by Simon Amstell’s departure, and a string of fantastic guest presenters lined up for the rest of the run.  For details on the rest of the guests, click here.

© Colin Hoult

Not only that, but straight afterwards at 10:30 on BBC3 sees the return of Russell Howard’s Good News – the topical stand-up show which frequently features Zimbani star Colin Hoult in its sketch material.  Hoult is also set to appear at FULCHFEST next month alongside a number of Booshy stars – so he’s fast becoming one to watch.

As usual, both of these shows will be available on iPlayer after broadcast for 7 days – and if we’d love to hear what you think of them both!

For more info on Fulchfest and the Boosh Band gigs, which both occur on Saturday 6th November, see this earlier peeling.


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