Cool As Mustard

30 Mar

© Channel 4

Comedy magazine Mustard are offering an exclusive print that is to feature in the forthcoming series of The IT Crowd, as a wallpaper download on their website.

Mustard have a long relationship with The It Crowd – having been featured in the show itself, getting a song written about them by Matt Berry and even being the source of Graham Linehan’s Twitter avatar!

After seeing writer Linehan’s appeal for geeky items to fill the office set, their team offered a variation on a previous issue’s front cover, detailing the work of comic book author Alan Moore – and one which Roy was previously seen to be reading in publicity stills for the program like the one we’re using here.

Impressed, Graham chose to include it on the walls of Roy, Moss and Jen’s basement dwellings for the fourth series of the show – which is due to return in May.

Now Mustard are offering it as a download via their website.  Click here to download it, and geek up your own office a little.

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One Response to “Cool As Mustard”

  1. afroharold March 30, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    It’s a great pic, but I can’t find any of my icons now!

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