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31 Aug

© Jackal Films

The latest Jackal Film has been released online and features a very special guest star in the shape of Look Around You and Timewaster Diaries legend Robert Popper.

Entitled Celeberama!, its a deliberately lo-key affair purporting to be the home-made ‘web-show’ of two hapless creations, Baal (Popper) and Wendy (Alice Lowe), giving their well-considered advice to celebs in distress.

You can see the short below, and if you like what you see, don’t forget there’s a whole wealth of Jackal Films on their YouTube channel, and Londoners can catch a cinema airing of the entire run together with a Q&A from their creators, Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright, next Thursday.  For more details, see this previous peel.

Ayoade’s Submarine In Canada

29 Aug

A while ago we reported that Richard Ayoade, star of the It Crowd and long time Boosh ‘family member’ has directed his debut feature ‘Submarine’ on Warp Films.  We’ve now heard that the film will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  Based on Joe Dunthorne’s acclaimed novel, the film has been described as “One boy’s fight to save his mother from the advances of a mystic, and simultaneously lure his eczema-strafed girlfriend in to the bedroom armed with only a vast vocabulary and near-total self-belief.”  Sounds ace!

Screenings are as follows:
Sunday September 12      8pm       WINTER GARDEN THEATR
Tuesday September 14    12pm      RYERSON
Sunday September 1        6pm        VARSITY 8

For more information please visit TIFF’s website here.

Note To Self: Where’s Fossil?

28 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

As we continue with Fulcher Fortnight here on The Velvet Onion, this time we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Series 2 and the array of weird and wonderful characters that Rich plays.  Just because Fossil only makes a very brief appearance in the final episode, it doesn’t mean Rich played a background role! He is still very much a feature in the series.  So without further ado, lets take a walk down memory lane and see what he has to say for himself this time round . . .



Call Of The Yeti – Kodiak Jack

“Oh yeah, the talky stick. Your voice was trapped in there this morning.”
“What’s your name, sugar dumpling?”
“Have you ever had a mountain goat grab you by the scrotum then run away with it, then sell it on eBay a day later?”
“You ever been rohypnoled by a swan?”
“Come here, you little yeti biatch!”
“A little to the left! Oh yeah!” Continue reading

The Bizarre Adventures Of Noel Fielding

28 Aug

As we reported last month, Noel Fielding is currently exhibiting his artwork at Maison Bertaux. Between spending time working on the upcoming Boosh album and making a welcome return to the stand up comedy circuit, Noel has found the time to talk to Bizarre Magazine about his exhibition and his love of art.

© Bizarre Magazine

The four page article goes into details of how he discovered he was good at art at the tender age of five whilst drawing birds at school. It then moves on to explain how he went to art college, dabbling in the world of computer graphics and illustration for a short while before realising that it wasn’t for him. “I tried graphics but I hate computers. Computers are so far from being an artist it’s unbelievable.” He even went as far as to work on an advertising campaign for Jaffa Cakes before meeting comedy partner Julian Barratt and embarking on creating the magical world of The Mighty Boosh together.

You can tell from reading the article just how much Noel’s art means to him.  He describes it as his therapy, explaining how he uses it as a release for his frustrations, like the time he thought they might have lost the third series of  The Mighty Boosh because they couldn’t deliver it on time. “Somehow, real life always filters into your work,” he says.

© Bizarre Magazine

There is also talk of the new TV show that Noel is working on that is due be aired next year in which there will be a character called ‘The Human Mistake’, and he also details his love of Bryan Ferry and the many paintings of him he has on display at the exhibition, including one that has been purchased by Ringo Starr’s son, Zak Starkey.

For more details about Noel’s art, you can look here, and if you’re interested in purchasing a piece, you can contact Tania Wade on Noel’s exhibition, ‘Bryan Ferry vs. The Jelly Fox’, is on display at Maison Bertaux until January 2011.

Rich The Versatile Renius: Take Two!

27 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

So we continue our look back on Rich Fulcher’s many faces during our Fulcher Fortnight.

Here we bring to you the best of Rich from Series Two of The Mighty Boosh. He’s been on his knees, humped by Fielding and stabbed by a satanic nana.  Whatever he’s doing he never fails to crack a smile on our faces, so let’s carry on with our remembrance of the renius doing what he does best…



Kodiak Jack
Most famous for his passing comment about tiny animal penises. Even out of context, from that one line Kodiak Jack could become a favourite with most people.
He’s a hairy wildlife explorer who lives deep in the heart of the forest. Jack is the encyclopedia of survival and always has many-a-tale of his life-threatening adventures! He’s faced a wilderbeast, been bitten my a moose – and has only his own First Aid skills to deal with the wounds.

Kodiak rents out his cabin for holidaymakers and begins swooning over Vince at first sight. Their relationship ends where it started, unfortunately, at the hands of the Nikki Clarke straighteners. However, being the true romantic, Jack sacrifices his body to the forest Yeti so that Little Vincey can escape from their grubby mitts. It is only to be assumed that Kodiak still resides in the forest with the horny beasts.

Continue reading

A Mullet And The Fringe

27 Aug

As previously mentioned, in addition to the delicious Eleanor in Edinburgh, there’s another Booshniverse-related act performing at the Festival.  Paul Foot’s show, Ash in the Attic, directed by Noel Fielding is also playing at the Underbelly during August.


Andrew Doyle, writer for the the Scotsgay Fringe Blog, recently interviewed Foot and Fielding about working together and their respective attitudes to fame.  It’s a refreshingly revealing piece, allowing both artists the time and space to banter and have their say.  Fielding explains how the fame game can at times be difficult to get right, “Being famous is like having Alzheimer’s.  Most people you meet remember you, even if you’ve only met them once, because they’ve seen your shows and they admire your work.  But sometimes they unrealistically expect you to remember them too.  When we were at the height of the Boosh, performing to eight thousand people a night, we’d be meeting hundreds, literally hundreds of people a day.  And I’d find that some of those people would approach me years after the event and say ‘I met you once, do you remember?’  When I say ‘no’, they can get really annoyed, and I think to myself, ‘If I could remember you I’d have no space in my head to even pick up a spoon.  I’d be a vegetable man.’ “

Foot’s attitude to being famous offers a sharp contrast, “There are a whole host of famous people who I have no interest in whatsoever.  And I’m very proud of not knowing who they are or what they do, so you mustn’t tell me.  I want to go to the grave without knowing.”

To read the interview in full (and find out who Dame Gillian Weir is, or why Hockney beats Hurst), click on this.  And if you’re up in Edinburgh and fancy catching Foot’s brilliantly insane show before its run ends, check out the details and buy tickets here.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Wairin for spotting this

Mixmaster Naboo

27 Aug

We’ve uncovered a couple of new Mike Fielding DJ sets for indie club night Propaganda, including one tonight at the O2 Academy in Islington, London.

© Ben Stansall/Getty Images

Other dates currently listed include:
Glasgow        17th September
Liverpool     2nd October (new!)
Leicester      30th October (Halloween Party)

So if you fancy checking out the Boosh’s own mixmaster shaman and his eclectic bag of tunes, click here for more information and tickets.

Zappa At The Roundhouse – Addendum

26 Aug

© mog

Earlier this month we told you about a series of events at the Camden Roundhouse in November to honour Frank Zappa.  The Boosh Band are scheduled to perform on Saturday 6th November, and Noel Fielding was set to take the part of narrator on Sunday 7th November in The Adventures of Greggery Peccary.  Please note that Noel Fielding’s involvement is not yet confirmed for the Sunday event, and therefore The Roundhouse has removed his name from the event details.  We’ve asked the venue to keep us informed of any changes and we’ll let you know if Noel is definitely in or out as soon as we can.  The Boosh Band’s involvement in the Saturday show is unaffected.

Eleanorburgh Under Scrutiny

26 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

As part of our continuing Fulcher Fortnight, here are our editor’s thoughts on An Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore – currently wowing audiences in Edinburgh.  You can buy tickets here.

Don’t forget you can win signed Rich Fulcher goodies by emailing a photo of you dressed as a Fulcher character to

What remains to be said about An Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore that has not already been covered here on this very website? It’s hard to add a fresh perspective on the show itself, considering our Velveteers have reviewed it so thoroughly previously.  Any further hints on the show’s content may spoil some of its surprises, yet even though I knew what was coming in many places, the show still managed to reduce me to tears of laughter throughout.

With next to no promotion – try and find the posters for the show in Edinburgh: they’re rarer than the sight of Vince Noir in a suit & tie – Rich Fulcher is now halfway through his Edinburgh stint as Eleanor, and so far, as the reviews begin to trickle out, the show seems to be dividing critics from various publications.  Some have fallen in lust with the show, others – most notably The Guardian reviewer – have been less than kind towards the performance.  Having visited Edinburgh for the opening weekend, and attended on the same night as the reviewers, I have to wonder if, in their freebie seats, they saw the same show as the rest of us who queued around the block to get in.

Naturally, one could be accused of bias.  After all, this is a website devoted to a group of comedians with a common bond – a bond from which this live show was spawned.  We are, perhaps, its primary target audience.  Yet when an audience of festival-goers, surely most of whom do not read the pages of this website, are laughing and cheering and clearly enjoying the performance, eagerly trying to grab an autograph or a photo with Rich after the show, its not much of a leap of the imagination to wonder if the reviewers had an agenda before they entered the building. Continue reading

99 Problems But Fielding Ain’t One

26 Aug

As we reported yesterday Noel Fielding was confirmed as a last-minute headline act at the 99 Club Leicester Square last night – hopefully some of you managed to make it.  Luckily for us, three of our intrepid Velveteers were there to report back.  Here’s what they had to say…

Just when we thought the regular Fielding warm-ups were a thing of the past, he pops up, fresh and jet-lagged from Los Angeles for this extended set in a basement, at the heart of Leicester Square.

Following two other smashing comics (Hal Cruttenden and Tommy Campbell), he donned the stage in his trademark skinnies and a velvet jumper (Velvet? We approve, Fielding), and after him getting through a selection of jokes about the ridiculous radius of my nest (I’m not defending myself, it was just his observation) and throwing water bottle caps in our direction, he came up trumps!

He leaned back on the oldies, but knocked them out like they were fresh from his mind-tank. Even the Blue-Bottle came back, but feeling revitalised, re-worked and something new, just stunning to observe!  The new stories – including his introduction where he was continuously interrupted by a cat with a man’s face – are still in need of a few more goes to get spot-on, but showed that the shiny man’s still got it. There was even the re-occurrence of a personal favourite of mine, which was his ingenious Bollywood version of ‘Buddum-tsh’, that was used throughout the night and kept me happy anyway.

Overall we saw him at his best, improvising, keeping the audience happy and trying out anything that he’s recently concocted.  Fielding is still a gem behind the mic and we cannot wait to see him take to the stage again sometime soon, polished and raring to go again!

© mog

Sorry, but first I have to get something off my chest which has nothing to do with the acts who performed last night (who were all excellent in three very distinct ways): The venue sucks!  A hairbrained seating plan that means half the audience might as well have been in another country, 2 toilet cubicles for the entire female audience (all of whom, inevitably, needed to go during the 10 minute interval), £7.50 for a sub-Ginsters pasty in a polystyrene burger carton, and staff who refused to let us take any photos (hence the blurry stealth pic here, which is all we could manage).  Hmphhhh!  However, in spite of this we had a brilliant night, and that was wholly down to the quality of comedians performing.

Tonight’s Fielding set sits within the top 15% of the Fielding gigs I’ve been to (and I’ve seen an unhealthily large quantity of them over the years).  He was sharp, bouncy, spontaneous, and brimming with sparkly new material – even Pizza Express and Masterchef got a mention!  More familar numbers, which were starting to look a tad tired a year ago, have had new life breathed into them with the welcome scattergun addition of new verbal loops and detours.  Even Fielding seems to have fallen back in love with them, reminded of how funny they can be. “Knife Crime. Turns your eyes into cupboards”  is definitely one to watch out for.   And I’ll continue to be cheered for the rest of the week by the gloriously charming image of “2 small children wearing only pants and hats, smeared in jam, who are too young to even know why they’re there”.  An energetic, confident and tremendously likeable performance, further enhanced by the wearing of a velvet sweater.  In our honour, I like to imagine!

Last night, despite the last minute rush to the 99 Club, we were once again whisked away into the magical world of Noel’s comedy, where anything is possible and you lose yourself in his words for a while, forgetting all about the stresses and strains of ‘real life’. Despite the less than impressive venue, we took to our seats and looked forward to the show. After a cracking couple of sets from the other two comedians on the bill, Noel came on to do his extended set.

Having been lucky enough to see quite a few of his gigs this year, it’s clear to see that Noel’s stand up is going from strength to strength, and last night was, in my opinion, the best I have seen him yet!   The crowd was respectful – there were no hecklers – and he shone, weaving in and out of his tales and linking them together with ease and confidence. The audience was lapping it up and he was loving it.  There was some old material in there, although this had been extended and worked on to create what seemed like an entirely new set. Monkey Edwards made a popular appearance, as did his story of getting stung by a jellyfish and there was a heart-warming tale of sledging with some young kids on Hampstead Heath, “The sledge went so fast, I went into the future!” And having to grow his skin back afterwards!

All in all, it was a fantastic set and I’m looking forward to the next gig. Don’t leave it too long please Noel!

Fielding on Michael McIntyre

26 Aug

© mog

At last night’s stand-up show at the 99 Club, Noel Fielding revealed that he will be filming a set for the forthcoming new series of Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow on BBC1.  Having trawled the net, as far as we can tell it will form part of the 5th or 6th show of the 2nd series, which is likely to be aired later this year.  For more information visit the show’s wiki page.

Addendum: This will form part of the Bristol show, recorded during the last week of August.

For more Fielding comedy news, look out for our review of Noel’s stand-up show from last night which we’ll be posting later today!

Noel Does Standup… Tonight!!

25 Aug


© Tammy Courtney Clark

Some exciting last-minute news for London-based Fielding fans!

We’ve heard on the grapevine that Noel Fielding is performing stand-up at the 99 Club Leicester Square, tonight.  Apologies for the late notice – we appreciate it’s going to be a tad late for most people to make it.  Further details and tickets are available here.

Note To Self: Fossil Wants You To Suck On This Subsection…

25 Aug

What would The Mighty Boosh be like without the the colourful character of Bob Fossil? Well, it wouldn’t be The Boosh, that’s for sure! Rich doesn’t just play the part, he brings it to life and makes it his own and some of the funniest lines you’ll hear throughout the series come from this wacky creation. In fact, in series one, there is only one episode that he doesn’t feature in with a speaking role and that’s Electro!

So as part of Fulcher Fortnight and in honour of Rich and the brilliant character of Bob Fossil, we’re going to take you on a journey through time and space back to Series 1 to look at his most memorable quotes……



In episode one, we see Fossil set up a boxing match between Howard and a killer kangeroo also known as a ‘killeroo’. Howard thinks by winning, he will win Mrs Gideon’s heart so with Vince’s help, sets about defeating the killeroo.

“And that’s why I don’t like cricket”
“Note to self: pocket cup!”
“I have pictures of you naked! And I’m gonna put them all over my body and run around the zoo”
“And fighting the killeroo: Howard Moon! Former male prostitute.”
“Oh, you know those guys, with the little hands? With the big pockets? With the little versions of themselves in the front pocket…”

Continue reading

Dave Brown: Much More Than A Monkey Suit

24 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

Today marks the fourth day of Eleanorburgh, as Rich Fulcher & Dave Brown’s live show continues to wow the crowds at the Udderbelly Pasture in Edinburgh.  Tickets for the remaining shows are available here – and our head honcho, who went to see the show this weekend, can confirm at long last that the Velveteer’s previous reviews of the show are indeed apt… the duo have made a highly mighty show.

Today also marks Dave Brown’s birthday, and as an off-kilter entry into our Fulcher Fortnight, we thought it was an apt time to shine a light on Eleanor’s director and co-writer.  Here, then, are the uncapped thoughts of our editor in chief, Paul ‘Didymus’ Holmes, on just why the man in the ape suit deserves your attention.  Read on…

To many, The Mighty Boosh are a duo.  That’s what somewhat lazy journalists tend to print whenever they write another awful article about the pointy half and his escapades on the London night scene.  Those journalists are, of course, very wrong indeed.  To others, often those too young to really know any better, The Mighty Boosh is the show with the sexy guy who looks a bit like a girl, and his weird friends.  These people aren’t beyond saving, but its a lot of hard work trying to persuade them otherwise. Continue reading

Rich The Versatile Renius

24 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

As it’s Fulcher Fortnight here at The Velvet Onion, we couldn’t reminisce about Rich’s colourful career without touching upon his many memorable characters on the Boosh. During the remainder of our Fulcher takeover, we’re going to take you back through his plethora of performances in the show! Whether it be speaking or no speaking, big or small, he still manages to deliver a performance to remember. So lets start the journey right at the beginning with Series one…


Bob Fossil
What can we say about Bobby Bob Bob? A man born in the US of A, battled in Vietnam, then took up the job of Manager at the Zooniverse and spent many days swooning over his horse-shoe-tached boss, Dixon Bainbridge.

He is now running things at the brilliantly named music club The Velvet Onion.
His trademark being the oh-so famous, snug-fitting, sky blue safari suit – still donning it after leaving the Zoo – his big hair and even bigger voice. Never too far from Rich Fulcher as a character himself most would say.

Continue reading

Tiny Acts In Edinburgh

24 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

Rich Fulcher will be signing copies of his book Tiny Acts of Rebellion at Waterstones West End on Princes Street at 5.30pm this Thursday.

So if you’re up there and don’t yet have a copy (why not??), why not pop along and say hello to Rich at the same time?  And if Princes Street is too far away – and you don’t have a copy, why not visit our very own amazon store and bag one for only £3.09.  Easy peasy!

For more information about the signing, visit Rich’s website.

Buzzcocks Exclusive!

23 Aug

© Talkback Thames

So is he or isn’t he?

Fielding fans across the land have been wondering whether Noel Fielding will be repeating his stint as team captain on the new series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (filming due to start in September 2010, with broadcast on BBC2 a few weeks afterwards).

Well, we can be the first to reveal that the new series will again be captained by Noel alongside Phil Jupitus, with a series of guest presenters hosting!  We at TVO find that a weekly dose of Buzzcocks is the perfect remedy to help us get through the chilly autumn days, so we’re happy bunnies.

If you’re lucky enough to attend one of the filmings, please tell us all about it via our forum – just click on the green button below.

A Taste Of Eleanor

23 Aug

© benmeadowsphoto

If you’re unfortunate enough to not be able to make it up to Eleanorburgh to see the Queen Gag Hag in action, Radio Scotland have a aired a wonderous and whopping 5 hour show with snippets of many of the amazing comics that are in Edinburgh this year!
The show is introduced by our much loved Rich Fulcher and you can hear a nice piece of his saucy alter-ego’s show at around 1 hour 7 minutes. In the last section of this show you can also hear Rich talking about himself, including how he got into comedy and his pre-Boosh past as a Lawyer!
Fulcher can be heard throughout as well in-between all the other comics, so it’s definitely worth a listen for the other magnificent acts too from the Fringe.

To listen with your ear-holes, you can pop over here and if you’re lucky enough to be over at the Fringe, tickets for Eleanor can be picked up here.

Remember, it’s also Fulcher Fortnight here at The Velvet Onion! We may be half way through already but keep your peeler’s open for many more crazy Rich goodies to come your way and don’t forget you can still enter our competition to get your paws on some fantastic treats!

Berry Summer Sun

22 Aug

© Matt Berry

The talented and generous Matt Berry is giving away a free download of his brand new EP, ‘Summer Sun’.

This latest offering has 6 tracks:

    The Dawn
    Last Load Home
    On A High (The Sky Is Burning Bright)
    Gather Up
    Dark Beach
    Farewell Summer Sun

I’ve downloaded my copy and for those who like to categorise, it’s folky, with some instrumentals and some with lyrics. It’s more like ‘Witchazel‘ than ‘Opium‘, and I like it already.

What are you waiting for? Download it here.

Childmen Hits Canada

22 Aug

© Oliver Ralfe

The Canadian Boosh invasion continues!  Following fast in the footsteps of Noel Fielding’s Toronto and Montreal stand-up shows, Oliver Ralfe’s very wonderful Mighty Boosh Tour documentary Journey of the Childmen will be permiering at the Calgary  Film Festival, September 24th – October 3rd 2010.

Further details will be available on the Film Festival website from 27th August.


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