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The Velvet Onion Forum – NOW OPEN!

31 Mar

As we promised last week, The Velvet Onion forum is now open for business!

Just click on the new option above that says “TALKBOX” and be taken to The Velvet Onion forum.

You can also access us via the easy to remember link: – See how nice we are to you?

Over on the forum you’ll be able to talk about all things Boosh –  light hearted chat, serious analysis, or just how much you love Noel’s hair… whatever takes your fancy, it has a place on TVO!

You’ll also be able to discuss the Wider World of Booshdom, talk in a dedicated area for chat about The IT Crowd, and find like-minded souls who are into all that mad stuff you love so much.  And with generous off-topic areas, and the scope for more in the future, we hope to become one of the places online for Boosh fans to be a part of.

So keep peeling and join in the interactive oniony treats.

See you there!


Barratt in La La Land

31 Mar

Julian Barratt is lined up to be the narrator of La La Land when it airs in the UK.

The cult US TV show, La la Land is being remade for broadcast in the UK on BBC3 and DVD, according to comedy writer and performer, Marc Wootton. Wootton features in the US TV show, but has said that the UK version will differ from its US parent.

Sadly that’s all we’ve been able to find out for now, but as soon as we hear any more about the plans for Barratt’s silky northern tones, we’ll let you know.

Thanks to Becky for this story.


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