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The Facts Of Fielding

23 Mar

© Absolute Radio

Noel Fielding was interviewed earlier today for Absolute Radio, as part of promotion for tonight’s Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

During the gloriously informative interview, Noel discussed a series of hot topics, including his status as an ambassador for TCT, his abandonment of Twitter, a denial of the rumour circulating around his alleged appearance in the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, and, naturally, his new hairstyle!

The Twitter talk seems to confirm what we already suspected, with Fielding citing the strange and sometimes personal attacks on people around him as part of the reason he’s given up on it.

He told the interviewer he enjoyed using the social networking site but: “You have to be careful, because people on those things are quite mean, or they’re quite rude, or they’re quite personal, or they invade your space a bit.  I tried to be quite enigmatic and have a little bit of a barrier but its quite difficult to do that.  It’s not me so much.  I don’t mind.  I take it with a pinch of salt, but sometimes people write weird stuff on there that affects other people and you think: ‘Oh, what am I doing this for?'”

Regarding Boosh plans, he confirmed what we already knew – there’s no plans for a fourth series, but a film and an album are in the pipeline.  Yet again the words “concept album” are bandied about, with extensions of current Boosh songs plus new tracks linked by some kind of narrative.

Talk of a second film, which began in recent interviews, is clarified somewhat in that they have two ideas in the pipeline, and when asked about a possible trilogy, Noel replied: “Hopefully we can just do lots!”  Fielding also suggested one idea for the film(s) is a Rocky Horror style musical, which backs up rumours last year of a possible hook up with shock-rocker Alice Cooper.  Here’s hoping!

You can see the full interview for yourself over at Absolute Radio’s website, or if you’ve clicked too many times as it is, you can see it right here.

Clarks Exclusive!

23 Mar

© Dan Clark

The Velvet Onion are very excited to announce that we have received an exclusive tip-off about the forthcoming Clarks night on April 3rd!

As you should all know Dan Clark has been spreading the word via Twitter and Facebook about his ‘Extra Special Guest’ that will be appearing on the night along with Paul Foot, Pete Yohansson, George Ryegold and also  regular musical guest Ben Parker. We have also heard from quite a reliable source that Mr Fielding, friend of Dan, may be making an appearance on the night!

This only adds an extra pinch of brilliance to what is a guaranteed great night out and not to be missed with amazing comedy, a cosy, intimate venue and of course, a bar! What else do you need!

Tickets are going fast so to snatch up yours you can get them here.

Review to follow soon after!

Digital Stowaways

23 Mar

©Angel Ceballos

DeadDogInBlackBag will be supporting Robots In Disguise at their forthcoming gig in Brighton.

The electropop duo, who’ve spent the past year underground, have reemerged in the last week with an exclusive photoshoot via American photographer (and friend of the Onion), Angel Ceballos – a shot from which you can see in this article.

Now the pair are back with longtime friends RiD for a one-off performance at Brighton venue Digital. Tickets are available here.

Hopefully its the first of many more to come, and with a DeadDogs album in the pipeline, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments.

For other Robots In Disguise tour dates, see an earlier peeling.

Big Name Drop

23 Mar

© Teenage Cancer Trust

Noel Fielding has appeared in a hilarious video highlighting the Big Name Drop campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Big Name Drop is an attempt to get the name of the TCT out there in whatever way you can.  Signs, stickers, conversations, get two mates and dress up as giant T’s and a C… whatever you want to do, as long as people are made aware of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

For more info, visit the Big Name Drop on Facebook, and you can view the video here.

Noel appears as part of a star studded comedy line-up for TCT at the Royal Albert Hall tonight.

Eleanor’s Latitude

22 Mar

Rich Fulcher is to bring Eleanor The Tour Whore to this year’s Latitude Festival.

Rich is set to perform in the Cabaret Arena at the event, which takes place between 15th & 18th July 2010, at Henham Park, Southwold in Suffolk.

Also on the bill for the star-studded festival are bands Florence & The Machine, Vampire Weekend, The Horrors, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many more, while Latitude also offers a chance to see comedy greats Emo Phillips, Rich Hall and Richard Herring amongst others.

For more details, visit the Latitude Festival website.

The Search Is On… Line!

22 Mar

© Mark Buchanan / Phase VI

Matt Berry appears in a new short entitled The Search, with is viewable online via Vimeo.

In it, Berry he plays a man named Bootland, who’s working on a SETI research team that look for extraterrestrial life. During Bootland’s search for life outside universe he encounters a family in grief and unforeseen events take place.

Matt Berry, director Mark Buchanan and production company Phase VI have brought us a fantastic film and we assure you that it is well worth a view. What makes The Search even more impressive is that Buchanan apparently shot the whole film in three days and that it was self financed from beginning to end.

The Search is also first out as a part of a project called Cinematic Shrimp, ran by Ain’t It Cool News, which aims to find and present interesting short films, and increase the understanding of how these films were made by speaking directly to the film makers who made them. If you want to read more about Cinematic Shrimp or read an interview with Mark Buchanan, head to the AICN website right now!

Watch The Search on Vimeo now!

Peeling The Onion – Hayden Black

22 Mar

© Hayden Black

Most of you won’t have heard of him – yet, but he has worked with Rich Fulcher and looks set to be a big name very soon.

As part of our occasional glance into the lesser known names of Booshdom, afroharold takes a look at writer, actor and internet star Hayden Black.

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Wrong Door, Right Disc

22 Mar


2008 BBC3 sketch show The Wrong Door looks set for a DVD release.

The series, which featured a heavy use of CGI in most of its sketches, relied on a revolving door of performers, including the wonderful Matt Berry, Spaced star Mick Smiley, Torchwood‘s Tom Price, Myanna Burring, Pippa Haywood, Casualty star Will Sharpe, Simon Greenall and most memorably of all, Brian Blessed.

It premiered to mixed reviews and high ratings, but rapidly dwindling audiences led to its cancellation after just one series.  It’s delayed dvd release, scheduled for June 21st, is now up for pre-order on

Visit The Velvet Onion store to pre-order The Wrong Door [DVD].

Dot Net

22 Mar

A new Mighty Boosh fansite has been launched with a very familiar name. is now live, and looking very good indeed.

We wouldn’t usually post stories like this, but the history of the two Onions is somewhat convoluted and unspoken.  To clear the air and sense of confusion, allow me to explain the facts.

Both we at and the two people running had the bright idea of naming our different Boosh-related websites after the ultra-cool club featured in the third series of The Mighty Boosh.  As it happened, our site launched first and has grown rapidly in readership, receiving support from a number of those we’re promoting the work of.  Yesterday we reported our biggest daily readership to date, and with great (and top secret!) plans lined up for the future of The Velvet Onion, we’d like to thank you all for coming back to peel us on a daily basis.

The other Velvet Onion is taking a different slant to us, and does a few things we don’t.  It works as an invaluable guide to The Mighty Boosh’s exploits on television, and offers fans a chance to interact with unique galleries of fan-art, wallpapers, screencaptures – you name it.  The site looks great, and will no doubt grow and grow.

Whilst we here at are not affiliated with the DotNet site, its owners Sarah and Sandra have been in contact with us, and we all share the same desire to give something back the people that have brought us all together.  We wish them the best of success with their endeavors. Go peel them too.

Easter Mixings

22 Mar

Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape pilot, which features Julian Barratt as his guest participant, will be broadcast on BBC 6 Music this Easter Sunday.

The BBC’s press release for the new 6 Music Sunday schedule suggests the pilot we told you about recently was not only successful, but has been picked up as a series.  The show will be broadcast at 12pm (mid-day) for two hours, as part of a star-studded lineup of DJ’s featuring Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey of Elbow and Cerys Matthews of Catatonia, amongst others.

Big Mix Tape will be available on the BBC’s iPlayer service for 7 days after broadcast.  We’ll provide you with links after transmission.

For more info, visit the BBC Press Office website.

Robots Taken On A Roller coaster!

22 Mar

Well,there we were at The Onion looking at the Robots in disguise Pledge stats and getting overly excited at the huge jump the pledges took, going from 45 to a shocking 96%!

My entry expressing my excitement was all ready to be posted as it went past 100% but then took the plunge back to 45 and has been yo-yoing for the past hour!

No one can say exactly what has been happening, maybe either Pledgemusic are having some technical difficulties or there are some fake pledgers with a horrid sense of humour. All we can say is that at this very moment the pledge stands at 71% and they now have a further 23 days to reach their target in – just enough time to allow pledges throughout their UK tour! {dates here}

Keep your eye’s on the stats people and keep pledging!


More Moosing

21 Mar

© Annat. Hosted by The Velvet Onion.

A fresh live date for Noel Fielding has been announced for the end of this month.

Noel takes to the stage at Amused Moose yet again on March 29th.  The venue has been the host of many a recent gig for the revitalised comic, and this promises to be an extended set of further new material, suggesting what first emerged as warm ups for this week’s Teenage Cancer Trust gig has become a whole lot more.

On the night, Fielding is joined by host James Mullinger, plus fresh comics Luisa Omelian, Sam John, Joanne Lau, Rachel Firth, Sion James, Dan Hoy and Alyssia Kyria.

Tickets are a mere £5, but are only available on the door that evening on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more info – visit the Amused Moose website.

Editors note – thanks to “Gizmo1966″ for this news!

The ‘Lizzie & Sarah’ iPlayer Challenge

20 Mar

© Babycow Productions / BBC

We at The Velvet Onion love an underdog, and Lizzie & Sarah is no exception.  The new pilot from Julia Davis & Jessica Hynes has been buried in a graveyard slot this evening, and its been up to friends of the pair (including Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and our own Noel Fielding and Dave Brown) to plug the show for them!

Which is of course, a crying shame.  Harking back, perhaps, to Dawn French’s Murder Most Horrid series, the pilot was dark and inventive, and built up nicely to a wicked climax.  It deserves widespread recognition, like so many of these forgotten pilots do (lest we forget the might of Lifespam – a show that deserved so much more).

Now naturally, it now appears on the BBC’s iPlayer service for the next 7 days.

Whereas tv ratings are determined by selective sampling, iPlayer ratings are generated by the actual number of genuine views shows receive.

As such, we’re urging our UK readers to rewatch the show on iPlayer as much as possible in the next 7 days.  If the show makes a splash online, it stands a stronger chance of being picked up for a full series.  The radio work of Julia & Jessica together centers on a variety of characters, so this show definitely has potential to grow and grow, limited only by the imagination of its two writers.  The added bonus of Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon’s involvement make this all the more exciting.

You can see the show on iPlayer right here!

Post the link on your websites – post it to your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/Bebo/Whatever pages, blogs etc – email it to your friends – tell yer mates… do whatever you can to make sure people watch it.  Let’s see if you Peelers can make a difference!  Paws crossed.


20 Mar

© Kim Noble

Kim Noble has voiced a new animation, Probably…

The star of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace narrates the the short, which is the brainchild of Kate Anderson.  In it, we see the real lives – and the hopes and dreams – of so many, all condensed into a very clever couple of minutes, with music from Datasette.

You can see via this handy link here.

Also feel free to check out Kate’s other work by taking the red pill, or visit Kim Noble’s website and blog by taking the blue one instead.

International Mighty Boosh Status Day

20 Mar

© Baby Cow Productions / BBC

You may have noticed that a new craze is sweeping Facebook in recent weeks: International Status Days.

First came a Father Ted day, on which all those participating changed their Facebook status to a quote from Graham Linehan’s classic sitcom.  Soon, others were announced – including a Red Dwarf day, a Blackadder day, and now, quite unsurprisingly, a Mighty Boosh day.

The event takes place throughout this forthcoming Tuesday (March 23rd), and is open to everyone.  Simply choose your favourite Mighty Boosh quote, and replace your regular status with that golden nugget of liquid Booshdom until Wednesday.

You can view the event right here, and invite others to join in the effort to Boosh up the social network for 24 hours.

Win Tickets To TCT!

19 Mar

© Teenage Cancer Trust

Are you amongst those who want to attend Tuesday’s TCT gig and see Noel Fielding perform? Still haven’t got tickets? Don’t worry, the Velvet Onion has got your back!

Further down in this post you will find three competitions where you can win yourself a shiny ticket for you and your friend/spouse/pet dragon*!

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The Guardian Vs The Beeb

19 Mar

© Baby Cow Productions / BBC

UK newspaper The Guardian has launched an attack on the BBC’s scheduling of the new pilot from Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes.

Lizzie And Sarah is being transmitted on Saturday evening at 11:45pm [00:15am on Sunday morning for viewers in Scotland], and promises to be a treat. Noel Fielding, Dave Brown, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are amongst those who have taken to their Twitter accounts to plug the show to their faithful fans.

The Guardian’s issue is with the timeslot.  It’s not the first time a pilot that breaks the conventional mould has been buried in a graveyard slot  – our readers may remember that Lifespam: My Child Is French from Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten and Steve Oram was thrown out at 11:45pm on a Sunday evening on BBC3 early last year, and back in 2008, Adam Buxton had to lead a one-man crusade to publicise his similarly afflicted pilot meeBox to no avail.

Both these pilots were never taken to series, due to a lack of viewer interest – hardly surprising given the slots they received.  In order for Lizzie And Sarah to make a splash, we’ll be providing iPlayer links as soon as we have them – and we urge you to take a look at this fresh work from two of the most talented writers this country has to offer.

You can read The Guardian’s article here, and by clicking here you can join BabyCow’s Facebook event for the show too.

Bunny Bulling With The Ralfe Band

19 Mar

The Ralfe Band have recently announced a series of shows in late April and early May to celebrate the DVD release of Bunny And The Bull.

The band, who scored the film for Paul King, will be playing songs from the soundtrack, along with old favourites and debuting new songs too, and all bar the London date will be accompanied by a screening of the film.

The dates are as follows:

Saturday April 24th – South Street Arts Centre, Reading {tickets}

Sunday April 25th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff {tickets}

Wednesday April 28th – The Borderline, London {tickets}

Saturday May 8th – Jam, Brighton {tickets}

In other Ralfe band news, Oly recently talked to My Festival Feeling about scoring Bunny And The Bull, and mentions working on the next Ralfe Band album. You can read the interview by pressing down with your mouse button finger here.

Bunny And The Bull is released on dvd on March 29th from all good retailers.  But it from Amazon on DVD and Blu-Ray, and the Ralfe Band soundtrack on cd and digital download via the handy links below.

Buy Bunny And The Bull [DVD] from

Buy Bunny And The Bull [Blu-Ray] from

Buy the Bunny And The Bull soundtrack [Cd] from

Buy the Bunny And The Bull soundtrack [Download] from

Editors note: thanks to “Brainshortcake” for this info!

A Portion Of Noel

19 Mar

© Annat. Hosted by The Velvet Onion.

Comedy website Such Small Portions have uploaded the first part of an exclusive interview with Noel Fielding.

In the interview, recorded after his Just The Tonic set last Friday, Noel mentions plans for a Mighty Boosh tour of America, a solo tour as soon as he has a definite free space available.  He also talks quite frankly about his need for new material, and the steep learning curve of these warm-up gigs – plus that new hair style.

See the first part below, and stay tuned to Such Small Portions on YouTube to see more in the next few days.

American Rebellion

19 Mar

© Michael O Mara Books Ltd / Rich Fulcher / Dave Brown / Mr Bingo

Rich Fulcher‘s book, Tiny Acts Of Rebellion, has been released in the USA this week after a successful print run in the UK.

The book, which offers readers 97 ways to stick it to the man, was designed by Dave Brown and has illustrations from regular Boosh collaborator Mr Bingo.

Upon the book’s UK launch, Rich led a flash mob of Londoner’s sticking two fingers up at the Houses of Parliament – and with Rich promising on his Twitter stream to be in the States to promote the book next month (once the Melbourne residency for Eleanor The Tour Whore is over), there’s a good chance American fans will get to see him sticking it to the man again very soon.

Keep peeling for more info.

Buy Tiny Acts Of Rebellion from

British fans – Rich’s book is now only £5.19 on  Buy Tiny Acts Of Rebellion from now!


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