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The Last Summer On Earth

31 Jul

© Katy Darby

The Velvet Onion has learnt of a very exciting new project hopefully coming your way in the near future – The Last Summer On Earth.

Written by the sublime double-act of Steve Oram and Tom Meeten – whom many of you will know from their previous short films and live shows together, as well as appearances in The Mighty Boosh as Donny the Tramp and Lance Dior respectively – the project also features Simon Farnaby and Alice Lowe alongside frequent collaborators Barunka O’Shaugnessy and Shelly Longworth, plus popular comedians Tony Paul Way, Waen Shepherd and Richard Sandling.

Filmed as a pilot for SO Television, it’s early days for the show so far, and as such there isn’t much more we can tell you.  Hopefully it will not only be broadcast, but be given a series commission – with that amount of talent on board the tv execs would be fools not to fall in lust with the project!  We’re sure an awful lot of you out there would love to see all these comedic giants working together, so here’s hoping!

As soon as we can find out any further details on the project, we’ll chuck some peel at ya.

Early Fulcher

31 Jul

Rich Fulcher will be appearing on the Radio 4 programme ‘Broadcasting House’ tomorrow morning (1st August). The programme starts at 9am and more information can be found here.
For those wanting a lie-in, the programme will be available on BBC iplayer.


Rich is reviewing the papers at around 49 minutes in.

Green Man

31 Jul

© Jackal Films

Just in the nick of time once again, the mighty Jackal Films duo of Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright have returned with their monthly comedy short… and this time, its a fully fledged, HD music video!

Entitled Green Man, it’s another corking pastiche of 80s classics, with a heavy dosage of Visage, a sprinkling of Ultravox and a light seasoning of Human League, it just may be going round your head for the rest of the week.  All together now: I’m your green man… I’m your green man!

If you missed it earlier this week, you can catch our exclusive, in-depth and hilarious interview with Jackal Films right here.

Boosh Repeat On Radio 7

31 Jul

© BBC/Baby Cow Productions

There was a bit of nostalgia today on Radio 7 as Mark Radcliffe hosted a show called Comedy Winners. He plays a selection of some of the greatest radio Comedies to come out of the BBC.

Amongst his selection and to dust off his show, he played the classic episode ‘Stolen’ from the original Mighty Boosh. Now over 6 years old and before they were scooped up by BBC Three, Radcliffe introduced the episode by saying: ‘This is where we tag something at the end that should have won!.’

Judging by the flurry of excited tweets this afternoon after hearing it, It’s obviously a show still loved by many.
If you’re interested to hear it again amongst some other BBC radio classics, it’s still available on iPlayer and if you’re impatient as a lot may be, the show begins at around 2 hours 30 minutes in.

Big Mouth Strikes Again

30 Jul

© Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher is appearing on tonight’s Big Brother’s Big Mouth which has just started on E4 (start time 23:20).  So switch on your telly NOW!

For anyone in the UK who happens to be reading this after the event, you should be able to access the show via 4oD after its live transmission by clicking  here.

Crowd Your Desktop!

30 Jul

© Stephen Peskitt / Talkback Thames

The final episode of The IT Crowd series four aired tonight in the UK, and in what was probably the worst kept secret in Booshdom, Noel Fielding returned as Richmond, to testify at Douglas’ divorce tribunal!

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that a fifth series is in the pipeline, and will occur as soon as the notoriously busy cast & crew can all find suitable dates in their calendar! In the meantime, as we previously reported, you can pre-order the fourth series on dvd via The Velvet Onion Amazon Store – alongside a boxset of all four seasons if you’re in need of a full on Renholm Industries binge.

In the meantime, Roy, Moss, Jen and Douglas may be away from your tv screens, but they need never leave your pc monitor ever again!

Thanks to Talkback Thames and photographer Steven Peskett, we can offer you a true TVO exclusive wallpaper featuring Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry – with numerous sizes catered for.  If the resolution you require isn’t featured, simply drop us a comment below and we’ll do our best to add it if we can!

We also promise to bring you further IT Crowd wallpapers to coincide with the dvd launch at the end of September.  For more news on the release as and when we hear it, keep on peeling, and don’t forget to turn it off and on again…

To download your wallpaper select the required resolution, right-click and choose ‘save as’ or ‘download link as’.

1900 x 1200 1680 x 1050 1440 x 900   1280 x 800   1280 x 1024 1024 x 768 800 x 600

WIN Eleanor Tickets For This Weekend!

30 Jul

You could be seeing Eleanor this weekend!

We’ve been in touch with the wonderful Dave Brown, who has offered The Velvet Onion two pairs of tickets to see the show he’s created with Rich FulcherAn Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore – this weekend at the legendary Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar in London.

Those of you familiar with Boosh history will know Hen & Chickens is where it all began, all those years ago, so this historic return is clearly not to be missed – and now you have a last minute chance to get in for free!

To be in with a chance, all you have to do is send us an email to or Tweet us @thevelvetonion or comment on our Facebook page – and tell us in no more than 140 characters why Eleanor should show you fun time.

One pair of tickets is for Sunday’s show, and another is for Monday, so please specify which night you would like to attend.

Due to the last minute nature of this competition, entries must be recieved by 7PM on SATURDAY 31st JULY 2010.  The winning entry will be judged by Dave Brown himself, and winners will be contacted by Sunday morning at the very latest, but we will endeavor to contact you prior to midnight Saturday.

Good luck!

Linehan Wraps It Up

30 Jul


The day has come.  This evening at 10pm everyone get comfy as Channel 4 airs the final episode of Series Four’s IT Crowd.
It’s been a crazy series (the same as previous ones you might say). We’ve seen cameos galore, by the famous and even by the fans, and we’re sure comedy messiah, Creator, Director and Writer Graham Linehan has a lot to say bout this years show.
According to his tweets earlier today, Linehan will be taking part in a “Guardian webchat thingy after the final episode”

We at TVO have searched high and low for any more details on this apparent webchat with little results, so we would say keep your eyes peeled for more information, possibly at the end of the show.

Also, for any of you out there that are in preparation for mourning after tonight’s episode, Graham also reassures fans by adding on his twitter:

“To those asking, there will be a series 5 as soon as we can get all the actors (and some new scripts) in the same place”.

So, with Series 5 already commissioned and in the pipeline, you can put those hankies away for now –  and sit back tonight to enjoy what’s bound to be a hilarious, surprise-packed and memorable end to the current series!


The latest instalment of the Graham Linehan interview is up on the Channel 4 website. Graham talks about writing, including ‘Father Ted’, ‘Black Books’ and of course ‘The IT Crowd’.

Edit 2
The Graham Linehan live chat will be here at 10.35pm tonight! (uk time).

Edit 3

The chat is still available on the above link with edited highlights, so if you missed it don’t worry, just click the link.

Final Foot In London

30 Jul

© Paul Foot

Fabuloulsy random comedian, Paul Foot, will be performing his final London gig this Saturday before he takes his Noel Fielding-directed show up to Edinburgh.  For any comedy connoisseurs (as Foot calls his fans)  unable to make it up to the Festival, we thoroughly recommend seeking him out at the 99 Club off Oxford Street, London, this Saturday.  For details and tickets please point your mouse here.

And if you are able to make it up to Edinburgh, Paul will be performing at Underbelly 5th-29th August (exc. 16th).  Tickets for these shows can be purchased here.

More US Childmen

30 Jul

According to the Journey of the Childmen website 7 new screenings at 4 cinemas have been announced, all in the US.  The new dates are:

© Oliver Ralfe

Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago
14 August 6.45pm
18 August 8.15 pm
Chicago | IL | USA

Cinefest Film Theatre, Atlanta
3 September 2010
66 Courtland Street SE | Suite 240 | Atlanta | GA 30303 | USA

Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
22-23 September
Seattle | WA 98122 | USA

The Alamo Drafthouse, Austin
26 September 10pm
27 September 7pm
Austin | TX | USA

Brilliant news for US fans, but unfortunately not so good for the rest of the world.   So for anyone who fancies a screening near them, but doesn’t live in Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle or Austin, why not tweet your request to Oly here?

Editors’s Note: Thanks to Brainshortcake for this one.

Boosh Store Returns

28 Jul

For some time now, the official Mighty Boosh web-store has been inaccessible.  However, thanks to FirebrandLive, the company who designed much of theFuture Sailors tour and dvd merchandise for the boys, as well as work for big names such as The Pixies, Placebo and Oasis, are now hosting the webstore on their own website.

You can buy Boosh merchandise once more RIGHT HERE.

Editors note: Thanks to ‘Hughsie’ for helping us find this one!

Farnaby’s Phantom

28 Jul

© Yellow Jersey Press

Somehow this bit of news managed to slip past the entire crew of The Velvet Onion earlier but since we have your attention now we are going to make it up to you!

Simon Farnaby has together with Scott Murray written “The Phantom of the “Open”: Maurice Flitcroft, the World’s Worst Golfer“. The title is quite self-explanatory but to give you a premise you could sum it up in one simple sentence: How hard could it be to become a champion golfer?

Farnaby went on CNN’s Connect the World to talk about the book and explained how Maurice Flitcroft’s story began:

“Maurice was a 46-year-old crane driver from Barrow-in-Furness. He’d worked in the shipyard all of his life. And he got a color TV in 1974, switched it on, and there was golf in all its glorious technicolor. For the first time, he saw golf, and he went, “That looks like the sport for me.”

Went down to a local library, because he was too poor to join a club. Hired some clubs and went to the beach with his dog, Beau. Hit a couple of good shots, and went, “I think I’m ready for the British Open.

And so he entered. And he ticked “professional” by mistake.

You can see the rest of Simon Farnaby’s appearance on CNN on Youtube or further down in this post. You will find out more about Maurice Flitcroft and the fascinating (and hilarious!) story about how he got the label the World’s Worst Golfer.

The book is conveniently available at our own Amazon store for only £9.08 and judging by reviews it is well worth buying! Julian Barratt even reviewed it and said that it was like  “Don Quixote with a nine-iron”. So what are you waiting for? Listen to the Guardian’s advice:

“Great book. Buy it, folks. You deserve it!”

Get Your Free Eleanor Ringtones!

27 Jul

Rush over to Rich Fulcher’s Website to download a gift from the gorgeous Eleanor. You can have her dulcet tones on your phone, just sign up for the newsletter, and three phrases are yours to keep forever.

Choose from the intriguingly titled ‘Ear Bed’, ‘Answer Me’ and ‘Eleanor Here’, or use them all!

Robots All Over Come On Eileen

27 Jul

© Emli Bendixen

As we mentioned previously, Noel Fielding and Julia Davis are going to be just a few of the many stars in the soon-to-be released film Come On Eileen, from Blinder Fims.

An update on the film comes in the form of some well-loved Robots. Dee Plume and Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise have both tweeted recently stating their involvement in the film!
It’s still unknown exactly how, whether it be in the form of their Electro-beats on the Soundtrack or if they are going to be making an actual visual appearance, but all we can see is that they are both uber excited for their big-screen debut and we at TVO couldn’t be happier for the hard-working girls either!

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this intriguing project!

Shearsmith Joins The Bear

27 Jul

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Julian Barratt and Julia Davis would be appearing together in a production of the Chekhov play, ‘The Bear’.  A recent tweet by writer/actor Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentleman, Psychoville), has revealed that he will be co-starring in the production and the rehearsals start today.

The play is being produced by Baby Cow for Sky Arts.  We’ll let you know as and when we hear any more about its production or broadcast.

Update:  We’ve unearthed the synopsis for this adapatation of ‘The Bear’ which reads: “Smirnoff (Julian Barratt) a rude and boorish landowner, calls on the recently widowed Popova (Julia Davis) to collect on an IOU owed to him by her late husband. When the grieving widow is unable to pay him, Smirnoff simply refuses to leave – and the passionate, fiery altercation they embark on leads them to agree on fighting a duel to the death with a pair of pistols.”  Blimey!

For more information about the series of four Chekhov plays of which ‘The Bear’ is one, visit Sky Art’s website here.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Tiddles for spotting this.

Onion Talking: Jackal Films

26 Jul

© Jackal Films

Those of you who have been following The Velvet Onion these past six months will need no introduction to the work of Jackal Films.  Former star of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Alice Lowe has teamed up with her regular collaborator Jacqueline Wright to create a series of comedy shorts, once a month, and have been uploading the results to their website and YouTube.

The duo recently celebrated six months of Jackal Films, and with their next short mere days away from completion, we’ve been lucky enough to snag two of the busiest, and most prolific people in Booshdom for an in-depth interview.

Hi, Alice & Jacqueline – Welcome to TVO!  You’re now six months into Jackal Films.  Are you pleased with your progress so far?

Alice: Yeah, I think we’ve sort of got better and more confident and raised the bar each time. Which makes it a bit nerve-wracking every month when you think to yourself: ‘how are we gonna top the last one?’ It’s a good driving force though, fear!

Jacqueline: Definitely! And we’ve been getting great feedback and support along the way, which has also been really motivational. Getting invited to speak at the Give Me Direction conference in Dublin was a huge boost for us, and I think it happened because Sharon Horgan, who was guest-curating the event, was so supportive of the Jackal project. I’m really pleased with the films though – and I can’t believe we’re half way through already.

Alice: I think when we started out we wanted loads of diversity in the style and content of the films and we have definitely achieved that. I like to think of Jackal as ‘a chocolate box’ of ideas. Everyone has their favourite. Which is true about Jackal – everyone seems to have their favourite film. Maybe everyone has one they’re just not bothered about either. That they hate in fact. Their own personal ‘toffee penny’. Though I love toffee pennies. That probably says a lot about me. Continue reading

Christine Cant: My Life In Make-Up

24 Jul


Back in April we reported on an event at BAFTA , at which Boosh make-up designer, Christine Cant, spoke about her long and illustrious career in TV.  Noel Fielding and Jennifer Saunders were also there to talk about working with Christine and to honour her achievements.

The film of the event is now available to view on BAFTA’s website.  Click here to watch the half hour video, and prepare to have your socks blown off by Christine’s brilliant attitude and her undeniable influence on British comedy.

Editors Note: Thanks to @sparklesharked (and others) for this

Barratt On The Box

23 Jul


If you’re stuck at home this evening with access to the BBC you could do a lot worse than watch BBC2 at 10pm, when they’re repeating the episode of How Not to Live Your Life featuring Julian Barratt as singer-songwriter, Jackson.

And if you’re more of a Channel 4 kind of person, there’s also IT Crowd at 10pm on 4.

So which one will you choose?

Bunny Comes To Big Chill

23 Jul

© Warp X

For anyone who’s off to the Big Chill Festival on the weekend 8th -9th August, or is still undecided as to whether to pop down for the festivities, then it may sway your  decision to know that on the Saturday there’s going to be a special screening of Bunny and the Bull, along with various activities throughout the film, as part of a series of events hosted by Warp Films in the film tent!
Bunny & The Bull centres around gambling, so of course there will be bets taken on human racing, Crabstick eating, and even bull versus matador bets! (human bulls obviously)
For Boosh fan attending this year’s  festival, we reckon this could be up there with last years I Spit On Your Rave taping, where the record was broken for the most zombies in one film – with all 30,000 of them led by King of the Zombies Noel Fielding.

Along with BatB, there is also going to be a screening of Chris Morris’ directing-début  film Four Lions, so it sounds like the festival is bursting with goodies (and that’s just in the film tent!).

If anyone is already packed, ready and raring to go for their Big Chill weekend and you manage to take part in the Bunny and the Bull fun, then we’d love to hear about it. Sadly, none of our TVO team can make it so reports back are encouraged!

For more information on the film tent events head here, and tickets can be swiped over yonder.

Fulcher Impros With The Pros

22 Jul

Whilst Rich Fulcher is off in LA preparing himself for his solo Eleanor show, due to take to the stage in Edinburgh next month, he’s also going back to his old impro roots as one of many stars in a cameo-packed feature film to be directed by comic Matt Walsh.

Walsh, who is famous for his current improvised sitcom ‘Players’, will be juggling both his sitcom and the film simultaneously.  As well as Fulcher, it is set to will include Saturday Night Lives‘ Abby Elliott and Tenacious D guitar virtuoso Kyle Gass, to name but a few.

What some of you may not know is that Rich Fulcher began his comedy career with UCB – The Upright Citizens Brigade, a famous Improvisation group. So it’s no surprise that Rich would jump at the chance to be free of a script once again, and without frustrating Noel and Julian in the process!

For more info and to hear what Walsh is saying about his new feature clicky here.

We look forward to finding out what comes out of this project so more to read as it comes. Keep Peeling!


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