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Making It With Pam

31 May

© Jackal Films

Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright have finally unleashed May’s Jackal Film, and its more than worth the wait.

Entitled Making It With Pam, the short is a clip from vintage kids craft show Make It With Pam – a national treasure which was taken off the air after Pam was involved in a sex scandal.  According to Alice, Pam was the nation’s sweetheart, showing everyone how to make brilliant things out of household objects with a cheery disposition and a cheeky smile!

You can savour the film below, and if you like what you see, please check out previous Jackal Films via their Youtube channel and website.

Forgotten Favorites: Snuff Box

31 May
© afroharold

As part of our continuing lookback at projects in Booshdom which may have escaped the attention of some of our readers, or simply passed into faded memories, we elected to take a look back at Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher’s sketch-series Snuffbox.

And none of us were more qualified to do that than TVO resident ‘Fulcher Fanatic’ afroharold.  This then, is her retrospective on the misadventues of the hangmen.

The six episodes of Berry and Fulcher’s Snuff Box were broadcast on BBC3 in 2006, and have never been repeated.  Written by and starring Rich Fulcher and Matt Berry, Matt also composed the music for the series, which was directed by Michael Cumming.

OK, that’s the facts out of the way. Now for the difficult part! It’s not easy to describe Snuff Box to someone who has never seen it. It doesn’t fit into any category, which might explain why it has never been shown again, and a second series is a very unlikely happening.

The series is set in a Gentlemen’s Club, which is home to ‘Matt Berry’, ‘High Executioner to the King of England and all Sovereign Colonies’, and ‘Rich Fulcher’, his apprentice. A lot of the action takes place in the club – a magnificently decorated building which adds a lot to the unconventional atmosphere of the series, but there are a variety of other locations, mostly backstreets and parks of London.

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A Late Night In Melbourne

31 May

© JacqofClubs

As mentioned here on The Velvet Onion on several occasions, Mike Fielding has been DJing Down Under.   One of our antipodean readers, JacqofClubs, has sent this report back about Mike’s  DJ set at the Espy in Melbourne a few nights ago…

As a long time Boosh fan who’s also a long way from Britain, I admit I’ll grab whatever opportunities come my way to see the boys live. I saw Eleanor’s show, I’ve seen Bob Fossil MC, and I’ve even seen Krackow. So when I heard Mike was coming here to DJ I jumped at the chance.

There was a serious buzz about this gig beforehand; initially a one night show, it generated so much interest from Melbourne Boosh followers an extra night was added.  On the night of the gig, the fans were out in force:  there were costumes galore – more future sailors than you could poke a stick at, at least three Bob Fossils, more incarnations of Old Gregg than you could count (my favourite being the one in the wedding dress). Then there were mirrorball suits, big hair aplenty, plus a fair few Howard Moons. Two Spirits of Jazz wandered around, while a home-made Bollo and the Candide guy (complete with a towering white beehive) somehow withstood the heat.

The Espy was packed by 10pm and we were counting down to Mike’s set at 11.30pm, eagerly awaiting his appearance. Time ticked by.  By the time Mike finally appeared at 1.40am,  the crowd were getting pretty impatient.  People are late, it happens, but 2 hours?? However, once Mike got started it barely mattered! After an early mix-up it went off with a bang: classics and crowd pleasers, and by the end a happy audience, in general.  Overall it was a good night with an energetic atmosphere.  For me, it was the crowd that really made it a night to remember: everyone coming together to celebrate our appreciation of the Boosh – in fishnets and black facepaint.  And Mike was great…just come on a little bit earlier next time, alright?

Editors Note: For anyone needing a final morsel of the younger Fielding, Mike gave a short interview to the online newspaper,, on the day of this show which you can read here.  Enjoy!

RiD Come Right At You

29 May

© Robots in Disguise

Londoners are in for a treat with Club Cool hosting a night of 3D at Queen of Hoxton!

Robots in Disguise will be slamming down some tunes on the decks as well as Dee Plume performing live with her solo project Psycho-Delia vs The Ward.
Any night where the Robots are involved is a guaranteed top-notch night so get your butts down there to witness RiD doing some of their best! – Next to them being behind the mic of course.

All the line-up will apparently be in 3D too, TVO may be confused by this but still just as intrigued! On Friday 18th June, Club Cool will be starting it all up at 5pm and be going  all through the night until 2am.  According to their Facebook event page there will be a plethora of classic and contemporary tunes such as: Glam, Hair Metal, Britpop, 50s rock n roll, 60s Psychedelic, 70s disco, 80s pop & 90s rave! All this is for a measly £2 as well as free entry including your 3D glasses before 10.30pm!!

Clicky here for advance tickets and grab your specs to see some electro robots in trippy 3D form!

Dave Gets The Fielding Buzz

29 May

© Talkback Thames

Digital freeview channel Dave are to air the most recent series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks next month.

The run was the first to feature Noel Fielding as a permanent team captain, joined, as ever, by Buzzcocks stalwart Phill Jupitus, and a string of guest captains: James Cordon, Frank Skinner, Claudia Winkleman, David Walliams, Dermot O’Leary and former Doctor Who David Tennant!  If you want more Booshdom-flavoured names, guests in the series included the likes of Peter Serafinowicz, Charlie Brooker, Richard Herring and Tim Minchin.

According to its parent company UKTV, Dave begins airing the series, usually on weeknights at 10:50pm, starting on Saturday June 19th.

Meanwhile, pre-production on the twenty-fourth series of the music quiz is underway, and as we told you back in February, free tickets can be applied for via Applausestore right here.  The show will be taped at BBC Television Centre very soon – and if we hear any further details, we’ll be sure to let our peelers know!

King Of Little Britain

29 May

© Getty

Paul King has been confirmed as the director for a new BBC1 TV show featuring Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas.  The six-part series has the working title ‘Come Fly With Me’ and is set in a busy airport. It promises all new characters from the pair, along with special guest appearances throughout the series.   We at the Onion hope that Paul will be leveraging his Boosh connections for those guest appearances!

The series is now in pre-production and will be filmed in HD for broadcast later this year.  It will be produced by Adam Tandy, whose credits include The Thick Of It and In The Loop

Editors note: Thanks to Goldfish for this story.

Amaze-ing Fielding

29 May
© PBJ Management

Noel Fielding has joined Steve Coogan and an all-star line-up, for Big Cheer for Amaze, in aid of Amaze – a charity working with parents of children with special needs and disabilities in Brighton and Hove.

The gig will take place on Thursday 17th June at the Brighton Dome. Doors open at 7.15pm and the show starts at 8pm.

Get more information and tickets for this amazing show here

Editor’s note: Thanks to Tiddles for this news.

Another Matt and Steve Podcast

28 May

© Steve Agee

Another in the series of Steve Agee’s ‘Uhhh’ podcasts, that we told you about last week.

Matt has finished his part of the filming, although Steve has a bit more to do.

To hear what they’ve been doing click here

Warning: It’s a bit rude. Steve describes it as ‘4 minutes of bullshit’.

Childmen Hits The Big Apple

27 May

© Dave Brown

Oliver Ralfe’s documentary on The Future Sailors tour will to be shown on Saturday 12th June at 7.30pm and at 10pm at the 92YTribecca Screening Room in New York.

The film, which was shot over the duration of the tour, offers a great insight into how the boys worked together during their five months on tour and features a soundtrack by the wonderful Ralfe Band, and the glorious Fielding-inspired Amongst The Dandies by Antony Elvin.

This is a brilliant opportunity for all you New Yorkers to watch the documentary, so don’t miss out!

For more info and directions to the venue, click here

Boing Boing Fulchy Baby

27 May

© BoingBoing

Rich Fulcher has given a fresh video interview with cult website Boing Boing.

The American based culture site, which has a history of plugging The Mighty Boosh and other British comedies, sent its intrepid reporter to meet Rich for a night of chocolate and marshmallows, and fun chit-chat – including the revelation that he is working on a screenplay based on his own experiences, entitled Mom, I’m Not A Lawyer!

You can see the video below, and don’t forget to check out Boing Boing while you’re at it, where you can download the video for your own perusal!

Don’t forget, that Rich brings his Tiny Acts Of Rebellion show to Largo this Friday, and has more appearances lined up in LA and London next month.  See our earlier peelings for more info!

Onion Talking: Zimbani

27 May

© Tiger Aspect - L-R Dave McNeill, Julian Barratt, Colin Hoult

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll be aware that Julian Barratt appears in the the new comedy pilot Zimbani – set to air on freeview channel Dave on June 4th at 10:50pm.

With the broadcast of the pilot little over a week away, we’ve been lucky enough to speak with its creators and stars Dave McNeill and Colin Hoult {pictured with Barratt}, to find out more about a show which may well become the jewel in Dave’s fresh programming crown.

Hi Colin and Dave – welcome to The Velvet Onion! Now, we’ve read the press release about Zimbani, but how would you describe the show, in your own words?

Dave: Zimbani, played by Julian Barratt, is the most evil man in the world. He’s trying to take out civilisation. Basically Zimbani’s a right bastard.
Colin: He’d probably be the creepy kid at school who pulled the legs off spiders.
Dave: We play the force that’s tasked with stopping Zimbani. Accurately named : Taskforce ZIMBANI.
Colin: I play Harry Lenarkos. He’s the very stupid field operative.
Dave: I play his boss. Chester Van Der Chester. Confined to the office but I do get to wear a lovely hat.
Colin: It is a lovely hat.

Zimbani started off as an Edinburgh Festival show. How much of that initial concept has survived the transition to screen?

Dave: Very little really. I think we always sort of saw it as a tv show because it’s in essence inspired by old tv shows and films from our childhoods. In Edinburgh a lot of the show became jokes on the fact that we couldn’t actually do the things they had on TV (lions, guns etc) as were in a 50 seater porta-cabin.

The show came to our attention because of the casting of Julian Barratt. How did you decide who to cast in the show, and was Julian in your mind early on?

Dave: Zimbani as a character wasn’t in the Edinburgh show – he was a shadowy figure in the background. But while we were writing the pilot we realised it would be better if he was seen.
Colin: We’ve always been fans of Julian through his work in ‘The Mighty Boosh’ but also his performance in ‘Nathan Barley’. As well as being really funny he could appear quite menacing.
Dave: And he looks great in uniform.

Childmen USA, Part Deux!

26 May
© Dave Brown

We previously reported on a screening of The Journey of the Childmen, the Mighty Boosh tour documentary, at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 28th & 29th.

Another screening has been announced, this time in Los Angeles! A sneak preview of the behind-the-scenes documentary will be shown at the Cinefamily in the Silent Movie Theatre. This will take place  June 4, right after the closing night of Rich Fulcher’s Eleanor the Tour Whore. (Tickets still available!)

Tickets are a mere $10 and can be bought at the Cinefamily website. As the website states, this is “essential viewing for any Boosh fan”!

IT Crowd Overload!

26 May

© Talkback Thames

Earlier today, director Graham Linehan announced via Twitter, the long awaited air-date of Series 4 IT Crowd!
Episode 1 is to have it’s debut on June 25th at it’s usual place over on Channel 4, a specific time is unknown at the moment but I’m sure we’ll all be keeping an eye on the schedules, and as Linehan says himself, “Cancel that holiday!”

Another exciting burst of news – also tweeted by the man himself, is the commissioning of Series 5! Fans are fit to burst I’m sure with the knowledge of more Nerd-shaped goodness to come in the future!

Don’t forget as well, we at The Velvet Onion will also be making sure the S4 debut will be going out with a bang, so keep peeling for the build up to the big day!

TVO Hits 100K

25 May

It’s very rare for The Velvet Onion to talk about itself, but today we have reached 100,000 views – a mammoth amount in such a small space of time.

As such, here’s a word or several from our editor in chief…

100,000 hits.  However you look at it, that’s a lot of people.  Far more than I ever expected this project would reach.  To be ridiculously geeky, its averaging out at 952 individual people per day in the few short months we’ve been peeling Booshdom for you all.  At times, we’ve had over 4,000 people read our corner of the interweb in under 24 hours, which is just mind boggling for a non-profit ‘fan’ project born out of love and admiration and little more than a shared passion for great comedy.

Gestating in my mind for over a year, the push to finally get this site up and running all happened in a matter of days, and within a matter of weeks, we’d somehow managed to grab your attention.  If you’re here now, reading this, its because we’ve somehow done something right for you – and we’re all very proud to be of service.  Personally, I must stress how important the rest of the team are to this site.  There is no way I could do this alone, and every single member of TVO has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make this blog the best it can possibly be.  Frankly, they’re all brilliant, and I love them dearly.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support since we launched on January 31st.  If you’ve submitted a story to us, if you’ve joined our forum [which, if you haven’t, you really should right here!], if you’ve just been reading the site at some point each week – thank you.  You’re one half of the reason we do all of this, and without you it’d be a pretty pointless task, wouldn’t it?  Your loyalty and love for this site has been heartwarming and we hope to keep providing you with what you want for a long, long time to come.

Also, we’d like to thank those behind-the-scenes faces from various production companies who have understood our site instantly, and been kind enough to send us information and promotional material to help get their productions directly to the people who will appreciate them most.  So to our new found friends at Baby Cow, Talkback Thames, Big Finish and beyond – thank you.  A big shout-out must also go to Chris Jones at the IT Crowd production office, and to Sam Ward, the producer of the forthcoming smash hit Zimbani – for all their help over the last few weeks.  And we can’t move on without mentioning the guys at Such Small Portions and The Guardian who have loved what we do so much they’ve been up for pointing their readers in our direction.

But above all else, we’d like to thank those in amongst The Mighty Boosh and Booshdom from whom we have had positive feedback and love for what we do.  In alphabetical order, to avoid favourites, we really must thank Matt Berry, Hayden Black, Kurt Braunohler, Dave Brown, Dan Clark, Antony Elvin, Suzy Evelyn, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Paul King, Alice Lowe, Spencer Millman, Kim Noble, Oliver Ralfe, Kristen Schaal, Holly-Jane Shears and Jacqueline Wright for all the praise and support they have sent flooding our way over the last four months.  You are the other half of the reason we do all of this – as it is your talent and hard work that has brought us together in the first place.  Thanks to you all and your cohorts, we’ve found friends, we’ve found love, we’ve had incredible time after incredible time, and in The Velvet Onion we finally have a way of giving a little back in return.

So to all of you then – you’re brilliant, stay classy, keep on crimpin’ and above all else – stay peeled.



Eleanor’s Groupie Acadamy

25 May


At last – what every wannabee groupie has been waiting for!

Eleanor the Tour Whore is opening up her vast experience to teach you how to get in anywhere.  The course includes Classroom Experience, Field Training and Group Activites.

Find out more at!

Port Booshdom

25 May

© Jimmy Crippen

Antony Elvin, Alice Lowe and The Ralfe Band are to perform at the forthcoming Port Elliot Festival at the end of July.

The event takes place, naturally, at Port Elliot in Cornwall – a historic house that has been the home of Earl and Countess of St Germans and their ancestors for over a thousand years. The St Germans have opened the house to the public, and its many interior treasures are surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens, murals, mazes and even an unspoiled estuary.

Elvin is actually making several appearances at the festival, giving a slice of his vulgar treats as a solo artist, as well as an appearance from the Circulus side project Princes In The Tower, and another outing for the wonderous Hot Brew featuring Elvin and Alice Lowe.

As well as Alice and Antony, the Boosh connection continues with The Ralfe Band scheduled to perform their soundtrack to Paul King‘s beautiful film Bunny And The Bull.

The musical billing also includes the talents of Tom Baxter, Talvin Singh and Kathryn Williams amongst others – whilst the event also features authors (including How To Lose Friends And Alienate People author Toby Young, and Bill Drummond of the legendary defunct musical art project The KLF), fashion designers, films (including a preview of the latest work by Julien Temple) and even a flower show! Port Elliot is clearly a festival with a difference – a weekend of highbrow entertainment instead of queuing for the portaloos while a string of rubbish indie bands warble on.

The event takes place between 23rd-25th July, and you can find out all you need to know about the festival by clicking on its logo below.

Fulcher’s Dangerous Mind

25 May
© Dangerous Minds

Look here Fulcher lovers! There is a lovely new interview with Rich Fulcher out!

Richard Metzger from Dangerous Minds sat down with Rich and talked about TAR,  and the upcoming shows in L.A. Eleanor is also discussed and I will admit to laughing at Rich’s description of her as “She is a bit of a whore… but she is the world’s greatest groupie”. A bit of a whore?! Now, that’s an understatement!

Of course, The Mighty Boosh is talked about. Future plans, the difficulty with deciding what to do next and whether a fourth series is going to happen.

Most Fulcher fans know what to expect of an interview with him but let us put it this way, in true Fulcher fashion the first words uttered by Rich in this interview are “Hi. I’m gonna vomit”.

Prepare for many chuckles while watching the 25 minute long video! You can see it riiiight over here!

A Bit Of Tom Jones?

24 May

© A Bit of Tom Jones?

A Bit of Tom Jones an independent Welsh film which features Matt Berry – scooped the BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Film/Drama last night.

The film tells the tale of two young lads who aquire, what appears to be Tom Jones’ dismembered Member!

Matt plays “Pete the Perve”, and the all-star cast includes ‘Nanatoo’ herself, Margaret John, Torchwood star Eve Myles, and Loose Women presenter (and former Coronation Street star) Denise Welch, alongside Matt’s good friend Geno Washington. There’s also a gorilla in the film, I don’t think it’s Bollo, but it could be a relative!

The two stars of the show, Roger Evans and Jonny Owen, are also the writers and stars of the internet hit ‘Svengali’ – of which Matt was a guest in a recent episode we told you about last month.

To see some highlights of the film click here for the trailer. Explore the website and find out about the cast and crew while you’re there! Alternatively, take the plunge and buy the DVD. It’s available via The Velvet Onion Amazon Store right now!

Luv & Jeeve

24 May

© Robots In Disguise

Robots In Disguise are giving away an exclusive remix of their latest single Wake Up!

The track has been reworked by Lindsay Luv & Jeeve, and is available as a free download from music blog arjanwrites.

To grab your copy, wake up and head over to arjanwrites now!

Dali-ing With Noel

23 May

© Talkback Thames

Noel Fielding appears on BBC1 tonight discussing the influence of Salvador Dali on his art.

Dali is the subject in the final part of Modern Masters – a series which has looked at 20th century artists over the last four weeks on BBC1.  We pointed out Noel’s involvement several weeks ago, and tonight he finally makes an appearance.

You can see a preview clip from tonight’s episode on the BBC website now, and the episode will be available on iPlayer for the next 7 days shortly after transmission.  Please note, both of these are only available to our UK peelers – though the show may yet turn up on international broadcasts.


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